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Liberty and Freedom


Out in the open, they ain’t gonna hide
Police state upon us, prepare to collide

“Within the few short weeks of coming to OSW, the Arcadian Censorship Authority have stolen the spotlight.”

“They’ve appeared on our television sets dawned in the garments of professionals with preachings of censorship. They say that they are here to clean up Arcadia by removing the filth that lies within.”

“And thus, the civilians of Arcadia find themselves in a police state. Walking on eggshells, trying not to be canceled by the ACA.”

“If given the chance, they will use the power of their censorship to keep you down. They will step on your neck until you can’t move no more.”

“The weapon of their choosing is censorship and war.”

“While the ACA may preach of censorship, they will be the first to blur the lines between their preachings and their actions.”

“Under their rule of thumb, should they not also be held accountable? If the ideas of which they live by are suspect, are they not in contempt?”

“Here in OSW, no one is exempt.”

“And just like the rest of us, they too, must report to the committee.”

And I can see the line up now
Everyone is just partisan
You see one side claims victory
But its just a zero sum

“The war that they’ve inflicted upon Arcadia is fruitless. If they blur those lines, then where is the example that Arcadian’s are supposed to live by? They can continue to fight this war over and over again, but it will always end up a pointless battle.”

“You may be able to claim victory in the battle, but this here’s a war.”

“A war for liberty and freedom. A war to be able to speak and act under your own free will. If nobody will stand for the rest of Arcadia against this censorship party, than I will.”

And the zealots and crusaders
They can’t justify
With threats and intimidation
Designed to terrify

“The tactics I’ve seen displayed from the three of you are just a means to terrify the masses. I’ve watched as the lot of you pose threats and use your numbers as an intimidation tactuc.”

“You call yourselves crusaders against filth, yet you’re willing to cross those lines yourself to impose your will.”

“But I’m here to stand against your authority. I’m here to put your ideals to bed.”

“I’m here to fight for the freedom and liberties of the Arcadian people.”

“This week at Thunder, three of you will stand in my way.”

“Only I won’t be here posing empty threats.”

“I’m not here to intimidate.

“I’m here to put an end to this war against censorship.”

“I’m here to be the savior that delivers Arcadia the freedoms that they had long before the lot of you showed your pretty little heads.”

“And I’ll be at Thunder to stand for the liberties and justice that you want to do away with.”

“We will come back someday..”

Uncensored and free of your grubby grasps.”

“You’re playing a game you’ve already lost, boys.”

“Game Over.”