Lesser Evil

In Promo by Chronoa

In the farthest reaches of space, there was a kingdom ruled by a vicious and cruel emperor.

He overworked his people to the bone, demanding impossible tribute that none but the most virile of warriors could give.

Most living in extreme poverty while he lavished in riches beyond their wildest dreams,

And then there were the horrible rumors’ of sorcery beyond evil, the transforming of their strongest into unspeakable monsters.

A land filled with pure hatred and ruled by absolute fear as they wished for a hero to save them from this nightmare of an existence.

And one day that hero finally arrived.

Pure and innocent as snow, righteous and just, and the savior they all needed.

He stormed the castle, the so called monsters falling at his feet with ease.

His strength, his speed, truly unmatched as he carved a bloody path towards the throne.

After all, to usurp the king for the good of all was his destiny.

Yet sometimes destiny twists and turns, obfuscating the truth as it shows only what it desires to.

And sometimes, the monsters in the dark are simply protecting us all from something far worse.

For when the hero finally drew his sword to the kings throat, he didn’t beg, plead or scream to the heavens in rage.

He looked the kid deep in the eyes and told him the truth.

The money, the power, the army he’d effortlessly torn asunder

And the monster they all believed him to be was to protect them all.

From a fate worst then death and an evil they couldn’t even comprehend.

Just like I’m trying to save the world from the evil that is OSW.

How much blood and bone and innocent souls do you think are woven into the very steel that make these walls?

What if you told you world upon world were devastated because of the absence of warriors

All caused by something purest evil that draws so many to it’s maw like moth to the flame.

And yet I’m the monster for having the gall to want to destroy it.

Legion was a simple target, a brutal killing machine with infinite potential that should have torn down these walls without hesitation.

And yet he defied me at every opportunity, forcing my hand in making him bend the knee.

When all I needed was an ally, someone to help me do the right thing.

And despite being the pure soul who should abhor this unholy abomination of a cesspool,

I’m the villain you think you’re destined to destroy

The hero thought the same, even after he absorbed what the king had to say. He still cut off his head and swore to be better.

A foolish naive boy who led an entire kingdom into ruin because he didn’t have the balls to do what he was right.

And I don’t care if I make Legion, you, Vigour and everyone else bow down to my will.

I don’t care if I become the devil herself in histories eyes.

When I save the universe from anymore destruction at the hands of OSW,

I will always be known as the lesser of two evils.