Legion’s Inferno

In Promo by The Impaler

Do you know what it’s like to have to climb out of Hell, we do. 

Battling the fires that scorched our essence. 

Tempted by the deceitful clergy that had been cast out by their God for evils. 

Distracted by the disembodied voices of those who over indulged is hedonistic “party” lifestyle, beckoning for their bodies to be returned them. 

Combatting the sorrow you feel for the unbaptized soul caught limbo wanting just to feel human. 

Enduring the ill-gotten traps and powers of gluttonous hoarders and in doing all of this we faced our own mortality, a spiritual death beyond deaths. 

At our journey’s end our titles like servant, fallen angel, protégé, all fell away as we were reborn in the land of mortals. 

Now we’ve been tasked to ascend again, only this time it’s OSW mountain top where our journey will end. 

But the obstacles are no different. 

A Black hearted witch whose inferno could consume our very souls. 

A group of Religious Zealots who’ll commit atrocities to suit their ends. 

The Prince of the Party who lives beyond the pale of excess, his hedonistic nature having called forth an otherworldly threat to this universe.  

While his best friend begs to know what it’s like to be human, only to know that he’s caught in a void of his own perceived humanity and his true soulless nature, it could bring a tear to a glass eye. 

We will have to endure the portals and pitfalls of a Collector whose very existence will bring us closer than we’ve ever been to the Author of Death, and in doing so we will face our true transience once again.   

Mountain thy name is Gold Rush, and we will conquer the foes and obstacles you’ve lain before us. 

We will smother the conflagration that is Pyre until all that remains is embers begging to be reignited. 

By our sheer force of will we shall cut down each and every member of Vayikra until the blood of the zealots fills the Slaughterhouse like the coliseum of Rome. 

Vigour will know that the Ashen are nothing but a secondary threat to might we possess, as we’ll break his impetus before we take his purpose. 

T.G.K. will learn that his humanity is no match for every actual soul within the body of The Impaler and gift mechanized strength is nothing but a child’s toy in the hands of Legion. 

While we’re speaking of toys, Sigil every item in your collection, every portal, every gem, we will prove superior, and at that moment we’ll show Deathnote along with his father that they’ve needlessly expended so many resources when they could’ve just… asked. 

Remember, this isn’t the first time we’ve scaled this peak.  

Just like first time at the end all the titles, Weapon, Disciple, Monster, they’ll all slough away, and we shall be reborn as under one name, OSW World Champion. 

Because we are Legion and in Gold Rush, the many shall become the one!