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“There exist creatures that depend on a host to keep themselves sustained.”

“They latch onto the unsuspecting host, in this case a human, and proceed to drain their lifeforce until nothing remains. At that point, they’ll unlatch from the skin of their unfortunate victim and look for someone else to feed off of.”

“They’re called leeches, and you can find many of them in the murky depths of Arcadia.”

“However, they aren’t just measly, bloodsucking, worm-like parasites. They exist in human form too.”

“The bigger ones are just as bloodthirsty as their smaller counterparts, yet they’ll feed on more than just your life. If they’re able to, they’ll take your credits, your pride, and your most prized possessions too.”

“The only way to deal with leeches like them is to rip them away from their food source and beat them down until they’re nothing but mulch. That way they won’t have a chance to rob anybody else of their lives and livelihoods.”

“People like Dr. Death and El Mariachi Muerte are human leeches. They latched onto a couple of unsuspecting targets in Kpavio and Gemini, attempting to suck them dry of all they stand for.”

“Poor Gemini would’ve been drained of her innocence and the skull would’ve lost all credibility as a so called ‘Robin Hood’. Had I not intervened, Skulltography would’ve lost everything they stood for to O’Death.”

“After doing so? They would’ve latched onto me and Destructo Boy to suck us bone dry.”

“They would’ve taken not only the faith from the young hero, but his life as well. By doing so, they would’ve robbed me of the only person I feel compassion for in this hellhole.”

“They’ve tried doing that just a couple weeks ago. Before they could administer the lethal dose of whatever they planned to inject into the boy, I was able to stop them through the only means they understand.”

“With violence.”

“Since they plan on performing the same tactics on us again at Dead or Alive, I’ll be more than happy to respond in kind once again. Only this time, I’ll make sure that they don’t get back up.”

“I’m about to rip you both off of our skin and deprive you of your food source. You won’t be able to take anymore of our credits, our pride, or our most prized possessions.”

“I know it won’t be easy to do, most leeches are stubborn bastards that will gorge on their victim until they’re reduced to a lifeless husk. You two will be no different.”

“However, with the right tool, such as a lit match or a sharp blade, we’ll be able to kill the leeches before they’re allowed to feed off of anyone else.”

“O’Death might’ve been able to suck Jackson Cade dry and nearly did the same for Skulltography, but they won’t be able to feed of us. We won’t let them and we’re going to make sure they never attach to us in the first place.”

“Be careful when sucking our lifeforce. You just might get burned.”