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King of Nothing

“Heavy is the head that wears no crown
It’s lonely at the top when you’re looking down”

I can still hear his words echo in my memory.

“Estamos atados por la música. Manténlo seguro… Keep the music safe.”

This guitar is no crown, but a responsibility. My shoulders bear the weight of that responsibility every time I sling my guitar strap on. A responsibility that I chose willingly to bear, one I am proud to shoulder.

La Música has always been my companion. The melody of life and death accompanying me. But it’s lonely at the top when you’re looking down, and now my responsibility lies in tatters. No crown, no song that can be sung.

Heavy lies the head.

“Hold your tongue, and I won’t speak of your disdain
I won’t give myself away
You try and heal my wounds
So I can live to die another day””

What price must we lay upon the crowns we seek? We shoulder our responsibilities and become an active part of the symphony of our lives as our songs play out.

But when trials and tribulations come, what price do we put on these responsibilities? What would we be willing to do to hold firm to our respective crowns?

Amigo, you hold onto your crown, Eden, as Pestilence itself seeks control. In the wake of the war she has waged with you, there is nothing you wouldn’t do to hold onto that crown. Your kingdom, under threat, and your responsibility lies in defending it. Enough to see a man who usually controls all around him, reaching out in desperation to remain Eden’s king…

Or simply to survive long enough to die another day.

“You’re not the king of anything
You always bite the hand that feeds
It’s lonely at the top when you’re looking down
Heavy is the head that wears no crown
You wear no crown”

You chased, pursued and wore down Luther Grim to the point where he had no choice but to take your offer. But it has cost you a piece of yourself in the process. You now find yourself indebted to another, forced to wage war on two fronts while your kingdom suffers the pestilence.

You’re not one who finds himself in debt, are you amigo? You’re the one who bites the hand, the one who controls the situation.

But it’s lonely at the top looking down. The more Nergal closes in on Eden, the more you realise that you wear no crown at all… Just a shoulder of burden.

“Heavy is the head that wears no crown
It’s lonely at the top when you’re looking down”

We are bound by the music. It once breathed life into Arcadia, and it will again. But, as the Mariachi of Death, I am the final note in the song. Just as I will be the final note in your quest to become king.

My world has become quieter, lonelier since losing my crown… And I will find a new crown. A new responsibility as Arcadia’s King, and a new song to play.

Your song ends where mine begins.

El Mariachi Muerte