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King of Nothing

King of Nothing

“A long time ago there was once a King, who reigned over his land.”

“The land he called home was once considered to be worthless, looked down upon by others. It had been run down, uncared for. The fields yielded no crops. They sky never cleared, forever a darkness above. But the King was proud, he had been raised in this place, he was proud of his home.”

“Slowly as time passed, this King began to grow his Kingdom. He went to war with the other kingdoms that surrounded him eventually conquering them. He was ruthless, cunning and a true savior to his people. The King earned their respect, as he would not hesitate to join them in battle. He would bleed with them, he would hurt with them, he would kill with them.”

“He was a Warrior King”

“But alas, the King grew tired. He had been successful in growing his Kingdom, saving his people. He was content with his achievements. The Warrior King was soon to learn success breeds complacency and complacency breeds failure.”

“You’ve got your safety net, Mannfred. Staked claim to your territory and became complacent. Your complacency is giving way to your failures. And failure seems to be your greatest skill.”

“The Warrior King became complacent as well. He ate, he laughed, he got fat. He felt safe, he was content with his place in the world never dreaming big, never thinking of the world beyond his pitiful kingdom.”

“You are content with your place in this world, ruling over a few blocks in the depths. You should dream of grandeur, expansion, riches for yourself and your people. But you don’t. You simply exist.”

“It wasn’t long before other Kingdoms noticed what was happening with the Warrior King and came to reclaim their lands. They took back what the Warrior King had bested them for years before, when he was a ruthless and cunning leader.”

“Slowly one by one, the people who had once adored the Warrior King began to leave. They no longer felt safe, they no longer felt protected. Until one day the he was left with nothing. The Warrior King sat upon his throne, surrounded by nothing. There was no downfall, no other King who wished to take his worthless land. The Warrior King was a complacent man, a failure.”

“Mannfred, your name should send chills down the spines of those who hear it. Instead, it falls on def ears. You should be a tidal wave, ready to engulf this world and claim it your own. But you’re not, you’re a splash in a wading pool. This world doesn’t even know your name. You should be a lot of things, but instead you are none of them. All you are is a King who needed help from a hero to keep his people safe and now sits surrounded by nothing in the darkness.”

“Maybe its complacency, or maybe you’re just a failure. After all you have failed time and time again in OSW.”

“Mount Olympus will be no different, Vengeance doesn’t fail it is inevitable and it’s face is the Skull.”