Junkyard Dog

In Promo by The Generation Kid

“A friendly, honest, lovely young man once took pity on a Junkyard dog.”

“The dog was tied up in all weather, starved, kicked, beaten, and left to rot in the most dangerous of places. His owner didn’t care about him or how he was; he only cared about what the dog would do for him. He put that dog to work and made him suffer each and every single time. The man took pleasure in it.”

“Every time the young man passed the Junkyard, he looked in on the dog – hoping something had changed.”

“He felt the sadness and frustration. He felt the hopelessness the dog felt.”

“It didn’t matter how much the dog barked, howled or jumped up at the fence, spitting at him as he barked – the young man wanted to help. He wanted to do something.”

“So, he went and spoke to the owner.”

“He thought he could reason with him.”

“After some agreement, he successfully managed to convince the owner that he no longer needed the dog in his possession and the owner handed the junkyard dog over to the boy.”

“The boy happily led him away from the hell he was rotting in…”

“Except, the dog did something no-one expected.”

“He bit the boy.”

“Out of no-where and for absolutely no reason, the dog bit the boy.”

“The boy, knowing that the dog couldn’t be changed, saved or helped, did the only other thing he could and had him destroyed.”

“I saved you, Zero.”

“I went to your master, and I beat the living heck out of him; I risked my own neck to save yours. I did what no-one else wanted or cared enough to do and I took your chains and led you away from the Taskmaster.”

“And what was my reward for saving you from that hell?”

“You freakin’ bit me.”

“You stunned me into oblivion.”

“So, now I don’t have a choice. There’s nothing else I can do. If you have a rabid dog that won’t listen to reason, won’t obey commands, and bites the hand that saves him, there’s no choice, no decision, no single thing you can do except…

“Destroy it.”

“At Ring of Dreams, I’m taking you to be destroyed, Zero. I’ve tried to help you, I’ve tried to be kind, caring and honest – look where it got me. Look at what you did to me, after everything I did for you.”

“You can’t be saved.”

“You can’t be helped.”

“It doesn’t matter what anyone does, you’ll always be a rabid dog and there’s only one thing you can do with one of those.”

“And that’s put it down.”