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Journo Makes Good: An Editorial

Journo Makes Good: An Editorial

Hello, Arcadia!

The field of journalism is a nasty one sometimes…in fact, it can be downright brutal. Don’t believe me? Watch what happens when the opportunity to chase a story comes along…you’ll see folks coming out of seemingly nowhere, all asking a million questions to try and get the answers they want.

They all look up at the scoop dangling from above, eager to climb the ladder to grab it…but only one will actually achieve their goal. It’s all a matter of what you’re willing to do to get it.

There are plenty of folks that will do things almost unspeakable to go after that coveted report. They’ll lie to your face and stab you in the back if it means getting what they want. It’s downright criminal what they’re willing to put others through.

They will insist that they’re nobody until the opportunity presents itself…and then pull you right off that ladder, eager to take your place on that ascension.

And then there are those who bring about a plague of distrust in the field itself. They’re the ones that make you worry that none of this is worth the hassle, make you think that we’re all just destined to suffer.

But fret not, readers…there IS a way to put an end to it. There’s a way to make sure that one Titan rises as the rest fall.

Because folks like Vision and Narcissa will sow distrust, but that is no substitute for the truth. People like Harold Attano and Gemini will do whatever it takes to go after that sweet, sweet prize…but they don’t know what ol’ Colt Ramsey is capable of.

And they’re about to find out!

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years in this field, readers, it is just how to take on the seemingly impossible tasks. How to climb that ladder efficiently, when everyone else is clawing to pull you down.

That experience brings about confidence, a confidence that keeps my eyes where they need to be…on the prize. Because that scoop, that story I’m seeking after

It’s the VHS Championship, and Felix Foley’s disappearance has left an opening that only one of us can fill, only one can ascend to…and I’m just the man for the gig.

See, I’ve dealt with my share of liars and backstabbers. I’ve seen what the criminals and fiends can do…and every action they make is a note scribbled down for future reference.

A chance to make a story, a headline that will draw the reader’s eye…and the story here is simple, the headline plain for all to see.

“Journo Makes Good.”

With the rest of these Titans fallen, Colt Ramsey rises and claims what’s rightfully his, the story of a lifetime…the chance to call himself champion. It’s a feel good story with a happy ending, ain’t it?

A story that I know that you, the great people of Arcadia, so desperately want.

And you have got to give the people what they want!

Colt Ramsey