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I want to play a game.

A man lives all alone out in the big city, abandoned by those he once considered family.

In order to stave off the depression that sets in, he procures a pet…a dove.

It’s a symbol of peace for his heart and soul, and he is quite happy to take care of it.

The bird, in turn, seems at peace with its owner, happily accepting the gift this man has provided.

That is, until one day it decides–seemingly out of the blue–that it’s had enough of captivity.

It wants to break free.

So, in the middle of feeding time, the cage left open by the man as he grabs a handful of bird seed…the dove takes a leap of faith.

It flies out of the cage, and up to the skies above.

The man is heartbroken by this turn of events, but the bird has chosen a simpler, less domesticated flight path.

It continues the journey toward unfamiliar territory, blissfully ignorant of the danger it presents.

Namely, the predator keeping a close eye on its newest prey.

A bird that demands complete control of its dominion in the sky.

A falcon.

And suddenly, it makes a beeline for the dove, talons stretched out in front of it.

The hunt is on.

That poor dove never saw it coming.

The falcon strikes hard and fast, piercing into the small bird with its talons as it looks to strike a fatal blow.

Its hunger is eventually satisfied.

And so will mine, Ethan Bird.

You spent much of your life taken care of, coddled by your father, like a dove given all the special treatment in the world.

But one day, you abandoned all of that…you abandoned your father.

And why, Ethan?

Because you wanted to feel free?

You flew the coop, seeking a life of your own in the wilderness of New York City.

Seeking to live a simpler, less domesticated lifestyle as you live among the less fortunate.

Except that you’ve flown right into my territory, Ethan…and I am very protective of my dominion.

I am hungry, and I will not let some precious dove wander around my home.

So I’ve had my eye on you, my claws out and ready to strike.

And now, the hunt is on.

You have no idea just what you’re walking into, do you?

I will dive upon you, blindside you, and tear right through you.

Limb from limb, bone by bone.

I will take the pound of flesh I deserve from you.

You will be an example set for those who would try to impede on my territory.

And when I’m done, I will enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I’ll be eating real damn good, Ethan.

I will be satisfied.

And what’s left of you will be mere scraps for the vultures to pick apart.

They will have to settle for the most barebones meal imaginable.

Because I don’t waste food or opportunities, Ethan.

Let the game begin.