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The sound of a ringing bell.

V/O: “Class is in session.”

All there is, is black.

Then thunder and lightning illuminates the footage of Desmond Cross, starting the plagues with DTR and Marvelous Master Chef in the middle of the ring. As that happens, “Nothing Left To Lose” by Heaven’s Basement kicks in and we flash through images of Desmond fighting Chef, DTR laying them both out with Championship shots to the skull and Chef nailing Cross with a low blow.

♫ “Cover your eyes you’re not ready to see this
Better to be blind than to try and resist
Say your prayers and cease and desist
We all have secrets.” ♫

Crash and Fate, brawling at a ladder with left and right hands. Mike Lane hitting Matthew Cories with the Shadow Kick and suddenly darkness. The footage melts away and we see The Scarecrow, standing behind the family of Brent Kersh who’re crying as their farm burns in the distance. We switch to the Perch and watch as Brent Kersh saws it down with everything he has, sweating, angry, enraged.

♫ “Everyone dies so what’s the meaning in all this
But we have a choice to live on to exist
If you want more, go take it and get pissed
We don’t have regrets.” ♫

That footage vanishes and we’re left with Isaiah Black being attacked by the Klu Klux Klan. Marcus X hanging from the rafters is next and finally, Lord Merriweather being utterly terrified of Mother and her stalking him. The final lyrics of the song come just in time to see the mass brawl that ended the show last week, Mike Lane running away to the backstage area and finding those terrifying words.

♫ “I know how it feels, to have nothing left to lose
To burn it all, and be left alone with silence
How it feels, with the anger and the rage (and the rage)
Get out, get out, get out, we are defiance.” ♫

The buzzing fans can be heard cheering inside The School Yard as the song plays us into a jam packed arena here tonight. InVasion has the crowd on their feet and who can blame them. The camera does a quick circle of the cheering audience, before settling with Rick Walker and Richard Roman at ringside.

Rick Walker: “Wow, what a way to welcome you to inVasion. Fans, we have an incredible night of the best wrestling action for you. There is so much at stake tonight for so many people that it’s difficult to know where to start.”

Richard Roman: “Well as you saw in that introduction package, Mike Lane has an uphill mountain to climb and from my understanding, we’re going backstage to the office of Errol Flint.”

“I almost called the whole thing off,” is the voice we hear as we enter the office of Errol Flint. The Chairman is pacing back and forth whilst Mike Lane stands by, utterly distraught. “Nothing is more important than my daughter, Lane. I trusted you..”

Those words resonated with The People’s Choice more than he let on. His body language is a mix of rage and despair, but he’s doing his best to hold it together. Errol finally stops pacing and stands by him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I don’t know where she is. I’ve hired the best team of investigators to search for whoever did this, Jensen has the American Capitalists on the case and still…” Lane pauses to let it sink in. “Nothing. There’s nothing, Errol.”

Both men look utterly dejected.

“I don’t have to be here,” Mike suggests. He’d be happy to leave, to go hunting for the person responsible and find their beloved. “I can go right now. Fuck the inVasion Match, fuck the World Championship, fuck it all.”

Errol stops him in his tracks. “Hold it right there, kid. You’ve said it yourself, there’s nothing anyone can do. Do you think I want to be here tonight? It breaks my heart knowing that she’s out there and we’re in here,” Errol says in a moment of brutal honesty. “But leaving solves nothing. Marvelous needs to win that title back tonight and you have to win the inVasion Match. That’s the plan, isn’t it? The System needs to hold all the cards.”

The door swings open and surprises both men – though it’s only Matthew Cories. Matthew walks straight over to Lane and stares him right in the eyes.

“What.. the hell… have you been doing to me?” Cories asks, taking them both by surprise. Errol gulps, realizing that everything he planned now hangs in the balance. “Why have I been doing your dirty work? Where’s the blade? What the hell is going on?”

The fans cheer thinking that Matthew is back, except Mike pulls the blade from within his waist band and before you know it, Cories has that look in his eyes again.

“Lord Zedd,” Cories says turning to Flint who quite honestly had no idea it was he who was being referred to. “I am here at your command.”

Lane sadistically smirks as Errol takes over. “Good job, Green Ranger. Tonight you must ensure victory for Mike Lane. Do you understand?”

The Green Ranger nods. Perhaps not everything is going wrong tonight for The System.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following contest is a One on Two Handicap Match for an OSW Contract”

Thomas Roll’s personal DJ Gurtooth starts spinning the decks and “Daddy Cool” plays into the arena. A disco ball lowers above the ring and Thomas Roll comes out from behind the curtain doing a disco pose with his pet monkey Sergeant Bananas perched on his shoulder. He moonwalks his way down the ramp and climbs into the ring pulling one final disco pose.

Paloma Ruiz: “Entering first, fighting for an OSW Contract, weighing in tonight at 270lbs, hailing from Tokyo Japan, he is the self proclaimed Destroyer of Worlds, THOMMMMASSS ROLLLLL!!!”

The blaring of a guitar fills up the arena signaling the entrance of Terror. He rides to the ring on his black Harley Davidson Chopper, ignoring the hands of fans being offered. Parking the bike and making an unhurried entrance into the ring, Terror definitely wants his presence felt. He climbs a turnbuckle and raises his right fist as his music fades out.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponents, first, weighing in tonight at 280lbs, hailing from Newburgh, New York, he is Big Evil, TERRRRROOOORR!”

A purple mist is seen at the top of the entrance ramp, as the lights slowly begin to fall inside the arena. Suddenly, “Spooky Music Instrumental” by Ravensbrook begins to play out in the arena. Through the mist, Francis Wilson appears holding a long chain. From behind him, walks a figure unlike any other. Oblivion appears through the mist, standing with a straitjacket wrapped around him which has a chain and lock attached, mask covering most of his face. He keeps his head held high, staring blankly into the crowd as his father laughs almost uncontrollably.

Pulling on the chain, Oblivion begins to follow his father down to ramp and to ringside, where they come to a halt. Oblivion looks at his father as the crowd look on, Francis reaches into his pocket and holds a golden key high in the air, before letting out another screech. Oblivion tilts his head, as Francis puts the key into the lock which is holding the chain around Oblivion’s body and ankles. Slowly, the chains begin to fall to the ground and Oblivion moves his legs, knowing he is almost free. Slowly, Francis begins to unstrap the straitjacket, taking it off totally when he’s finished. Oblivion raises his arms in the air, tensing his shoulders, finally free. Francis points into the ring and Oblivion does exactly as he is ordered, slowly walking up the steps and stepping over the top rope to get inside the ring. Oblivion looks down at his hands, clenching his fists, then spreads his arms with in a crucifix pose, accompanied by an almighty roar, even with his mask, it can be heard all around the arena.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his tag team partner, weighing in tonight at 340lbs, hailing from Los Angeles, California, this is OBBBBLLLIIIVVVIOOON!!!”

Roll is a little taken back by the monsterous oblivion as Terror takes advantage, rushing in with a series of rights and lefts, before throwing Roll across the ring and attempting a clothesline. Roll splits under it however, dropping Terror with a quick spinning neckbreaker as he turns around. The disco king doesn’t get a chance to cover however as Oblivion turns him around, and lands a huge right hand, knocking Roll loopy as Oblivion backs up before rushing forward, landing a huge clothesline which turns the disco king nearly inside out. Roll is pulled up to his feet and lifted high up into the air, before being slammed down to the mat with a huge Bodyslam which seems to shake the ring upon impact

Terror slowly gets to his feet and seeing Roll down, rushes over, dropping several elbows to the sternum of the downed Roll before pulling him up to his feet and throwing him over to Oblivion. Oblivion lands a hard kick to the gut before hoisting him high up into the air, parading him around the ring for a few moments before dropping him down right into Terror’s waiting knee. Big Evil drops another elbow before covering. ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Roll just gets the shoulder up as Terror pulls him to his feet, hooking him into a full nelson as Oblivion backs up, rushing forward with a clothesline, but just before impact, Roll gets loose, as Oblivion connects with Terror instead.

Roll quickly takes advantage of the confusion, peppering Oblivion with rights and lefts that barely seem to faze the big man as Roll rushes to the ropes and rebounding with a clothesline. Oblivion stumbles back a few paces as Roll rebounds off once more with a huge spinning heel kick that sends Oblivion down to one knee as Roll grabs his head, drilling him into the mat with a big DDT. Roll backs up a few paces before rushing up and landing a big Afrobutt, covering after impact. ONE..TW…MASSIVE KICKOUT!Oblivion easily kicks out, sending Roll across the ring with force and as the disco king slowly gets to his feet, he’s met with a huge big boot from Terror.

Roll somehow stays on his feet however, his afro somehow took most of the impact but he’s groggy as he stumbles around, EVIL DEEDS! Oblivion lashes out with a big boot of his own and that easily takes Roll off his feet with the power behind it. Francis calls for the end on the outside but the referee is distracted by DJ Gurtooth as Sergeant Bananas jumps off the turnbuckles at Oblivion. The monster catches him in mid-air however, throwing him aside but Roll uses the distraction to land a big spinning heel kick. It lands flush but doesn’t drop Oblivion as Terror rushes forward from the other side of the ring, but his spear attempt is dodged at the last moment by Roll as Terror spears right into Oblivion

Terror turns right into a big headbutt from Roll which stuns the bigger man as Roll signals for the end, lifting Terror up and trying for the big whirly but Terror manages to slip down his back and as Roll turns around, C.T.H! The Chokeslam lands hard as Oblivion slowly gets up, malice in his eyes. Terror signals for the end and covers… ONE….. TWO…. THREE! IT’S OVER! THOMAS ROLL DOESN’T HAVE A JOB IN OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING! Thomas rolls away towards the ropes, almost in disbelief that he lost as Terror and Oblivion meanwhile get back to their feet.

Thomas Roll can’t believe it, sat on his knees in utter shock that he was just pinned here tonight. Terror and Oblivion meanwhile have their arms raised but it’s not long before Roll angrily interrupts, kicking Terror low with a Low Blow.

Enraged that he lost, he tries to go for Oblivion but The Evil Within is just too quick, grabbing him around the throat and squeezing. Terror meanwhile demands that he waits, asking for a microphone.

“Stop it!” Terror yells, demanding that Oblivion not move. “He’s mine. Hand him over.”

Rick Walker: “Terror wants Roll for himself and these two have already had miscommunication here tonight.”

Richard Roman: “He did just kick him square in the balls, Rick.”

Oblivion simply shakes his head.

“Don’t you make me take him from you. If he wants to attack me, then I’m going to make sure that’s the last thing he ever does,” Terror announces. Oblivion instead throws Roll to the ground, letting him scarper across the ring and roll to the outside. “You just made a big mistake.”

Terror suddenly lunges at Oblivion, both Monsters ripping into each other ferociously. There’s right and left hands being thrown about wildly but on the entrance ramp, Thomas Roll is sulking, looking utterly dejected that he didn’t win a contract. Terror finally Clotheslines Oblivion to the outside where his manager and father Francis stops him from re-entering the ring.

Rick Walker: “Thomas was lucky to escape intact here tonight. Oblivion and Terror want to tear each other apart and Thomas probably rues that it didn’t happen sooner.”

Richard Roman: “Good riddance. I think we’ve enough idiots in the OSW that we don’t need another one in Thomas Roll.”

In the backstage area, Charlie Thompson is reading through some notes as she makes her way down the halls. What she doesn’t realize is that behind her, having been following all along, is David Manson.

“Oh yes child, you would be perfect,” he hisses as he remains in the darkness, carefully watching her every move. “I could imagine us together, committing great atrocities in harmony.”

Charlie suddenly turns around, startled.

But she can’t see him, so when she turns back around and bumps into Fate, she’s startled again.

“What’s the matter?” Fate questions. “You look worried.”

She looks around again.

“I don’t know. Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being followed, or watched? That’s how I feel right now.”

“Well baby, Fate is always being followed or watched. You may call that an odd day but I call that a weekday.”

That makes her giggle, after all, Fate always has a way with Charlie Thompson.

They walk off down the corridor together, completely unaware that David Manson was indeed watching them. The camera stays with him in the shadows, his white teeth grinning against a backdrop of darkness.

“Ohh child, it’s time for you to wake up. Your real family isn’t Fate, it’s The Manson Family. The Awakening will take you,” he babbles psychotically, his grin turning from pleased to sour. “And you will become.”

He slinks back into the darkness as the scene comes to a close.

We arrive in the backstage area to a scene of chaos. It’s Jensen Cussen and boy, is he pissed off. Whatever happened before we arrived, we don’t know, but Jensen is beating the holy hell out of Professor Bordeaux with right and left hands.

Rick Walker: “What the hell is this about?”

Richard Roman: “They face later tonight but Jesus, I didn’t think it would come to this.”

He finally stops beating on him to step away and face up the camera.

“He wanted to know if I would be handing him the match,” Jensen says out of the breath. “This is my response.”

Cussen runs over and delivers a giant boot to his mid-section, sending him sprawling over onto his front. Bordeaux can barely escape but somehow tries to stand, only for Jensen to leap forward.. BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA!! CUSSEN CLOCKED HIM COLD!

Rick Walker: “What a shot! Bordeaux had a plan to force Cussen’s hand but if this is his answer, can you imagine what’ll happen in the ring?”

Richard Roman: “I think Jensen has more desire, more want to face DTR than any man on this roster.”

The Professor falls flat on his face.

“If anyone thinks that my thirst to get to DTR will ever be stopped, will ever be quenched, they’re mistaken. Tonight is the first night in a step by step process to getting my hands on the man that knows me better than anyone else. I’ll be seeing you DTR, on Afterburn.”

Rick Walker: “DTR had better watch his back, Rich.”

Richard Roman: “He had better watch his back, his front, his everything. If The Mastermind is coming after him, he’s in trouble.”

Finally Jensen walks off, spitting on Professor Bordeaux as he does.

Rick Walker: Well Richard, this next one should be interesting.

Richard Roman: In more ways than when Rick. A special guest referee, a wrestling ring, and two beautiful women that want to scratch each other’s eyes out.

Rick Walker: Hopefully, tonight will lead to a resolution to this “relationship” triangle between Lenore Lee, The Black Widow, and Jeremiah Jett.

Richard Roman: The resolution would be that The Black Widow just come to grips with the fact that Jeremiah Jett is a taken man, Walker.

Rick Walker: Are you serious right now?

Richard Roman: Absolutely!

Rick Walker: Then I’ve got nothing more to add. Let’s head to the ring for the introductions.

Richard Roman: I’m just being honest here, Walker!

Rick Walker: Please!

Paloma Ruiz: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the special guest referee…

As the opening beat from Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler begins to play The Superstar Jeremiah Jett walks out on to the stage, this time, alone.


Jett begins to walk down the aisle as the crowd welcomes him with thunderous boos. When he gets nearly half way to the ring, Jett dodges a soft drink tossed from the crowd and stops in his tracks.

Rick Walker: What is he…

Richard Roman: Jett signaling for Ruiz to continue, but I’m not sure why.

After a brief pause and a confused look out of Ruiz, the ring announcer speaks again as “Holding Out For A Hero” continues on.

Paloma Ruiz: And introducing the first competitor. She is a newcomer to the ring and to Old School Wrestling. Hailing from Hollywood, California. She is the manager, the escort, and the wife of Jeremiah Jett, please welcome… “THE LOVELY”… LENORE… LEE!!!!!!!

Richard Roman: And there she is lovely indeed and look at how thoughtful Jett is, Walker. He’s waiting for his wife so he can escort her to the ring.

Rick Walker: That should almost be expected shouldn’t it?

Lenore Lee receives a somewhat favorable response from the crowd as she approaches her husband within the aisle. We can see “The Superstar” stepping aside and pointing to the ring, seemingly directing Lee on what to do next.

Rick Walker: Is he? I can’t believe what I’m.

Richard Roman: What? WHAT? Jett is just letting his wife go first. I don’t see what the problem is.

Rick Walker: He’s not letting her go first, Richard!

Lenore Lee mounts the ring steps and walks across the apron as Jett continues to supervise her movement.


Lee sits on the ropes, holding them open for the Special Guest Referee as the crowd reverts to its booing.

Richard Roman: What? She’s holding the ropes for him. That’s love, Walker. Are you jealous?

Rick Walker: I may be jealous and you may be blind.

Richard Roman: Meh!

Suddenly, “Love Bites” by Halestorm blares throughout the arena, bringing the crowd to their feet with a thunderous roar. The Black Widow makes her appearance at the top of the entrance ramp and wastes no time in heading towards the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: And her opponent from St. Louis, Missouri! Standing at a height of five feet four inches and weighing in at one hundred fifty pounds… she is… THE BLACK… WIDOW!!!!

Full of confidence and determination, The Black Widow slides into the ring, walking over to climb to the second turnbuckle and giving a smile as she scans the crowd.

After a long look, The Black Widow hops and turns only to be blindsided with a tackle from Lenore Lee. “The Superstar” calls for the bell and this one is underway with Lee on top of The Black Widow driving fist after fist down into the head area of her opponent. Jett stands back watching contently, almost with an amused look on his face. Lenore now grabbing the hair of The Widow and driving her head into the canvas over and over again. Lee is obsessed with inflicting as much pain as possible on her opponent. She looks vicious out of the gate.

Lenore stands to her feet now, grabbing the top rope for leverage and begins to drive one boot after another into the rib cage area of The Black Widow who rolls under the bottom rope and to the outside. Instead of counting, Jett encourages Lee to follow her out. A suggestion Lenore accepts as she climbs through the ropes and onto the apron. Leaping off the apron? YES! Lee with a flying double axe handle and even without a significant background in wrestling, Lenore is really bringing the fight to The Black Widow. Meanwhile, “The Superstar” stands idle, enjoying the action and ignoring his referee duties in counting.

The Black Widow appears to be in trouble as she moves around to the other side of the ring. “The Lovely” Lenore Lee quick to follow. Spinning her opponent around and A BIG RIGHT HAND IS BLOCKED by The Black Widow! ANOTHER shot AND another block.AND NOW THE WIDOW DELIVERS A SHOT OF HER OWN! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! The Black Widow gaining some momentum now and it’s… AN IRISH WHIP into the barricade. That brought an almost pitiful wail out of Lee as he drops to the padded concrete floor, clutching her lower back.

And NOW Jeremiah Jett decides to do his duties in beginning a ten count. This catches The Widow’s attention and she’s not happy about it. The Black Widow heading back into the ring and she’s up in the face of Jett. “The Superstar” holding up his hand peacefully, refusing to get into a physical altercation with the competitor and it’s turning into a distraction that Lenore Lee takes advantage of. She slides into the ring. Sneaking up behind The Black Widow who turns and DUCKS a clothesline attempt and sprints to the ropes. On the return… JUMPING CLOTHESLINE from The Black Widow.

Both competitors go down and it’s a cover. ONE ………… TWO ………… NO! Even with a slow count from the “official” Lenore Lee somehow manages to kick out of that move and she has definitely shown a ton of fight in this contest. The Black Widow isn’t happy though and she’s back to her feet. Back up in the face of Jett. Lee taking advantage again and pulls in close for a ROLL UP!Jett goes to count! ONE, TWO, TH, WHOA that was close. A quick count and all, but The Widow was able to kick out.

And The Black Widow jumps to her feet. Her aggressiveness matched by a jealous Lee. Both wrestlers head to opposite sides of the ring. Hitting the ropes. Sprinting to the middle. There’s Jett! LOOK OUT! COLLISSION! Lee and The Widow collide in the center of the ring due to interference from Jett and now both of them are down. Neither unconscious, but both in a lot of pain. Not stopping here. Lee and Widow working to their feet.

They close in and The Black Widow DRIVES a knee into the gut of her opponent. Moving to her backside and… GERMAN SUPLEX!Lenore Lee is flat on her back. The Black Widow… headed to the ropes. She might be going for the win here. Climbing to the top. Bracing herself. “THE WIDOW MAKER”! “THE WIDOW MAKER”! The Black Widow makes the cover. ONE………… TWO…………. ! ………… THREE! Jeremiah Jett couldn’t hold out any longer. Lenore Lee is in serious pain in the center of the ring and she just could not go on. The Black Widow picking up the victory against a very difficult opponent fueled by jealous and love.

The locker room area backstage is suddenly the scene of an intense showdown that no-one thought they’d see. The amicable nature of it, despite their history, has the crowd cheering in celebration. Stood before us in all their glory is the World Champion DTR and his nemesis, Marvelous Master Chef.

“You have two seconds before I rip your mask off and shove it down your throat.” Says DTR in a there goes the amicable moment. He re-arranges the title on his shoulder and looks down pensively at the contender.

“Relax amigo, I didn’t ask you here to fight. The entire world knows how we feel about each other perro and tonight, in the middle of my ring, it’ll be ever clear. What I called you here to talk about is Desmond Cross,” MMC folds his arms and he means business. The Champion on the other hand raises an eyebrow, ready to hear what he has to say. “Last week he attacked us both, spoiled my segment and spoiled your.. clothes? I don’t know amigo, all I know is that he spoiled mierda.”

“That’s what you’re worried about – some spoiled meat? When I first faced you, I thought you were the nut-job. By comparison, you’re like a tiny droplet in a big pond of crazy. That asshole thinks he’s going to ascend to be Jesus Christ.”

MMC Interrupts. “Well I am Gourmet Jesus.”

“Oh shut up!” DTR snaps. “I’d normally be the first to tell you to don’t trust reason but let’s face it, he’ll rip this entire place apart to fulfil his sick demented fantasy.”

Both of them take a second and think about it. Marvelous can’t seem to take his eyes off the Championship but when DTR moves it, he snaps back into focus.

“Then we’re in agreement? Tonight, we’ll take Desmond Cross out and then focus on each other,” Chef suggests. He motions between them with a smirk. “We’ll have him served and h’ordeuvred.”

DTR scoffs. “Whatever. Just don’t you screw me, or else exactly what we don’t want to happen, will happen. Got it?”

“Heeeey…” Master Chef puts his arms out and leans back. “Would I ever?”

Dead to Rights backs away and shakes his head, never forgetting that MMC screwed him over to join The System not too long ago.

Rick Walker: Folks, this next one is a big one.

Richard Roman: A big one for Old School Wrestling AND a big one for each competitor.

Rick Walker: Professor Bordeaux and Jensen Cussen will go head to head with an opportunity for a World Title shot on the line.

Richard Roman: You’ve got it right Walker. For once! After tonight, one of these men will get a shot… FOR a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rick Walker: Next week on Afterburn, it will either be Professor Bordeaux or Jensen Cussen going head to head with DTR and if they would win that one, they would receive that coveted shot at the OSW World Title. As for this one tonight? It should be one for the making. Let’s head to the ring for the introductions.

Paloma Ruiz: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY match. The winner of which will face Dead To Rights with a World Title shot on the line. Introducing first…

Drop Dead Cynical hits as the crowd begin to intensely boo, a cocky, arrogant Jensen Cussen slowly making his way out to the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: From Jacksonville, Florida. He weighs two hundred thirty five pounds and stands at a height of six feet two inches. He is The Mastermind… JENSEN CUSSEN!!!

Cussen continues on his way, taking in every bit of anger from the crowd like every shout is pure ectasy.

Richard Roman: This man looks ready tonight.

Rick Walker: And I’m guessing his opponent will be just as ready.

Richard Roman: We’ll see!

Jensen slowly walks into the ring, climbing the nearest turnbuckle, feeding off the anger of the crowd before he walks to the opposite side of the ring, slumping down into the corner awaiting his opponent. A wait that is short lived before a chorus comes over the loudspeakers as the beginning of “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy begins blaring throughout the arena.

Paloma Ruiz: And his opponent… from Paris, France. Standing six feet three inches and weighing in at two hundred twenty seven pounds… please welcome… PROFESSOR BORDEAUX!!!!

Professor Nickedemus Bordeaux comes strutting out from behind the curtain and a massive grin over his face. He twirls with his hands extended as the glitter sparkles in the spotlight! He teases a couple children from the entrance ramp, extending his hand, and pulling them back before the kid can slap him ‘five.’

Richard Roman: The Professor making sure these folks know where they stand with him.

Rick Walker: Who in the world will this crowd be pulling for in this one? Injuries, I’m guessing.

Richard Roman: These ham and eggers have no idea what they want.

Rick Walker: Oh, I think they have an idea.

Bordeaux slides underneath the bottom rope and climbs to the middle turnbuckle, holding his nose high in the air, and soaking in the hatred from the crowd.

And we are underway with Cussen taking advantage of Bordeaux having his back turned towards him. Cussen is quick to his feet, hurries to the corner and lands a massive double axe handle to the back of his opponent. A couple more shots follow before Jensen wraps his arms around the body of Bordeaux and hoists him into the air, delivering an earth shattering belly to back suplex that brings a roar of awe from the crowd. Cussen goes for a quick cover. ONE… TWO… but that’s all he gets as The Professor powers his way out. Cussen will of course question the speed of the count.

Nevertheless, “The Mastermind” wastes no time in lifting his opponent to his feet. Before he can complete the action; however, Bordeaux drives an elbow into his midsection area. AND another. A big right hand from The Professor and now Bordeaux is gaining back some momentum. FROM NOWHERE, a scoop powerslam from Bordeaux and now he goes for an early pinfall. ONE… TWO… AND this time it’s Cussen that kicks out. AND true to form, Professor Bordeaux is the competitor challenging the official’s work. All the while measuring his opponent and The Professor heads to the ropes. Cussen to his feet. RUNNING knee, NO!

Cussen dodges the move and uses Bordeaux’s momentum to send him through the ropes and to the outside. Bordeaux was going for a running knee and was unable to connect and now he finds himself on the arena floor, shaken up from the fall. “The Mastermind” takes advantage and now he’ll go to the ropes. He’s coming back and OH NO! LEAPING INTO THE AIR AND OVER THE TOP ROPE! TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE ON BORDEAUX! Now both men are down on the outside and neither will probably be happy with the speed of the count at this point.

Bordeaux and Cussen both trying to clear the cobwebs. Both men working to get back to their feet. The official; meanwhile, counting to ten. AND BORDEAUX AND CUSSEN EXCHANGING BLOWS ON THE OUTSIDE! Big lefts and big rights. Back and forth they go. What happens if they get counted out? Who gets the shot at Dead To Rights then? The official up to SEVEN! The Professor and “The Mastermind” refusing to back down. The exchange of fists continue! NINE! Suddenly, Bordeaux and Cussen both abandon their strategy and sprint to the ring, both sliding under the bottom rope to break the count.

Both men now in the ring. Both men quick to their feet AND BORDEAUX lands a European Uppercut! AND ANOTHER! Cussen staggering from the two blows. The Professor heads to the ropes and coming back! SHOULDER TACKLE! And WOW! Cussen’s head snapped hard against the canvas. Bordeaux mounting his opponent and driving fist after fist down into the skull of Cussen. The referee scolding the closed fists and giving him a five count to stop, which Bordeaux abides by at the count of four, but not before giving the official some choice words.

That hesitation, though, gives Cussen time as Bordeaux turns away and when he looks back CUSSEN is there with a forearm shiver to the jaw. Bordeaux responds with a forearm of his own. AND NOW MORE FISTS! A quick exchange before both men head to the ropes. On the return! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Both men down and LOOK AT THIS! Both men immediately back up, but both stumbling to their feet.


In the locker room area backstage, Brent Kersh is sat in a dimly lit room, taping up his wrists and hands ahead of a Main Event tonight that will seriously test him when his wife walks in. Her arrival is that much of a surprise that he stops what he’s doing and quickly approaches.

“What’s wrong? Are the kids okay?” he asks worriedly, fearing that The Scarecrow may of gotten to his family once again.

“Everyone’s okay Brent,” she says soothingly, rubbing his shoulder. She leans in for a kiss and pecks him lovingly on the cheek. “I didn’t meant to startle you. They’re safe and sound.”

Brent finally relaxes as much as he can, walking her over to the bench where they take a seat. “Then what’s the matter?” he asks.

“I know that tonight means a lot to you and us. I know you think that getting even an ounce of vengeance on Scarecrow will help us sleep better at night, but it won’t,” she admits honestly to his chagrin. He hangs his head slightly but she refuses to let him do that and lifts it up. “I told you last week that we’ve watched you hurt, bloodied, concussed and in more pain that I can honestly sometimes bear; but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to do it. You love wrestling, you have ever since I’ve loved and known you. Tonight believe it or not is about more than just Scarecrow. Hanging above that ring is an opportunity, Brent. It’s the biggest opportunity to do what you do best; compete.”

“I thought about what you said last week, Nicole. I’m sorry I didn’t consult you before I made my decision and resigned; I was thinking about protecting you and it never dawned on me just how much I myself have put this family through,” he admits with sadness. Brent looks at her, deep within her eyes. “And I did that because I love this sport. I love providing for my family, I love to compete and I love you.”

She smiles and pushes her forehead close to his. “I’m not asking that you stay or give it up for us, baby. Wherever you go and whatever you do, we’ll follow you to the ends of the earth. I just want you tonight, in the middle of that ring, when you’ve finished taking care of Scarecrow and making him suffer like he did us, to stand there and look up. Look up and do what your heart tells you to do.”

Kersh smiles faintly, nodding. “I will. I will.”

The camera slowly backs away to see Scarecrow, standing in the shadows, looming in the background where no-one can see him.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following match is a Tier Match for the Hardcore Championship. Should Smoke make it past Brandon Hate and David Manson, he will face Red River Jack for the title, in a Hardcore Match!”

The arena lights drop out as a series of deafening guitar riffs takeover the airwaves and allows “Meet the Monster” by Five Finger Death Punch to come to life. A lightshow of white strobes overtakes the entrance area a few seconds before the massive mountain muscle known simply as Smoke steps out of the back with a strong stride. The Baddest Asset stands with his head down among the flashing strobes.

♫ Can you read between the lines?

Or are you stuck in black and white?

Hope I’m on the list of people that you hate

It’s time you met the monster that you have helped create♫

Paloma Ruiz: “Coming to the ring… weighing an astronomical three-hundred seventeen pounds, standing six feet, four inches tall… by way of Kodiak Island, Alaska… the Scariest Thing in the Ring… SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE.”

The Bad News Bear lifts his head, shakes out his incredible arms while scanning the crowd, and heads down the walkway to the ring with business on his mind. Fans reach out to slap his massive arms and shoulders but he pays no mind. With his eyes locked on the ring, he quickly reaches the apron and pulls his large figure off the arena floor with help from the ropes. He glances around the arena before stepping over the top rope. The arena lights return to form as Smoke circles the ring waiting for the bell.

The lights dim to a shade lighter than darkness as the humming start of ‘To get to you’ brings about the immediate rise of the fans. Red River Jack, David Manson and Brandon Hate all step out onto the entrance ramp. Jack is stood at the forefront with the burning ember of his cigarette being the first immediate thing we see.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponents.. Brandon Hate, David Manson and Red River Jack.. THE AWAKENING!”

They nonchalantly walk towards the ring, stopping at the bottom. They talk amongst themselves for a moment before Brandon slides into the ring, ready for the match.

Hate enters and walks straight into a thunderous Clothesline that sends the surrounding crowd into raptures. Hate quickly rolls back to his feet and is decked with another, another, then another, dropping his ass for a fourth straight time. Smoke grabs him by the head and launches him into the corner, storming in with a massive Splash and then going to town with right and left hands. Jack and Manson watch on as Smoke whips him out and across the ring, Hate though managing to bounce into the corner and move sideways, sending the oncoming train of Smoke chest first into the turnbuckle.

Now it’s time for Hate to finally get on the offense. He pulls Smoke over and into a Samoan Drop, planting him on the canvas. The Awakening watch on, now with smiles, as Brandon covers… 1……. 2….. Kick Out! Brandon gets back to his feet and stomps down on The Bad News Bear, keeping him grounded as he tries his best to get back up and swat away the shots. Finally The Hater grabs him up and delivers a powerful right hand, backing him into the ropes and whipping him across the ring.. Manson tripping him before he can come back. Smoke reaches down over the top to grab him by Hate slinks in from behind… ROLL UP…. 1……. 2……KICK OUT! Barely!

Both men spring away from the roll up and get back to their feet, Brandon stepping inside, looking for the HATERADE.. DOWNWARD SPIRAL! NO!! The Baddest Asset elbows out with massive shots to the temple, finally being released and DADDY SLAM! OH WHAT AN OLYMPIC SLAM!! Smoke rises to see the fans on their feet, loving every single minute of it. He demands that Hate get back to his feet and when he does.. CHUMP BUSTER!! OH WHAT A FUCKING CLOTHESLINE!! HE JUST TOOK HIM DAMN NEAR OUT OF HIS BOOTS! HATE FLIPS TWICE INSIDE OUT AND LANDS ON HIS NECK! Smoke storms into the cover…. 1……. 2…… 3!! It’s over! Smoke advances to David Manson and Jesus, he’s not even waiting because here he is.

Manson slides straight in and starts reigning down clubbing forearms across the back of Smoke, delivering powerful blow after blow until he backs into the ropes and comes back with a basement dropkick, catching him on the jaw. Manson rolls into the cover… 1….. 2…. Kick out! Smoke must be tired but David isn’t even slowing down. The fresh man pulls him back to his feet and whips him into the corner, storming over with a high knee to the face, pulling him straight out and into a DDT. The fans are booing now as The Bad Seed mounts the Bad News Bear, pummelling away at him and slamming his head on the canvas repeatedly until the referee demands that he stops.

Red River Jack is consoling Brandon Hate on the outside, watching on as Manson steps away from Smoke to flip off the fans, going back to him with a stomp to the head for good measure. The New Horror pulls Smoke back up, hitting him with an Uppercut and a Suplex- NO! The big guy is just too heavy and blocks it with ease.. DESPERATION SUPLEX BY SMOKE! UTTER DESPERATION!The fans roar in approval as Smoke somehow flips him over to save his own skin and both men are down now. They both start stirring back to their feet at the same time, The Rising Star storming forward and CHUMP BUSTER!! NO!! MANSON DUCKS!! DOUBLE KNEE FACEBREAKER!! DELUSIONAL ILLUSION!

That has to be it! Smoke isn’t going to make it to Red River Jack…. 1………. 2……… 3!! NO! BY GOD HE FUCKING KICKED OUT! HE JUST KICKED OUT!! Even David Manson can’t believe it. The shock is settling in as he rolls over and starts slamming Smoke’s head off the canvas, making him suffer as much as he possibly can. He storms away and looks down at Red River Jack who’s eyes tell the entire story; he wants the job finished. The Bad News Bear slowly stumbles to his feet and Manson storms at him… CHUMP BUSTER! NOOO!! MANSON DROPS DOWN.. DOUBLE KNEE FACEBREAKER!! DELUSIONAL ILLUSION! HE COVERS AGAIN…. 1……… 2…….. 3!! Manson has done it! He’s stopped Smoke from getting through to face Red River Jack for the Hardcore Championship and the fans can’t believe it. They thought he’d overcome the odds!

An utterly exhausted Smoke gets back to his feet realizing that he just went through hell and failed, his face full of disappointment. Jack meanwhile demands a microphone, his smile overwhelming.

“What’s the matter, man? Has it just finally dawned on you what I’ve been telling you all along? You can beat The Awakening. You can’t rise up against us, because we’re not truly holding you down. The system, society, the whole world wanted to see you fight me here tonight and it was them,” Jack points to the fans around him. “Each and every single one of them who wanted you do this.”

Jack shakes his head and slides into the ring, pacing back and forth.

“I told you man, I told you what it’d take to face me. I didn’t come up with that, I didn’t sanction that, it was the company, man. Old School Wrestling wanted to treat you like a puppet and see you jump through hoops for this,” he raises the Hardcore Championship and subsequently throws it down on the ground. “But I’m not the company. I’m anti-company, I’m anti-society, I’m not a puppet, man. I do what I want when I want and you people can live with the consequences.”

Smoke looks on, his brow furrowed in confusion. He’s tired, dejected and fed up. Understandably, he just wants this to end.

“So referee, ring the bell man, ring the fuckin’ bell. I’m not going to back down from a fight, Smoke. If you want to wake up and smell the roses, I’m seein’ red. Let’s do this.”

The referee double checks with Jack who nods, telling him to “Start the fuckin’ match!”. Whereas Smoke can’t believe what he’s just witnessed and when asked, simply nods in agreement.

It looks like we’re getting a Championship Match after all.

Unlike David Manson, Red River Jack is in NO rush. He carefully takes off his hat and places it on the ring steps, before carefully removing his cigarette and tossing it to the floor and watching as Manson stamps it out. Jack rolls his neck and casually waits for Smoke to step forward, meeting him in the centre once he does. Suddenly the match explodes, both men trading off in the middle of the ring and it’s safe to say that Red easily takes control. He beats Smoke back into the corner and bounces his head off the turnbuckle, taking a run up and MASSIVE HIGH KNEE TO THE FACE… INTO A DRIVING FACE BUSTER! A THOUSAND WORDS! Poor Smoke falls straight back into the ropes and that gives RRJ a chance to hop through the middle rope and pull The Baddest Asset backwards through it, so that he’s laying back across the rope itself. Jack nails him with a clubbing forearm shot and backs up… RUNNING APRON NECKBREAKER!! JESUS CHRIST!! THAT’S BRUTAL!! The rope snaps poor Smoke down onto the ring apron and then the floor, head first.

The Hardcore Champion goes under the ring apron, pulling out a whole host of weaponry. There’s a table, a ladder, a set of chairs and a barbed wire baseball bat. He picks up the bat first and checks it out, rubbing it against his cheek to draw blood. The audience have no idea what to make of that and watch on in horror as Smoke – who is as resilient as they come, gets back to his feet. BARBED WIRE BAT TO THE MID-SECTION! HOLY SHIT! JACK IS EVIL, HE’S PURE EVIL! Smoke drops to his knees in agony, his singlet ripped from the blow. RRJ backs away and holds the bat up, NAILING IT ACROSS HIS FUCKING SKULL! HE JUST LAID OUT SMOKE WITH A BARBED WIRE BASEBALL BAT!! THIS MAN IS SADISTIC! There’s surely not much more that The Baddest Asset can take here. Red doesn’t even try to cover, he instead sets up the table and places it in the middle of the entrance ramp.

He’s going to try and finish this one off now, as if facing two men before him hadn’t already done that job. He grabs a bloodied challenger by his hair, hair that’s now seeping red and WHAM! BIG RIGHT HAND TO THE GUT! SMOKE IS… HE’S FIGHTING BACK! Smoke lunges forward.. CHUMP BUSTER CLOTHESLINE! HE GOT IT, BUT NOT ALL OF IT! THAT WAS NO-WHERE NEAR AS POWERFUL AS NORMAL! The Bad News Bear grabs Red River Jack and rolls him onto the table, beating away at him with just about everything he has left. Smoke knows that this is desperation time now and it’s all or nothing. He pulls himself back onto the ring apron and starts climbing the turnbuckles. No-one can believe it. They’ve never see Smoke go to the top before… SMOKESAULT.. HOLY FUCK SMOKESAULT THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE! SMOKESAULT FROM THE FUCKING RING TO THE GOD DAMN OUTSIDE! HOLY SHIT!! THEY’RE BROKEN IN HALF! THEY’RE BLOODY BROKEN IN HALF!!

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chants are quickly followed by “OSDUB! OSDUB!” as the crowd are on their feet in applause of something we’ve never ever seen. The referee searches through the carnage to check in they’re okay and finds that Smoke has an arm draped over the Champion….. 1……….. 2………. 3!! NO!! HOLY FUCK!! RED RIVER JACK KICKED OUT! “THIS IS AWESOME!”… “THIS IS AWESOME!”… the fans are loving every minute of this match as the Hardcore Championship is honoured in the most devastating of fashion. Eventually they start stirring back to their feet, Red River Jack obviously less worn than the poor challenger, who has had to go through hell to be here.

Jack grabs Smoke by the hair and rams him head first into the steel ring post, busting open that dried up cut just a little more. He spins him around.. SPARTAN KICK INTO THE RING POST! JESUS! Red is vicious and as Smoke lay damn near broken on the steel, Jack steps back and takes a run… LEAPING SPARTAN KICK!! NO!! HE JUST KICKED THE FUCKING POST!! THE BAD NEWS BEAR MOVED!! HE MOVED! Jack hits the deck instantly, holding his leg in agony but refusing to quit. He hobbles back to his feet and…


“I have watched in the darkness..”

A voice echo’s inside a darkened room – a voice recognisable as The Scarecrow.

“I have tormented, twisted and tortured Brent Kersh for as long as I can remember. I can still smell the fire that sent me to ash and the rebirth in hay that will never be forgotten. Whether or not Brent Kersh chooses to admit it, I have taken a piece of his soul.”

Suddenly Scarecrow appears in front of the camera. He cautiously walks deeper into the darkness as we follow.

“But now I have set my sights on youth. You see, Old School Wrestling has its fair share of monsters. It has its fair share of beasts, of nightmares that make walking these halls a dangerous task.”

He turns to face the camera.

“And for this I have only one thing to say; this place isn’t big enough for all of us.”

When he finally stops walking, he’s amongst sleeping children, who appear to be curled up on the floor at his feet.

“That will soon change, for I enter their dreams and talk to them. I am with them when they sleep, with them when they awake and with them when the darkness becomes light. For where their eyes don’t go, they will never fear The Scarecrow.”

He crouches slightly.

“Sleep tight, my children.”

Scarecrow strokes the hair of a nearby child, the camera panning up to see Mother asleep on a chair ahead of them, resting before her match here tonight.

It’s then that Scarecrow vanishes into the darkness, Mother none the wiser of the visitor she had here tonight.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following match is for the ALL STAR CHAMPIONSHIP!!!”

I’m On My Way To Freedom Land hits as a chorus of people come out, clapping and singing along with Marcus X’s song, happily singing away as Marcus X himself comes out, walking past them as he makes his way down the ramp way and heads towards ringside. Marcus walks up the steel steps, entering the ring as his music fades out.

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing first, the Challenger. He hails from Harlem, New York…. THE FREEDOM FIGHTER…. MARCUS X!!!”

The houselights all but die as a slow, pounding bass rhythm signals the start of El-P’s “Stay Down.” Sporadic strobe bursts pierce the darkness in-time with the track’s loose guitar harmonics and soon Isaiah Black staggers from the backstage area, peering disdainfully from beneath his hood.

“The Grim” doesn’t stop for fanfare and starts his way down the ramp with his head bowed, cracking his knuckles as he goes. Eventually he reaches the ring and rolls beneath the bottom rope, before hopping to his feet. He pulls the hood back and casts a wide, demented gaze across the arena.

Paloma Ruiz: “The Champion. He is known as The Grim, and comes to us from Chicago, Illinois!! Your ALL STAR CHAMPION…. ISAIAH BLACK!!!!”

As the sound of the bell fades into the bowels of the arena, Isaiah Black and Marcus X look at one another across the ring. For Black, this is one more step closer to completing the All Star Championship swing and getting a chance at the Champ. For Marcus, just being in the Schoolyard is a victory in and of itself after being lynched by the Ku Klux Klan. The two men talk trash to one another as they approach each other in the center of the ring. This is more than just a match for these men, its two clashing ideologies under attack from the same source.

The détente is broken by The Grim, who quickly slaps the Freedom Fighter across the cheek. The redness popping up on his cheek matches the redness that was around his throat just a week ago. Marcus allows himself a small smirk before offering a closed fist strike in return. The two men exchange strikes in the center of the ring, backing one another up with each strike. The crowd is on their feet for this exchange of blows, and Black is the one who quickly backs away. He takes a knee, but charges in and lifts X up by the legs, and tosses him into the corner.

A variety of strikes fly at X quickly, taking advantage of the known injuries. The official has to come between the two men quickly to admonish Black, giving the mandatory five count until the Walking Death ceases fire. As Isaiah backs out, X seems to gain fire under his step, charging out with running body block. The explosion of Freedom blindsided Black, who slams his hand down on the mat before that hand is grabbed by X.

Marcus draws the Champ up to a vertical base before slapping him back across the face in retaliation. Black’s eyes get wide, but he cannot do anything, as Marcus has sent him up and over with a vicious T-Bone Suplex. Before Isaiah can get up, he finds himself in a half Boston crab, and his hand is now reaching for the ropes. This will not be a match of near falls and excitement. It’s a WAR!

While stunned, the All-Star Champ is no slouch and he has no problem getting a hand on the ropes in a quick fashion. X shakes his head as the official makes him relinquish the hold. The two men reset as Marcus charges in, but gets caught with an explosion of boot from the rising Black. They both come to a knee, staring at one another, and perhaps sharing a moment of mutual respect. The moment is quickly ended with a burst of spittle from Black going to the mat.

They charge in towards one another, and the fresher Black ducks a clothesline, although one could blame it on a small limp he has developed from the half crab. The Champ grabs his opponent into a front face-lock, and lifts him up for the Termination… NO! Marcus slides down the back of his opponent. TIMES OF CHANGE!! LOCKED IN!!

Black fights the submission, seeing his title hopes fade before his eyes before he is able to grab the ropes with a foot, almost falling to a seated position. The ref steps in, and Black uses the cover to go to the eyes. As X staggers to a knee, Black charges out of the corner! GRAND LEVELER!! 1….2…..3!!!

As his music hits the speakers, Black rises up to his feet and nods his head. His point has been proven.

Isaiah Black gets back to his feet and celebrates, though there’s no Championship to celebrate with. He raises his arms and looks down at Marcus X, who is slowly stirring on the canvas.

Suddenly the lights dim.

“We warned you niggers,” the angry white supremacist voice says. “We told you, did we not?”

Three members of the Klu Klux Klan slowly starting making their way to the ring, the voice over playing the background. They stop at the bottom and watch as Marcus X joins Isaiah Black at his feet and then slide in. The brawl is quickly on, all five of them battling it out until the numbers game takes over. Isaiah is being beaten on in one corner by two of them and Marcus is in the other, battling the final one.

Rick Walker: “They’re outnumbered!”

Finally Isaiah Black goes down, covering up as they stomp away at him, before they turn their attention to Marcus. They storm across the ring and the three on one assault begins, finally bringing The Black Knight to his knees. They stomp away, booting him from the ring and following.

Rick Walker: “These vile bastards need to be unmasked. This can’t keep going unnoticed!”

Richard Roman: “How are they even getting into the building? Wait.. what are they doing?”

They drag Marcus over to the steel ring steps and slap him around, forcing his head down onto the steel step as one of the white supremacists stands above him.

Rick Walker: “Oh god, please… don’t do this.”

Richard Roman: “They won’t will they?”

He steps backwards, about to deliver the Curb stomp of all time WHEN THE BLACK WIDOW STORMS THE RING WITH A STEEL CHAIR!! She runs straight towards the ring steps, the stomper scarpering back into the ring as he pulls Marcus X away and back to his feet. Isaiah meanwhile has slid out of the ring and here comes security. Security pour down the entrance ramp and the KKK are fast to escape through the crowd, making their way to the backstage area as The Black Widow checks on Marcus X.

Rick Walker: “She just stopped the ending of his career. I don’t care how you look at it, those bastards were about to end Marcus X’ career with a curb stomp and Isaiah Black could of very well been next. If she didn’t come out here and bring the cavalry, this could of been dire.”

Richard Roman: “Isaiah may not want an alliance with anyone, he may not want friendship, but he may need Marcus X and The Black Widow if he is to survive this war.”

Paloma Ruiz: “The following contest is set for one fall and is for the OSW United States Championship”

The lights go out and two strange looking children emerge from the back holding candles they both walk towards a microphone set up at the top of the stage, a strange melody begins to play in the background and the two children begin to sing nursery rhymes while holding the candles. Mother then emerges from the darkness and begins to walk down the ramp her robe giving the illusion she is gliding. She slides into the ring and nods to the two children who put the candles out with their bare hands and walk down the ramp after her as the lights turn on.

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing first, the challenger weighing in tonight at 170lbs, from Parts Unknown, MOOTTTHHHEERRR!”

The beautiful flow of O Fortuna hits and out from behind the curtain walks two men, holding it from each side as Lord Merriweather steps through with his arms in the air, seeking the fans immediate approval, which never comes. He turns his nose up in disgust at their boo’s and makes a purposeful walk to the ring, waiting for his two “men” to clean each ring step and then spread the ropes for his entry.

Paloma Ruiz: “And her opponent, the reigning and defending OSW United States Champion, weighing in tonight at 245lbs, hailing from Buckinghamshire England, he is the First Class, LORD RICCCHHHAARRRDD MEERRIIWEATTHHHER III!”

Merriweather circles around, very wary of the destructive Mother who simply stares the champion down, almost daring him to make the first move when Stephen grabs her ankle, distracting her for a moment as Merriweather rushes forward, a huge clothesline taking Mother off her feet. Merriweather isn’t taking any chances, pulling Mother up to her feet and throwing her over to the corner. Mother’s barely just hit the turnbuckle before Merriweather rushes forward, crushing her into the corner with a big avalanche and as the wraith stumbles out, she’s picked up and in a possible first, is suplexed by the Lord who drops down for the cover on impact

ONE..TWO…Mother kicks out as Merriweather powers her to her feet, pulling her up into a bearhug. Merriweather pulls back, trying with all his strength to make Mother tap out while the wraith still has a blank look on her face before she reachs up, clapping both hands over the Lord’s ears. Merriweather drops Mother, his head ringing in pain as she leaps up, trying for a hurricanrana but Merriweather holds on, lifting her up and dropping her down with a huge Powerbomb. Merriweather stands there for a few moments, clutching his chest trying to gain his breath back but before he can drop down for the cover, Mother sits up. Merriweather backs up, a look of fear on his face as a smile comes across Mother’s face

Merriweather rushes forward but an attempted clothesline is ducked under as Mother begins to kick at the chest of Merriweather, each kick echoing throughout the arena. A big knee staggers the Lord as Mother leaps up, the second hurricanrana working perfectly as Merriweather flips hard onto the mat. The champion slowly gets to his feet as he’s met with a kick to the knee by the wraith, and another, as a third sends him down to one knee as Mother backs up before running forward with a huge dropkick that lands flush to the side of Merriweather’s face. The Lord goes down hard as Mother hooks the leg for a cover

ONE…TWO…THR…Merriweather barely kicks out and his bodyguards on the outside look very nervous as Mother signals for the end, pulling Merriweather up to his feet and pulling him into position for the Goodnight Kiss as both Edward and Stephen get up onto the apron. Mother doesn’t go after them but is distracted enough for Merriweather to wriggle out of the hold as he rushes at Mother with a clothesline. She manages to duck under as Merriweather blasts the referee behind her with it. For a moment, the Lord is in shock before a sick smile comes over his face as his bodyguards come into the ring, Edward nailing Mother with a clothesline from behind as the trio begin beating Mother down with kicks and punches. Edward and Stephen hold Mother’s arms as Merriweather backs up, setting up for the First Class Stomp when the lights go out

The sound of nursery rhymes is heard and as the lights go back on, the ring is surrounded by Mother’s children. Edward and Stephen drop the hold as Merriweather backs up, all three men looking terrified as Mother gets to her feet, cocking her head and gesturing for the bodyguards to leave the ring. The pair quickly oblige, scrambling out of the ring as quick as they can as Merriweather tries to do the same but he only gets halfway out of the ropes before Mother pulls him back in by his remaining hair, dropping him to the canvas with a huge Goodnight Kiss

Mother pulls Merriweather up to his feet, as she locks in a particularly vicious Goodnight Kiss. Mother doesn’t have it locked in fully however as Merriweather is able to push off the ropes, landing on his back. Suddenly, a man with a steel chair hops the barricade and slides into the ring. Mother releases the hold, gets back to her feet and WALLOP!! STEEL CHAIR TO THE SKULL! WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY!? Merriweather drags an arm over as the man dodges to the outside. The referee comes to….. 1……. 2…… 3!! Merriweather retains his US Championship thanks to whoever the hell that guy is!

The fans don’t know what to think.

Lord Merriweather has somehow managed to retain his Championship and here comes the man who helped him do it, rolling back into the ring. Nigel shakes the hand of Merriweather to resounding boo’s, both men embracing in the middle of the ring.

Rick Walker: “Who the hell is this guy?”

Richard Roman: “That’s Nigel Royal, Rick. He’s a part of the elite in England. This guy has so much money, so much talent, that we should be bowing in his presence.”

The United States Champion then points down at Mother and suggests Nigel continue his brutal assault, which he does casually, dropping to his knees and pummelling away at her. He grabs her by the head and drags her to her feet, kneeing her brutally in the gut and holding her over as Merriweather throws the US title down and backs up… FIRST CLASS STAMP ON THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Rick Walker: “JESUS CHRIST! Why? What was the need for that?”

Richard Roman: Have you seen what she’s done to torment Merriweather over the past month? He’s sending a message that no-one will forget in a hurry.”

Nigel gets back to his feet and along with Merriweather, raises his arms into the air, celebrating a vicious assault and debut that no-one saw coming here tonight. The security team look smug on the outside and after a month of torment, they’ve finally gotten one over on the stalking Mother.

Rick Walker: “I hope they’re proud of themselves. They just brutally assaulted a woman, two on one, with no mercy at all.”

Richard Roman: “That’s no woman, you fool. That’s a beast and they put her down… for now.”

Paloma Cruz: “This match is scheduled for a one fall, and is a triple threat match for the OSW World Heavyweight Championship Title! Coming to the ring first, weighing in at two-hundred and eighty pounds…”

The lights in the arena dim and a bright spotlight shines on Desmond Cross, as “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” by Laurie London begins, clad in a white trench coat, as he appears at the entryway. Clutched in his hands is a massive wooden cross, the length of his massive frame.

Paloma Cruz: “…standing at six-foot-eight, The Messiash’s Messenger…Desmond Cross.”

He smiles as he drags the cross to the ring. Propping it up, he climbs into the ring and falls to his knees, looking upward towards the heavens.

The hyped up beginning of Lil Wayne’s Watch My Shoes kicks off, the legendary rapper spitting game immediately, working the crowd into an immediate stir.

Paloma Cruz: “Coming to the ring next, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds, and standing at six-foot-one…Mister Marvelous Balls In Your Mouth…”

Pyrotechnics fire off as Marvelous Master Chef steps out from the back with a skillet in one hand, a middle finger lifted by the other. He lays the skillet down on the entrance ramp and humps it for a bit, before picking it up and running to the ring.

Paloma Cruz: “…Marvelous Master Chef!”

After sliding under the ropes, he forfeits the skillet to the referee and waits in his corner for the opening bell.

Paloma Cruz: “And your final competitor, now coming to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds…”

The opening riff from Open Your Eyes by Staind, blares throughout the arena, the lights strobe along to the music. Dave steps out from behind the curtain with his arms extended and moves down the ramp in a fast motion, slapping hands with the fans as they go.

Paloma Cruz: “…standing at six-foot-two, known to have you Dead To Rights, your OSW World Heavyweight Champion…D-T-R!”

The participants stand in the ring as the referee checks them out and DTR hands the World Heavyweight title off to the referee, who in turn hands it to the ring assistant. Appearing more ready than anything else, each competitor stands in their respective corners with penetrating glares. The referee calls for the bell.

DTR wastes no time rushing Marvelous Master Chef as the bell rings and the match is underway. Desmond Cross has no intention of letting these two duke it out and he sit on the sideline however as MMC sidesteps DTR’s spear attempt and Dave rushes head first into the big boot of The Messiah’s Messenger. As DTR hits the canvas, MMC wastes no time attempting to take advantage of the anonymity in an attempt to slide out of the ring but Cross is smarter than MMC is giving him credit, and Cross grabs The Chef, picks him up to his feet, and launches him into the corner.


Apparently the crowd likes what they’re seeing so far – or perhaps that the backstabbing MMC got tossed into the corner as if Cross was taking out the trash. DTR makes it to his feet as Cross nails away at The Chef. Dave waits for a second, surveying the situation, before launching himself at Cross – landing a big DOUBLE KNEE STRIKE to the back of Cross’s head! Cross drops and MMC falls limp on the floor. DTR rolls Desmond over and drops for a pin…


Cross powers out just as MMC makes to break up the pin with a strike to the back of DTR’s head. DTR rolls towards the center of the ring and springs to his feet. At the same time, MMC backs away from the rising Cross, who smiles while coming to his feet. All three competitors are now standing and the match basically resets. But this time, Cross is the first to make a move. Feinting an attack at MMC, DTR takes the bait and rushes Cross, but Cross was prepared. Cross raises his arm and DECAPITATING CLOTHESLINE! NO! Dave ducked!

Expecting the trap, DTR was prepared and springs off the ropes behind Cross…MISSLE DROPKICK FROM MMC TO DTR! MMC started running at the same time he did. Only where DTR though he’d outsmarted Cross, MMC outsmarted him. Laughing at his short-lived triumph, MMC turns to find Cross’s hand on his throat…CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM! Cross almost puts MMC through the canvas! He drops for a pin…




DTR shakes off the cobwebs to find MMC laid out on the canvas and Cross arguing with the referee. The Rattlesnake stomps forward, moves the referee out of the way, and begins wailing away at the bigger Desmond Cross. Lefts. Rights. Rights and lefts. The onslaught of blows is cut short after a knee to the gut of DTR by Cross. With DTR slumped over, grabbing his stomach, Cross lands a huge impact powerbomb. DTR immediately writhes in pain, attempting to hold his back from the ground. Cross spreads his arms wide, allowing the crowd to soak in his greatness, with a smile on his face as MMC leaps off the top rope from across the ring.






MMC sees his chance and quickly makes his way over to DTR and begins to stomp him back down to the ground as he rises. Feeling comfortable with his work, MMC helps DTR to his feet. DTR pushes MMC off of him. Kick to the gut…THE RATTLER! THE RATTLER! MMC IS OUT! DTR WITH THE PIN! BUT THE REFEREE IS STILL CHECKING ON CROSS! Dave stands up and walks over to the referee and directs him over to MMC. He lays on top for the pin but Cross is now at the apron.

The referee counts…


DTR walks over to the apron as Cross climbs on the apron, hangman!! HANGMAN! Desmond falls straight back to the outside and now Dead To Right’s has the opportunity to retain his belt. He turns around and GETS BLASTED IN THE FACE WITH THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! THAT’S JENSEN FUCKING CUSSEN!! WHAT THE FUCK IS CUSSEN DOING HERE!? He exits to the left just as Desmond re-enters the ring.. he pulls him up… THE REDEEMING!! CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB TO THE HARD COLD CANVAS! DTR LOOKS VOID OF ALL LIFE! CROSS QUICKLY COVERS…


ONE…TWO…THREE! DESMOND CROSS HAS WON THE OSW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! Cross smiles at everyone as the referee raises his hand. He snatches his hand away and accepts his new championship title before leaving the ring up the ramp. MMC stirs as inside the ring as DTR remains motionless. Jensen Cussen meanwhile stands there, grinning from ear to ear, knowing that the saga between himself and DTR is about to begin.. all… over… again.

Watch out OSW. Watch out.

“Delivery for Crash?” loudly says a voice as we open in the backstage area. We’re outside the locker room of the aforementioned General Lee Of 1-2-3 and a staff worker has a package for him. “Just sign here, apparently it’s by recorded delivery.”

Crash reluctantly and in confusion, signs the document, taking the package. He walks back into the locker room and opens it up, revealing a DVD.

“What’s this? Crash didn’t order any footage,” he mumbles, placing the DVD into the player by his television. What occurs on the screen is completely shocking to him. Tied to a bed with chains, is a man, unknown to us. “Zander?” he says in shock.

“Crash, is that you? I hope you’re watching because if this tape got into the wrong hands, I may have to do something you’d regret,” a voice on the video tape warns. Crash looks on in complete shock. “Now I know you’re confused and believe me, I understand it. Truthfully, I can tell you unequivocally that you.. you do not know me,” he says clearing his throat. “But you do know him, am I right?”

The camera closes in on the struggling Zander, who can’t seem to escape his chains.

“You son of a bitch!” Crash yells at the television.

“Now listen up kiddo. Tonight, you’re going to go out there and do what you do best. You’re going to fall off that ladder and not get up. Do you understand? If I see your hand raised in victory at inVasion then, well, he’s going to lose his.”

The footage abruptly stops dead, leaving Crash utterly distraught. His mind immediately rushes to Fate being responsible – I mean who else? Except when Crash turns around, Fate is stood there in as much shock as he is.

“Was this you!?” Crash says, rushing Fate who holds his own, blocking him with a shove.

“No man, it wasn’t me. Someone is out to get you and don’t get me wrong, I’d like to take you down a notch or two, but that,” he points to the static. “That wasn’t me.”

Both men stand there in shock, eyes wide open, in disbelief of what they just witnessed. Crash has to lose tonight or else Zander, whoever he is to the Daredevil, will suffer.

In a darkened room backstage, Desmond Cross is illuminated by a single candle. He stands patiently, his eyes closed, his mouth slightly agape, focused.

“The LORD giveth and the LORD taketh away,” he mutters to himself quietly. His eyes eventually open revealing that crazed stare we’ve all become so accustomed to seeing. “There have been three of ten plagues. Three occasions in which no-one on this planet could stop me or the will of our LORD.”

Desmond smirks sadistically.

“I told you all that I would ascend to the place of Jesus Christ and become your savior. The LORD spoke to me and told me his plan himself, giving me the ultimate power to change, direct and become. I have bestowed these plagues upon you but they are only a taste of what’s to come. Over the next few weeks, leading to Pandemonium, there will be exactly that all across Old School Wrestling.”

He laughs like a maniac.

“I told you I’d become Champion, I told you I would have to destroy Old School Wrestling to be able to save it. Over the next month, Pandemonium will be the very death of the OSW and then we will rebuild it in the image of Desmond Christ. I will become your savior, your guiding light in the darkness and your guide to the paradise that lies beyond. I do not need this,” he shuffles his World Championship into view. “To be able to save you. But with it, if even for a moment, my message will be heard.. loud and clear.”

Desmond takes the title off his shoulder and holds it up.

“And if it isn’t… that will be YOUR CROSS TO BEAR.”

Once again his laughter fills the scene as the World Heavyweight Champion looks at his title, his eyes widened and insane, his proclamation clear. The next month of Old School Wrestling will be full of torture and the plagues, they will come to a head so that he can ascend as Desmond Cross.

What on earth could be left in store for us?

Paloma Ruiz: “The following match is our Main Event of the evening and is the inVasion Match!”

The lights dim to black, plunging the arena into silent anticipation. When the epic guitar riff of “World on Fire” by Slash hits, a single spotlight illuminates the entrance stage. A large hoop had appeared seemingly out of nowhere, much like that which a Daredevil would leap through. The hoop hangs some ten feet in the air, sitting on a solid steel frame.

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing first, from Greenville, South Carolina… weighing in at 215lbs… CRAAAASSSHHHH!”

Just as the verse plays, the hoop spontaneously bursts into flames. Crash comes leaping through the hoop with a seemingly super-human leap, flying through the air his cape trailing out behind him. The Daredevil is a picture of grace and poise as he hits the ground in front of the ramp and rolls forward to complete his jump on one knee.

With the crowd suitably wowed, the former stunt-double charges off towards the ring, slapping a line of hands along one side of the entranceway as he goes. Crash slides into the ring before charging straight across and spring boarding off the opposite second ring rope. Pyrotechnics explode from the ring posts in true ‘daredevil’ fashion as he lands a back flip in the centre of the ring. Flicking his hair back, Crash finishes his entrance with the strike of a pose.

Rick Walker: “Here’s our first entrant, Rich. He won the right to kick this thing off from Fate last week but who’s his opponent?”

Richard Roman: “It could be anyone including Fate.”

The opening tune of ”California Love” hits the speakers as multi-colored lights cover the arena. The People’s Choice walks out from behind the curtain and places his hands on his hips as he surveys his people.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, the second entry, Currently residing in Hollywood, CA.. weighing in at 262lbs… MIKKKEEE LAAANNNEEE!”

He walks with a confident stride down to the ring, ignoring the calls of the fans in the audience. A brisk jog up the steps is followed by Lane stepping between the ropes and walking to the middle of the ring to bask in the power he has brought to the ring.

The bell sounds and both men storm to the centre of the ring, locking up. They have precisely five minutes before the next entrant makes their way out here and that gives them plenty of opportunity to take down that contract. Lane twists Crash into a Side Headlock but he quickly throws him out, Crash leaping up onto the middle rope and CROSSBODY BLOCK! NO! MIKE CATCHES HIM! He tries to throw him straight overhead but Crash lands on his feet. The fans roar in approval at this tremendous exchange, watching as Crash slides straight under Lane with a Baseball Slide, Mike pulling him up by the hair on the other side and slapping the taste out of his mouth.

That infuriates The One Man One Take Great who lunges back with a right hand of his own.. another, another, another, he backs The People’s Choice into the ropes and sends him across the ring, nailing him with a Clothesline. Crash rolls to the outside and folds up a ladder, sliding it into the ring. He knows the timer is counting down and props the ladder up underneath the case, making his climb. Mike though is quickly back to his feet and up the other side, both men slugging it out atop the ladder now as the timer suddenly starts counting down from 10…


“INVADE! INVADE! INVADE!” roar the fans.

“Go Green Ranger Go!” starts playing over the P.A. system , bringing fans to their feet. Matthew Cories walks out on the top of the ramp in a Bayside Tigers varsity letter jacket. He high fives the fans as he makes his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope

IT’S MATTHEW CORIES! THAT HAS TO BE A SET UP! Cories jumps up the ladder behind Crash and starts beating away at him, clubbing him across the back so that Mike Lane can reach up for the contract.. he almost has the case in as Crash back elbows Cories off the ladder to the canvas! He quickly steps up another few steps and clocks The People’s Choice in the mouth KNOCKING HIM TO THE CANVAS! JESUS! Crash turns around… Matthew is up… LEAPING TORNADO DDT FROM THE FUCKING LADDER! HE NAILED IT! HE NAILED IT!!

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” roar the fans. All three men lay on the canvas now and it’s all to play for. Mike Lane is the first back to his feet but doesn’t even attempt the ladder. He walks around it and grabs Crash by his head, bouncing it off the ladder for good measure. The Human Highlight Reel slumps against the ladder as Lane rouses Cories and tells him to get up. They drag Crash by his legs through the ladder so that he’s hanging out and DOUBLE REVERSE DDT FROM THE THIRD RUNG OF THE LADDER TO THE CANVAS! THAT COULD OF BROKE HIS BACK!


“INVADE! INVADE! INVADE!” roar the fans even louder.

The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure.

The OSW superstar steps out onto the steel stage with his hands on his hips and looking around the arena in appreciation of the response from the crowd. Kersh is wearing a loose fitting black tee shirt embroidered with the letters “OSW” and soaked in sweat. In addition, “The Enforcer” is wearing his traditional wrestling attire of black tights, boots, kneepads, knee braces, and white tape wrapped tightly around his wrists. As the colorful collage of sparks begin to die down, Kersh begins his approach to the ring. Maintaining a calm and collected mannerism, Brent moves back and forth from one side of the walkway to the other, slapping hands with the fans lining the security railing.

Once the professional wrestler gets to within several feet of the ring apron, he sprints the remaining distance — sliding under the bottom rope and coming to his feet in the middle of the ring. Mathew Cories runs at him with a Clothesline but he ducks, nailing Mike Lane with one instead. Kersh turns around to Cories and grabs him, running him head first off the steel ladder. The ladder instantly falls over but Kersh is quick to retrieve it, pulling it together and as Mike Lane gets up, he STORMS ACROSS THE RING AND NAILS HIM DIRECTLY IN THE SKULL WITH THE LADDER!!

“LET’S GO KERSH!” clap clap clap! “LET’S GO KERSH!” clap clap clap!

Brent throws the ladder down and turns around to see Matthew Cories getting back to his feet. He runs at him with a knee lift, except The Ranger is quicker and dodges backwards. Cories kicks him low and drives him into the canvas with a DDT! Matthew quickly tries to rouse Lane this time, telling him that they have to get him up the ladder. They decide to divide and conquer, Matt setting up the ladder as Lane stomps down on Kersh and Crash for good measure. Finally he’s ready to mount an attack for the briefcase and up he goes.

He makes his way up that ladder a rung at a time as Matthew Cories approaches the other side, looking to make sure he makes it first time. Mike Lane is going to do it! He’s going to do it before Scarecrow and Fate even make it into this match. He reaches up..


The lights have gone out!


“INVADE! INVADE! INVADE!” roar the fans once more.

The lights return and HOLY FUCK!! THE SCARECROW IS HERE! Lane and Cories scramble but its too late.. SCARECROW PUSHES THE LADDER AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! MIKE LANE AND MATTHEW CORIES FALL TO THE OUTSIDE, LANDING ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!! The Nightmare turns around and there’s Brent Kersh. Brent Kersh stands there waiting for him, a look of utter destruction in his eyes. They meet with thunderous right and left hands, uppercuts by Scarecrow and forearms by Kersh. Scarecrow takes control of the fight, backing Kersh into the ropes and whipping him across the ring, only for Kersh to SLAM STRAIGHT INTO THE LADDER!! ALMOST CLOTHESLINED BY IT BOUNCING BACK!

The Enforcer rolls to the outside and Scarecrow follows. He goes under the ring and pulls out a set of tables and starts putting them together. Whilst he’s doing that, Crash has the ladder set in the middle of the ring and is starting to climb it. There’s no Matthew Cories, no Mike Lane and no Brent Kersh. The Scarecrow is busy putting the tables together on the outside and Crash is only moments away from winning the inVasion Briefcase.


“INVADE! INVADE! INVADE!” roar the fans knowing who’s left to come.


BOOM! Fireworks across the stage awaken the arena. The lights are on full blast and frantically moving around and blinking in and out. During the madness, Fate simply opens his arms with a smile on his face. After a few seconds, Fate makes his way down the ramp, running to the ring and sliding in. He goes straight for the ladder and pushes it over, EXCEPT CRASH LANDS ON HIS FEET!Fate ducks a Clothesline attempt and kick low, hit the ropes.. GOOD FORTUNE!! KNEE FAMEASSER!! HE NAILED IT!! Everyone is in the ring now and this one is about to get hectic. Fate starts to head up the ladder, looking set to take advantage – except here’s Mike Lane! Mike grabs him from behind and pulls him down into a BACK STABBER! BEAUTIFULLY DONE!

Meanwhile on the outside, The Scarecrow has set up three tables, one on top of two and Brent Kersh has long brought him to his knees. He has him reeling on the outside, slamming him into the barricade for good measure. Kersh rolls him onto one of the two tables, climbing up to join him. Scarecrow though is quick with a shot to the gut, getting back to his feet so they are both standing up there. In the ring, as those two brawl, Cories is back to his feet and sliding another ladder inside. He joins Lane, Crash and Fate who’re all getting back their feet.

Anyone can win this match and it’s Cories with a second ladder, setting it up in the corner. Mike Lane grabs Fate and whips him across the ring.. FLAPJACK INTO THE LADDER BY MATTHEW CORIES! JESUS CHRIST! Crash though is quick to attack Lane from behind, KNEE ASSISTED BACKBREAKER… CUTTER!! CRASH CRUSH COMBO!! Crash gets back to his feet but CLOTHESLINE TO THE OUTSIDE BY MATTHEW CORIES! Cories follows him to the outside, running Crash straight over the barricade and into the crowd. The Green Ranger follows.

The brawl between Brent Kersh and Scarecrow though has reached new heights as they both stand on the unstable table tower. Scarecrow has Brent around the throat and.. he’s calling for it… WAIT… KERSH WITH A LOW KICK!! HE SCOOPS SCARECROW UP… OH GOD NO… SURELY NOT BRENT… SERIOUSLY, DON’T DO IT… TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLES TO THE FLOOR! OH MY FUCKING GOD!! OH JESUS!! OH GOD!! HE JUST DRILLED HIM THROUGH TWO SETS OF TABLES TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!





Referee’s rush over to the carnage to check on them but meanwhile in the ring, Mike Lane and Fate are trying once again to get up a ladder. They get to the top and start slugging it out, Fate reaching over and bouncing Lane’s head off the top. Suddenly the camera switches to the second tier balcony, where Matthew Cories and Crash are brawling amongst the fans. Cories steps back and runs forward with a Clothesline, Crash ducking and SENDING HIM OVER THE BALCONY!! OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! WAIT, HE HELD ON!! THE GREEN RANGER HOLDS ON FOR DEAR LIFE! Crash doesn’t save him, he doesn’t hurt him.. because in the ring, Fate and Lane both have their hands on the brief case..






Crash doesn’t even skip a beat and starts throwing right hands at Fate as he climbs to the top of his ladder. He sits on top and kicks out at Lane, kicks out at Fate, but both men refuse to give up and climb up further. The General Lee Of 1-2-3 hops from his ladder to their ladder and latches on to the brief case! HE HAS THE BRIEFCASE!! CAN HE UNLATCH IT!? Fate and Lane punch at him like lunatics, BUT HERE COMES BRENT KERSH! BRENT KERSH PUSHES THE LADDER AND OH MY GOD!! HE SENDS FATE AND MIKE LANE OVER THE TOP ROPE AND THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! THERE’S CARNAGE EVERYWHERE! THERE’S JUST UTTER CARNAGE EVERYWHERE!!




But above him is Crash, holding on for dear life. He wants that case but there’s no chance he’s going to be able to unlatch it. Brent watches from below as he drops.. POWERBOMB!! POWERBOMB AS CRASH DROPS FROM THE CASE INTO BRENT KERSH AND OH WOW!! WHAT A MATCH!! WHAT A POWERBOMB!!!! Brent stands there in the middle of the ring, looking around the cheering fans and then slowly looking up towards the case.

Will he do it?

Is he going to do it?



Brent grabs the ladder to a tremendous ovation and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Mike Lane and Fate are laying through an announce table on the outside, Rick Walker and Richard Roman barely having escaped in time. The Scarecrow hasn’t moved since being Tombstoned through two tables and Matthew Cories is no-where to be seen after hanging from the fans balcony. Brent starts his amazing ascent to the biggest prize of his young OSW career, taking in every moment he as slowly ambles up the ladder to glory.

He finally reaches the top and reaches out for the brief case but THERE’S MATTHEW CORIES!! MATTHEW CORIES RUNS UP THE LADDER BEHIND HIM FREAKISHLY FAST!! BRENT TRIES TO HOLD ON… ZIG-ZAG!! ZIG-ZAG FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!! THE FANS CAN’T BELIEVE IT AND NOR CAN CORRIES, WHO HAS TO SURELY NOW MAKE HIS CLIMB! But he doesn’t… he rolls to the outside and grabs Mike Lane, rousing him from his unconscious state.


The fans make their opinions heard as Matthew rolls Mike into the ring and follows, helping him up the ladder. He’s going to effectively steal this one for The System. Mike is on the ladder but struggling, Matthew behind him pushing him literally up it. Meanwhile on the outside, Fate is somehow back to his feet. Mr. Inevitable slides into the ring and starts ascending the second ladder. He makes his way up and The People’s Choice swings out at him, trying to stop him whilst Cories pushes him on. Fate reaches out, grabbing Lane and kick to the gut.. OH WAIT.. HE WON’T… SURELY NOT… HE LEAPS.. ADVERISTY!! ADVERSITY FROM THE FUCKING LADDER! FATE JUST TOOK A LEAP OF FAITH AND BOY DID IT PAY OFF! MIKE LANE JUST GOT DRILLED WITH A CODEBREAKER FROM THE LADDER AND MATTHEW CORIES CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

The Green Ranger turns around and is scooped up… PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!! CRASH IS UP AND GOT HIM!! DAREDEVIL DRIVER!! JESUS CHRIST!!





The entire ringside area looks like a bomb has gone off and now it’s Crash’ turn to make his way up that ladder. He slowly starts climbing only to stop near the top. Why’s he stopping? FOR CHRIST SAKE.. CLIMB!!



Suddenly the lights go off.

There’s nothing but darkness. What the hell is going on?


He slowly spreads his arms, brief case in hand, lowering his head as if he’s powering down.

Then the lights vanish again, the sound of crows accompanying it. When they return, The Scarecrow is gone and there’s just carnage around the ring.

With the lights back on, the fans are on their feet, booing. No-one can believe that the evil Scarecrow just won inVasion, took the brief case and vanished back into the darkness of which he came.

Though meanwhile, Errol Flint has entered the stage, looking distraught.

Rick Walker: “ Where the hell is Scarecrow? Wait, is that Flint, what does he want?”

Richard Roman: “I don’t think he’s out here to make changes, Rick. Look at his face, he’s clearly upset. This can’t bold well.”

Richard was right, The Chairman isn’t out here to interfere with the winner – he has no sights on it at all. Mike Lane awakes to him whilst outside the ring, noticing his arrival. The Chairman walks slowly down the ramp, his face full of tears and in his hand… a bloodied locket.

Rick Walker: “Is that what I think it is? Is that a locket? That’s covered in blood!”

Richard Roman: “What’s the significance? You don’t think it’s… no.. it couldn’t be, could it?”

The People’s Choice looks confused, heading over to Errol with a stumble and taking one look at the bloodied locket, falling to his knees in absolute shock.

Errol joins him, both of them distraught beyond all belief.

Rick Walker: “Oh boy, I can’t even imagine what they’re going through right now. Is Destiny okay? Do you think she’s okay?”

Richard Roman: “I think she’s in trouble at the very least. Someone has to find out who’s responsible for this and get her back. ”

The camera closes in, not on the winner of the inVasion Match but on Mike Lane and Errol Flint, inconsolable on the entrance ramp, kneeling in despair at the loss of their loved one. Destiny is no-where to be seen and whoever has her has sent them a direct message of intent.

They’ve no demands.

Just torture. Torture of Mike Lane, torture of Errol Flint and torture of poor, innocent, Destiny.

The camera just then switches to the backstage, where there’s absolute havoc.

Screaming, running, falling.

People are heading for the exits, for anywhere with doors as the camera looks down the halls and see’s a swarm of black rushing towards it. People are dodging into rooms, ducking for cover on the floor and trying their best to escape.

Just then, he cameraman falls over, hitting the deck as flies land all over the screen, turning it to black with a sound of faint buzzing.

And the voice of Desmond Cross – our World Champion.

“Let my people go, so that they may worship me. If you do not let my people go, I will send swarms of flies upon you and your officials, on your people and into your houses. The houses of the OSW will be full of flies, and even the ground where they are.”

His laughter is heard one more time as Invasion comes to a close, mayhem, carnage and havoc everywhere.

What a night. What a fucking night.