In Mannfred Curze, Promo by Mannfred Curze

In an attempt to avoid detection, a thief knocks on a kindly man’s door. This thief asks the man nicely for some help; His father has been mugged and beaten and he needs to use a phone since the muggers stole his. This kindly man lets this thief into his home, or what one makes of a home in this shithole, and shows him to his phone. The thief thanks him, making sure to make note of everything in this home of any kind of worth. The thief dials a number and talks briefly before thanking the man.

Hours go by and nothing seems amiss. Suddenly, there is a heavy slamming knock on the door. The kindly man answers and is met with a gun to his face. The kindly man obliges as the thief enters the home with a friend and sets to ransacking the home. Jewelry, credits. Whatever has value begins disappearing.

This kindly man, who did a favour for a stranger, is being punished for his generosity.

What these thieves don’t understand is, this isn’t some old man with some credits to steal. This man was a monster himself, and they begin to suffer for it.

The kindly man begins hunting them, tearing them to shreds. The screams of the two thieves begs onlookers and their watchman to come in, they all meet the same fate.

You see, when this man was younger, he was one of the most feared men in the Bleak. But the violence, the darkness, finally got to the man and he swore to a life of peace. He wanted nothing but quiet, and was finally able to achieve it.

Only for these two to make too much noise. To choose the wrong home of the wrong man, at the wrong time.

So these intruders suffered for it. Each and every person who disturbed this man’s peace now lay in bloody heaps on the floor. A message to the outside world that while he may be peaceful, while he may not want to shed blood and harm people, he will when it is necessary. To protect his little slice of Pluto, he will commit horrendous acts of violence.

You knocked on my door, and I let you in. I let you see what my home was like and offered you a hand in knowing what you needed to know.

But that wasn’t enough for you. No, you needed more. You needed to return, with some help, and take what wasn’t yours.

But like the kindly old man, I showed you what happens when you cross that line. I punished a man whose only mistake was listening to you, Narcissa. But you still want what is in my home, what is inside the Bleak.

So now, I’ll give a more direct message. I will show you, with every bit of violence I have in me, why you shouldn’t intrude on my home.

You will be my newest example of the Night Haunter.