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Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness

In all my years as a journalist, I have seen Arcadia at its very best…and its absolute worst. My search for the truth has taken me down a path I never imagined when I first broke into the business…a path that sent me spiraling into the darkness.

And in that darkness, I found death. Innocent and guilty alike were carried away, as if sent toward their final destination by forces beyond their control. I could feel a chill down my spine as I wandered down that path…all the while fearing that my time was coming.

Along the way, I witnessed destruction. A plague upon the people, tearing them apart until no one is left unscathed…and from the rubble, a very broken and divided Arcadia remained.

Anyone else seeing these things would be too scared to move forward…but not Colt Ramsey. No, my sight has always been focused on finding the truth by any means necessary…never realizing how much damage it could really do.

The sight of death never scared me. Watching destruction tear through Arcadia didn’t move me an inch. It wasn’t until I reached the end of my path that I became fearful…because I saw disgrace.

It was only then that I discovered the impact that Arcadia’s darkness had on me, the way it shaped me into who I am today. All that death and destruction turned me into something I hated most…and it cost me everything.

My job, my livelihood…all gone in the blink of an eye. While the very same death and destruction continues to roam free in Arcadia, I am forced to cope with what this job has turned me into.

Tombstone, the OSW World Champion, continues to hold an iron grip on the championship as death piles on under his watch. Gemini continues to spread destruction, unabated by the new Authority as she seeks to cast all of Arcadia into ruin.

And the near spitting image of the disgrace I’ve become, Felix Foley, still insisting he pulls the strings even as he himself continues to be played like a puppet.

No more.

I will no longer stand idly by and watch Arcadia fall further into darkness by people such as these. The time for action is now, and I will take heed of the call.

Because the truth will not be silenced. It cannot be cast out, exiled from being revealed. Greater truths remain to be unsealed from the vault, and I will crack every one of those open until Arcadia is set free.

Because the truth WILL set you free, even if it takes a walk through the darkness to get there.

Like a tunnel, that path always reveals a light at the end…a light that will tear through death, destruction, and disgrace, removing all doubt that the people will get what they want.

Because in the end, no matter how much the people may claim to hate my guts…they will always want the truth.

And I’ve got to give them what they want.

Colt Ramsey