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Instinct: An Editorial

Instinct: An Editorial

Greetings, Arcadia!

Each and every one of us is driven by something, some urge that pushes us to work toward a goal. We’re all motivated by some sort of instinct, and that raises an important question I present to you now.

Where is your instinct leading you?

I have seen people driven by pure desire, a need to chase whatever pleasures they want…and they often go in without a care about the consequences, something that leads them into a well-placed trap. A trap laid out by those driven to hunt.

Those are the ones to fear, dear reader. The hunters are in constant pursuit of their target, focused solely on the thrill of capturing their foe and taking a hold of it…sometimes for the sake of adding to a collection, and sometimes for the goal of their next meal.

And what a basic instinct that is, hunger. The need to feed, to satisfy that craving…it can drive someone crazy if they go long enough without being fed. The more they starve, the more willing they are to do whatever it takes to fulfill that singular desire.

What a cycle, huh? Desire, hunt, feed…and watch it all come around again.

Let me tell you, I have seen what such a cycle does to people. I have seen men like Aarman Fidel chase that desire they so desperately want, letting it consume them from within as they chase it down.

Such a hunt only turns men like Luther Grim into primal beings, with the goal of capturing their foe…and when that fails, they go hungry. They starve.

And the more they starve, the farther they fall into madness…craving whatever meat they can sink their teeth into, like Blacktooth. That, dear reader, is a scary cycle indeed.

So, how do we break it?

By recognizing the most important instinct of all, knowledge…and more importantly, the truth. That, dear reader, is what drives ol’ Colt Ramsey…that is my motivation.

My strongest desire is to find out what is really going on in the depths of Eden. My hunt is to find out what Luther Grim is keeping such a big secret. And boy, am I starving to find out what Blacktooth’s been plotting and scheming lately.

Rest assured, dear reader, Colt Ramsey is on the case! All three of these mens are in my sights now, and I will chase down this lead until I get what I need.

Because the Duke of Desire, the Hunter, and the Devil himself cannot hide the truth for much longer. It all comes out in the open eventually, I’ll make damn sure of it.

After all, Arcadia, this is what you desire. This is your hunt as much as mine. It’s what you crave.

To know that these men will be held accountable for their actions. To know the plain honest truth of the matter.

To have it all out in the open.

It’s what the people want…and you’ve got to give the people what they want!

Colt Ramsey