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“I have often asked what the difference between a human and an animal truly is.”

“With animals, they are run on pure instinct.”

“Everything they do is run by a drive to survive. They don’t think like humans do, they bounce from moment to moment with a drive feeding their feeble minds.”

“They see creatures in their sites not as beings, but as meat. Predators must dig their teeth into the juicy hide of their next meal or they’ll lose their minds. It doesn’t just fill their belly, but their minute little brains.”

“Narrow minded, one track thoughts, without the thrill of the hunt or the taste of the battle they may as well not live.”

“Either they hunt or they die. They lack the ability to think beyond their next prey.”

“It makes them dangerous, unpredictable.”

“The difference between man and beast is that with a man, you can talk to them, convince them with words and actions.”

“But beasts?”

“There’s no taming a truly wild animal, no talking them down. The only way to stop one is to stop their primal urges.”

“You have to put them down.”

“Arcadia is full of animals, you know. Every would be criminal pushed to the edge, fighting and clawing for their next meal. I wish I could call them people, but they’re nothing more than snarling hounds and voracious wolves.”

“Much like you, Luther.”

“I’ve seen how you prowl around Arcadia with that spear upon your back. You’re as dumb and violent as the rest of them.”

“But your instincts drive you towards and even more inane, trivial goal.”

“Whereas other animals maim and kill to fill their stomachs or pad their wallets, you exist solely to take from others. To rip and tear at their flesh so you may walk away not with dinner, but with a trophy for your wall.”

“It’s all you know, isn’t it? The thrill of the hunt drives your tiny little brain and makes you feel alive. You’d be nothing without a paltry trophy for your wall or the bruises on your hands. Of all the crooked fools in Arcadia you might just be the worst.”

“But I don’t hold it against you, Luther. After all, what can I expect from someone like you?”

“You can’t reason.”

“You can’t think.”

“You’re just a dirty fucking animal that needs to be put down.”

“And that’s what I’m here for.”

“Because of a world filled with beasts sometimes I feel like the one man sitting amongst them.”

“I don’t survive on my instincts, I survive on my ability to act on everything but.”

“I won’t be able to convince you with words, you’ll just trot around the ring and showboat to a ravenous crowd.”

“So I’ll have to rely on actions, won’t I?”

“The action of driving my knee to your skull, the actions of crushing your tiny brain in my hands as I put you down like the feral freak you are.”

“A cruel world needs a cruel hero, Luther.”

“And that hero needs to be me.”