“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]

“Monday Night Showcase.”

[There’s robed men and women everywhere. The camera travels from the arena entrance to the halls, straight down to the gorilla position and even the ringside area. Everywhere you look, men and women in robes and hoods, stand as if decoration.] [We have been invaded.] [Solomon meanwhile sits on a large wooden chair amongst them backstage, his arms comfortably resting in his lap.]

“We seek him here, we seek him there, we seek him everywhere.”

[No-one dares move.]

“The fraudulent Lux Bellator will grace us with his sinful presence here tonight and we mustn’t allow him to compete. The Lord refutes his right to success whilst the truthful and righteous bask in anonymity.”

[Walking down the corridor gleefully is none other than Father Pedro El Salvador. He finally reaches Solomon and proudly nods at him.]

“Errol Flint has granted your request for Ring of Dreams. It’ll be Solomon versus Lux Bellator in an Ark Match. The ring will be surrounded by vats of water and the first person dumped into that water will lose. You have to remain in the ark – or the ring, to win, just like you wanted.”

[Solomon smiles.] “And the second part?”

“If Lux Bellator misses even a single match between now and Ring of Dreams, including the Ring of Dreams Match itself, he’ll be fired.”

[Solomon claps his hands together gleefully, pointing shortly thereafter to his priests.] “Did you hear that, priests? Lux Bellator mustn’t make it to the ring tonight.”

[The scene comes to a close with Solomon and Salvador congratulating themselves.] [Andre Aquarius is in the ring, leaning against the turnbuckle and looking rather relaxed.]

“Little boys like Massah Vin Vin be crazy when you try mackin’ on they bitch.” [He pushes himself off the turnbuckle and takes to the centre of the ring.] “All Prince Lightskin here had to do was sprinkle a little bit of my natural mojo, next thing you know, some faggoty-ass restrainin’ order because that 80’s reject can’t handle all of this.”

[He runs his hands over the sides of his body as if to accentuate himself.]

“While I’m inside the ring… I’m allowed free-reign. Dis is my place of work, no piece o’ paper can take me away from here. Sealeive that…”

[He is interrupted by the arrival of the Hardcore Champion. Title slung over his shoulder, Vinnie appears solo with a microphone of his own.]

“You just don’t get the message, do you Andrea?” [Aquarius turns to face him as Vinnie makes his way to the ring.]

“You talk a big game but when push comes to shove…” [He slides into the ring, standing up tall as to tower over Andre somewhat.] “You always come up a little short.

None of the beautiful ladies in attendance here tonight need restraining orders to keep you away from them because the mere idea of seeing your Prince Lightskin makes them dry retch.”

[The crowd give Vinnie a pop at this.]

“But I’ve got a little gift for you, Queerius. Something to remind you of your place here… Roxy?” [Roxy appears at the entrance stage, where a large rope now hangs from the rafters. With the smile of a magician’s assistant, she pulls on the rope.

From the sky, dozens of blow-up dolls fall into the ring – covering Andre Aquarius and burying him under a pile of artificial ass. Vinnie laughs at the sight.]

“See, Bruh… This is all the action you’re going to be getting. Sealieve that, Andrea Queerius.”

[Vinnie throws the mike at Andre and rolls out of the ring, leaving Andre in the ring flushed with embarrassment and angrily tossing blowup dolls out of the ring.] [Andre Aquarius flexes his arms, shouting thing obscenities at MNM which I can’t print here. MNM looks bemused, pulls out small dildo and throws it Aquarius, who knocks it away, furious!] [Aquarius and Million rush immediately start exchanging punches in the center of ring. There’s no dodging here. They are showing no mercy, pounding each others’ faces as the CROWD ROARS. A well-timed shot from Andre sends MNM backwards-NO He bounces back with a CLOTHESLINE – NO! Prince Lightskin ducks under and puts MNM in a waist lock. Million squirms, then starts firing elbows into Andre’s face. One elbow gets in good and CUTS A GASH right in Andre’s face!}

[Andre leans back on the ropes, Million rears up to send him outside – he bounces off the ropes and goes for a diving clothesline, but Andre is too quick again and MILLION GOES OVER! He hits the outside floor, hard, his face breaking the fall. The ref starts counting. Blood is smeared all over Andre’s face and he doesn’t looks happy abut it. Million slowly starts to regain composure as Aquarius grips the top rope with both hands. Just as Million reaches his feet, Aquarius pulls back on the ropes and SLINGSHOTS HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE! ON TOP OF MILLION! THE CROWD LOSES ITS MIND AS BOTH MEN HIT THE FLOOR!] [Andre rests on his bottom against the steel steps as MNM limps over. He reaches down for Andre’s head, but Aquarius lifts his arm up for a low blow on Million! Million doubles over in pain. Aquarius throws him back into the ring. Million is unsteadily getting back to his feet and Andre goes for THE #FUCCBOYANNT! – NO! Million dodges! Clothesline to Andre! CROSSFACE! Million has locked in the BAD INTENT! Aquarius has to TAP!] [Million releases the hold and raises his hand in victory, looking ready to face down Nigel Royal.] [Creeping Death holds a baseball bat, likely for tonight’s bout, as he moves through the backstage, the one man horror show is exceptionally paranoid tonight, checking behind himself every few seconds, a look of disdain each time he does. He slowly walks to a door leading in the backstage, moving inside before his eyes go wide at the interior. Inside of the room were ink covered walls, the ink forming words in Arabic, threats most likely. The kicker however, a machete impaled into a table in the middle of the room, a note hung from its handle. Creeping Death moves forward, unfazed, even infuriated by this, as he reads the note.]

“You spoke out against my lord. You brought upon my wrath in full force, infidel, and because of this, I will not-”

[Death crumples up the note, tossing it behind him.]

“Empty threats from an empty man. I see he has to hide behind his god, I feel a fool for thinking he would do more than threaten.”

“Allahu Akbar!”

[SHOULDER TACKLE INTO THE TABLE! Safiy Allah smashes into Creeping Death, Allah’s Chosen having caught Death by surprise. A flurry of rights land flush against Death as Safiy goes to town on him, unleashing his anger in a flurry of blows. Death manages to stand BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE! Safiy falls back, rolling to his feet as Death advances, bat in hand. Safiy plays smart, tripping Death and sending him out of the room. The two tumble into the hallway, brawling up and down the halls as the scene fades out.] [Coming off possibly the biggest win of his career last week, The Question looks to continue his dominance but a very game Anna Goodchild stands in his way] [The bell sounds as Goodchild rushes forward, taking Hunter by surprise with a spinning heel kick to the jaw. Hunter gets to his feet dazed as he’s dropped face first on the mat, Goodchild kicking his legs out from under him as she scrambles onto the mat, trying to lock in the Angel Lock but gets a boot to the jaw instead. Hunter gets to his feet as Goodchild leaps up, trying for a hurricanrana, SPINEBUSTER! Goodchild gets nearly driven into the mat as a sour look comes over the Question] [Hunter pulls Goodchild up to her feet, nearly throwing her into the corner with a massive belly to belly suplex before his palms begin going up and down, the Question slowly waiting for Goodchild to get to her feet, RELAX! A massive clothesline nearly decapitates Goodchild as a sadistic smile comes over Hunter as he pulls Goodchild up to her feet once more, PURIFIER! Goodchild hit that out of nowhere as she throws an arm over the prone Question. ONE…TWO…Hunter just gets his shoulder up] [Both competitors get to their feet, Goodchild trying for a superkick that Hunter ducks under, grabbing the back of Goodchild’s neck before slamming her over his knee with an inverted backbreaker. Hunter pulls Goodchild up, grabbing her by the waist but Goodchild elbows her way out, sending Hunter staggering back before cracking him in the face with a massive superkick. Hunter is down as Goodchild slowly climbs up to the top rope, FALL OF BABYL…Question just rolls out of the way as Goodchild hits the canvas ass first. Goodchild staggers to her feet, QUICK QUESTION! The elbow out of nowhere knocks Goodchild out cold as Hunter drops down, hooking the leg with a sick smile on his face. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Hunters music plays over the loud speaker as he gets to his feet to a mass of boos. The Question gets his hand raised, revelling in the anger from the crowd before rolling out of the ring, taunting the audience as he walks to the back] [We join Nigel Royal backstage where one of his guards hurries him through a door marked ‘SECURITY’.]

“I demand to know the meaning of this!” [Nigel barks at his heavy.] “I’ve more important things to do than…”

[Nigel’s voice trails off as he notices Max Million on one of the little security monitors lining the wall. Max is leaned up against Royal’s limo in the parking garage; drinking Nigel’s Champaign and hanging out with Nigel’s harem of women.]

“What in the world…”

“This is what I needed to show you, Sir. It’s MNM.”

“I see that, you imbecile! Why hasn’t he been dealt with!?!” [Nigel is practically screaming.] “You’re just going to let that, beast, take from me right under your nose!?!”

“No, Sir!” [His heavy snaps to attention.] “I’ll gather the men and deal with him.”

[The man waits for a response and eventually the Bloodline snaps.]

“Well!?! On with it you idiot!”

[The Guard hurries out of the room and Nigel returns to the security footage, shoving an OSW security guard aside so he can get a closer look.] [Gavin Davis returns to action tonight following Heavy Metal, taking on another member of the animal kingdom: Pig!] [The bell rings and both men step forwards. Before Luther can bark orders to his Monster, however, Gavin opens his arms for a hug! Pig looks perplexed and Luther is, for once, speechless. Gavin’s handler, Lilith, pleads with him to reconsider. The crowd, on the other hand… “HUG HIM, HUG HIM, HUG HIM!”. Luther nods at Pig, aaand – A BIG CLOTHESLINE TURNS GAVIN INSIDE-OUT! “OOOOHHHH!”. One… Two… Gavin gets his shoulder up! The fans grill Luther and his Monster, who stomps the Manchild’s brittle bones into dust. He snatches him up and wraps his hand around his throat, looking for the CHOKESLAM – but Gavin leaps off to the side!] [SMILES ALL ROUND – NO! Pig grabs Gavin’s foot, blocking the kick. He shoves him into the corner and tenderises him with fast and stiff shots while Luther mocks Lilith at ringside. Seeing his handler and friend close to tears, GAVIN GRABS PIG’S FIST and holds it off! “YEEEAAAAH!”, the fans roar as Davis somehow WALKS PIG BACK… Where is he getting this from!? Luther pulls his hair out and screams at Pig, who swings at Gavin with the other hand, but he ducks! Gavin hits the ropes—EVADES THE MARCH OF THE PIGS HEADBUTT—into the opposite ropes—HUGE DROPKICK TO PIG!] [“PLEASE DON’T DIE, PLEASE DON’T DIE!” – the fans chant for Davis, whose back was broken just last year! He craaawls into the cover… One… Two… Pig benches Gavin off of him! “OOOHHH!” the crowd groan in dismay. Lilith begs Gavin to “throw in the towel”, but he reassures her and starts climbing the ropes!? The Monster known as Pig slowly gets to his feet as Luther pounds the mat, warning him. He turns around and GAVIN TAKES FLIGHT… MARCH OF THE PIGS! More like FLIGHT of the pigs! Gavin hits the mat hard from the headbutt as Pig shakes off the cobwebs. One… Two… Three!] [Luther celebrates the win while his Monster cools down. Lilith is beside herself as she and the referee assist a broken Davis from the ring.] [After last week’s shocking turn of events, we’re with the World Champion as he storms into the production truck backstage. One of these two men desperately tried to injure their opponent ahead of Ring of Dreams and Mike, well he’s either there to figure this out or hide the evidence.]

“Hey kid,” [Lane says to the production truck assistant.] “I need to see the footage of last week’s show. Do you have it?”

“We sure do, Mr. Lane. Are you sure you want to see it?” [He responds.] [Mike nods stoically, waiting for the kid to pull it up.] [Suddenly a voice interrupts them both.]

“What are you doing?” [Says the unmistakable voice of Bruce Van Chan.] “Thought you’d get here and hide the evidence, is that it?”

[Mike turns to him, unamused.] “Me? What are you doing here? Have you ever heard of the boy who cried Wolf?”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Are you accusing me of trying to run you over? I was at that party in plain sight throughout that Main Event.”

[The production assistant gulps, interrupting.] “That’s not exactly true, I’m afraid,” [He remarks, bringing a pause to these bickering rivals. Both men turn to the footage, watching as Bruce Van Chan vanishes out of camera. The assistant forwards on the footage, showing that for at least ten minutes, he was absent.] “See, you were gone for at least ten minutes.”

[Mike turns to Bruce, who backtracks quickly.] “Hold on a second, I was making a phone call. I was checking on Paige.”

[Mike Lane suddenly strikes, grabbing Bruce by the head and slamming him down face first into the console. The production assistant clambers to get out of the way as Mike beats Bruce’s head off the console, sending sparks flying everywhere.] [Bruce tries to fight back, driving a backwards elbow into the gut of the World Champion, backing him up. He grabs a monitor, slamming it across Lane’s head, knocking him to the floor.]

“I know you set me up!” [Bruce shouts, blood now dripping from a large gash on his forehead.] “And I’ll prove it, you just wait and see.”

[The Challenger stumbles over the mess and exits the production truck, leaving the World Champion to check on his wounds, laughing as he does.]

“The shadow endures, Van Chan. The shadow always endures.”

[The scene comes to a close on the smiling face of Mike Lane, with the fans booing in return.] [When these two locked eyes across the ring, it felt more like dinner for The Shark. Ever the enthusiast, Marvolo puffed out his chest and this one got under way.] [Hungry as ever, The Shark ran across the ring at full speed upon hearing the bell, diving Head first into Marvolo’s mid-section to cut him off. He popped straight back up and grabbed him by the mask, running him straight head long into the turnbuckle. Marvolo barely had a chance to capture his breath as The Shark bit on his butt with the Shark Bite. #1 immediately grabbed his arse and high tailed it from the ring, checking for blood as the insane Shark lipped his lips back inside.] [Marvolo carefully tried to enter the ring, only The Shark wouldn’t let him. As the referee tried to appease the yelling masked crusader, The Great White came running at him full speed again, diving through the middle rope and to the outside… FIN-ISH… NO! Marvolo caught him with a straight right hand! #1 helped him quickly back to his feet, running him straight into the ring steps and dusting his hands off as if a job well done. He popped back up the ring steps and demanding that Raquel open the ropes for him, waiting for her to make her way up and do so – then entering the ring.] [Somewhat over-confident, Marvolo climbed to the middle turnbuckle and folded his arms, gloating that he thought this one was over. What he didn’t see was The Shark re-enter the ring from behind. When he dropped off and spun around in one motion, The Great White leapt onto the middle rope, SPRUNG off and NAILED HIM WITH A SHINING WIZARD! SUSHI KICK! The fans booed as he covered… One…. Two…. Kick Out! The Shark got back to his feet and licked his lips. “I smell blood!” he yelled, before grabbing the arm and THE ASYLUM SPECIAL! NO! MARVOLO ROLLS HIM UP, GRABS THE TIGHTS… ONE…. TWO…. THE STRUGGLE… THREE!!] [The bell sounds and Marvolo quickly dives through the middle rope to the outside, hitting the deck on his knees and throwing an arm into the air! Raquel comes over to help him back to his feet as The Shark looks on enraged inside the ring. That was an absolute steal for Marvolo!] [Chase Hero laces up his boots and steps in front of a mirror, checking his smile before leaving the lockers, bumping into Ash Williams just as he did that.]

“Outta the way, old man. I have a little justice to dish out.”

[Ash puts his hand out and pushes Hero back, leaving Chase looking offended.]

“Why are you touching me?”

“Stop being the poster boy for birth control for one minute so we can talk, Chase.”

[Hero curls his lip, but Ash ignores it.]

“Listen, I know neither of us liked the outcome last week. But you gotta drop the ego shit. We both ended up kissing a crowbar cause of you.”

“Cause of me? I had them, you just distracted me.”

“Buddy you’re just asking for a Boomstick. If you and I actually WORK TOGETHER, then we could put those two dirt bags down. You understand me?”

[Hero rolls his eyes and pushes past Ash.]

“I work alone, it’s a bit of a pain when someone wants to steal MY spotlight.”

[Ash shakes his head and watches Hero walk away before shouting to him.]

“How about a bet, if I last longer than you in the match, then you have to listen to my spiel. If you last longer, I won’t bother you with it anymore. Deal?”

[Chase spins on his heels and walks back to Ash, smirking.]

“Okay, gramps. I’ll take your bet, just be sure not to break a hip too early into the match, okay?”

[Ash smirks as Hero walks away, shaking his head at the young hero.] [The possible future mayor of Las Vegas, Jake Jeckel, trash talks his opponent for tonight, Hardcore Champion Vinnie Lane!] [The rocker only turns round at the sound of the bell, his attention previously held by Roxy at ringside. He and Jake go nose-to-nose, jaw jackin’ and smack talkin’ – VINNIE SLAPS JAKE! “YOU GOT BITCH SLAPPED!” The crowd chant antagonises an already pissed-off Jeckel, who squats down… 3-POINT STANCE CHARGE! He takes Vinnie to the mat, where they jockey for position, their fists a blur as they knock the crap out of each other. Vinnie comes out on top with mean forearms, only to get caught with a German suplex! Jake keeps the waistlock on him and hauls him up…] [Another German folds Vinnie up! Going for the hat-trick – CLOWN POSSE-PLEX! One… Two… Kickout! Jake grabs Vinnie’s platinum locks—getting chastised by the referee—and snarls at him to “stay down!”. Vinnie retorts that it’ll take more than a “pussy-plex” to keep him down! “PUSSY-PLEX, PUSSY-PLEX!” Jake pulls at his own hair, trying to save face for his campaign. He pulls Vinnie up and PONY DOWN – the chokeslam backbreaker! One… Two… Shoulder up by Vinnie! Jake kicks the bottom rope in frustration… then starts climbing them. He blows a kiss at Roxy aaand FAYGO SPLASH BUT THERE’S NOBODY HOME!] [Vinnie straight into the cover! One… Two… kickout by Jeckel! Both men stagger to their feet. Jake swings at Vinnie but the Megastar blocks it with an arm wring—knee into the neck—BAD MEDICINE! Jake just got hammered into the mat! One… Two… ThreNO! “OOOHHH!” The Juggalo is still in it! Roxy cheers on Vinnie, who pulls Jake into a piledriver position—but he traps the arms—HEARTBREAKER!? NO! JAKE SLITHERS OUT! Vinnie gets scooped into a fireman’s carry – THE HATCHET! Wait… VICTORY ROLL BY VINNIE! One… Two… Three!] [Roxy joins Vinnie in celebrating a big win tonight. Jake rages at ringside, wanting so badly to cuss everyone in sight!] [Gavin Davis is in the backstage area clutching his back in slight pain as he’s resumed his place after his match with Pig. Lilith is there as her brow furrows in worry at seeing him in pain.]

“You can’t keep doing this to yourself, Gav! Why are we still here? You have nothing left to prove.”

[Gavin turns to her with a big cheesy smile.]

“We’re here to show these kids that Axel is still in there! I can’t be their champion but Axel still can! We owe it to them to break him out of the spider-webbed man’s trance!”

“A trance you say?”

[The ominous Shark swims his way from the shadows of the doorway with a sinister grin slathered across his face. Gav tries to get up, but his back is giving him fits. Lilith Evans puts herself between them.]

“No! I won’t let you touch him. You’ll have to-”

“Go through you? An interesting notion.”

[The Shark grabs her by the hair and throws her into the lockers with aggression! She slumps to the ground as Gavin’s eyes grow wide. The Shark turns his attention to Gav but as he takes a step, he’s frozen. He begins sniffing the air before turning his attention back to Lilith. A red liquid flows from her head as The Shark licks his lips.]

“No! Axel! Don’t do it!”

[The Shark’s throat growls in hunger and anger.]

“Axel’s not here anymore, Mr. Davis.”

[The Shark lunges forward and sinks his teeth into the fleshy shoulder of Ms. Evans as she cries out in pain. Gavin quickly begins rolling towards them. The Shark releases her as he stands to his feet, towering over Gavin. He places his hands on his handles as he leans in close.]

“One. More. Match.”

[Gavin is frozen in place as The Shark turns to leave. As he exits, Gavin falls out of the chair as he holds Lilith in his hands.]

“I’m so sorry… I promise to take care of you. You can come over to my place. I promise. We’ll never come back to this horrible place.”

[The camera backs away as the gleaming smile of The Shark as he finally walks away.] [Phoebe Outlaw heads to the ring with Danielle Kersh in tow for this one, her new manager ready to be at ringside for the battle ahead.] [The bell sounds and Outlaw ducks under a lumbering Clothesline by The Scarecrow, attacking him from behind immediately with right and left hands. She backs him into the corner and delivers quick kicks to the gut as Danielle claps on the outside in approval. Outlaw steps away for a moment to get a run up and storms back across the ring, GETTING HER HEAD ALMOST TAKEN OFF BY A BIG BOOT! The fans cheer as Phoebe scrambles back to her feet, getting scooped upside down with a Big Slam!] [The look on Danielle’s face is priceless as The Scarecrow grabs her love by the head and drags her to the corner. He starts unloading with right and left body shots, following by a devastating punch to the face that knocks saliva from her mouth. He drags her out and into a Sidewalk Slam, only she kicks out with her long legs, catching him in the face. Another agile kick later and The Hayman drops her, stumbling with his hand over his eye. She quickly runs and nails him with a Basement Dropkick to the knee’s, taking him down a peg or two.] [With The Scarecrow lingering on his knees, Outlaw nails him with a DDT, planting him on the canvas. She knows that it’s going to take a whole hell of a lot to put this one away. She hits the top turnbuckle and.. SHOOTING STAR PRESS! THE NORTH STAR PRESS! FOR THE NORTH! She covers, Kersh holding down his legs from the outside… One…. Two…. Three! KICK OUT WITH AUTHORITY! The Scarecrow, despite having his legs held, kicks out with great power. They both get back to their feet but Outlaw ducks under, rolling him up. She’s a handful of ropes with Danielle once again reaching out to help her hold on… One….. Two…. Three! Phoebe Outlaw steals it!] [Phoebe bounces out of the ring almost immediately, hugging Dani as the face boo her senseless here tonight. She just stole one hell of a victory!] [The crowd grows silent as the lights enter a red state of frantic movement. The hard drums of “Warrior” by Imagine Dragons blasts throughout The Schoolyard as spotlights shine on the towering figure that is “The Question” James Hunter. He stands for a moment to savor the negative crowd reaction before tilting his head to the backstage area. A woman slowly walks out behind him, not looking at all pleased at this development. She seems to be in her forties by the looks of her, although she could be older or younger depending on her life.] [Is this Andrea Walsh?] [Hunter and the woman head down to get into the ring where he takes a microphone.]

“Now wait just a damn minute!” [Comes a voice from behind the curtain.] [Luther comes dashing out before Hunter can even speak. Pig follows, yet Luther motions for him to remain on the stage. The Question merely waits beside the scared woman as Luther climbs into the ring to get up into James Hunter’s face.]

“What the hell is this Hunter? [Luther growls.] [The woman cowers behind Hunter, trying to avoid the angry gaze of Luther. James Hunter calmly reaches out a hand to steady Luther.]

“Didn’t he tell, old friend?” [Hunter questions with a smirk on his face.] “Oh wait, he can’t tell you anything. Yet I assure you he knew that she would be here today. We had a little heart to heart last week.”

[Luther turns an angry gaze back at Pig for a moment. For his part, the Animal merely stands stone faced looking towards the ring.]

“My only question for you, Luther,” [Hunter begins,] “is why was I able to find Ms. Walsh so easily, while you have not?”

[Luther tries to answer, but is cut off.]

“Because you didn’t want to find her, did you?” [Hunter cuts in.]

“Why would I want to find her?” [Luther interrupts.] “She’s just a whore that deserves nothing!”

[Hunter’s gaze turns towards the stage, where Pig’s expression turns to anger. Well, as much as his expression can change. It’s all in the eyes.]

“There’s nothing more vile, Luther, than to insult a man’s mother.” [Hunter calmly states, ignoring the enormity of that statement.] [Andrea Walsh is Pig’s mother.]

“Perhaps we should see how Pig feels about this. Luther, why don’t you bring him down here?”

[For a moment, Luther considers it. Then he looks right through James Hunter to the scared Andrea.]

“You gave him up, you little whore. You don’t deserve to see him. Stay away from him!” [Luther then turns to Hunter.] “You go to hell for bringing her here.”

[With that, Luther turns and walks up the aisle. When he reaches Pig, he barks an order. Perhaps Pig didn’t hear him, but Pig doesn’t comply.] [Pig doesn’t comply.] [James Hunter smiles in the ring as Luther has to come back and tell Pig to leave. This time, Pig follows him. Alone in the ring, Hunter turns to Walsh with a warm smile.]

“My dear, we are going to have to take you shopping. This could take a while.”

[With that, Hunter and Andrea Walsh go to leave the ring.] [Pig’s mother has been found, and Luther is not happy about it.] [A stuffy office in the middle of New York City is where we open, Errol Flint sat opposite a man sharply dressed for the occasion. Behind him in big white letters is ‘The Network’ logo, sat largely on the wall.]

“Errol Flint, I’m so very glad you made it. As I’m sure Mr. Porter made aware to you, we at The Network have a proposition for you.”

[Errol nods.] “That’s correct.”

“The Network is all about numbers. Television is big business and Old School Wrestling has provided a spike in profits that we’ve never seen. It has attracted interest from sponsors, advertisers and special intermediaries. One of those said intermediaries is acting upon the half of a dangerous man.”

[Errol gulps, wondering what he’s gotten himself into.]

“He’s coming to Old School Wrestling, Mr. Flint. I don’t know when; I don’t know what kind of time frame but I do know that he’s coming.”

[Flint looks confused.] “Who? Who’s coming?”

“I’m not at liberty to say but what I can tell you is that he’s a very dangerous, very violent, very astute gentlemen. He’s taken a fascination to Old School Wrestling and when the time is right, he’ll make Red Snow look like a field day.”

“What can I do to stop this?” [He eagerly wants to know.] “You said this was a proposition, not a mandate.”

[The man sits bolt upright, leans in and whispers.]

“You can get the hell out of dodge.”

[Flint thinks about it for a moment and stands up, straightening his suit and tie proudly.]

“I don’t think so. I can guarantee you something, kid; Errol Flint isn’t running away from Old School Wrestling. If he wants it, he’ll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers.”

[Errol walks to the door, stopped by the man one more time.] “He doesn’t want your company, Flint. He wants blood. ”

[Flint nods, exiting the office as our scene fades to black.] [With Bobby Neptune trying to show Anna Goodchild the error of her ways at the forefront of his mind, Solomon could be a good example to set.] [So when the bell sounded, Bobby didn’t waste a second. He stormed Solomon with right hands, beating him backwards into the corner and taking him by surprise. With every powerful fist, Solomon rocked backwards. Neptune was fired up! He ran backwards into the ropes and came flying back, only The Priest of Pain was waiting for him with a giant Superkick! As Neptune hit his knees in the middle of the ring, Solomon backed up and delivered ANOTHER SUPERKICK! DARKNESS FALLS! HOW’S THAT FOR GOOD MEASURE?] [With Bobby laid flat out on the canvas, Solomon made his way up the turnbuckle in search of that cane. He made it to the top rope before Neptune sprung to life. He leapt onto the top rope, walked it like a cat and dove onto the back of The Priest with a Sleeper! Solomon tried to scratch and claw his way out, only The Starboy refused to let go. Solomon finally fell backwards, crushing Bobby against the canvas as both men hit hard. The Starboy though was first back to his feet and decided to head to the top rope, grabbing the cane and bringing it into the action!] [Solomon got back up to see the cane FLY at his SKULL! WHACK! And straight back down he went. Neptune had a point to prove and hit him again, again, again, again and again, leaving welts across the body of the Priest, only the Priest, he laughed in response. Soaking up the agony, Solomon rose like a Phoenix and awaited another shot. The Starboy delivered it and watched it get caught. Solomon kicks him low, snatches the Cane and WRAPS it around the poor kids SKULL for good measure. Neptune hits the deck and stirs slowly, rolling to his feet as Solomon reaches in FOR THE DEATHGRIP!] [NO! Bobby fights back! With shots to the gut, he stumbles Solomon backwards before hitting the ropes and Springboarding off – SUPERNOVA! DIVING FACESMASH! Solomon hits the canvas and gets back up, walking straight into Bobby coming off the middle rope again with the RED GIANT! THE LEAPING KNEE ALMOST KNOCKS HIS TEETH OUT! Solomon is out of it and Bobby heads to the top rope. He composes himself and flashes a little wink before DIVING into the air! TITAN’S CRASHDOWN! He got it! Bobby somehow finds his way back on top…. One…. Two….. Three!] [Bobby Neptune can’t believe it. He rolls away, looking at the welts on Solomon’s body from those vicious cane shots. The Starboy heads to the top rope and celebrates with his fans, picking up another huge victory here tonight – his All-Star Championship on display in raise as he does.]

“Yeah, this new gig is pretty killer.”

[Danielle Kersh is standing out in the open backstage. She is just pacing back and forth in a little blue number while speaking to someone on a cell phone.]

“No kidding. Managing pays better than I thought.”

[She begins to laugh before her smile quickly dies and her voice turns soft.]

“I’ll call you back, Jim.”

[Standing before her is Brent Kersh, who has a stone cold expression on his face. When he speaks, he is forcing himself to retain the soft tone he has always used as a father with his kids.]

“Who is Jim, Danielle? You ready to move on from Phoebe?”

[She only laughs at that.]

“You’d be so lucky, wouldn’t you Brent.”

[He flinches at the use of his first name.]

“Not this time, though. Jim’s a friend of mine I had been talking to about setting me up with an internship.” [She shakes her head then and looks at him sharply.] “Until I suddenly wasn’t a student anymore.”

[He holds up a hand to begin to defend himself when a blur enters the scene to knock him backwards. Dani quickly steps back, and finds Phoebe Outlaw has mounted her father and is raining down shots to his face.]

“You dare to hit me with a chair?!?” [Feebz growls.] “I said we were done. I don’t want to put the old dog down.”

[Officials crowd the scene as Outlaw is pulled off of Kersh. She sneers down at him as he waves off help from officials to get up.]

“But sometimes the old has to be made to get out of the way for the new.” [She nods over to Dani.] “We got it signed, sealed, and delivered. That date of ours that you set up, Brent? No Holds Barred. We’re going to end this, one way…”

[Brent suddenly leaps from the officials at Phoebe.]

“Or another!”

[The two begin brawling back and forth with the officials trying to get them separated. They go back and forth until they hear a small yelp.]



[The two of them cease hostilities and rush towards the fallen young lady. When she sits up, she has an obvious shiner popping up already from hitting the corner of a water fountain. A guilty Brent Kersh glowers at Phoebe, but lets himself dissipate into the crowd of officials.] [This will end at Ring of Dreams. There doesn’t need to be any more casualties.] [The match starts and everyone is armed, the only exception seemingly being Safiy. The three men stand across the ring from each other in a stare down as the bell rings.] [The six men charge each other, weapons in hand. Chase Hero is the first to swing with a chair but Doubt ducks it and nails the knee of Hero with a putter! He looks to swing again but gets caught with a chain covered backfist by Ash! Smiley joins the brawl, swinging his crowbar wildly at Ash, forcing him back. Mean while Safiy and Death circle each other, watching each other. Suddenly Safiy reaches behind his back and into his pants and PULLS OUT A MACHETE! Safiy swings and his machete gets stuck in Death’s wooden bat! Death and Safiy push against each other, Death eventually tossing the bat, Machete and all, to ringside!] [Safiy and Death trade blows, Safiy eventually getting the upperhand and SWORD OF ALLAH! The superkick sends Death back towards the other five. Just as he looks to join the fray CHAIN COVERED BOOMSTICK! Down goes Doubt who rolls to ringside. Smiley goes to grab Hero, Chase nailing Smiley with a chair shot for his troubles! Chase keeps swinging, forcing Smiley to the ropes. Hero hops back and SUPER- NO! Hero goes over and lands on the apron. Smiley goes between the ropes to meet him and grabs Hero, Doubt moving the steel steps next to his partner. Smiley hoists Chase into the electric chair as Doubt jumps from the steps and spring boards from the ropes FEVER DREAM ONTO THE STEEL STAIRS! Chase is out!] [Safiy, left alone with the Ash and Death, he fights hard but BICYCLE KNEE – BOOMSTICK! Safiy gets hit on both sides of his head and gets busted open, he is out! Knock Knock enter the ring fully and the stand off begins. The teams circle each other and Smiley rushes Death SHOCK THERAPY THROUGH THE ROPES INTO THE STEPS! Both men are out! Doubt and Ash rush each other, BOOMSTICK- NO! Doubt grabs Ash’s arm out of the air and he locks in THE SECOND GUESS! Ash fights against the hold, but Doubt pulls with all of his strength and Ash passes out from pain!] [The bell rings as Doubt let’s go of Ash and goes to check on his partner at ringside, helping Smiley to his feet.] [Why Do I Call Myself a Juggalo hits the P.A. and the crowd immediately starts booing and hissing. Jake Jeckel makes his way out onto the stage and the crowd intensifies. He pulls a microphone out of his pocket and points a finger at Marvolo.]

“Shut up! Don’t you know I am the future mayor of this town!? Show some fuc…..some respect.” [Of course, they don’t listen. He pushes on anyway.] “Last week, the coward Marvolo backed out of the race cuz I scared his ass out. But then, the little weasel wants to think he can intimidate me into dropping out as well with some bullsh….some lies about my financial backer. And that is exactly what they are: lies! You see I’m ganna….”

[Suddenly the screen comes to life, filled with the face of Number One himself.]

“No, no, Jake, Marvolo has no intention of intimidating you into dropping out. No, Marvolo simply wants to tear your campaign down. Marvolo has done all of this digging for information… Marvolo was solely responsible for revealing Dick Nixon through this type of research…. And he has found out who the financial backer for Jake Jeckel’s campaign is. The man is nothing short of a criminal…”

[Jeckel cuts him off.]

“You shut the fuc…..shut up! This is none of your business especially since you’ve dropped out. My backer wants to stay anonymous. He ain’t a damn criminal!”

“Of course he isn’t! If he has nothing you hide, Marvolo can just say that the backer is……….”

[The tron cuts out. The crowd goes insane as Jeckel stands in the ring, realizing that the power runs deep. He smiles as we cut to commercial.] [Following crudely drawn paper signs, Anna Goodchild has found her way to a dark room. There are no lights within it. Once she closes the door behind her, she is only left with herself and her thoughts. Of course, her God follows her wherever she goes. Even drenched in the sticky black that is complete darkness, she is not alone.]

“The dark is generous.”

[Bobby Neptune’s voice echoes all around Anna. This is his turn at conversion.]

“Its first gift is concealment: our true faces lie in the dark beneath our skins, our true hearts remain shadowed deeper still. But the greatest concealment lies not in protecting our secret truths, but in hiding from us the truths of others. The dark protects us from what we dare not know.”

[A small pit-pat can be heard, perhaps water falling? Neptune continues on.]

“The dark is generous, and it is patient. It is the dark that seeds cruelty into justice, that drips contempt into compassion, that poisons love with grains of doubt. The dark can be patient, because the slightest drop of rain will cause those seeds to sprout.”

[Definitely water then.]

“The rain will come, and the seeds will sprout, for the dark is the soil in which they grow, and it is the clouds above them, and it waits behind the star that gives them light.”

[A single focused point of illumination appears directly in front of Anna, who seems intrigued. It continues to grow brighter with every moment until she cannot even face the light.]

“The dark’s patience is infinite. Eventually, even stars burn out.”

[The bright star reduces in size to nothingness. All that remains is the shadow of a light, with one small bright spot beneath it.]

“The dark is generous and it is patient and it always wins – but in the heart of its strength lies its weakness: one lone candle is enough to hold it back.”

[The single candle burning draws Goodchild to it. She stares down at it as the flame dances to and fro.]

“Love is more than a candle. Love can ignite the stars.”

[With that, the candle ignites a small wire attached to it. The entire room illuminates in many candles to represent a star field. Bobby Neptune stands by the door. Goodchild nods to him.]

“Well played, Neptune.”

[She walks up to him, looking him up and down.]

“You are correct in what you have said tonight.” [She says as Neptune smiles in surprise.] “I am the light that must stand firm and wash away your darkness. I must not allow you to win.”

[Neptune’s eyes go wide as he hears this. They stay wide as Goodchild leaves the room. He looks around at everything and shakes his head.]

“And people say I miss the point.”

[He begins to disassemble his equipment as we cut.] [The Silver Shroud knows insomnia all too well, having not slept a wink after last week’s encounters with The Scarecrow.] [And Nigel Royal was there to take advantage of that as the bell sounded. Both men rushed forward, Nigel taking the Shroud into a Side Headlock only for the Vigilante to sweep the legs with a powerful arm. Embarrassed, Royal is quickly back to his feet and ducking a Clothesline attempt, kicking a leg foot that is palmed away by Shroud. Nigel quickly kicks with a right, and that is palmed away too, so that when he swings with a frustrated Clothesline, The Silver Shroud scoops him up and down with a Back Body Drop!] [Shroud immediately covers… One… Two… Kick Out! The Millionaire is quickly back to his feet and as Shroud attempts a right hand, catches it and slams it across his knee. He runs him shoulder first into the turnbuckle, straight through the ropes and then plants him with a Russian Legsweep. Nigel starts to work over the arm, stomping at the hand, the wrist, the elbow and then the shoulder for good measure. Silver slowly gets back to his feet, just in time for Royal to snatch him straight over with a CROSS ARM-BREAKER!! Softening that arm for the Dungeons, The Bloodline holds it in tight as The Silver Shroud struggles for the ropes!] [The fans are on their feet cheering The Shroud on, willing him to the ropes and he gets there! Nigel Royal is forced to break the hold. He gets back up and pulls Shroud with him, grabbing the arm and TAKING HIM DOWN INTO THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! WAIT! NO! THE SILVER SHROUD SWINGS HIS JACKET OVER AND ESCAPES THE HOLD! Nigel has no idea what’s happened and turns around to see a big silver flying Vigilante leaping his way… THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW!! SPRINGBOARD UPPERCUT!! The Silver Shroud covers immediately… One…. Two…. Three!!] [The bell sounds and The Silver Shroud has done it! He gets back to his feet and checks around him for The Scarecrow before raising an arm in celebration. What a match!] [Ash and Hero sit backstage, Hero’s head bandaged as the two sit in the locker room.]

“You ready to listen now? I won the bet. You saw what happened in that ring, and definitely felt it too. We can’t be at odds here.”

“Yeah, I guess. I’ll listen, but only because of what they did to me.”

“Good. You and I are one in the same, we’re heroes, and they’re villains. They need to be taken out-”

[Knock Knock] [Knock Knock] [Ash looks at the door as he hears the knocking, putting his finger to his lips as he approaches it quietly. Hero follows and peeks over Ash’s shoulder as he slowly opens the door, revealing nothing on the other side.]

“They always answer the knock. You think they would learn.”

[Ash and Hero turn around, seeing no one but still hearing the voices of Doubt and Smiley.]

“Maybe they want the nightmare to enter.”

“Maybe they’re glutton’s for punishment.”

[Ash gets easily fed up as he shouts.] “Maybe you two should come out and fight without the mind games!”

[Ash turns around, coming face to face with Smiley. Chase Super kicks Smiley and takes his head off, literally! The two look in terror before realizing it to be a wax dummy, causing Ash to smash it in more, all while Smiley taunts them.]

“All this rage and no one to take it out on, so sad.”

[Ash and Hero run into the the hallway, seeing them filled with wax dummies of Smiley and Doubt! The duo swing and smash the wax figures aside, looking for the real ones.]

“Maybe I’m this way.”

“Or this way!”

[The two eventually give up as the voices bounce from place to place.]

“Come out here, cowards!”

[Chase snares.] “Too scared to fight a real hero!?”

[They are met without answers as the duo fights out of the wax figured halls, looking for an exit as the scene fades out.] [Black and white.] [A faint saxophone plays in the background.] [Without a sight of our vigilante, the narration begins.]

They say justice never sleeps and truth be told, after last week, neither had I.

[The Silver Shroud keeps to the shadows of the backstage halls. His heart is set on a confrontation with The Scarecrow. With a match already in the bag tonight, and a dame on standby, he wanted this over quick.]

The Scarecrow likes to prey on his victims in the dark but I couldn’t pay that any mind. I’d heard it on good authority that he was lingering in the boiler room, out of sight, out of… well, you know the rest.

[He tried the handle to the door and it opened.]

That was easier than I thought.

[The Shroud carefully enters, only he’s struck immediately across the back of the head. The Scarecrow ominously reveals himself as standing behind the door.]

My head felt like someone started playing the drums on it. I don’t know what he hit me with but the watery red river started flowing down the side of my face. I felt less than copacetic.

[The Scarecrow walks to his feet and grabs them, turning him over as he drags him deeper into the pit that is his lair.]

Justice never sleeps, but I can’t fight it.

[The Silver Shroud loses consciousness as he’s dragged away into the shadows.] [Foes must coexist tonight as the World Champion and his challenger square off against the brand new United States Champion and his former tag team partner! The Power of Positivity reunites tonight for one night only! Earlier tonight, Bruce and Mike had an altercation that left them both bloodied and worse for wear. How will they fare on the same team?] [The bell sounds as Hysteria and Bruce Van Chan start this one out. Hysteria turns around to jaw at Alex Reese who punches him right across the chin! Hysteria staggers back into Bruce Van Chan. NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP! The fisherman grab DDT connects as The Real Frickin’ Deal looks to get a little revenge this week. He hooks both legs. ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Hysteria powers out. Bruce pulls Hysteria up to his feet before locking in a sleeper hold. The Lost One is fighting to escape the hold, but Bruce has it locked in tight. Hysteria rams Bruce back and hits the corner where Lane stands. Lane slaps Bruce on the shoulder for the tag.] [The World Champion enters the ring as Bruce is still holding Hysteria. He kicks Hysteria in the gut before whipping him into the ropes. ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE connects as Hysteria slams down into the mat. Mike Lane hooks a leg. ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Hysteria barely kicks out. Lane pulls him up, but Hysteria hooks his legs and pulls him for a schoolboy! ONE…TWO…NO! Lane kicks out as Hysteria begins scrambling for his corner. Alex Reese is leaning over the rope but Lane charges him and knocks him off the apron. He turns back to Hysteria and Hysteria lifts him up for a stun gun! Lane’s neck slams down on the top rope.] [Hysteria lunges towards his partner who just happens to leap up on the apron at the last moment! TAG! Reese leaps over the top rope and hits the ropes. STRAY BULLET! The running knee strike connects to Lane’s head. Reese grabs his leg and… THE CONFESSION! The Calf Slicer is locked in as Lane begins crawling quickly! He reaches out and tags in Bruce. Bruce kicks Reese right on the back of his head forcing him to loosen the hold. Reese gets up and… NAP TIME! Bruce hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…THR-NO! Reese powers out. Reese begins crawling to his partner. Bruce grabs his leg. He gets to his feet and, spins around for an enzuigiri! Alex leaps forward! Hysteria drops down. Reese looks enraged! He gets to his feet and turns around. SHADOW KICK! Laner had tagged in. He hooks both legs. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Hysteria cackles as he begins walking up the entrance ramp. Mike Lane and Bruce Van Chan’s arms are raised high in the air as they stare at each other as their big match is on the horizon. They never leave each other’s eyeshot as Bruce Van Chan exits. Alex Reese gets to his feet with a scowl on his face as he touches his jaw softly.] [We’re just moments away from Lux Bellator’s match here this evening and the crowd are growing nervous about his arrival.] [Meanwhile, Brent Kersh waits patiently inside the ring.] [The tron flickers to the backstage where Solomon stands now amongst his disciples, unexpectedly antsy.]

“The time for his reckoning is upon us! Hold your ground, ministry!”

[Meanwhile back inside the arena, the fans are suddenly lifted as Lux Bellator lowers to the ring from the rafters on a cross.]

“Holy shit!” [They chant in unison!] [The cross hovers five feet above the ring before Bellator steps off it and lands in the middle. He barely gets his footing before the ministry attack. They slide in from all angles having guarded the arena and ramp all night long.] [Bellator immediately swipes one down with a Clothesline, turning to the other with a massive boot. The fans are firmly behind him but the numbers soon start to overwhelm The Light Warrior.] [That’s when Brent Kersh does the right thing!] [Before Bellator knows it, Kersh has dived into the action, grabbing members of the Ministry and throwing them over the top rope to the outside. Lux strikes another two down, whipping one straight over the top as well. Bellator and Kersh clear the ring as the tron shows a furious Solomon backstage!] [Both men shake hands as the fans go wild, Kersh standing up to do the right thing here tonight. In the meantime, their match and the Main Event is up next!] [We cut to the parking structure where six of Nigel Royal’s guards storm through the garage. They’re headed right towards MNM. With an arm around one of Nigel’s woman and a bottle of Champaign hanging from his other, MNM looks as happy as a pig in shit… until he notices Nigel’s men.]

“No, no, no!” [MNM barks.] “I don’t want nuttin’ to do with you fools. Where’s Nigel!?! I wanna’ speak with Royal, personally!”

“Well, we speak for the Bloodline…” [The guard from earlier steps forward.] “…and we’re here to tell you to put down the Champaign, release Royal’s woman and step away from the limo.”

[Max smirks, but only for a second before his anger overwhelms him.]

“Bullshit!” [Max shouts; startling the woman surrounding him.] “Nigel wants me to move along; I want to hear it from HIS lips!”

[One of the guards steps in on Max aggressively and Million cracks the bottle of Champaign against the hood of the limo, sending Champaign, glass and woman scattering everywhere. The guards back off as Max jabs the broken bottle in their general direction.]

“Where… is… Nigel!?!”

[MNM jabs the broken bottle at them to annunciate every word.]

“Where’s Nigel!?!”

[MNM jabs again, this time nearly catching one of the guards in the arm… and the group takes off back into the arena! MNM throws down the bottle in disgust and goes around behind the limo, only to return with a baseball bat.]

“Where’s Nigel!?!” [Max uses the bat to take off the side-mirror with a SMACK!] “Where’s Nigel!?!” [He drives the bat into the passenger-side window, shattering it to bits.] “Nigel!?!” [He drives it into the hood, leaving a huge dent.] “Nigel!?!” [He cracks one headlight, then the other.] “NIGEL!!!” [He chucks the bat at the windshield, cracking the glass and leaving the bat stuck out like an arrow.] [We cut back to the Security Room where Nigel Royal watches everything transpiring on a monitor. His face is flush, his breathing heavy and his features strained by extreme anger. A guard at his side stutters…]

“I-I-I’m so sorry, Sir! The boys and I will cover the damages…”

“It’s not about the money you peon! I’ve got enough money to buy and destroy limo’s at will! It’s the principle…”

[The Bloodline slams his fist down on the table and a string of what we can only assume are expletives flow from his mouth like a raging river… but it all just sounds like he’s speaking in tongues he’s so mad right now.] [The Light Warrior stands with his sights set on his opponent in the main event of Insomnia: Brent Kersh. The Enforcer stands with his arms across his chest. He just aided Lux in vanquishing Solomon’s forces. Now the battle begins.] [The bell sounds as the two men lock up. Kersh slides his leg behind Lux’s and throws him to the mat. Kersh takes a step back as he beckons Lux on. Lux Bellator slides up to his feet before charging and taking The Enforcer to the mat with a Lou Thesz press followed by a barrage of elbows! Kersh tries to cover, but Lux pulls his arms out of the way before hitting another. Lux slides to his feet as he taunts Kersh. Brent Kersh gets to his feet as the two begin trading blows back and forth. The speed is phenomenal as strikes are coming in unison between the two!] [Lux gets the better before revolving and connecting with a spinning backfist! Kersh staggers backwards as Lux leaps to the second rope and springs off. He wraps his arm around the neck of Kersh and spikes him into the mat! Lux goes for another move, but the referee takes a step in and checks on him. The Enforcer waves him off as he begins getting to his feet. The Light Warrior rushes up and locks in a triangle hold! Lux is trying to choke out Kersh! He pounds on the face of Kersh while pulling the hold in tighter and tighter!] [Kersh makes his way over to the ropes but the referee shakes his head informing him that simply won’t do. No disqualifications to be had. Kersh gets to his feet and is able to use his back to pull Lux up a foot off the ground. He swings it around before Lux’s head connects with the bottom turnbuckle! Kersh staggers backwards as his arms drape over the top rope. He wipes a bead of sweat from his brow before focusing in on Bellator. The Enforcer grabs Lux by his mask and throws Lux out of the ring through the ropes.] [Kersh follows him out quickly before lifting him onto his shoulders and nailing a powerslam on the barely padded concrete floor. Lux recoils holding his back in pain as The Enforcer gets to his feet. He begins stripping the announce table as the two announcers scurry away in fright of what might come next. Kersh turns around and Lux flattens him with a crane kick! Lux whips Kersh with his full weight behind it RIGHT OVER THE BARRICADE! Lux leaps to the top of the steel barricade where he levels himself. SPRINGBOARD ARM DRAG throws Kersh into the crowd as the people surround him with pats on the shoulder and back.] [The Light Warrior raises to his feet as he extends his arms outward. Kersh groggily gets to his feet when Lux charges him for DEUM LUCEM! God’s Light shines brightly upon Brent as he is groggily laying across the cement floor! Bellator looks down at him with a little disdain before grabbing him up and throwing him back over the barricade towards the ring. He lifts him up again and nails a shot before rolling him back into the ring. Lux climbs to the apron as Kersh gets to his feet. SPRINGBOARD DDT! KERSH INTERCEPTS WITH A HUGE UPPERCUT!] [Lux is laid out flat as Kersh quickly pins him. ONE…TWO…LUX POWERS OUT! Kersh looks tired as the sweat begins to bead down his forehead. He clutches the ropes as he pulls himself up to a standing position. He moves to the corner where he wipes his forehead off on the turnbuckle. Kersh goes over to Lux and begins kicking him right in between the shoulderblades! Lux’s back arches back as he comes to a sitting position. Kersh puts his knee into the back of The Light Warrior as he yanks the arms back while his knee drives into his spine!] [Lux’s face is full of pain as the referee can only watch on. The match won’t end until one of these men are incapacitated. Lux begins firing up as he rolls to one side before quickly rolling around to the other. Kersh drives the knee into the back even further before locking in a side headlock. The Enforcer is ensuring that Bellator isn’t getting a moment to breath. Keeping the game grounded is a great way to maintain his dominance. Kersh wrenches the head as Lux is getting slower with his movements. The crowd begins clamoring as they clap their hands. Lux begins powering out, but Kersh THROWS HIM TO THE MAT!] [The viciousness of that move sends Lux’s hands fleeing to the back of his head in pain. Brent wraps up the head of Lux as he pulls him into a tight triangle hold. Lux is zoning out. The referee begins lifting his hand. It falls once. He lifts it again. It falls twice! He lifts it a final and third time as The Light Warrior has yet to respond. IT FALLS… BUT COMES RIGHT BACK UP! The crowd is on their feet as Lux gets his feet planted firmly. He LIFFFFTTTTTSSSS Kersh up and POWERBOMBS HIM! Kersh isn’t releasing the hold though!] [He squares his feet up and does it again! Kersh is barely holding on as Lux seems to be draining himself to get out. He lifts Kersh again and… THREE POWERBOMBS FROM THE TRIANGLE HOLD BREAKS IT! Kersh is flat on his back as Lux is groggy from the strain. Kersh stirs as Lux is barely standing, using the ropes in the corner to hold himself up. Kersh gets to his feet but is welcomed by a spinning heel kick that knocks him to the floor outside.] [Lux rushes to one rope before leaping over the ones closest to Kersh! SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! Both men go down. Lux is back up first as he sets Brent up on the stripped announce table. He climbs the top rope. HE LEAPS FOR A MULTIPLE SPIN FLIP! IT MISSES! Kersh rolls out of the way just in time to send Lux crashing through the table. Kersh quickly rushes him before locking in a LONE STAR! But before he falls back, he wraps the head of Lux in a guillotine! GUILLOTINE FIGURE 4 LEG LOCK!?! Lux is panicking but ultimately fades! The referee raises his hand three times and this one is over!] [Brent Kersh unfolds himself from Lux as his body just slumps to the floor. Kersh wins the main event at Insomnia via knockout but at what cost?] [After that amazing Main Event, we head to the backstage area.] [Because prowling the halls of Old School Wrestling was the deranged and psychopathic ‘Lost One’. Only this week, in his possession, a barbed wire baseball bat. Reese and Hysteria had teamed together earlier tonight but now? Now they were fair game.] [The cameras follow as Hysteria bursts into Alex Reese’ locker room, taking him by surprise.] [He swings the bat at his head, but Reese is barely able to duck out of the way, sending the bat crashing into the lockers. Hard Justice slaps him with a right hand, only Hysteria runs him backwards and over a bench to the concrete floor. With the bat still in hand, he slams it to the face of his former best friend.]

“Wait!” [Screams Reese as Hysteria begins motioning back and forth. The shout is enough to buy him the slightest of pauses.] “Don’t you get it? I’m trying to solve this case for you, Harrison. I’m trying to help you put this to bed so that you can move on with your life. Look at what it’s done to you!”

“I never asked for your help, Reesey!” [Hysteria spews back at him.] “I never asked for it because I don’t want it.”

[He immediately starts motioning back and forth with the barbed wire bat, cutting poor Alex’ head to pieces. He’s mangling him as the blood curdling screams echo throughout the halls. Finally, poor Alex passes out, leaving Hysteria there to chuckle at himself and his endeavours.]

“Praise to the asylum, praise be to D’Ville.”

[Hysteria drops the bloodied flesh covered bat and backs away, leaving Reese unconscious and bleeding profusely from wounds upon his forehead.] [The camera closes in on the contorted and unconscious face of Hard Justice before fading to black.] [The United States Champion is sick and demented! Alex Reese may never be the same again.]