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I’ll Be Damned

Down here in Death Row, anarchy rules
Thugs, serial killers, psychopaths and tools
The usual, delusional, think they fit to be king
Showin’ up, throwing’ down, settling beef in the ring
Nobody steppin’ up to stop ‘em runnin’ around
It’s due time for this nigga to reach for the crown


Everyone knows you can’t rule from the grave
Alive and absolute, gotta preach from your nave
A concept just ain’t enough for a crown
Step to me Grey, and I’ll turn your pants brown.
Black or white? Nah, you just bland.
White gold crown? Shiiiiiiit, well I’ll be damned.


Amataga Tuga lookin’ like the king of the jungle
But with your family murdered you can’t help but stumble
Imma trial you for treason in my king’s court
Summon your demon right out chya ass for sport
What, that extortion didn’t go quite as planned?
No title, and no fam? Shiiiiiiit, well I’ll be damned.


Sheriff Supermax got me all confused,
Crossdressing in orange and now he wearin’ the blues
All this power and authority goin’ to ya head
But the Prophet knows you just wanna rule the boys in bed
Pushing the boy in your hole and crankin’ him by hand
King in the Box? Shiiiiiiit, well I’ll be damned.


Speakin’ of boxes, and big black coxes,
Redgrave be trapped in one now ‘til he detoxes
Drank too much blood, sucked too much dick
Got a hard-on for dudes who carry a stick
Ya boy’s got one for you, king-sized when expand
The Master Piece King? Shiiiiiiit, well I’ll be damned.


Princess hAyWiRe wearin’ bright red lipstick
You just a nympho tryna ride the Prophet’s dickstick
Best refresh those acrobatics and limber up, dude
Not even the circus seen what Imma bout to do to you
Get pretty for me, put some jewels on dem hands
The Jester Queen? Shiiiiiiit, well I’ll be damned.


“Life’s a gas,” he says
“Smack my ass,” he says
Shartin’ noxious fumes out. “Uh, pass,” I says
Try controllin’ ya bowels ‘fore ya try to control others
Imma help by feeding you a whoopin’ and some frothers
Forget a gas mask, spray some febreeze, man
The Flatulence King? Shiiiiiiit, well I’ll be damned.


From diarrhea to diorama, we about to make a scene
Shit on the walls, blood everywhere in between
You can’t capture me! Imma steal the scene
‘N put chyo ass on display for all to be seen
Cuz we goin’ toe to toe, and you about to get slammed
First round exit? Shiiiiiiit, well I’ll be damned.


Ain’t no one down here who can run it like me
My two fists and the Lord’s light shining’ down on me
My body a temple; my spirit divine
His hand on my brain when I spit my rhymes
Can’t wait to be king and launch my new brand
King Prophet? That’s right, I’ll be damned.


Three rounds to withstand? Well, I’ll be damned.


Ref raise my hand? Well, I’ll be damned.


Take the royal stand? Well, I’ll be damned.


I’ll be damned.


Shit, ye I’ll be damned.


The Lord’s Voice
The King’s Voice

Crown me.