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Do you hear those bells?

I sure do.


Mister Roddy pushing his cart, ready to bring treats to all of us living in the Slums.

What a sweetheart!

Or so I thought…

Everyone would crowd around his cart, throwing money at him for the finest wares in his freezer. He’d smile, take their money, and hand them a package of ice cream.

When I would get to the front of the line, he’d smile at me and give me an ice lolly on the house, as long as I’d eat it right then and there so it wouldn’t melt.

I remember one day in particular. It was really hot!

While I was sucking down my lolly, I noticed that the packages of ice cream he was giving to the other people weren’t coming out of the freezer.

By golly, he was selling… drugs.

And all those people running up to him were giving him all they had to their names so they could get high.

He was taking advantage of them, using their addiction to control them.

How rude.

It’s just like how Mister Caesar treats people.

He may not have a cart, but he’s got a club for people to bring him their credits. He’ll take all they have, just so he owns them. It’s how he’s built up his business, on the backs of those he takes advantage of. All of his connections hinge on his poisoned deals with the desperate.

Even his favors are poisoned.

See, they may not be delicious ice lollies, but he gives out gifts of his own. And let me tell you something, if Mister Caesar gives you something, it ain’t free. No, you’re going to be paying him for it one way or another.

Just like Mister Roddy gave me ice lollies for free so he could watch me eat them.


But Mister Caesar, let me tell you something, I’m not going to take your ice lolly.

Cause your power over people only works if they let it, just like the ice cream only melts if you don’t eat it!

You take people at their most desperate and offer them just what they need, whatever that may be. They ain’t got no choice, do they, but to take it.

Then you think you own them.

But Mister Caesar, you don’t own anything!

If everyone rose up against you, what could you do? Your power is an illusion, no different than Mister Roddy’s ice cream cart. As long as everyone thinks it’s doing what it’s supposed to, then they don’t bother to fight against it.

But I see the truth of it.

Your club is an ice cream stand that you push around Arcadia, serving up nasty packages to those who bring you credits, and serving ice lollies to anyone who can do something for you.

And when no one buys your ice cream, what can you hide behind?

All you have is a sticky mess and everyone laughing at you.

I’m sorry I melted your ice cream, Mister Caesar.

You should have took a picture.

It’d have lasted longer.