In Promo by Sigil

“A sculptor once took a hammer and chisel to ice in a vain attempt at creating a perfect piece of art.”

“He planned out everything about his masterpiece. Every crevice, every nook and cranny on his sculpture would be accounted for.”

“Meticulously he hammered away with his tools, cracking the ice away slowly but surely.”

“Day and night he worked, his hands turned blue from the chill of the ice beneath his fingers, not caring in the slightest as his plans came to fruition.”

“And by morning? He had created a plethora of sculptures, each more gorgeous than the last.”

“They would be his magnum opi. The very creations that put his name into the history books.”

“However, despite all of his planning, his feeble brain forgot to take in one very painful factor.”

“The sun.”

“For when morning broke, and the sun rose over the horizon, it was the beginning of the end for his sculptures.”

“Heat beating down, the ice began to melt beneath its assault.”

“Hours of hard work, weeks of planning, all down the drain in a matter of hours.”

“His beautiful plan turned to a puddle of slush at his feet.”

“The entirety of OSW is much like a large block of ice, isn’t it? A blank canvas for anyone to break and polish until it turns into a masterpiece by their hands.”

“That was always your intention, right, Simon?”

“With Jet Set Radio in your palms, you chisel and hammer ready, you finally set out to create your masterpiece.”

“Slowly but surely you hammered away at the hunk of ice, your plans coming to fruition as the scenes formed beneath your fingers.”

“A beautiful picture of Luke Storm bleeding from the eyes, the contents of his stomach turned inside out.”

“The gorgeous view of Pyre locked away in a cell, dripping with water as they torture her daily.”

“Even Zero hanging from a magnet, yelling angrily as he fought to free himself.”

“You used those tools masterfully, you’re so close to creating a perfect plan that would get you entered into the annals of history as the greatest mastermind, the greatest artist of all time.”

“And winning the VHS title would be a centerpiece, right?”

“You standing over Storm, the belt held high in your hands.”

“It’s quite an image, isn’t it?”

“It’s too bad that you neglected one massive detail.”

“The sun.”

“A massive force of nature that rises above all else, a source of heat that beats down upon your back when day breaks.”

“I am the sun that looks to melt all you have worked so hard for.”

“The massive heat wave rushing over OSW and turning the ice to slush in my wake.”

“You never planned for my arrival, and despite how detailed your plans were, you never saw me coming.”

“I’m going to ruin you, Simon. Destroy your legacy, evaporated your hopes, and melt away your dreams.”

“The sun is rising, Taskmaster.”

“And your masterpiece is going to disappear.”