I thought, now I think.

In Promo by Zero

“The first time I saw Luke Storm, I thought – that’s a bad mother fucker.”

“When we came out at Up in Smoke and caused havoc, I thought – that’s a bad mother fucker.”

“We ran riot over Old School Wrestling, winning Championships and beating Jet Set Radio. We made them look like our bitches and it’s no lie that we were led by Luke Storm and when he led us, I thought – that’s a bad mother fucker.”

“Then I met the real Luke Storm.”

“I met the loving, doting father. I met the man who when he found out that I was fucking Pyre, wished us the best and gave us his blessing. I met the man who claimed he’d do anything for those he loved, those he called family; for me and for Pyre and I thought – that’s a bad mother fucker.”

“The first time I saw Pyre, I thought – that’s a bad mother fucker.”

“She had everything a man could ever need. She had swagger, she had attitude – she was a fucking boss. The first time I met Pyre and we spoke; I knew this was a bad bitch and I thought – that’s a bad mother fucker.”

“We won the Tag Team Championships together and defended them against challenger after challenger. When we dropped a cunt with a Killer Queen, it was all she wrote. We defended those titles 9 fucking times and held them for three hundred and thirty six fucking days. After doing that, you know what I thought? I thought – that’s a bad mother fucker.”

“Then Pyre turns on me. She marries Simon Black behind my back and makes out that was she was forced into it. She earns my love and respect, and try to use them against me. This bitch screws me over and joins her fucking husband, making me think she wanted to marry me.”

“And Luke Storm – just when I thought this cunt was a victim too, just when I thought he had my back against the bitch who turned on us, I realized that he too learned my deepest darkest secrets and used them against me. He went to Goro Nakamura and told him where I was, knowing that if this cunt found me, he’d fucking kill me. He knew I’d die. He knew I’d be finished and he didn’t give a fuck. He wanted to be the one standing tall and was happy if my life was over for it.”

“And now I think…”

“Luke Storm isn’t a bad mother fucker.”

He’s a bitch.”

“Pyre isn’t a bad mother fucker.”

She’s a bitch.”

“The moves they both made proved that ain’t either of em anything other than a fucking bitch.”

“I ain’t no bitch.”

“I’m a bad mother fucker.”

“And on Monday, only one of us has earned that fucking title and it ain’t you two dipshits. Only one of us in that trios match is a bad mother fucker.”

“You’re lookin’ at him.”

“So step aside, move the fuck out of my way and wait your turn.”

“Or fuck around and find out.”