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I Smile From Above

I Smile From Above

The path to paradise begins in hell.

Glad to see you two finally made it here. My life was always the hardest out of all of ours, it makes sense I was the first to go.

Quinn, I knew we had our disagreements but I’m glad you made it.

Nightstick, bring it in, the best cop I know, man I wish there were more like you on the force.

Unfortunately, since I’ve been up here, the same crooked cops that ruined your life, that destroyed ours, took out multiple men that look like me.

One of them being the unfortunate catalyst to prove I was right all along, as your brothers on the force spilled my brother’s blood, they turned it into gasoline that would cover the nation.

Every Trayvon Martin, every Sandra Bland, every Botham Jean, every Breonna Taylor killed in cold blood drenched this nation with a gasoline that we could all taste.

Every one of us wondered who was next.

Who was the next to die for simply living?

George Floyd.

What was his crime?

Potentially using a counterfeit twenty?

Why did he deserve to die for that?

Some people would dig up his past and say he deserved it, a way to confirm their bias into thinking a cop was always right.

You know as well as I do Nightstick, you don’t need random people to protect your reputation, be a good cop and you’ll be seen as a good man.

The bad cops don’t need people to protect them, they already have their union.

A union that lets them literally get away with murder.

I digress, for every Nightstick, there’s a Derek Chauvin, a cop whose tendency for violence catches up with him when they can see the monster inside him in broad daylight.

His actions, that knee to the back of the neck, 8 minutes to kill Floyd, a man begging for his life, his pleas of I can’t breathe will be something no one should ever forget.

8 minutes to show the world who he truly was, a sociopath that never deserved to wear the badge.

8 minutes to start a spark that lit the world on fire.

8 minutes to prove I was right all along, I wasn’t there to see it but the revolution was televised.

To see suburban housewives say Black Lives Matter was music to my ears.

Precincts caught on fire while no one was in them was like art for me.

A majority of Americans siding with us for once was something I fought and begged for every day.

I hate the way it happened, I hate that countless men and women had to die simply so people could acknowledge that we deserved to live.

But God, it’s good to see people I thought would never come around to not only say we matter but march with us and use their voice to give us power.

Nightstick, you showed me I can believe in an individual person.

The world has finally shown me I can believe in it.

I don’t care if I win one last match between us.

The revolution was televised.

I already won.

Luther Creed