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I Had A Dream

I Had A Dream

Take a moment and think, think about what it is you are grateful for. Perhaps you are grateful for the sky above us, the beauty of the stars twinkling in the night. Perhaps you are grateful for the family that surrounds you. The ability to see those people in your most vulnerable of moments, to be able to reach out and touch them, converse with them. Perhaps you are grateful for the food which sits upon your table, to nourish and recharge you.

These are gifts we have been given by the Gods to take them away would be a sin.

Personally I’m thankful for vision. The ability to see the things this world beholds for me. To see the beauty in the eyes of a loved one, to be able to see the joy and relief in the eyes of those who I save. I remember those looks, the moment that they realize they are going to be okay, they are going to survive. A look of fear, replaced by a look of relief.

Vision is a gift, but it can also be a nightmare.

For the things I have seen in my life would cause many men to run, to scrape out their very own eyes. It would cause many men to seek shelter for the mere image of blood haunts most men. With my very eyes, I have seen the darkness of humanity. I’ve seen what we are capable in our worst moments, death, violence and hate.

In our darkest moments, we are capable of almost anything. The jealous lover watching from the bushes as his spouse seeks refuge in the arms of another. The grieving widow seeking revenge upon those who struck down his lover.

I’ve seen it all.

But you, what you’ll face is inevitability standing across from you. A man with no fear in his eyes, a man who seeks to harm you, to best you.  My hands will pummel down upon you, filled with hate and jealousy. Each knee strike will be violent, with death as their intent. You’ll be thankful you can’t see the horrors I will bring to you, the sight of it would haunt you forever.

I’ve seen you a dozen times, the group searching desperately for answers, willing to do anything to find them. The man who went blind, hoping to truly see.

For I had a dream. A vision that can not and will not be denied, a vision of me standing over your battered and broken body. A ring, stained with your blood. Your body laying motionless after being put through a table at my hands. An audience stunned and shocked as I best the mighty V1sion.

And finally everyone will be forced to watch in horror as my hand is raised in victory. Though you may not have the vision to see it, you will feel it in your soul. You’ll hear the arena shake in applause and you’ll sense the fear in the world of OSW. For they, like you will understand Vengeance has arrived.

The true face of Vengeance is the Skull