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Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

“Blood can be a tricky substance to remove.”

“You need the right tool for the job.”

“If you came to a slaughter of a murder scene and tried to remove the blood stains, you’d need to make sure you came prepared.”

Gustav Morgue would try and scrape it off, before rubbing it with borax or cedar dust. He’d then use cotton because that’s what a taxidermist would do.”

Prometheus would set fire to the whole place, believing that if he burned down the house of slaughter, he would subsequently remove the blood too. That’s what an arsonist would do.”

Jiro would shoot at it. He’d bring gunpowder and ammunition, hoping that he could spray the blood away in a barrage of bullets. He might toss a grenade in there or a Molotov cocktail. That’s what a weapons dealer would do.

Harvey Escher would just try and add more blood. It would be one of those circumstances in which someone tries to hide a stain with another stain, but we all know that doesn’t work, don’t we? You can’t clean blood from a slaughter by adding more blood. That’s what a psychopathic serial killer would do.

Amataga Tuga would be too busy idolising the stain made, thinking about how impressive it is that human blood has been stained in such a marvellous slaughter. He’d be too busy giggling in glee at the sight of such trauma to take any care to remove it. That’s what a demon would do.

CJ Thorpe would try and smuggle something in to take care of the problem – a person or an item, it would probably matter not. He’d not try and clean it himself, not when he can get someone else to do it. Case in point would be Harvey Escher doing his dirty work with Jiro. That’s what a smuggler would do.”

Max Meadows would try and deceive his way through the blood stain. He wouldn’t have seen it or been responsible for it in any way. He would pretend it didn’t exist or had nothing to do with him. That’s what a liar would do.

“And Harold Attano would only be invited to the slaughter because no-one really knew who or what he was capable of. Could he clean it? Maybe. Could he have been responsible for making it? Maybe. That’s what a no-body is.

“But you see, despite all these people coming to the slaughter with the wrong tools – I’m not one of them.”

“I’m coming with hydrogen peroxide and a sponge.”

“I’m coming with the exact knowledge on how to deal with a slaughter. I know how to remove a blood stain. I know how to wade through the red wine of the body and come out the other side in pristine condition.”

“After all, some of us are here to clean.”

“And some of us need to be cleaned.”

“At Dead Men Walking, The Cleaner is at your service.”