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Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty

“Everyone knows Humpty Dumpty.”

“An egg  who sat high upon the wall, looked up to by quite literally by all who could see him.”

“And people loved Humpty.”

“As he balanced on the bricks and waved to those below he believed he had it all. People watched him with glee, many viewing him as the most entertaining thing in the whole kingdom with his shining personality and wonderful little show as he rocked upon the wall. He was living the best life he could, did what he loved, and was revered for it.”

“Until the day he fell.”

“Humpty rocked back and forth on his wall a bit too much one day, maybe he  tripped, all we know is when he  fell, he plummeted.”

“And when he hit the ground?”



“Humpty was broken, he laid in pieces at the feet of the people who once loved him.”

“All the king’s horse and all the king’s men couldn’t put him back together again.”

“He was beyond repair.”

“You know, I was a kid once, Felix. I used to be a fan of your show, would beg my mom and dad to watch your shows because like every other kid in Arcadia I enjoyed nothing more than seeing your antics and hearing you talk.”

“Every night you’d come out with your puppets like Humpty on his wall and you’d put on a show, a song and dance with a shining personality to keep us captivated as you rocked back and forth on your wall atop Arcadia with Zeus funding you at the back end. Everyone thought you deserved it.”

‘But not everything can last forever, can it?”

“You fell, Felix. You came crashing down once the funding was cut and the Felix Foley we knew broke in front of our very eyes.”

“Shattered into a thousand pieces, a plethora of puppets covering the ground.”

“Not only is your career in shambles, your mind is too.”

“I’ve seen how your puppets talk without your input, how they boss you around and control your life, Foley.”

“When your shell cracked your psyche did too and everyone can see the gooey yolk of a deranged man splattered on the sidewalk.”

“And just like Humpty? You’re beyond repair.”

“I may not ride the Baron’s horses, but I represent the Baron’s men, and I’m sorry to say I’m not here to put you back together again.”

“No, I’m stepping between those ropes to clean up the mess left behind.”

“Sweeping away your shells, washing away the runny remains and clearing the street from onlookers trying to take a look at the mess on the pavement.”

“Don’t try to fight it, and don’t try to scoop up the pieces in your mangled hands. It’s time for you to go away, to remain in the past.”

“You’ll never be back on top of the wall.”

“You’ll never become whole.”

“And you’ll never beat me in the ring.”

“Specialist Cade is on the scene, and I’m going to clean up this mess by the book.”

“Eagles soar.”

Jackson Cade