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There are things hidden deep beneath the surface, things that take a bit of digging to uncover…and all that digging leaves behind holes. Symbolic of what has become missing from the complete scope of things…but even the holes contain secrets, if you look more closely.

An outfit can appear flawless at first glance, but upon closer investigation a group of missing threads reveals holes in the fabric…holes that become more noticeable as the outfit is in frequent use. Holes that eventually unravel the entire aesthetic.

Even the most airtight computer system can be found to contain glitches…holes in its operating system that can be exploited by someone who has just the right access. Those who hold such abilities hold the key to unlimited power as a result.

Technology is made to be as perfect as possible, but all it takes is the smallest error in manufacturing to create an opening, a hole by which someone with enough skill can manipulate to their desire.

And what can you find in these holes? What secrets are contained? Clues to how they were formed…the mistakes of their creator.

A fashion designer’s misconception on how an outfit is affected by wear and tear…a developer’s miscalculation in stopping every possible bug in the system…an inventor’s misjudgment on the effectiveness of their invention.

The closer you look at these holes, the more clear these clues become…and that’s how we get to resolving them. This is exactly what I was tasked to solve, to fill those holes.

To stop a fashion designer from unraveling everything for the sake of an Uprising. To find out why a hacker’s been trying to crack into a police database. To understand how an Automaton gets manipulated.

So many holes to fill back up, so little time.

The secrets those holes leave behind are clear to me now. Because at the heart of all this is a search for answers. Answers that Narcissa Balenciaga demand for her cause, that Jinx seems eager to hide, that TEC simply wants to uncover to close the case.

And when it’s all said and done, everyone’s out for answers. Colt Ramsey is on the hunt for just that, and you’d better believe ol’ Colt is gonna get the answers he deserves.

Because my job isn’t done until Narcissa’s motives are revealed. Until Jinx is investigated. Until TEC is fixed.

These are the answers I crave, and I will get my fill. I will use these clues to get the information I need, and then I will get to filling those holes back up, nice and tidy.

When I finally find out the truth, there will be nowhere for Jinx to hide. No way for Narcy-doll to pull any more strings. No chance of TEC continuing to malfunction.

Because whatever is going on here is something worth uncovering. They can’t keep hiding the truth from us, from the people.

The people want to know what’s happening around here…and you’ve got to give the people what they want.

Colt Ramsey