Hold ‘Em.

In Promo by Simon

Somewhere in a dusty old saloon, four of the best card players meet for a game of Texas hold ’em.

These absolute professionals are at the top of their craft, each with their own approach to the cards.

The bold adventurer, taking on wild bets with such fervor that his opponents don’t call his bluff.

Across the table, a player with a much safer approach.

Never raising a bet, he’s folded when the need arises…some call it cowardice, he calls it wisdom.

The third of these is a player with an unwavering, stoic look during play.

You look at him and you can see where the term “poker face” comes from.

The game begins, and the adventurer places a big bet on the flop…but his ploy doesn’t work on these opponents.

In fact, one is feeling more than up to the challenge…and raises.

This man has had ups and downs, but always keeps his eye on the long game.

This play changes the entire landscape of the game.

The coward and the stoic call the bet, and the game resumes.

The turn is played, and the flustered adventurer opts to check after his earlier mistake.

The others follow suit, immediately taking us to the river.

And now, it gets interesting.

The adventurer goes all in, a final act of desperation.

And the man after him…calls.

The coward folds, and the stoic cracks with call of his own.

The cards are revealed…and the adventurer has lost everything on two bad plays.

It’s precisely the kind of gamble you don’t want to make at this juncture, folks.

The final two rounds of the Ring King tournament, and four of the best players have arrived at the Slaughterhouse Saloon.

Sigil, and his penchant for big plays.

He is, after all, a man that would go all in and challenge Death himself.

Unlike the coward Sir Bellator, and his safe bets.

A man that falls in line with Sigil, then Renault, then Death as the need suits him, never raising the stakes.

And of course, my stoic rival himself, Deathnote.

The very son of Death, making it a point to mask his emotions and intentions with every hand played.

Over the past couple weeks, the patterns between you three have been established.

But now, all the cards are on the table.

It’s time to see how you all stack up, fellas.

Sigil’s about to learn that his big plays are about to come back and haunt him.

Bellator will realize that playing the safe game has only set him up for failure in these final moments.

And the stoic fa├žade of Deathnote will finally crack, when he realizes who’s been holding the best hand this entire time.

I’ve taken my lumps, but never panicked.

It’s simply not in my nature.

Cool, calm, collected.

Keeping my eyes on the endgame.

The moment of truth, when my strategy pays off.

When the most supreme player takes the pot he’s earned.

When the king collects his crown.