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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

The past.

A green portal opens into a darkened church, in which Renault Rhodes sits upon a pew, looking at a bible. Sigil, Renault and Bellator step out and into the corner of the room, watching.

Just then, the doors open from behind and heavy footsteps approach, taking a seat behind him.

It’s Solomon Rhodes.

“She died,” Renault says through tears.

“I know she did, son,” Rhodes responds. “But I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for.”

Renault turns to face him, angrily.

“What fucking use is it now?” He roars.

Solomon shakes his head.

“If you come with me to Old School Wrestling, we can resurrect Yahweh and in turn, have him bring her back to us,” Rhodes suggests. “I know we can do it, son. I’ve made a deal to make it so.”

Renault must think about it for a moment. He wants his mother back.

“It’ll take sacrifice beyond anything you could ever imagine. You’ll have to do things that’ll make you hate yourself if you let it. You’ll have to become a zealot, believing in each aspect of Yahweh and the holy bible. There will be no room for failure or loss of belief. If you want your mother back, it’s all or nothing.”

Rhodes stands up, meeting his son at his feet. Renault nods in agreement, suggesting that he’ll go.

“I’ll do it,” he says promisingly. “But Timothy must never know. He can’t be apart of this, do you understand? We’ll need others, but not him.”

“Very well,” Rhodes agrees. “I know exactly who’ll we’ll recruit.”


Suddenly, the watching Sir Renault vanishes, disappearing from the time jump as Sigil and Bellator look on in confusion.


Tureos meets Ether tonight, with the newcomer looking to put himself up the ladder and get people to take notice. But there’s an Ether in the way that has other ideas.

Tureos comes charging straight at Ether as soon as the bell tolls. SPINNING ELBOW BUT ETHER IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN! She had grabbed the ropes and sound herself upside down to avoid the strike, throwing Tureos off balance. ETHER COMES DOWN HARD WITH A SPINNING SKATE TO THE FACE!

Tureos is staggered, stopping right where he stands, groggily. ETHER STRIKE! THE SPINNING HEEL KICK TAKES HIM DOWN! Ether takes out a lollypop and shoves it in Tureos’s mouth. Tureos tries to stand, but has nowhere where he is. FUCK YA FACE! THE INVERTED FACEBUSTER! SHE’S MADE HIM FORCEBLY SWALLOW THE DAMN LOLLYPOP, STICK AND ALL! Ether covers for a pin, amidst the choking sound of Tureos underneath her, the lollypop stick caught in his trachea. ONE! TWO! THREE!

Ether made light work of Tureos tonight, and it appears that Tureos is not okay. Ether celebrates the victory, riding the high and sending a message. She means business.


One more week has passed and we once again find ourselves sitting in the darkness that is SeeSaw’s Toy Box. Mr.  Make-Believe pours himself tea from Chef’s head, stirring the contents with a spoon made from a finger and sipping the beverage before angrily smashing it upon the ground! He kicks over the Young Chef Play Set, stepping over it to another table where we can only hear pained groans in the darkness.


SeeSaw looks down at his brother, the man’s lower half hidden  beneath a tarp. “You were one of my favorites, you know. Reliable ol’ Doc.”

Doc looks up weakly at SeeSaw, barely alive. The needle to the throat last week seems to have been a powerful paralyzing agent, he didn’t die from his confrontation with Chip. Doc tries to speak but SeeSaw pushes a finger to his lips. “Shhh, you failed. And if you aren’t a good play mate then I’ll make you one. You know that, don’t you?”


SeeSaw yanks the tarp off of Doc who can barely glance down to see himself cut open! He tries to scream but SeeSaw’s hand is pressed firmly to his mouth! “My old Marvoloperation game is all nasty and rotten. I needed a new one and you’re perfect for it! Doc-Operation! Now, let’s see if I’m still any good at this.”

The mad toymaker plunges a pair of pliers into Doc’s chest! He yanks and pulls as Doc screams in sheer agony, SeeSaw’s hand off of his mouth. The Toymaker yanks out his brother’s heart! He watches as Doc’s scream’s fade to nothing, collapsing back on the table as SeeSaw shakes his head.

“What a shame. I guess I touched the sides.”


A very angry, very determined HellBat takes on one half of the Tag Team Champions as Kaine Knightlord faces Tag!

Tag senses an opening thanks to Knightlord’s current state, rushing the Dark Detective with a quick flurry of offense that culminates in a dropkick that sends Kaine reeling back toward the ropes…but he builds up speed, hitting Tag with a shoulder tackle on the rebound, dropping him to the canvas!

Knightlord stays on the attack, landing some mounted punches on the fallen Tag before bringing Sexy Dynamite to his feet…but Tag starts fighting back, hitting some lefts and rights to keep Knightlord at bay! Tag hits the ropes, looking for a clothesline on the rebound…but Knightlord hits a side slam!

Kaine goes for the cover, but Tag manages to kick out quickly…much to the HellBat’s annoyance, as he lifts Tag to a standing position once more. This time, however, Tag catches him by surprise with a forearm to the head, followed by a bicycle kick! THE FIVE STAR FACIAL CONNECTS!

Knightlord falls to the canvas, but Tag wants to put this away. He brings Knightlord to his feet, looking for that single leg powerbomb lungblower…AND HITS THE SPRAY BACK! The damage done earlier makes Tag struggle to make the cover, but he makes it all the same! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Tag manages to pull off a victory tonight against Kaine Knightlord, who soon makes his exit with haste as he seems focused on a task at hand!


Recorded Earlier.

The Impaler is set to take on Jensen Cussen, but some time beforehand we find him in a dimly-lit room, kneeling before the Harbinger of Fate…who approaches her weapon with a furrowed brow and a stern, silent stare.

The silence is deafening for Legion, who speaks up to cut through the tension.

“I’ve failed you, haven’t I?”

A question referring to his defeat last week, leaving The Impaler to expect punishment…but Chronoa gives none.

Instead, she walks closer to Legion, resting a hand on his shoulder with a softer look on her face.

“Not necessarily, weapon. I wanted to see the extent of your power and strength, and you’ve provided that in spades…but now, we get a gauge of your brutality. I want to see just how dangerous you can be. After all, you’re about to face a man who calls himself Vengenace…but you are so much more than that, aren’t you?”

The Impaler gives a nod of acceptance, the lights starting to glow brighter–even flickering at stages–as we finally see the other side of the room…and the door opening in front of him.

On the other side, a hallway…one of the many within The Slaughterhouse.

Where the weapon of Fate is about to be put to the test, much to the Harbinger’s delight.

Chronoa leans over, whispering in the ear of The Impaler…and in the one area of his face the mask doesn’t quite cover, we see it.

A smirk.



Jet Set Radio want answers.

And they’ve gone straight to the horse’s mouth to get them.

They’ve been wanting to talk to Simon for weeks now, but with himself getting arrested, then released, he has always seemed to avoid their contact. Now, they have him cornered, down a small street near the back entrance to the Slaughterhouse.

Pyre and Simon look to be deep in a private conversation when Ether and Tag approach.

“Start talking.”

Tag calls as they draw near, catching both Simon’s and Pyre’s attention.

“Just give it to us straight. Somebody needs to pay for Wiz’s death.”

Ether pipes up in support of Tag’s statement.

“It’s going to be either one of you or both of you. So talk, why shouldn’t it be you?”

Simon smiles meekly, trying to diffuse the situation he now finds himself in.

“Guys, haven’t we spun these wheels before? Did you learn nothing? Are you that gullible that you’d let yourself be played by Zero?”

He steps forward, showing no fear in coming to greet his once friends.

“Zero used you to get out of prison. The actions of a desperate man. The footage is false, he’s framing me. He’s trying to get you to doubt me.”

Pyre supports her husband, speaking up to confirm his thoughts.

“You know in your heart who to trust. Since when has that ever been Zero? He’s a dog, an untrustworthy, rabid mongrel. And you’re letting yourself be played by him.”

She embraces Simon, showing JSR a sign of trust in her man.

“Simon was released because he is not guilty. Zero was only released because you did his dirty work for him. Don’t you see, you’re being played for fools by the very man who killed Wiz.”

The revelation drops like a ton of bricks.

Jet Set Radio think on it for a moment, before walking away. No violence exchanged today, no blood shed.

Pyre’s words seem to have given JSR the answer they sought.


With big tests looming at Red Snow for both of these men, Impaler and Cussen have their last round of training against one another tonight!

The bell rings and Cussen rushes the Impaler— BIG LARIAT! But Impaler stands tall, and Cussen runs the ropes and tries again with a little more oomph— ANOTHER LARIAT! This staggers Impaler this time, and Cussen sprints off the ropes for a third lariat— DUCKED BY IMPALER!

Legion hits the ropes now as Cussen rebounds off the opposite ropes as they head towards one another— ADAM SMASHER!! THE LARIAT TURNS CUSSEN INSIDE OUT!! Impaler scoops Cussen up and runs across the ring with a single shoulder powerbomb— NIGHT CITY BLACKOUT??? NO!!! Cussen slips out at the last second!

Cussen traps Impaler’s arm and sweeps the leg— STO! AND FOLLOWS UP WITH A SPIKE DDT— MIDNIGHT SHADOW!! Cussen covers— BLACK MIST!! Cussen frantically jumps off Impaler and staggers around blindly as Impaler gets to his feet and charges Cussen— ANOTHER ADAM SMASHER!! Cover— ONE! TWO!! THR— NO!! CUSSEN GETS A SHOULDER UP!!

Impaler stalks Cussen from behind as he gets to his feet… AND LOCKS IN THE TAZMISSION!! He uses his mass to smother Cussen chest-first onto the mat before squatting over Cussen and tearing back in a Camel-clutch-like position— LEGIONNAIRES!!! He’s compressing Cussen’s lungs and forces The Shadow to tap out!!

The many was too much for the shadow tonight, and Impaler gets the big win!


The Hall of Skulls.

Death stands in the middle of his hall, the Skull Table residing in the middle of it and him beside it. He’s waiting for a moment until the doors open and in walks Solomon Rhodes.


And Sir Renault too.

Oh no, Death plucked him from the time jump. But how? How did he know that Sigil had taken him back in time? What the fuck.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure this is brief,” Death says with a smirk.

Please don’t kill my son,” Rhodes begs. “He’s misguided, but there’s hope for him yet.”

“Oh, I’m going to kill your son,” Death says with a laugh.


Just then, Timothy Rhodes appears beside Death. Renault rushes forward but Death clicks his fingers a second time, a slit appearing across Tim’s throat. Rhodes drops to his knees in horror as Sir Renault catches his brothers falling body, crying as he does.

“Did you really think he could betray me and there would be no consequences?” Death asks, approaching Rhodes. “You have a job to do, Solomon. You kill Lux Bellator. You kill Sigil. Once you’ve achieved this, I’ll bring Yahweh back and if you’re fortunate, his gratitude will extend to the lives of your son and your wife.”

As Renault cries cradling his brother’s body, Rhodes looks up at Death with tears in his eyes.

“Finish this,” Death demands. “Or I will.”

We cut away to see Lux Bellator and Sigil watching from the shadows, having followed the trail of Renault being taken to here.


The gods are all dead, but does this clash between Sirs Bellator and Gable signify that Vayikra is dead too?

Tie up collar and elbow. Gable twists Bellator’s arm with a wrist lock, but Bellator somersaults out and reverses the hold, then escaleras to the top rope, hopping off into a flying headscissors and transitioning into an arm bar— THE ARM OF GOD!! Gable grabs the bottom rope to break it though.

Both men to their feet and Bellator rushes Gable, who narrowly avoids a lariat, and when Bellator bounces chest-first off the ropes Gable catches him with a German suplex— AND NINE MORE!! THE TEN COMMANDMENTS!! Bridging pin— ONE! TWO!! THR— NO!! BELLATOR KICKS OUT!!

Gable wants to destroy his former friend, placing him on the top turnbuckle and slugging him in the face with a big right hand, then climbs up and lifts him high into a stalling vertical super pughplex… FROM THE HEAVENS??? NO!!! Bellator sits back down on the turnbuckle and gutpunches Gable, and stuffs his head between the legs…

BEFORE FLIPPING OVER THE TOP OF GABLE— BUT GABLE HANGS ONTO THE ROPES!! Bellator pivots and attempts to lift Gable into a crucifix, but Gable slips out, and when Sanctus rushes him, Gable clutches him and backflips— IMPERTIO!!! THOU SHALT STEAL!!! He used Bellator’s Spanish Fly! Cover— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Sir Gable may have to visit the confession booth after sinning to win that match!


The Generation Kid is walking down the hallway, looking no worse for wear after the events of last week.

Physically anyway.

In his mind, the walls are closing in around him.

Or wait…

No, that’s actually happening.

The dark shadows of the corridor all seem to wrap up and surround TGK until he has no choice but to notice them.

“Vali.” The Kid says, not surprised at all.

“You’ve given me power the likes of which I haven’t felt in centuries.” Banzan’s voice whispers to TGK, the big man nowhere to be found.

“And I’m going to take it all away.” TGK counters.

“How?” The demi-god retorts. “You cannot escape your destiny.”

The world around TGK suddenly shifts, and the Kid is crawling through a metal air duct, wearing nothing more than his pants.

Shades of John McClane.

“I’m going to stop you, no matter what illusions you show me.” Kid says, his face determined. “Everyone has a weakness. Even a demi-god.”

Echoing through the air duct, Banzan laughs heartily.

TGK finds himself frozen, watching through the duct as Banzan stands in front of a person who slowly steps into frame.

It’s TGK?

The pair rush towards one another, and with every laser blast and punch from TGK, Banzan continues to grow more powerful, his frame growing larger and larger with each blast.

“Together, I am invincible.” Vali says. “You will continuously recharge me, making me bigger and more powerful than even the highest mountain.”

TGK unloads with a laser blast on Banzan, and the Mountain grows so much the building around him shatters.

Our TGK goes falling out of the air duct into freefall, the remains of Nakatomi Plaza erupting around him.


TGK slowly pulls himself up off the ground, but he’s not looking up at a ruined building.

He’s just in the Slaughterhouse.

Alone in the hallway.

Banzan’s in his head again.

But unlike last time, TGK…



Death’s ever loyal assistant walks through the decrepit halls of a decaying catacomb before coming to the end of one of the halls where he stands in a room surrounded by coffins. As he examines them he perks up at a foot step behind him. He doesn’t even turn around, simply sighing and adjusting his suit.

“You took your time to find me, didn’t you? Well, I suppose you needed to confirm your suspicions fully, didn’t you, Jensen?” Mortimer stands fully upright, turning around and meeting Jensen Cussen face to face, Death’s Black Hand cracks his knuckles, shaking his head almost in pity.

“I’m not surprised you talked to him, you know. I get it, Deathnote is like a child to you, too.” Jensen is surprisingly calm, not angry or even annoyed as he places a hand upon Mortimer’s shoulder. The old man nods his head, his eyes tired.

“I watched over him, helped him, and served Master Deathnote as well as I could up until he had left his father behind. I won’t hesitate to say that I did love him and he deserved to know the truth.” Mortimer stands tall, watching as Jensen merely looks away from him, frowning before shaking his head.

“You know what I’m here to do, don’t you?” Jensen asks, almost pained by what he was about to do. But Mortimer merely nodded his head.


Jensen’s fist went right through Mortimer’s ribcage! Blood drenches his hand as Mortimer’s form slowly begins to wither away, turning to ashes around Jensen’s arm. Even the blood on his skin soon becomes nothing more than funerary ashes, the remnants of Mortimer but a pile on the ground.

“Should’ve just done your job.”

Jensen turns to leave, his arm stained with Mortimer’s remains, Death’s assistant finally put to rest.


The nature host takes on a whole different kind of beast as Chip Montana faces The Generation Kid!

Chip takes charge at the outset, looking to catch the Kid off his game with a right hook that knocks him back…but only slightly, as TGK fires right back with a right hand of his own, which sends Chip reeling to the ropes as he looks to hit a dropkick!

Except that Chip wisely grabs the ropes, stopping his momentum as he sees the Kid drop to the canvas! The nature host sees the opportunity for what it is as he starts stomping away until TGK rises back to his feet…and tries to send him up and over! MONKEY FLIP!

But the Kid lands on his feet! Chip is none too pleased by this, but is sent to the corner with a dropkick from TGK…who rushes toward the host at full speed…only to take a boot to the face! Chip catches him from behind, slamming him face-first onto the canvas!

BULLDOG! Chip goes for the cover! ONE! TW–NO! Chip is astonished as he brings the Kid back up…but is met with a belly to belly suplex! NOBODY CALLS ME YELLOW! TGK stands Chip up…but he’s caught with a sit-out tombstone piledriver! DOWN UNDER DRIVER, AND CHIP COVERS! ONE! TWO! THREE!

TGK finds himself coming up short against Chip Montana here tonight!


Cael Gable sits backstage following his match, packing his bag before he leaves for the night.


Before he can even look up, the door has been kicked in and a rough hessian sack thrown over his head. He can hear rough voices but everything is moving so fast he can’t really figure out what they’re saying. Gable can feel the slight chill of the evening so knows he has been taken out of the Slaughterhouse, but other than that barely knows what is going on.

Some time later, Gable is thrown down onto a hard chair, the sack ripped from his head. He lets his eyes adjust to the light.

It’s Grimwolf and his crew.

“Of course,” starts Cael. “I should have known you’d pull some stunt like this.”

“Aye, me hearty. Maybe ye should. I’ve tried kinder ways, but ye didn’t want to listen. So now I’ve made ye listen.”

Cael looks down and sees that he is bound to the chair by his wrists and ankles. He then looks around and sees the inside of what can only be Grimwolf’s ship.

“Take it all in, landlubber, I know it can be hard for ye to get the sea legs, after ye’ve been on land for some time.”

“Israel. Just let me go,” Cael pleads. “I told you what I want.”

Grimwolf gets in Cael’s face.

“The problem, me hearty, is that its the wrong choice. Ye need to become the Nekken, and it needs to happen before Red Snow. If ye won’t go quietly then I’ve got no choice but to make ye.”

The two stew in the awkward silence for a moment before Grimwolf goes on.

“There is nothing ye can do. This has to happen. There’s just one thing I need to sort first. Don’t go anywhere, me men will be stationed just outside of these doors.”

And Grimwolf leaves the room, leaving Cael scanning his surroundings, for something – anything!


How does one inflict torture upon a man who doesn’t feel pain? That’s the question Deathnote looks to answer as he takes on The Dead!

The Dead struggles somewhat at the start, much to the delight of Deathnote as he blindsides the Watcher with a clothesline! The Dead falls to the canvas, giving the Author of Death a chance to continue the assault with strikes, before going for a kick to the skull…that narrowly misses!

The Dead manages to duck it at the last second, getting back to his feet to stand off against the heavier Deathnote as he unleashes a flurry of offense that sends the Author of Death to the corner…before rushing in, looking to hit a big European uppercut! DE LA MUERTE!

Comes up empty as Deathnote dodges it, much to the Watcher’s chagrin as he turns to face his opponent…who clocks him with a hard elbow strike! The Dead is rattled by this, giving Deathnote an opening by pulling him in, hoisting him up for a Burning Hammer! DYING WISH CONNECTS!

Deathnote goes for the cover! ONE! TWO! NO! The Dead manages to kick out, much to Deathnote’s annoyance as he pulls the Watcher to his feet…looking to hit the Sister Abigail! TURN–NO! THE DEAD SLIPS OUT, LANDING A BULLHAMMER ELBOW! FINAL BREATH! The Dead makes a cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Even through the ailment he seems to be dealing with, The Dead manages to pick up a win over the Author of Death himself!


The match is over, but as Deathnote leaves the ring we see The Dead struggling. All that energy expended has left him feeling weak, exhausted…and barely able to stand, much less prepare himself for what’s to come.


As the lights flicker back on, Kaine Knightlord is standing right behind him…a snarl on his face as he lunges at the Watcher!

The Dead manages to narrowly avoid disaster, rolling out of the ring as he backs away, trying to catch his breath as the HellBat shouts at him.

“You and I have a problem, Watcher…and I’m determined to find a solution.”

Kaine reaches into his cloak, revealing some papers from his pocket as he continues to shout at his foe.

“I studied, analyzed that blood of yours, trying to understand why I’ve been poisoned by it…and I am now hunting after a cure.”

The Dead stares him down, unable to respond as he looks at his wound…something the Dark Detective picks up on immediately.

“I can tell from here that something’s happened to you, too…but I have no interest in saving you, Watcher. After your past interference, I’ve decided to take what I need from you by force…and after Red Snow, I will satisfy my Hunger.”

And just like that…darkness, again.

The lights come back on, revealing an empty ring and a concerned, even worried look on the face of The Dead…who must find some cure of his own, or else Kaine Knightlord will tear him apart at Red Snow.



The sounds of a deranged… man? It’s definitely a man mimicking a dog barking and running on all fours through an alleyway! Meanwhile running as fast as he can is Chip Montana! He leaps over a dumpster that his pursuer soon knocks aside! The man chasing him? A Fish brother indeed, this one? Named Mad Dog. With wild hair and wilder eyes, and a chain on a makeshift collar around his neck, it’s clear SeeSaw sent his crazier brother yet!

“I just wanted to mess with animals! I’m so fuckin’ tired of you cunts!” Chip makes a mad dash up a fence at the end of the alleyway, Mad Dog’s chain leash clanking wildly as he quickly closes the distance!


Mad Dog hits the ground and Chip wraps the chain around the handle of a nearby door, trapping the Fish Brother in place.

“Ha! Fuckin’ finally. Sendin’ a wannabe animal after the great Chip Montana? SeeSaw’s out of ideas, ain’t he?” Chip chuckles, checking his pocket and ensuring Dave is safe, patting the rabbit on the head. Meanwhile, Mad Dog grabs the fence and snarls, spit slobbering.





Chip looks on in shock as SeeSaw pushes his brother’s corpse out of the way, staring a hole through Chip.

“Failure. Every week, every month, my brothers failed me. This one can’t even get over a fence, how would he have ever beaten you in my Toybox?” SeeSaw’s lip quivers, the Toymaker seething with rage. “I’m done sending them after you, none of them are good enough! No, like I said before, Chip. I’ll have to do all of this myself. You’re coming on one last play date, Chip. You and me in my Toybox.”

Montana backs away, the poor show host having seen more horrors in his life than he’d care to admit. He takes a moment, standing straight and nodding.

“Fine. You wanna get put down? I’ll put ya down.” Chip walks backwards as he speaks, watching as SeeSaw stares him down, his face soon contorting into a terrifying smile as Chip disappears through the exit on the other side of the alleyway.


Two men disillusioned by their past and rightfully pissed off go to war once more again tonight. Will Mister Mother Fucker put down a templer again or is Darth Jesus’s new resolve enough to finally get that victory over Zero?

The bell sounds as both men rush forward, pounding down on one another with heavy lefts and rights, Zero having the strength advantage with his cybernetics but he gives a good 30 pounds to Renault who takes advantage with a brutal headbutt before throwing Zero head over heels with a stiff Belly to Belly. Zero stumbles to his feet as Renault rushes forward for a clothesline but Zero ducks underneath, flipping up into a headstand before sending Renault flying forward with the Headrush. Renault stumbles to his feet right into an almighty Firewall that sends him crashing back down to the mat.

Zero has that cocky smile growing on his face as he lifts Renault up, looking to chokeslam a bitch but Renault slips out, rolling Zero up into the Alterboy for a one…Zero easily gets the shoulder up. The Hacker bounds back to his feet but another Firewall is ducked under as Renault grabs him, ROLLING GERMAN! Renault keeps hold of Zero, landing the Half Nelson but as Renault tries to finish the holy trinity, Zero breaks the Dragon Suplex with a series of hard elbows to the jaw. Renault staggers back, BOOT PROCESS! Zero damn near kicked his fucking head off as he draws his thumb across his throat, looking for that final blow.

Renault staggers up into the kick, wham…Renault reverses the Stunner, SNAP GERMAN! Renault drops Zero right on his head as he rushes forward, DIVINE WISH! Superkick of his own right on the chin of Zero, stunning the Hacker as he lifts him up high in the air, running forward with THE LAST….PUNK CITY KILLLAH! Zero counters out of nowhere, landing that brutal stunner as he falls onto Renault for the pinfall and the one…two…three!!!

Mister Mother Fucker picks up a big victory tonight, showing Darth Jesus and OSW exactly why he’ll be the biggest Mother Fucker come Red Snow. 


The match is over and Renault is the first to roll out of the ring. As he does so, we are interrupted at ringside by the arrival of Tag and Ether.

The two remaining members of Jet Set Radio charge the ring, running right past Renault Rhodes to where their target stands, leaning on the ropes recovering from his battle.

Jet Set Radio slide into the ring in tandem, cutting Zero off from both sides and blocking his potential escape.

“You lying sack of shit!”

Tag goes for the jugular, grabbing Zero by the throat. Zero blocks him, pushing him aside only to walk STRAIGHT INTO ONE HELL OF A SLAP FROM ETHER!

“You almost had us convinced, but we’re not going to be made fools of. You killed Wiz. You did it, and you tampered with that footage to make Simon seem guilty.”

Zero turns his head back towards JSR, rubbing his cheek.

“You’re as thick as brick shithouses, you know that right?”

Fists clenched from both Tag and Ether. They’re ready to kill, but Zero isn’t done.

“You’ve already been taken for a ride by that fucker, and I said I was going to prove it.”

He taps at his visor a few times and the footage appears in holographic form out in front of them. Crystal clear. The same footage that Zero revealed earlier.

“You see. It’s clear. Tampered footage usually has a slight blur to it, jerkiness. You cannot cut and alter video without creating a trace of it. Look as close as you like, this shit is authentic.”

JSR stop attacking, but do not lover their fists. They’re not convinced.

“You need more?”

Again, Zero taps at his visor, and a series of code appears atop the video, layered over.

Timestamps, geolocation, source code. Everything you need to prove that this video is original. It’s right here. You cannot fake this shit.”

He lets the code hang in the air for a long while, until the body language drops from both Ether and Tag. The penny drops.

The video is authentic.

Zero did not kill Wiz.

Which means…

Before the thought can so much as be finished, the Slaughterhouse screen flashes into life and we see the vision of Pyre and Simon both standing in solidarity somewhere backstage. Simon speaks, pointing his finger.

“You two just couldn’t let it drop, could you. You couldn’t move on. Well… Now, you’ll just have to meet the same fate.”

Pyre also seems much perturbed by the change of allegiances in JSR.

“You fucking clowns had one job, trust me. With you taking out Zero, I’d only have to worry about ol’ Hollywood. But no, you couldn’t even fuck things up properly. So while Simon beats the living shit out of you, it looks like we really are going to find out once and for all which Bad Mother Fucker is the baddest.”

She motions her hand toward the screen.

“Bring it, Zero. Bring it like you’ve never brought it…”






He merely points a finger at the screen, straight into the soul of Zero.

Luke Storm sends the final message.

JSR knows once and for all who killed Wiz.

BMF are ready to tear each other to pieces.

It’s all on for Red Snow.


Flash Forward

The Night of Red Snow


Scarlett Storm’s voice pierces the night in the otherwise quiet family home of the Storm family.

“You’re not listening.”

She’s right. Luke Storm is looking out of the window, staring into the night. How things got to this point… His memory is working in overdrive.

“You never listen to me.”

Luke turns around, looking at his daughter who has been trying to catch his attention for a while now. She’s crying, and has been clearly for some time. Storm steps forward to comfort her, but Scarlett pulls away.

“No. I don’t want you to think you can just make this all better. You’re never here. I’m always second to everything else.”

Luke looks hurt.

“That’s not true, you’re my everything.”


A mountain of anguish, pain and hurt is thrust out of Scarlett in a single word. It falls out of her mouth, slapping Luke with more venom than anything he’s ever been hit with before. She trembles uncontrollably in a mixture of tears and anger.

“I’ve never been enough. Don’t do it daddy.”

Luke looks slightly puzzled.


Scarlett grabs her father by the shoulders, speaking right into his face.

“Don’t go through with the match. I’m afraid… I’m afraid you’ll die.”

She lets go, collapsing into the nearby sofa, sobbing openly.

“It’s too late for that now. I know you don’t understand.”

Scarlett turns away from him, Luke talks to her, knowing she’s still listening.

“I’ve stood back and watched them take over. I’ve watched as we’ve destroyed each other. They all need to suffer. Every last one. I must, it must end this way.”

He hears the noises outside, voices arguing. Familiar voices.

“It’s too late for that now Scar… Hide. They’re coming.”

Luke stands her up and pushes her gently into action, watching the girl run, still crying out of the living room and up the stairs. Luke turns back to the window. Outside, Pyre and Zero stand, facing each other in front of his family home.

They’re in a heated argument, pushing and shoving.

This is where it happens.

The final showdown.

To Be Continued at Red Snow.

One week before Red Snow, the Taskmaster and Prince of Party go head to head once more. Will Vigour fly high or will Simon be able to use the whisper of fear to his advantage?

The bell starts as Vigour rushes forward, peppering Simon with hard lefts and rights before a stiff enziguri sends Simon stumbling into the corner. Vigour rushes forward, trying to Monkey Flip Simon out but the Taskmaster slips underneath, trying to grab Vigours feet as he does but the Prince kicks him right in the jaw, staggering Simon back before he leaps up to the top

STANDING MOONSAULT! Vigour gets all of it as he stays down for the cover and the one…two…Simon gets the shoulder up! The Taskmaster stumbles to his feet right into an attempted spinning heel kick but Simon ducks underneath before kicking back with a sly low blow! Vigour stumbles in pain as Simon hooks him up for the SIMONPLEX! The Taskmaster bridges over for the pinfall, one…two…Vigour gets the shoulder up!

Simon pulls Vigour up to his feet nailing him with a few hard knees to the jaw before slamming him down to the mat with a beautiful Gambit backfist but the Checkmate attempt is kicked off before Simon gets nailed in the jaw with a kip-up backflip. Vigour grabs him by the head, nailing a brutal tornado DDT as he leaps up onto the apron looking for the end but as he goes to leap, Vigour gets distracted by someone at ringside.

Just like his match against TGK, Whisper just stands there, a chilling scowl upon his face that stuns Vigour enough for Simon to get to his feet and Suplex Vigour back over to the mat. Vigour slowly stumbles to his feet into a kick to the gut, double underhook, MASTERSTROKE! Vigour gets drilled into the mat as Simon rolls over for the cover and the one…two…three!!!

Simon picks up the penultimate victory of the year here, taking advantage of the spectre of Whisper to steal a win over Vigour tonight. 


Before Vigour can even get up, Whisper is on him.

Simon heads for the hills, because he’s not getting involved in this one.

Vigour and Whisper exchange punches, but after wrestling Simon, Vigour is outmatched.

Hell, he’s outmatched even without that.

Grabbing Vigour by the throat, the Shepard grimaces in his face.

“No tricks this week, just death.” He growls, preparing to end it.


Vigour’s body falls to the mat with a thud.


Whisper falls to the mat, grasping at his arm.

That snap wasn’t a neck, it was a goddamned BEAR TRAP!

Did Vigour have that in his jacket?!?

Rubbing his neck, Vigour shakes his head. He grabs Whisper by the hair, and gets face to face.

“I know this isn’t the type of bear you wanted me to worry about, but I thought this trap’d do the trick.”

Is he talking to Starboy?

“I’m going to save you, buddy.”

Definitely Starboy.

Whisper grins as Vigour releases him.

“He won’t plead for your life.” The Shepard says. “He respects you more than that. He knows what I have to do and why I have to do it.”

Vigour snaps, pushing Whisper over, and stomping on the bear trap.

“Ashen scum!” He roars, attacking Whisper over and over.

But the Shepard tanks it all, pulling the bear trap off his wounded arm.

“I am no Ashen.” Whisper says, conjuring a soul to teleport himself behind the Prince of Party. “I do not serve them freely.”

“But you serve them anyway.” Vigour calls out, punching blindly at the teleporting Whisper.

“I serve them for the same reason you fight them.” Whisper says. “And it is for that reason, as well as the bellowing of your friend, that I will give you an offer.”

Vigour stops, shaking his head. He knows this is foolish.

“What offer?”

“This place has an event called Red Snow coming up. I’ve learned its host to combat and death. Meet me there, and we will settle this. You can save your planet and stop my mission, or you will die and I will save mine.”

Vigour takes a moment. This would give him time to prepare, allow him to sleep without fear of Whisper attacking him.

But is he only delaying the inevitable?

“Deal.” Vigour says. “We’ll finish this at Red Snow.”

“Yes,” Whisper responds. “I will finish it.”



The words of Deathnote fill the air as we find the Author of Death himself standing over his tome, the paper Mortimer gave him last week is held tightly in his hand. He looks on the verge of a breakdown when he turns around to see Jensen Cussen emerging from the shadows behind him, Deathnote seemingly expecting him.

“Did you find what you were looking for? Mortimer give you the false answers you were hoping to see?” Jensen’s tone is mocking as he speaks, already knowing the answer. Deathnote opens the note in his hand, showing it to the Black Hand as he glares daggers at him, his eyes glancing to the ashen stain left on Jensen’s arm.

“Yes, he did.” We finally see the inside of the note, seeing that it wasn’t simply Mortimer giving him a note, it’s a page torn from the book itself! One from years before Deathnote was allowed to carry it in his arms, back when it was his father’s personal tool. The writing on the page is plain as day. It’s Mortimer’s page, his name written in Death’s own handwriting! However, the date is written in Mortimer’s.

Today’s date.

“My father wants me dead, doesn’t he? He wrote my name in the book HE GAVE ME! But I guess he didn’t think Mortimer would ever show me proof that it was him who did it. Sure, I could accuse him all day, but now I have all I need to prove it.” He folds the paper up, slipping it into his pocket as Jensen shakes his head.

“I guess you know the truth of the matter then, don’t you? You know he put it in there… but I can’t say you’ll ever know why. Your date is still written in red, Deathnote. There’s no avoiding it. You aren’t Simon, you aren’t me. Death comes for us all, even his son.” Jensen disappears back into the shadows, Deathnote never breaking eye contact until the assassin is gone. He clicks his fingers, his tome disappearing as he does.

“Oh, I’ll find out why… I have to find out why.” Deathnote turns to leave, taking Mortimer’s page out of his pocket, a single tear welling up in his eye as he looks down at the note.


Two chicks and a demigod walk into the Slaughterhouse… but only one of the three can emerge victorious!

The bell rings and both Chronoa and Pyre turn their attention to Banzan who stands with arms crossed and eyes closed as if in meditation. The gals take their shot with simultaneous superkicks— DOUBLE BAPTISM BY FIRE!! This knocks Banzan through the ropes to the outside— BAPTISM BY FIRE TO CHRONOA!!

Pyre looks to end this early and hops up on the turnbuckle, stalking Chronoa as she gets to her feet— but Banzan clubs Pyre in the back from the apron and climbs up, grappling her… then saito suplexes her off the top onto the apron— DUKKHA!! SUFFERING EXISTS, BITCH!!

As Banzan steps through the ropes Chronoa sprints at him and knees him in the forehead— GRAND CONCLUSION!! Vali is dazed, and Chronoa hooks both arms and attempts to lift him up for a Tiger Bomb, but he’s too heavy! Chronoa’s back is strained and Banzan saito suplexes her as well— DUKKHA!!

Banzan demands Chronoa get to her knees, and as she does Banzan rushes at her with all his mass— KINSHASA!!! MAGGA!!! THAT’S INERTIA, EVERSOR!!! She crumbles into a heap from that knee to the temple and Banzan puts all his weight on her shoulders— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Banzan tortured two more souls with the big victory here tonight!


After a hell of a match, Pyre and Chronoa both head for the hills.


Because The Generation Kid is headed to ringside, and they know what happened last time he squared off with Banzan.

With a smile, Banzan raises his dukes.

“Ready for round two, Kid?” He cockily says. “I could use a recharge after fighting those two.”

Unlike last week, TGK doesn’t respond angrily. He just shrugs at the Mountain.

“You know,” The Kid begins. “When I found out what you were, I was really freaked. A demi-god? And I’m sent back to either destroy him or serve him? And I can’t even do one of those?”

Vali laughs.

“I knew you’d come around to my way of thinking eventually.” He says, a sinister grin on his face.

TGK laughs in kind.

“Your way of thinking?” The Kid says. “The way of thinking that people are commodities to make you stronger. That death and battle are nothing more than chili dogs for a gnarly mall rat?”

The grin leaves Banzan’s face, replaced by a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t think so.” TGK says, letting Banzan react. “All this time I’ve been wondering why Right and Whywee sent me back. Whose side were they on, why did they have to die? All of that. Why was my head filled with pop culture instead of something useful for war?”

He raises a finger, like a lightbulb going off.

“Then I got it.”

A grin appears on TGK’s face.

“I understand now, Banzan. I know what I have to do. I know how to finally beat you. Or I’ll die trying.”

Banzan laughs off TGK’s threat, after knowing what happened last week.

“And when you fail, you will bow at my feet.” Vali says after a moment.

Clapping Banzan on the shoulder, the Kid smiles.

“See you at Red Snow, Banzan.” TGK says. “Let’s blow the roof off!”

He walks away, leaving a cocky yet confused Banzan.

What’s TGK’s plan here?

Does he even have one?

We’re back with Cael Gable now, keelhauled and alone in his room – a hostage aboard the very vessel he used to share with Israel Grimwolf. Grimwolf and his crew have left the room, but he can hear a couple of gruff voices outside the door, meaning they’re not far away.

Speaking of the door, Cael notices that the door is the only way in or out of the room. There are no windows at all.

“That’s a problem for later,” he whispers to himself. First he needs to get himself free of the ropes that bind him to his chair. He can see when turning his head that there’s a support beam in the centre of the room, so he stands. This isn’t as easy as it sounds as he’s hunched over due to the chair. Gable tries to power through it and eventually the back of the chair creaks and snaps off.

Unfortunately, it does not break in a manner that would let him free his wrists, so it’s back to plan A. Cael moves to the support beam and begins to rub the ropes up and down on the corner of the beam. It takes a short while but eventually the rope frays and Cael’s hands are free. Cael picks up a splinter of the chair back and uses it to break the ankle bindings in half the time, and then keeps hold of the chair piece as a makeshift weapon.

Cael heads towards the door, but hears loud thuds as he gets to it, and ducks behind the door into the corner.

Just in time to see Israel Grimwolf enter the room.

“Shiver me timbers, where is he?” he shouts. “Find him!”

His men now searching the ship, Israel is all alone in the keelhaul. Cael, a wave of courage washing over him, swings the makeshift weapon at the Pirate, but Grimwolf dodges at the last moment, swiping the wood out of his foes hand.

“Arr, that’s how ye want to play it, is it?” he taunts. “Fine, lets be having ye!”

Cael Gable and Israel Grimwolf square off, ready to fight.


An old rivalry renewed in the last few weeks of 2022. Can The Collector show he’s prepared for the ultimate challenge come Red Snow or will Luke Storm show exactly why he’s the biggest Mother Fucker in OSW history?

The bell sounds as both men just stare down one another for a moment. Both men who have exchanged victory and defeat but the greatest of them all may be the first time Luke Storm lost the OSW world title.

And the Collector that took it from him.

Sigil just stares passively at Storm, who’s mugging for the raging crowd, soaking in the boos with that classic shit eating grin.

So much so he doesn’t notice the boot racing for his chin until it connects with an almighty thud


Sigil isn’t playing around tonight, dropping Storm like a shot before he mounts him, pounding down with hammer after hammer trying to knock Hollywood the fuck out but Storm is much too resilient for that early ko, throwing Sigil off him as he kips up, looking for a boot of his own


Sigil Leaps away as portals appear all over the ring, Sigil popping in and out as he begins delivering potshots like he’s playing wack a mole with Storm’s face. Hook to the right, Donkey Punch to the back of the head, Uppercut to the front before a lightning fast double punch to the sides of his head drop Storm to his knees


That could well be it as Sigil drops down for the cover










Sigil peels Storm up off the mat, raining down knee after knee to the unprotected head that rock Hollywood before a mammoth paintbrush slap send the sunglasses flying out of the ring.

Hollywood staggers back, fists clenching in anger as he chuckles to himself


Storm nearly kicks Sigils damn head off for the audacity of fucking with his $5000 sunglasses but the Collector doesn’t go down, backing into the ropes as he bounces off




Sigil slide underneath the Superkick before dropping Storm right on top of his head but that may well have been out of pure instinct as the Collector drops to one knee in a daze from that brutal Superkick. He waves away the birds before pulling Storm up off the mat, and driving him back down with a Snap Suplex.

Sigil holds on though, pulling Storm back up for a second, and then a third before with a shimmy of the hips and gripping of the far leg, Sigil drops Storm back down on his head with a modified Fishermans Suplex!

Storm looks very worse for wear here, Sigil cracking his neck as he looks to finish off Hollywood early, pulling the groggy Storm up, placing him between his legs as he may well look to give the Icon a Half Life


Storm may have been playing possum here as he drills Sigil hard low, the Collector doubling over as he’s wide open


Sigil crashes to the mat, that brutal Codebreaker doing its work but that’s not it by far as everyone knows where there’s a Downpour

There’s some mother fucking Thunder

Storm climbs up to the top rope, jawing at the fans as he soaks in the moment before diving off


Storm manages to roll through, rebounding to his feet right into a Pump Kick to the jaw

HALF LIFE….NO! Storm slips out, delivering another backfist to the junk before lifting Sigil up onto his shoulders



Another counter as Sigil slips back down Storm’s back, locking in that sleeper for a moment before dropping Hollywood on his fucking head with that brutal Suplex

That well could be it there but Sigil isn’t done, lifting Storm up once more, third time’s the charm


That could be it there but the Collector knows he needs to finish this with brutality.

Climbing onto the apron, he’s begging for Hollywood to get his ass up as Luke slowly does

Sigil leaping up onto the ropes as he springboards forward


Storm goes flying damn near through the turnbuckles from the mammoth dropkick, Sigil pulling him back into the middle of the ring as he hooks both legs for the cover
















The Collector does it, putting down Luke Storm one last time but can he do the same to Death or will he fail to the inevitable?


Sometime Later.

Back in the unknown location and The Butcher sits alone on his bed, until Sigil comes in with food and water. Colin happily accepts, taking the bowl and cup before placing them down on the table.

Sigil stands in the doorway.

“I’m sorry you’ve been alone, but things have gotten bad,” The Collector admits. “Death killed Solomon’s son Timothy in punishment of Renault’s betrayal.”

The Butcher looks astonished.

“Death is a fucking bastard,” he angrily says.

The Grim Reaper sent us all a message today,” Sigil continues. “This isn’t over until I kill him.”

The Butcher nods in agreement as Sigil walks away, leaving him to his meal.

Just then…


The Butcher morphs, his entire visage changing.

When we finally see him sat there in all his glory, he’s no longer The Butcher.

He’s Rain – Death himself.

Death smiles, chuckling to himself.

He’s been here all along, manipulating them all.

Voices suddenly whisper around him. Voices of things we’ve heard him say.

“He’s planning to resurrect Yahweh, just like he promised.”

“He doesn’t intend to break that.”

“But your betrayal may be the end of that.”

“Whether you’re doing the right thing or not will depend on what you think of your God.”

Well, Sanctus is trying to bring Yahweh back and Death has promised that.”

“If you could understand what he’s trying to do, perhaps you could understand your son.”

“You’ve been here before, haven’t you?”

“Death is a fucking bastard.”

“Death is a fucking bastard.”

“Death is a fucking bastard.”

“Death is a fucking bastard.”