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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.


Wait!” A horse and uncomfortable voice yells out, stopping Sir Renault in his tracks. “How do you think Lux is going to react to this, son?”

Renault whips his head around.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He demands to know.

“You’re about to kill his son; his only child – you think it’ll change the present, but all it’ll do is make him come for you instead.”

Darth Jesus once again rushes his dad, this time bursting him through the bathroom door into the toilet. They immediately begin brawling, sprawling throughout the space until the bedroom door opens and young Sanctus stands there, watching.

Renault slams his dads head into the sink and turns around, putting his hands up.

“I’m sorry kid,” he says solemnly. “I don’t want to do this, but I have to.”

He lunges forward, but into an abrupt portal that opens, whisking him away.

On the other side, Sir Renault steps back out into the secret location in which The Butcher and Lux Bellator await. Lux immediately grabs him, running him backwards into a nearby wall and holding him by the throat.

“You son of a bitch!” He yells angrily. Sigil pulls him away, stopping him from making this worse.

Enough!” The Collector demands.

Enough?!” Lux growls. “He just tried to kill my son!”

“I stopped it, didn’t I?” Sigil asks. “I told you I would, and I did.”

“How did you find me?” Renault wants to know.

The Collector shakes his head, placing a hand on his shoulder, removing something from underneath a flap – a tracker.

Sigil placed it here last time they were together.

“You need to tell me what’s going on, Renault,” he says with some demand.

“Take us back in time and I’ll show you,” Darth Jesus pleads.

The Collector agrees, opening a green portal by touching the time crystal.

He, Lux Bellator and Sir Renault step through.

Can Chronoa bring Tureos back to reality, or can Tureos manage to alter fate tonight?

Chronoa and Tureos tie up collar and elbow, and Tureos quickly transitions behind Chronoa and lifts her up and drops her with a back suplex! He sprints to the corner and leaps off the top turnbuckle aiming an elbow drop at Chronoa’s bosom— DARK MATTER?? NO!! KNEES TO THE CHEST!!

Chronoa hammers away on Tureos and latches her arm around his neck, lifting him up— PANDEMONIUM’S CURSE!! IMPLANT DDT!! She follows up by twisting Tureos’ legs like a pretzel into a cloverleaf— GIVING THE NEWCOMER SOME OLD SCHOOL EDUCATION!! Tureos claws and pulls himself to the ropes for a break!

Chronoa whips Tureos into the ropes and on the rebound she spins— TWISTED SMILE!! NO!! Tureos slides underneath and pops up behind Chronoa, scooping her up onto his shoulders, and he charges across the ring and slams her to the mat— RUNNING POWERSLAM!! HELL BOUND!! Cover— ONE! TWO!! SHOULDER UP!!

Tureos stalks Chronoa as she gets to her feet, and as she turns he bounds off the ropes at her— KAOS KICK— NO!! SPINNING HEEL KICK DUCKED BY CHRONOA!!! As Tureos turns, Chronoa unleashes a rush of strikes— ROLLING KNEE TO THE GUT!! MASSIVE SUPERKICK!!! INFINITE SHADOWS!!! Cover— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

The Harbinger of Fate gets the big victory tonight!


Recorded Earlier.

We find The Impaler standing by the side of Chronoa, earlier in the day…inside an alley, quite some distance from the Slaughterhouse. Turning to her weapon, there is a smirk on the Harbinger of Fate’s face as she speaks.

“I hope you’re ready for your next test, for it’s a crucial one. I need you to hone in on your strength for what’s to come, to dismantle whatever stands in your way…whether it’s The Dead, SeeSaw, or…this.”

She motions to a tall stack of crates, timber, and other assorted debris blocking their path through the alley…a stack that easily starts to crumble as Legion powers his way through, only for the sheer weight of everything to come falling down on him, burying The Impaler under what seems to be a ton of debris!

But the Eversor doesn’t waver, doesn’t show an ounce of fear or even concern.

Instead, she smiles as the pile begins to stir as if throbbing from the inside…eventually parting aside through the might of The Impaler, who glares at Chronoa with some semblance of confusion after clearing out a path through the debris.

“I still don’t understand these tests. This seems…simple.”

Chronoa only responds with another smile before speaking once more.

“For someone of your capabilities, of course it is. It will all make sense in due time, my weapon…trust me.”

Legion gives a nod of acknowledgement, kicking aside one of the remaining crates as Chronoa passes through, and the pair make their way down the alley toward the Slaughterhouse…gearing up for whatever the Harbinger of Fate has in store for her weapon.


What’s eating Kaine these days, and will he be eating Jensen by the end of this match?

The bell rings and the pale Kaine visibly shakes his head as if he’s fighting something off, and then pivots and literally gnaws on Jensen’s forehead as they tie up! In defense, Vengeance breaks away and yanks Shadowbat’s arm to the mat, locking it in as he applies a crossface— ROYAL JUSTICE!!

Kaine manages to get a foot on the rope for a break and as he gets to his feet Jensen leaps at his head— SPIKE CUTTER?? NO!! Kaine clutches Jensen’s arms, and turns him— KILLSWITCH?? NO!! Jensen counters from behind— SNAP GERMAN! SNAP DRAGON! SNAP MURDER BACKDROP TRIFECTA!! THE LIFE FLASHER!!

The Awakened Blade has The Dark Detective all lined up for a leaping superkick— BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA!! EVADED BY KNIGHTLORD!! Kaine gutpunches Jensen and pulls him in close— RIPCORD CLOTHESLINE! FOLLOWED BY A NORTHERN LARIAT!! THE BLOODY STREAM!! Kaine holds onto the arm and pulls Cussen into a Gogoplata— CRIMSON VOW!!

Cussen reaches out but the ropes are not within reach! Too far away, he attempts to use his titanic strength to get to his feet— HE LIFTS KAINE ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! Cussen spins around as Kaine shakes his head in disbelief— SPINNING BURNING HAMMER!!! DESOLATION!!! Cover— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Cussen takes the big win over Knightlord tonight!


The Toybox.

SeeSaw sits inside, slouched in his large toy throne and looking out over his play place with a scowl etched onto his face. The lights of the Toybox slowly turn on as he rises from his seat, walking through the toy filled room.

“Why must every last one of my brothers be such failures? They need to prove their worth, they need to prove that they can be allowed to call themselves my brothers! They’re like me… but not me.” His lip quivers, out of sadness, out of rage as he walks up to a sheet covered toy, one that seems freshly made. “But it’s okay, even when a brother fails me they always have a way to make it up. Wasn’t that right, SeeHULK?”

SeeSaw glances over, a jar on his bench with ‘SEEHULK FINGER PAINTS’ on it, a plethora of paintings next to it ranging from happy families to frowny faces all etched in the darkened blood. He shakes his head before grabbing hold of the sheet in front of him.

“Chef wasn’t very good at his job, he couldn’t even make me some Chip and Dave stew! But don’t you worry, brother, you have a much better shelf life…”

SeeSaw whips off the sheet to reveal a grotesque new toy! “THE YOUNG CHEF KITCHEN  SET!

A play set of Chef’s corpse sits in front of him! A rib cage grill, hand bone spatulas, and Chef’s head as a coffee pot! SeeSaw pours a freshly brewed cup of coffee from his brother’s head into a cup, taking a sip.

“Maybe the next one won’t fail.”



Hell’s Mouth Maximum Security Prison

We are back within the walls of the prison. After last week’s brutal brawl, there is a noticeably large presence of extra guards about. The dining hall is filled with inmates sitting at long, steel tables. Among them, both Zero and Simon. They sit at different tables, though neither touches their sloppy joe. Instead, both glare across the mess hall at each other.

Zero stands, still staring at Simon. He swipes a plastic fork from the table in front of him and makes a bee-line for the Taskmaster’s table. The guards, sensing whatever is about to kick off, lurch forward from the edges of the room. Simon grins cockily at the approaching Zero. Zero’s path is soon blocked by two guards, and all he can do is struggle against the human wall, hurling abuse at Simon.

“You’re a fucking coward, hiding behind safety nets. One way or another, Blackhart.”

Zero is pulled away, still struggling as the entire rest of the dining hall seems to come to a silent halt. Within the quiet, the clip-clop of footsteps sounds. A heavy-set, balding man approaches, the kind with a face that suggests you don’t fuck with him.

The guards create a path for the warden, and he walks straight up to the Taskmaster.

“Simon Blackhart?” The Warden barks at him, to which Simon stands. “Come with me, you’re release has just been finalized.”

Simon doesn’t say a word, he’s expecting this very conversation. He flashes another grin at Zero, mockingly waves and turns on his heel to follow the Warden out of the room.

With a quartet of armed guards escorting them, Simon and the Warden make their way down empty hallways until the light of day becomes visible outside a private door.

Here, the Warden stops.

“The deal was clear. The DA will be expecting part of the payment now, the rest of the deal will be completed once you’re outside. I’m assuming you are smart enough to have it on your person.”

Simon reaches inside his jumpsuit, pulling out an envelope that he passes to the Warden, patting him on the shoulder.

“Tell the DA that everything will be taken care of.”

The Warden merely nods and Simon walks out of the prison into the light of day.


We have an all out war here tonight as a psychotic madman, a brutal weapon and the man who feels no pain go head to head for total supremecy.

The bell sounds as Impaler rushes forward, nearly decapitating The Dead with a brutal Adam Smasher, sending him inside out with the sheer power. Seesaw rushes forward, leaping onto Impalers back as he tries a sleeper hold but Legion isn’t having any of it, reaching one monstrous hand back as he throws Seesaw like a bowling ball right into the slowly rising Dead. Painkiller just manages to roll out of the way, Seesaw nearly flying through the buckles as the Dead slowly gets to his feet, visibly slower and still weakened by Kaine’s feeding a few weeks ago.

He still rushes forward, leaping up high with a kick to the face that barely moves the Impaler as he begins to unleash everything he has onto Legion. A brutal headbutt slightly staggers Impaler back, allowing Painkiller to lock his arms around the monster and begin to deliver the Death Rattle. Headbutt after headbutt slams down onto Legion but he’s still standing, as those vile eyes flash over the Dead, rearing back and delivering a sickening headbutt of his own that sends The Dead’s eyes rolling into the back of his skull as he crashes to the mat.

Impaler can’t capitalize though as he hears a pew pew sound from the nearby turnbuckles before he’s flipped down onto the mat with the FREEMAN BLASTER out of nowhere. Legion staggers up to his feet into a frenzied attack from the Cackling Madcap as he ducks underneath a wild right hand, bouncing off the ropes and delivering the SLAPSTICK CLAPTRAP! Legion is stunned as Seesaw tries to lift him up onto his shoulders but Impaler manages to slip out, EVE CRASHER! ENZU LARIATO!

That could be it there but the Impaler wants to finish this with brutal style as he peels Seesaw up off the mat, drilling him with a brutal headbutt before lifting him up high, TENEBROUS MALEVOLENCE! The Tiger Driver hits flush but Impaler turns around before he can drop down for the cover right into YOUR FATAL BREATH! Leaping Bullhammer right to the throat by the Dead out of nowhere as Painkiller collapses onto the fallen Legion for the cover and the one…two…three!!!

The Dead does it here, even weakened by Kaine and brutalised by Legion he shows that he only needs one single shot to knock out the very best of them. 


A green portal opens into a hospital room. A woman lays in a hospital bed, connected to all kinds of tubes, a ventilator and more. Beside her, two men sit – each holding a hand.

Sigil, Lux Bellator and Sir Renault soon appear in the corner of the room, watching like ghosts.

“Can they see us?” Bellator asks.

Sigil shakes his head and all three fades into the background.

“Where’s dad?” One of the boys asks, looking towards the door. “She hasn’t got long left, Tim.”

“He’s not coming, Renault!” Tim says, as if he’s said it a thousand times before. “He doesn’t care about us; just his precious God.”

“Timothy,” Renault says angrily. “Don’t…

The brothers look at each other, thinking for a moment. They both turn their attention back to the woman in the bed.

“Dad left Mom a long time ago,” Tim says with a shrug. “And she waited for him to return. She let this cancer eat away at her and all the while she thought he’d come home.”

“He was looking for a cure,” Renault reminds him. “He was looking for God.”

Timothy lets go of his mothers hand and walks around the bed, getting in his younger brothers face.

“And where is he, huh?” Tim demands to know, his voice raised. “She’s gonna die and he’s not fucking here!”

Renault lowers his head.


As the machines finally signify the end of her life, both boys look towards the door.

Sir Renault now steps forward, flanked by Bellator and Sigil.

“I don’t understand,” Sigil says. “If your father didn’t show up, how did you end up in Old School Wrestling?”

“Your father loved Diane – your mom,” Lux says earnestly. “I know that to be true.”

“I’ll show you both,” Renault announces. “I’ll show you what he promised me. I’ll show you everything.”


A man who grabs nature by the balls looks to do just that to the Author of Death himself, as Chip Montana takes on Deathnote!

Deathnote charges at Chip at the outset, but the nature host narrowly avoids the grip of the Author of Death before taking a swing! Deathnote takes a step back but is quickly back on the attack, sending Montana to the ropes before hitting a clothesline that drops him down hard!

Deathnote stays on the attack with some stomps to the back before bringing Chip back to his feet…but the nature host catches him by surprise with a forearm! This gives Chip an inch, and the host takes a mile, as he Deathnote’s face right into the canvas from behind! BULLDOG!

The tide has turned as Chip goes for the cover, but Deathnote muscles out shortly after the count of one! Death’s son is angry as he grabs the host, hoisting him onto his shoulders…and sending Chip face-first onto the knee! GATHER THY SOUL! Deathnote with a cover! ONE! TWO! NO!

Chip narrowly kicks out, which only makes the Author of Death even more furious as he stands Montana back up, hoisting him up this time for a Burning Hammer! DYING WISH! Chip gets dropped right on his head as the Author of Death goes for the cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Despite his best efforts, Chip Montana was no match for Deathnote tonight!


The match has come to an end and Chip Montana rolls to the outside, wiping the sweat from his brow as he scoops Dave up into his pocket, petting the tiny rabbit on his head. “Let’s get outta here,  ya lil bugger.” He looks up the ramp, making his exit to the backstage only to find himself walking into an impromptu doctor’s office set up in the hall!

“Oh fuck me-”

“My brother asked me to give you a check up, Chip. I suppose you’re well aware of just what comes next, aren’t you?”

It’s Doc! SeeSaw’s brother steps out from behind a curtain with a needle in hand! He shakes his head, looking to Chip then to the needle before closing in. “I told him my office wasn’t a place of slaughter like his little Toybox, but this isn’t my usual office, and I’m not entering that Toybox!”


Montana ducks and weaves a flurry of swings with the needle, each one practically tickling his skin as he finally catches Doc’s hand! The Fish brother is strong, however as he slowly pushes the needle closer to Chip’s throat!

“It’ll just be a little prick, you won’t even feel it.”

“Yeah? We’ll you’re a fuckin’ huge prick! From a family of giant fuckin’ pricks all coming from fuckin’ prickville.”

“I’ll be so glad when you stop talking.”

The needle is about to pierce skin!


Dave lands in Chip’s hands as Doc stumbles back, slamming into his rolling chair, gurgling as he does, pointing at Chip but unable to speak before going limp. Chip shakes his head, leaving Doc where he sits.



Hell’s Mouth Maximum Security Prison

Zero is brought to a screen window, a more secure form of visitation room. Guards dump him in the chair, indicating he has a visitor. Moments later, two unlikely faces appear at the other side of the window.

Tag and Ether. Ether taps the glass.

“We came looking for Simon.”

Zero shakes his head, punching the glass.

“Fucker already shot the gap. You’re too late.”

Ether chuckles to herself.

“You got yourself locked in here to get to him, now you’re behind bars and he’s not? Well we need answers, and we’re getting them from one of you assholes.”

Zero looks confused, and more than a little pissed off.

“When are you two going to stop falling for their fucking lies? He killed your fucking friend. Get a fucking grip.”

Tag shakes his head, standing up.

“How can he sure you’re not the one fucking with us?”

Zero matches his stance, standing up and shouting through the glass.

“Because I’m on this side of the fucking wall, you fucking fucker!”

Guards begin approaching, but he calms himself and sits again.

“I need you to see what kind of man you got into bed with. We have a common enemy, but I cannot prove myself within these walls.”

Without a word, Zero’s visor flashes, a QR code appearing across it. Ether reaches into the front of her pants and pulls out a mobile, capturing the code. Tag looks sideways at her, Ether shrugs.

“They check for phones, not gonna check there, are they?”

She looks at the screen as Zero explains.

“You just have to get that under the scanner at the security station. That connects to the mainframe. From there, I can do the rest.”

Ether nods, taking the phone and walking over the guard post, putting on her best flirty smile.

“Heya big boy, you know, I love a guy in uniform.”

The guard simply stares at her, unamused.

“Ma’am, you’re gonna have to get the fuck away from the window unless you have a question.”

She returns, looking disappointed.

“I even flashed the cleavage. Nothing. Tag… you give it a shot. I got a bit of a feeling.”

She hands the phone to Tag, who protests, but then thinks better when he catches the look on Ether’s face. He sidles over to the desk.

“So, um… your, er, nightstick is really big.”

The guard stops typing, looking Tag up and down, then smiles. He turns his back for a moment, reaching behind him for the stick. Tag slides the phone under the ID scanner in the distraction, returning to an awkward smile when the guard turns back around.

“Why, this old thing? I’m sure you’ve got quite the weapon…”

Tag laughs, a little too loudly, and backs away from the desk awkwardly. He returns to Zero’s window, red-faced. Ether just bursts out laughing.

“Come on, let’s get the fuck outta here.”

Zero is already at work, a matrix of numbers within his visor. By the time JSR pass by the guard station once more, and are enthusiastically waved through by the guard, Zero’s file is already flashing up on the guard’s screen with a message flashing over it.

‘Immediate Release of Inmate’

It appears Zero, too, is getting out.


Will Simon be consumed by the darkness, or is Banzan simply a pawn in a bigger chess game?

The bell rings and Banzan slowly advances towards a cowering Simon who backpedals with each step that Banzan makes until Banzan ties up with Simon in the corner! The ref forces the break, and as Simon throws his arms up in defense, Banzan slaps the shit out of Simon’s chest!

This leaves a red hand mark on his sternum, and as Simon gasps for air Banzan whips Simon across to the opposite corner, following close behind and as Simon bumps into the turnbuckles Banzan spins and throws his full body weight into the Taskmaster, who drops, wheezing to the mat!

Without letting up, Banzan scoops Simon up and grapples him— DUKKHA?? NO!! Simon elbows his way out and follows up with a spinning backfist— THE GAMBIT!! This surprising knocks Banzan down, and Simon naturally follows up by grabbing Banzan’s leg and spinning that redwood tree trunk around right into a…

FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!! CHECKMATE!! But Banzan is a big meaty boy, and uses his strength to drag Simon all across the ring towards the ropes! He’s scooting, he’s got momentum, and he reaches out to the ropes… BUT SIMON ARCHES INTO THE FIGURE EIGHT!!! MOMENTUM IS STOPPED!!! BANZAN TAPS OUT!!!

Simon gets the big victory tonight over a most formidable foe!


Backstage, we find The Dead looking to make an escape from the Slaughterhouse after a rough match against SeeSaw and The Impaler…pausing only to check on the wound of his bite, cleaned up after his initial observation.

But the swelling is still there.

The Dead looks at this, trying to make sense of the situation as he notices a bit of blood coming from the wound, much to his astonishment…but he doesn’t have long to think on this, before noticing Kaine Knightlord down the hall, a snarl on the HellBat’s face.

Shaking his head, The Dead backs up before hightailing it down the opposite direction as quickly as he can given his condition…but Kaine does not give chase.

Instead, the Dark Detective notices drips of blood that have made their way onto the floor of the Slaughterhouse…and given the effect it’s had on him to this point, does not garner a hunger.

Not for the blood itself, at least…but for knowledge.

Pulling out a basic blood sample kit, he puts his particular skills to the test as he quickly collects a sample of the blood left behind by his once-prey using a cotton swab. Staring at the evidence within its container, Knightlord is left to ponder the symptoms of what’s contained in this blood…fighting back that cough once more as he heads down the hall.


Grimwolf’s heart might be conflicted with Cael giving up but he’ll have to be at full force tonight to put down the Collector. Can Grimwolf prove his might against Sigil or will his grief be the long journey he cannot come back from?

The bell sounds as Grimwolf rushes forward, immediately drilling Sigil with a brutal Big Boot to the face, staggering the Collector backwards into the corner as Grimwolf rushes forward nailing him with a stiff running spear to the gut. Israel climbs up top, trying to drag Sigil up with him but the Collector manages to slip out, pulling Israel’s legs out as his head smashes into the turnbuckles

SUPERKICK! Sigil kicks Israel’s dome right back into the buckles as the swashbuckler crashes down to the canvas. Sigil pulls Grimwolf up to his feet, drilling him with a series of hard knees to the jaw before switching to his back, SNAP GERMAN RIGHT ON THE BACK OF HIS HEAD! Grimwolf is groggy as Sigil peels him up, grabbing him in a claw like hold before he tries to force Israel over his knee but Grimwolf powers out, nailing Sigil with a headbutt before nearly taking his head off with a brutal Lariat.

Sigil staggers up as Grimwolf spins around, KEEHAUL…NO! Sigil ducks underneath the roaring elbow, nailing Israel with a merciful chop to the back of the head. He’s stunned and groggy as Sigil leaps up high, FINI…GRIMWOLF CATCHES THE ROUNDHOUSE! Grimwolf headbutts Sigil away, spinning around, KEEHAULED TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! That well could be it there as Grimwolf drops down for the cover and the one…two…SIGIL KICKS OUT!

Sigil slowly staggers up to his feet, Grimwolf rearing back for that heart punch but he swings through thin air as Sigil Cosmic Leaps out of the way. Israel can barely see where he went before the Collector is rocketing down above him with the PLANESTOMPER! That has to be it as Sigil stays down for the cover and the one…two…three!!!

The Collector beats the King here tonight, Israel put up a great fight but Sigil was far too determined for victory 


Back in the unknown location where The Butcher is being helped to recover, Lux Bellator sits on a stool opposite the bed in which Colin lays, watching. The Butcher carefully sits up, taking a sip of water and noticing Lux.

“As a father,” Lux begins with a deep breath. “Do you think I’m doing the right thing?”

The Butcher raises his eyebrows.

“I’m not the best one to ask about that,” he admits. “I wasn’t a great father.”

Lux nods, then shakes his head.

“You love your son, that much is true. Whether you’re doing the right thing or not will depend on what you think of your God,” The Butcher claims with a shrug.

“How so?” Bellator enquires curiously.

“Well, Sanctus is trying to bring Yahweh back and Death has promised that. If you could understand what he’s trying to do, perhaps you could understand your son. You’ve been here before, haven’t you?”

“My relationship with God is a complicated one,” Lux admits.

“Just like the relationship with our kids, eh?” Colin says with a chuckle.

Bellator nods in agreement, a smile reaching his face.

“I just want him to be safe. I want him back in his timeline; not here, not doing this,” Lux bemoans. “I’ll do anything to achieve that. If that means I must kill my former best friend and tag team partner, then I will.”

“What did Renault and Sigil show you?” Butcher enquires with a tilt of head.

The Light Warrior stands, heading out of the room, but stopping in the door way first.

“His mother dying,” he says. “I knew her, you know. Diane meant everything to Solomon Rhodes; even more than God. I just don’t understand it. We’re going back again later. There’s more to see.”

The Butcher looks on.

“The funny thing is; I know he loved his sons. They were his future, just like Sanctus is mine.”

Lux carries on his walk, leaving The Butcher behind. Colin smiles, turning around to lay back down on the bed.


Two of the best tag teams this year go at it once again for all the gold. Can JSR retain their titles heading into Red Snow or will Rainbow Party steal it all even with the whisper of danger holding them back?

TGK is all alone here as Vigour leads Whisper away from the fray. Ether trying to take advantage with an Ether Strike to the back of the head but the Kid just dodges it, TRANSFORMERS! He rolls Ether up from behind but he barely gets a one count before she kicks out. The Kid rolls to his feet right into a hard kick to the face before Ether pulls a lollipop from her pocket, shoving into the Kid’s mouth before ducking.

LOLLIPOP DEEPTHROAT! Tag drives the lollipop down into his throat with that beautiful Bicycle Kick as both JSR begin beating down on the defenseless kid. Ether lifts TGK up delivering a hard knee to the jaw before Tag lifts him up into the Brainbuster. 1080 SKULLFUCK! Brainbuster/Spinning Heel Kick combination. That could be it there but JSR want to make sure, trying to finish this before Vigour can get back as Ether rushes to the ropes before Tag lifts TGK up into the air

JET SET…HURRICANRANA! TGK counters out of the Powerbomb at the last moment, flipping Tag right into the MACH 5! Ether looks shocked, stumbling right into a MOST EXCELLENT ADVENTURE! Both JSR are down but TGK is spent as he slowly crawls to the corner, looking for a tag that he can’t make….VIGOUR IS RUNNING TO THE RING! He leaps up onto the apron, begging TGK forward as the Kid leaps high and tags in Vigour! The Prince of Party rushes in like a house on fire, delivering a hard leaping enziguri to the back of Ether’s head before grabbing a rising Tag and spiking him into the mat with a brutal Tornado DDT

Vigour is fired up as he looks for the end, TGK rolling back into the ring as he pulls Tag back up, dropping him with an Excellent Adventure as Vigour leaps up onto the apron, looking for the punctuation mark but as he leaps off, he gets tripped mid-jump by Whisper. Vigour tumbles over the ropes right into the MACH 5! Tag flops over onto Vigour for the pin as TGK gets dropped with an Ether Strike, the referee counting for the one…two…three!!!

JSR retain the tag team championship here tonight but they have the deadly Whisper to thank for as he screws Rainbow Party out of their rightful victory. 


Before the bell even finishes echoing through the Slaughterhouse, Whisper is in the ring.

Jet Set Radio head for the hills instantly.

TGK looks at Vigour for a moment, unsure.

“Go get Banzan.” Vigour says, reassuring his friend.

The Kid leaves, and Vigour rolls to the outside of the ring quickly. Whisper goes to give chase, but is stopped in his tracks.

Prisms of light, chains made of rainbow, begin to shoot from the corners of the ring. They quickly ensnare the Shepard.

Vigour climbs back in the ring holding a device, a smile on his face.

“I bet you thought I couldn’t stop you.”

Whisper only offers a smile.

“You can’t.”

Anger rising in his voice, Vigour gets in the face of his pursuer.

“We’re both trapped in worlds we cannot see, fighting battles for those who can!” Vigour shouts. “Yet you take such joy in coming to end my life.”

For a moment, Whisper pauses. He stops struggling against the rainbow shackles.

“Joy?” He growls. “I take no joy in this. It is my duty, my bond, to do this. And you will not stop me. It’s not I who is trapped…”

“Oh,” Vigour interrupts. “Is it me that’s trapped?”

A smile crosses Whisper’s face as souls begin to appear around the Prince of Party.

“No.” He says once they have materialized. “Not yet.”

“Ah, so that’s it. You’ve trapped souls.” Vigour rolls his eyes, turning to look at the souls. “You could have escaped at an…”

He stops cold.

One of the souls steps forward.

It’s Starboy.

“No.” Vigour pants. “No. No.”

“Release me.” Whisper roars through Starboy’s mouth. “Release me!”

“I’m going to find a way to end this.” Vigour says, almost promising Starboy. “I have to.”

He takes off on the run, pressing a button on his device as he does so, releasing Whisper.

The Shepard smiles.

“A better world awaits you, Vigour. Embrace it.”



The prodigal son of Death himself walks through the halls of an old library, looking around himself with a sense of urgency before ducking into an alcove, sitting at a dusty old chair and producing his tome with a click of his fingers. Opening it, he sees his name etched into the pages once more, shaking his head.

“I need to make him remove my name… but he’d never do that. How did he even get his hands on my book to begin with?” The Author stews angrily on his thoughts, soon interrupted by the sounds of footsteps which stir him from his thoughts.

“The answer is simple, but I’m afraid you won’t like hearing what needs to be said.” The voice is familiar, Deathnote looking up and seeing what could only be called a friendly face… friendly to him, anyway.


The aged assistant to Death takes a seat across from Deathnote, his demeanor never changing from his default stoic appearance. He takes a deep breath, hands clasped in front of him.

“You spent last week asking ‘Who?’, but you need to focus on a different question. ‘Why?’, though I fear you are not ready for either answer.” He watches as Deathnote raises an eyebrow, closing the tome in front of him and allowing it to disappear.

“What do you mean?” Deathnote asks, lowering his voice.

“Well, I cannot tell you out loud, but allow me to enlighten you. It is the least I can do.” Mortimer reaches into his pocket, producing a folded note which he hands to Deathnote who takes it, holding it closely as Mortimer nods his head. “Don’t read it now, do it when you’re safe.”


Mortimer stands up, leaving without another word, passing by a shadow in the hallway. The shadow soon stirs, eyes opening, a waiting specter who overheard the whole conversation.

Jensen Cussen.


Tonight’s main event promises to be absolute chaos…after all, the BMF are no more after a bevy of betrayals…and Vayikra are not much better off, fractured after recent events!

As a matter of fact, there are no entrances to be had from either team…not when they’re nearly coming to blows with each other upon their arrival to the ring.

With the tension so thick you can almost taste it, the ref calls for the bell to kick things off…but he doesn’t count on Sanctus charging after Renault, or on the BMF immediately going after each other!

Zero and Storm trade lefts and rights out of anger, interrupted only by Pyre sending the Hacker to the ropes, connecting with a neckbreaker on the rebound that sends Zero down hard to the canvas!

Ever the opportunist, Storm finds an opening to lay in a kick on the Killer Queen, sending her rolling out of the ring before going to work on Zero himself!

Meanwhile, Sanctus sends Renault to the ropes, looking for a wheel kick on the rebound…but Renault narrowly dodges it–and this sends Bellator colliding into Storm, putting a pause on Hollywood’s attack on Zero!

Storm is none too pleased by this interference, sending Bellator over the top rope with a hard Irish whip before looking to resume his mission of violence…only to be dropped with a lifting spear by Gable!


The in-fighting comes to an end here as Storm hits the canvas hard…or so it seems, as Zero finally gets back to his feet with an angry look on his face.

We see Renault standing back up as well, but he makes his exit from the ring to go after Bellator as Pyre slides back into the ring, making a beeline for Hollywood out of revenge…only to be dropped with a bionic clothesline from Zero!


All the while, Gable brings Storm back to his feet, looking to take him for a ride as he goes for a German suplex…but Storm counters out of it, before driving his face into the knees!


As Bellator gets to his feet on the outside, he is immediately caught with a blindside attack by Renault! The two trade lefts and rights until Renault sends Bellator into the steel steps!

Gable is still down inside the ring from the Codebreaker, but Hollywood can’t get a chance to capitalize as he’s attacked from behind by Zero, who sends Luke to the corner before charging at full speed…right into a boot by Storm!

Outside, Renault continues the assault on Bellator with some stomps as Gable comes to just enough to roll out of the ring, getting to his feet as he goes to confront Darth Jesus…who responds by shoving him away!

Back in the ring, Storm takes advantage of the opening he’s made by kicking Zero in the gut, looking to troll the Hacker with a Stunner of his own!


Zero blocks it, flipping Storm off before he responds in kind with his own Stunner!


Storm just about folds in on himself as he hits the canvas, much to the delight of Zero…only to be spun around by Pyre, who rears back before connecting with a superkick!


Zero drops to the canvas as we see Renault and Gable now trading blows on the outside, with Gable turning things around on Renault as he sends him bouncing off the apron!

Pyre is far from finished back in the ring, as she heads to the nearest turnbuckle looking to size up whichever of her former stablemates decides to make the grave mistake of getting back to his feet…and it’s Storm who does, as the World Champion leaps off for an Eclipse!


All of BMF are down in the ring as the fight amongst Vayikra continues on the outside. Bellator is back on his feet, just in time for Renault to rush him with a forearm strike…but Gable has none of it, sending Bellator into the ring to keep Darth Jesus away!

Renault is beside himself in rage as he absolutely pummels Gable…but inside the ring, Storm and Zero slowly make it to their feet. Zero rushes Storm, but is sent flying out over the top rope by Hollywood who immediately rolls Pyre out once more.

Bellator gets to a standing position inside the ring…and this draws a smirk from Storm, who senses a chance to keep the spotlight on himself as he taunts Bellator to come at him.

Sanctus, however, is distracted by the continued fighting between Gable and Renault, the latter of whom locks in a crucifix submission on Gable before switching to a crossface!


The distraction gives Storm the opening he wants, as he blindsides Bellator with a forearm before kicking him in the gut…and hits him with the Stunner!


The rest of Vayikra are too busy going at it to notice Storm making the cover on Bellator!




Luke Storm gloats over his victory as the ref raises his arm, proud of himself for picking up the win in such a hellacious main event between two factions at complete odds from within their ranks!


Recorded at High Voltage #284

Cael Gable walks along a corridor backstage, defiant and stoic. Suddenly, Israel Grimwolf is in front of him once more. Cael almost rolls his eyes.

“Israel, I’ve said my piece. There is nothing more to add.”

Grimwolf blocks the way with a weathered arm.

“Me hearty, there is always more to add when ye reject a friend’s plan to stop ye dying. I don’t understand why ye’ve given up.”

Cael smiles.

“That’s the problem Israel. You’ve seen it as giving up. I see it as finally moving forward. I’ve been stuck in a rut this whole time, playing pretend, but really just a human To Be Confirmed sign. Well I don’t need to wait to confirm it anymore. If I die at Red Snow then maybe it’s just my time to go. I’m going to spend my last weeks like Cael would, not like anyone else wants me to.”

Grimwolf growls.

“But with my plan ye’d not only get to be Cael, ye’d also-”

“Stop. Please just stop. I’ve made up my mind. I don’t want to tell you again.”

And for the second time in the space of minutes, Cael leaves Grimwolf standing alone once more. Grimwolf turns and punches a nearby door, leaving a fist imprint before he storms off in the other direction.


In the middle of the Slaughterhouse hallways, Banzan kneels in the peaceful pose we’ve seen from him so many times.

It just hits different now, though.

As if on cue, The Generation Kid rounds a corner. He scoffs at the Mountain.

“Still keeping up the charade?”

Banzan chuckles.

“They believed it, you know.” He says, wistfully.” That I was some kind of pariah, cursed to live in grief.”


“Fools, every last one of them.”

TGK steps up to him.

“I’m no fool, and I’m going to stop you.”

Vali nods, cracking his neck.

“Are you? Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design, boy. You think this is different?”


“I’m different.” The Kid responds.

That Eighties Kid begins teeing off on Banzan, who doesn’t bother to fight back. No longer feigning a peaceful exterior, the Mountain begins to taunt the attacking TGK.

“So strong.”


“Yet not strong enough!”


TGK’s eyes go from pure white to a deep blood red as his shots begin echoing through the halls.

“Give into it!” Banzan roars. “Give into your hatred for me!”

Ripping at Banzan’s skin, TGK grabs him and give him the full force of his eye laser blasts.

It’s blinding.

But Vali still speaks.

“Become what you were made to be!”

Rearing back, TGK opens up fully and goes for a laser-powered headbutt.

Banzan smiles.






It’s now silent.

Dead silent.

People begin to pour out of the now exposed hallways, trying to see what the hell happened. As the smoke clears, only one figure remains standing.


The demi-god is stood in the same position he was before the explosion, with a shit-eating grin on his face. Standing to his mountainous height, Vali walks through the rubble to find a barely-conscious Generation Kid.

He reaches down, his shadow overtaking the robot…

…and ruffles his hair?

“Thanks, Kid. Gave me a little too much energy there. I’ll take it though. Consider it your first offering.”

The unconcerned Banzan walks away, leaving TGK to try to regain his composure.

He gave it everything he had. All of the might and power within his robotic frame…

It wasn’t enough.

It only made Banzan stronger.

How the hell can TGK stop someone he can’t fight?