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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

After Ring of Dreams.

The Hall of Skulls.

Sat at a large meeting table, we find none other than Death himself. His fingers impatiently tap on an empty tumbler of whiskey.


His eyebrow raises, Death looks up at Mortimer, who is walking down the hall with a polite annoyance on his face. And who wouldn’t be annoyed by the man walking behind him.


The Taskmaster walks up to the opposite side of Death’s table, his eyes unable to move past the hanging form of The Butcher on the wall. Colin’s unconscious at the moment, not even able to sleep in his pain, just pass out.

“I’m over here, Mr. Black.” Death says, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his lips as he sees Simon’s raised eyebrow. “Did you really expect to hide your full name from me?”

Simon merely shrugs.

“Obviously not.” He replies. “My apologies for being tardy, I was he…”

“Held up by celebration with your dear wife?” Death finishes.

He nods.

“A brilliant scheme, I must say, but when word reached my ears of the proposal you bring to me, I thought it anything but.”

A tense Simon swallows deep before speaking.

“Obviously. Without context, the idea of me as OSW’s Commissioner seems ludicrous. But I have been brought here, nevertheless. So allow me to give you the hook,” he says, glancing at Butcher, “that will cause you to give me the keys to the castle.”

Death, looking amused, gestures for him to continue.

“While I have not yet ascertained the details, I know that Sigil and you in some kind of brutal war. And now that Corvus has eluded your chosen fate for him, I thought that you could use someone in OSW to keep them under close eye and report.”

A pregnant pause fills the air as Rain looks at Mortimer with a shrug.

“You have a deal, Mr. Black. You will be the new Commissioner of OSW. Do what you will with that, but remember that Corvus and Sigil are to be kept under your watch at all times. If you fail to do so…”

He looks over at the Butcher.

“You’ll wish you were him.”



We find ourselves at the home of Starboy, still convalescencing after the injuries that put him on the shelf. Far from the life of the party, he is despondent about his situation when suddenly, he hears a voice calling to him.

“Hey man, what’s the damage?”

Starboy is taken aback by who he sees at his front door.


“And what do you want? Have you come to see STARBOY suffer?”

Tag raises his hands as he speaks up in his defense.

“Hey, I’m mad as hell about what Vayikra did to you, so I just thought I’d find you and check in.”

Starboy scoffs at this, turning his head away with a snarl.

“STARBOY does not appreciate you tracking him down and coming to his home like this. Especially not if you’re here to send STARBOY on a guilt trip, he’s already feeling down enough as it is.”

Tag lets out a heavy sigh at this.

“Look, that’s not at all why I’m here. Listen, I get why you’re upset, but you and I both know the root of the issue here…those religious nutjobs, Vayikra. We’re gonna find a way to put an end to their stupid shit soon enough, I promise you.”

Eventually, the snarl on Starboy’s face begins to soften, as he finally turns back to face Tag…but Sexy Dynamite has already taken off, having delivered a message to someone with a common enemy.

What Tag doesn’t notice, as he heads off to make his journey back to the Slaughterhouse, is the man who watched him from a distance.

A man with a look of concern on his face, as he approaches the front door of Starboy.



The Author of Fate faces off against the Keeper of Fate— but who’s fate will be victory tonight?

Deathnote immediately rushes Chronoa— BIG BOOT! Ducked by Eversor, who counters with a massive spinning heel kick that connects to the Shinigami’s face— TWISTED SMILE!! Chronoa busts out her chains of fate whips Deathnote across the back! And again! Chronoa wraps the chains around her forearm and springboards off the ropes— BURNING FLIGHT!!

Now Chronoa strangles Deathnote with the chains, reeling back as Deathnote grasps for air! He pulls something from his pocket in desperation— HIS NOTEBOOK! He smacks Chronoa multiple times in the face before she finally lets up the pressure on his neck, allowing him to catch a breather!

Deathnote evades a lariat and grapples Chronoa from behind. He runs Chronoa hard chest-first into the turnbuckle! She goes down, and Deathnote steps on Chronoa’s neck while he unties the top turnbuckle padding, ripping it off to expose the steel. Deathnote picks up Chronoa on his shoulder and faces that corner…

DEATHNOTE LAWNDARTS CHRONOA FACE-FIRST INTO THE EXPOSED STEEL!! Chronoa bounces off and backpedals on jelly legs right into Deathnote’s clutches. He takes Chronoa’s own chains and wraps them around her neck now! He leans her back, and then TURNS THE PAGE!!! SISTER ABIGAIL!!! Cover— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

He’s hardcore! Deathnote authors the fate of Chronoa tonight!


We find ourselves in a small concrete room. Lit artificially, it could pass for a prison cell if it were not for the hospital bed and assortment of bleeping machines. It is definitely no hospital that we are in.

Lying on that bed, slowly stirring and coming to is Zero. Unlike we know him. Weakened, bleeding. He slowly extends his hand, clenching and relaxing his fist.

Only then does he notice it.

His bionic arm. Gone.


All of the bionic components from his body have been stripped, seemingly ripped out. Zero opens his mouth to scream, but no sound comes out. He is too weakened. A far cry from the badass Bad Mother Fucker we’ve come to know.

With a wince, he pulls free the ECG pads free of his chest, just as the door to the room opens and a figure enters.

Gunnar Kai. He brings himself over to the bed, swinging a chair around to sit on it backwards and lean upon the bedside.

“You should have known this was coming…”

Gunnar motions towards Zero’s missing arm, patting him roughly on the heavily bandaged shoulder. Zero cries out in agony.

“Actions have consequences, my friend. Mr. Nakamura made sure to take back everything you stole from him.”

Zero winces as he shrugs Kai’s hand off him as best he can in his state.

“I’m not your friend. Once maybe, but you showed who your allegiances were to a long time ago.”

Gunnar Kai stands, backing away towards the door again.

“I’m sorry you feel that way. I just hope that you make it out of Nakamura Towers in one piece.”
With that, he leaves, and Zero is alone to wallow in everything he has lost, both physically and emotionally.


We open backstage. We’re behind the entryway for the Slaughterhouse and we can see Kaine and Banzan talking…

Or at least, what appears to be talking as Banzan keeps pushing a clearly hungry Kaine at bay. But Kaine doesn’t seem to be so mindless as he suddenly stops and smells the air. Banzan again starts holding the Vampire back. We zoom back in the direction that Kaine had turned and we see Chronoa and Impaler watching from the shadows, aware that it seems Kaine has caught their scent.

“Despite his defeat, it appears Kaine is still after you.”

Chronoa looks towards Impaler who seems annoyed.

“You said it was his fate to fall, but he still stands. Even in defeat he is a mindless monster. I thought Banzan was on our side.”

Chronoa glances back at Banzan before turning back to Impaler.

“I understand that Banzan is special, the Fates having some grander purpose. But I wish to see how he handles such a mindless beast like Kaine.”

Impaler rubs his brow, clearly annoyed.

“You said you’d teach me, improve me. Give me more power. Yet here I am, a carrot dangled in front of a horse.”

They both notice that Banzan has lost his grip on the Vampire who is heading in their direction.

“We best go. While you’ve proven to be a physical match for him, I don’t wish to tempt the Fates with my weapon yet. We have much more to learn about Banzan and Knightlord. As we learn, you will improve. You will become the weapon I’ve seen forged by the Fates. But you are still a lump of ore not yet put to the hottest flames.”

Chronoa places a hand on Impaler’s shoulder.

“You are a hammer in a time when you should be a scalpel. In due time, I will make you into a better weapon. These two are the forge for that time happen.”

Chronoa and Impaler disappear before Kaine and Banzan reach their location. A smirk crosses the Dark Detective’s face.

“I think they bought it.”

Kaine looks to Banzan who nods.

“And soon, you shall have your feast.” Banzan replies as he pats Kaine on the shoulder.


The bloodthirsty vamp and the hungry girl square off tonight— and it’s falls count anywhere!

As Ether makes her entrance someone attacks her from behind— IT’S KAINE! He tackles her down the ramp and unleashes his fangs as he nears her forehead— JUST A BITE!! The bell rings and Kaine transitions into a gogoplata— CRIMSON VOW!! The ref asks Ether but she refuses to tap!

Just then Kaine screams out in pain and retracts himself from Ether… SHE’S WEARING SILVER EARRINGS! The burn marks on Kaine’s skin are visible, and may be the reason Ether has a second life in this match! Kaine angrily tackles Ether again, but she catches his arm and shoves her rollerskate in his face— FUCK YA FACE!!

Ether hops onto the apron and jumps down onto Kaine— DIVING DOUBLE FOOTSTOMP ONTO HIS CHEST!! RIDE THE SKY!! Ether covers on the outside of the ring— ONE! TWO!! THR— KAINE GETS A SHOULDER UP!! The two competitors take a moment to breathe after that near fall…

RIPCORD BY KAINE— INTO THE NORTHERN LARIAT— DUCKED BY ETHER!! Ether quickly spins and decks Kaine in the chin with a heel kick— ETHER STRIKE!! Ether rubs her belly— SHE’S A HUNGRY GURL!! She climbs to the top turnbuckle, stalking Kaine until he stands on the outside, and leaps— DOUBLE KNEE STRIKE!!! MACH FIVE TO THE OUTSIDE!!! Ether covers— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Ether’s hunger surpassed Kaine’s thirst tonight!


Recorded Earlier

“Daddy. I still can’t sleep. Tell me again.”

Scarlett Storm looks up into her father’s eyes. She’s afraid, but he brushes her hair back with a confidence that seems to ease her worry.

“They won’t hurt you, they can’t . Not while I’m here looking over you, and I promise, I’m always looking over you.”

Scarlett closes her eyes, shuffling on her pillow a little to settle in. Luke Storm stoops down and kisses her forehead.

Sleep. I’ll be protecting you.”

With that, he quietly leaves the room, stepping back into the hallway. But in the hallway, a second figure waits for him.

Luke jerks a little in surprise before his eyes narrow. There, standing before him, in his own home… is Pyre herself.

“Sure, they won’t hurt her. But then again, it’s not fucking them that you really should be worried about, is it?”

Luke stands between Pyre and his daughter’s bedroom door.

“You fucking bitch. Get out of my home.”

Pyre just seems to lap the words up. She even smiles as he pits the word out of his mouth.

“Oh, but you have your secrets too, don’t you Luke. My, my… you do find yourself in quite the predicament.”

She steps towards him, slowly. The slow, menacing clip-clop of her heels on wood seeming to echo.

“Jet Set Radio may have scared her, but I will come for her. You know I will. When daddy is not around to save her. Don’t you just hate making promises to her you can’t keep?”

Luke balls his fist.

“Fuck you Pyre. If you touch a single hair on her head, you’re a dead woman.”

Pyre laughs this time, fire radiating around her as she chuckles.

“Oh, but you have yourself to worry about, don’t you. You leave Scarlett to me, because I know a secret about you that you’re not sharing.”

Pyre cackles as Luke falls silent. He’s still standing in front of his daughter’s door, but he’s frozen to the spot. Pyre backs away and disappears into the night.

Her warning hangs in the air.

Scarlett is not safe. And neither is whatever Luke Storm is hiding.


A Buffet.

Ether, The Hungry Girl herself, sits in front of the large table with plates as far as the eye can see! Without a second thought Ether begins downing food left and right! Plates of mac and cheese decimated, whole bowls of barbeque scarfed down, and sandwiches that’d make Shaggy blush disappearing down her throat! She only stops when a familiar rabbit hops across her table.


“Huh,” she says, grabbing the bunny. “A lot cuter than the rabbit Tag has in his drawer,” she snickers to herself when another person enters the scene.

“Crikey, what kinda pig you got in here, girl?” Chip Montana walks into the room, looking at the mountain of now empty plates as he scratches his head. “Pot-belly? Hampshire? Deepwater Albanian?”

Ether narrows her eyes at Chip, Dave hopping out of her hands towards his owner. “The fuck did you call me? Actually, scratch that, what the hell is a Deepwater Albanian pig?”

“Oh it’s real rare, practically unheard of, but I seen one!” He pauses, turning his head to Dave as he picks the rabbit up.

“What was that?” He puts Dave up to his ear.

“No fuckin’ way,” Chip shows sheer exasperation, Ether merely watching unimpressed as Dave seemingly talks to the show host.

“All by herself? There ain’t many animals in the city…” Chip glances up at Ether, a smirk growing on his face. “Reckon I could make a whole episode outta that?”

Ether’s expression turns sour, the girl picking up what Chip is very much putting down. “You wanna talk to me and not the rabbit?”

“Listen, girlie, I’ll be kind enough to give you a ten second head start while I get me camera. Just know that humans are technically animals and wranglin’ one that can eat like you is good content!” With that said Chip reaches into his pocket to grab his camera. Ether rolls her eyes, shaking her head as she takes off, skating at full speed out of the restaurant.

Chip, meanwhile, turns on his camera and points it at the fleeing Ether. “Watch out, folks, because tonight your ol’ friend Chip is about to grab nature… by the PUSSY!” He pauses, turning to Dave who one could swear shakes his head!

“No, no you’re right. Orange cunt ruined it for everyone.” With that said, Chip takes off out the door after Ether, the Hungry Girl long gone by now as Chip takes off in a random direction.


Will the zealots impose Yahweh’s will upon The Taskmaster and The Realmwalker? Or can these two coexist and remain true to their own beliefs?

Bellator and Simon tie up collar and elbow. Bellator catches Simon into a side headlock, then a Simon whips Bellator into the ropes. On the rebound Simon bends over for the back body drop but Bellator backflips over him and kicks Simon in the gut as he turns around.

Bellator lifts Simon up into a crucifix and runs across the ring before powerbombing the Taskmaster— YAHWEH’S SIGN!! Bellator covers— ONE! TWO!! KICKOUT!! Bellator tags in Gable who crosses up Simon’s leg into a figure four— THOU SHALT STEAL!! No ropes nearby, Simon reaches up but a portal appears above Gable…

PLANESTOMPER!!! Sigil stomped the shit out of Gable to break the submission, and just as quickly as the ref goes to admonish Sigil, the Realmwalker opens another portal and drags Simon through it… COSMIC LEAP!! TO THEIR CORNER!! Sigil steps through the apron and tags himself in.

Sigil bee lines to Gable and shoves him back-first over his knee and barrages him with elbows to the face— THE LONG ROAD AHEAD!! Sigil follows up with a stiff chop to the side of Gable’s neck… GABLE HAS GONE LIMP!!! He’s out cold and the ref calls for the bell after that KO.

Sigil and Simon defy the odds and get the big win tonight!


In a dark room, somewhere away from the chaos of the Slaughterhouse, the quiet is broken suddenly.

“I understand you would like Yahweh to return,” a voice says.

“Yes,” comes a reply. Vayikra step into the light, Sir Renault being the speaker.

“And you’re aware that he will return upon the death of Sigil?” the voice continues.

The owner of the voice now steps into the light too. It’s Death!

“Yes,” again, this time from Sir Gable.

“The time has come,” continues Death. “Sigil is to die, and you, Vayikra, will help me. I need you to find Sigil and take care of him.”

“His sins are so terrible that he cannot be redeemed, we must teach him the ultimate lesson in the name of our Lord,” says Sir Bellator.

“Not so fast,” Death interrupts. “I need Sigil alive, so that I can personally finish the job at Retroshock. What I need you to do is soften him up before I get there. He has wriggled out of his fate before, and he needs to be unable to do it again.”

Vayikra stand, nodding.

“Do you understand?” Death asks.

We understand,” Vayikra respond, in unison.

And they leave, as does Death, leaving nothing but darkness.


Previously Recorded.

We last saw the Generation Kid in a doctor’s office, but the one he’s in now is much different.

Well, because it’s a real doctor’s office, not the foul creation of one of D’Ville’s bastards.

And this time, he’s with Vigour.

“Thanks for setting me up with your doctor.” TGK says, seeming very down. “It’s tough to find someone who can deal with people who are…”

“Different?” Vigour offers.

The Kid nods.

“Listen,” Vigour says, sitting down next to his despondent friend. “I know this is tough for you, but this isn’t the end of the road. It’s the start of a new journey for you. You’re a robot, mate.”

TGK visibly frowns as Vigour continues.

“So you can try to figure out what that means for you, or you can just keep living life and try to forget about it.”

“Forget about it?” TGK growls. “How can I forget about this? You may not be human, but at least you’re alive! If I’m a robot, then I’m not even that. It’s no wonder I can’t remember anything about my life past the 80s. It makes so many things make sense, even why Vayikra couldn’t control me. But I can’t just walk about from this knowledge. Am I somebody’s Weird Science experiment?”

Not getting the reference, the Prince of Party just waits.

“You heard what that doctor said in there. I’m a perfect replica of a human in terms of how I’m built, just with synthetic components and a mechanical brain.”

Vigour nods.

“And?” He says after a moment. “That doesn’t change who you are, does it?”

TGK stands up.

“How can I know who I am, if I don’t know what I truly am? Or why I am?”

Vigour stands up and meets his gaze.

“Then go find out.”

The Kid smiles, his first in a minute.

“I will. The answer has to be out there somewhere.”

Vigour shakes his head. He points to the Kid’s head.

“The answer’s up there, my friend. You just have to find it.”

Shaking his head, TGK doesn’t answer as he walks off.

He’s going to find answers to his origin, but is Vigour right?

Is the answer already within him?


Somewhere at the crossroad of strength and technique is a clash of styles as The Impaler, Sir Renault, and Chip Montana face off in our main event!

A miasma of thick black smoke flows out on to the entrance ramp as Wrong Side of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch begins to play and after a few moments the smoke recedes as if forming from the smoke itself the demon Legion aka The Impaler stands.

As the song continues to play he makes his way to the ring.

Before entering the ring he rolls his head almost unnaturally back across his shoulders and from the exposed corner of his mask we can make out a sinister sneer before he pulls himself over the top rope.

The lights go out. Darkness. We hear the heavy guitar chords and smashing drums of RED’s “The War We Made” begin playing over the speakers.

A lone spotlight shines down atop the stage, revealing a kneeling Sir Renault, his head down, and his hands clasped over the top of his upright pernach in front of him. The hooded Sir Vant stands behind Renault, hands together in prayer as he chants Latin.

Renault stands and poses in the shape of a cross just as the singing begins, and the camera pans from left to right as a curtain of golden pyro showers down on Renault, engulfing him in sparks as the brilliant light reflects off his pitch black armor.

Renault steps out of the sparks and saunters down the ramp holding his pernach, followed by the still chanting Sir Vant. Renault climbs the steps and hurdles between the ropes to enter the ring.

Standing in the middle of the ring he poses as the cross towards the crowd on all three sides of the ring.

“Ragged Wood” by Fleet Foxes hits the speakers, and Dave the Rabbit hops down the ramp, with Chip Montana chasing him. DTR runs underneath the ring, and Chip realizes he has a match.

“You little bugger!” He yells as he slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. He waves at the fans, who embrace him like their special-needs little brother.

Montana looks to take control of things from the outset, charging at Renault…who drops the host to the canvas, before turning his attention toward The Impaler!

Except that Legion catches the zealot with a haymaker, sending Renault reeling toward the corner as he turns to Montana, bringing the host to his feet…and is sent down hard with a surprise jawbreaker by Chip!

Montana laughs at the fallen Legion, but his amusement ends swiftly as Renault wallops him with a forearm smash. The two come to blows with lefts and rights, before Renault swings Montana around for a rolling German suplex!

Renault quickly follows up with a half nelson suplex, and is poised to complete the combo as he lifts Montana up into a bridging dragon suplex!




The Impaler is on his feet already, and stops the pinfall with a boot to Renault!

Legion brings the zealot up to a standing position before throwing him toward the ropes with an Irish whip…but Renault ducks the clothesline attempt that follows, launching himself off the ropes with a forearm smash reserved just for the big man!

Only he’s caught in mid-air, and The Impaler counters it into a modified powerslam that drives Renault right into the canvas!

By this point, Montana is finally back on his feet…and cackling at the misfortune of Renault! Legion is quick to see the host standing, but Montana is egging the big man on telling him to have a crack at the host!

Legion doesn’t take kindly to this, charging at Montana…and connecting with a shoulder tackle that sends Chip flying into the corner!

The Impaler looks to follow this up with an avalanche splash, but Chip manages to dodge it in the nick of time…before dropping Legion to the canvas facefirst!


Chip doesn’t get a chance to follow up as he’s blindsided by the revived Renault…but the host is able to turn his luck around at the zealot’s expense, shoving him into the corner.

Chip smirks as he launches himself up, boots to the chest of Renault!


Renault manages to shove Montana away, dropping the host flat on his back in the process…but Legion is back on his feet once more!

And he rushes the zealot, connecting with a running lariat!


Renault just got dropped like a bad habit, and The Impaler makes the cover!




This time it’s Chip Montana making the save for himself, slamming down on top of Legion to break up the pin!

The Impaler grunts in frustration as he gets to his feet, and Chip is starting to realize the futility in his efforts.

Nonetheless, the host charges at Legion…who grabs him by the neck, throwing Chip with ease into the corner, knocking him out!

The Impaler looks poised to end things here, taking a step toward Montana…only to be rolled up by Renault, who finds every bit of leverage he can to keep things nice and tight!





Sir Renault uses a bit of craftiness here as he picks up the win over the powerful Legion and the nature host!


The Hall of Skulls.

Just as we saw earlier, we once again find Simon Black walking down the hall towards the big meeting room, led by Mortimer. But this time, Mortimer turns into a different hall than before. Simon raises an eyebrow, confused until he sees who is sitting at a table at the end of that hall.


“Hello, old friend.” Simon says, turning on his best charm to the man who he went to war with in the past.

Deathnote, however, is having none of it.

“Where is Corvus?”

Stopping in his tracks, Black raises an eyebrow. Before he can speak, Deathnote cuts him off.

“You were made Commissioner to do one thing, Simon.”

“I have eyes on Sigil.” Simon offers weakly.

“Half right is still half wrong.” Deathnote responds, standing to look down into Black’s eyes. “And my father doesn’t tolerate half of anything. I won’t ask you again.”

They stand eye to eye.

“Where. Is. Corvus?”

Sensing no way to weasel out, Simon’s shoulders slump just a hair.

“I don’t know.”

Deathnote reaches out to grab him, but Simon begs off.

“I am worth more to your father than just as a watchdog.” Black retorts, a little fire back in his eyes. “If he wishes to see me pay for losing Corvus, then I will be glad to defeat you to prove my worth.”

Amusement in his eyes, Deathnote circles Simon.

“It doesn’t matter if I win or lose, Black. Just that you get the message. You say you have value to him? Then you’d better be able to prove it, or he’ll change the locks to that castle you wanted so bad.”

“Absolutely, I will prepare my pitch to him.” Simon says, feeling back in control. “Now, if that’s all, I must…”

“I don’t think so.”

The table behind Deathnote vanishes.

Mortimer vanishes.

Deathnote revels in Simon’s confusion, smiling as he disappears as well.

Simon is left in total pitch black darkness.

But Deathnote’s voice remains.

“Total sensory deprivation, Simon. Humans cannot handle it for very long, maybe a couple hours, a day for the strongest.”

Simon tries to talk, to yell, but nothing comes out.

“You have one week.”

The Commissioner tries to look around. But he cannot move. Cannot speak.

No taste.

No smell.

No sound.


Just black.

Just Simon Black.