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[Harold wanders into Felix’s Funhouse coaxed by a memory.] 


“Everyone has heroes, role models, people they idolized growing up.  Me, I was a shitty role model, I was never really there for her… publicly.  But that’s how it must be when you work for someone like Zeus doing the things I did.  However, I did my best to make sure the apple not just fell far from my tree but that it was thrown.  Michaela was so, such a wonderful child, and she loved this place.     


[Harry stops to take it in and suddenly a recollection is transposed over his vision, Felix Foley is on stage performing, in the crowd seated next to her mother is Michaela laughing, carrying on, and in the back with a few less grey hairs blending into the crowd as always is a Nobody.] 


“Man did she love the puppets or was it Felix himself?  He always had a way about him, good-natured, wholesome, with a bit of edge with a few of his more risqué puppets.  He was the role model she needed.  If you will, a hero for the soul, someone to show her this place could be pure if she didn’t allow it to corrupt her.”    


[Soon the scene shifts, the performance over, an appreciative Foley is shaking hands with the children, acknowledging each and every one of them.] 


“This was it, the moment she would meet her hero, and all would be right with the world.  Her little notepad and pen in hand.  I could picture her turning around with the largest smile in the world running back to her mom, her faith preserved for another day.”    


[The crush of children forced the small girl to the back, as The Puppet Master thanks them all for coming out to see him before exiting.] 


“They say never meet your heroes, because they’ll never live up to expectations.  Just one, day Felix, one fucking day, I wanted the world to be right.  I put faith in you, and you failed me.  You failed me Foley, and on any other day it’s almost expected that you’d fail me, but you not only failed me on that day, but you also failed her.”  


[Young Michaela turns to her mother, a notepad, and a pen in her hands with tears streaming down her face heartbroken.]  


“You broke her heart Felix from that day forth she’d never ask her mother to come here again because on that day she’d met her hero and he fell short.” 


[Back in the present Harold has meandered up onto the stage and pulled up a chair.] 


“I have so many questions Felix, so many. Like, why couldn’t you have waited just one more minute?  Or why didn’t you move around the crowd and control them rather than letting them control you?  Better yet, how did you let a bunch of snot-nosed brats bully my little girl, Felix?” 


[Just then Harold hears the door open, and lights illuminate the room.] 


“Maybe, it’s time Nobody gets his questions answered.” 



Harold Attano