Heal Thyself

In Mannfred Curze, Promo by Mannfred Curze

A doctor’s promise is to heal those who come to them for care. To help those in need where ever they may find them. They hold a special place in society, for they help those who need it most. To ensure everyone can have a happy, healthy, life.

But down here in the Bleak, doctors are few and far between. They are preyed upon by the jackals that have made this place home. The need for medicine is so great, they pounce on anyone who is seen promising this help.

So the doctors who do stay here become twisted in self-preservation. While they help those in need, any form of scum that comes through their doors becomes prey themselves of the doctor’s cruel retribution. Eventually this power, this influence, over the people in their care corrupts them and these doctors no longer become a healing medicine man, but a monster in their own right.

Not that one can truly blame them, the Bleak twists the hearts of those who reside here. But to see the bodies pile up of innocent children and mothers who want nothing but to be safe at the hands of the doctors meant to help them is a step too far.

So, I made the decision like I’ve made with the lives of so many others here.

I made one an example.

I took him to my own operating table. I began investigating his body, his mind, his heart. To determine what twisted this doctor so far that he’d butcher one hundred children and claim it to be mercy.

His screams echoed from my chambers, drowned out by the darkness and screams that surrounded us. I made sure he was kept alive during the process, feeling every knife stroke and every blood splatter. To ensure he knew the horrors he put these families through.

When I was done, I made a challenge. As his organs lay about him,  his life slowly slipping away.

I leaned in and whispered:

“Physician, heal thyself”

As I left, I made sure he had everything he needed to see the state he was in. When his cries were finally silenced, the doctors who had begun their corruption of their field knew to change their ways or they’d be next.

It’s a message you seem to have never received, Doctor.

I’ve heard the stories about you, seen the horrors you’ve wrought upon those who came to you for help.

The miracles you’ve claimed to have created that bring nothing but suffering and death. It’s time I made a bigger example.

I’ll show you what happens when someone who promised to help, to heal, breaks their vow.

I’ll make a display of your work, show you what we all see you for. Examine you, to see what lessons can be learned from such a creature such as yourself.

The night shall hear your screams as I whisper to you my challenge to you, the one I asked long ago;

“Physician; heal thyself”