In Promo by Deathnote

“Two wolves set out on a journey together.”

“A journey that would see them cross vast lands both flat and rugged.”

“The two wolves kept close eye on one another, they traveled closely like a pack.”

“They both had the same intentions. They both wanted to succeed in their journey. But to do so, they would have to cross a very wide rapid.”

“As they approach the white waters of the river, they both begin to question whether or not the end game was worth it.”

“One wolf was wise enough to accept his defeat and turn away. But the other wolf.. he was greedy.”

“The way he seen it, now that he was alone, all of the prizes of success belonged to him.”

“And so he dove right into the raging waters. He paddled his way half way across before he realized he was in over his head, quite literally.”

“As his legs grow tired, the water becomes too much for the wolf, and soon it takes him under.”

“Washing him away to a lonely grave..”

“And there’s nothing to blame but his own greed.”

“Cael Gable is no stranger to greed. A man who is built to seek out success often finds himself on the fence of willpower and greed.”

“Since his return to OSW, Gable has once again set his eyes on the top prizes this company has to offer.”

“Much to his surprise, there was another wolf with the same motives. The same desires.”

“And so, Cael aligned himself with Israel Grimwolf and the two of them set sail on similar journeys.”

“They looked after one another, so to speak. However, Cael Gable allowed his greed to get the best of him.”

“His overwhelming desire for success left him oblivious. And while Grimwolf had been smart enough to turn away when they reached the raging waters, Cael Gable’s greed once again caused a lapse in judgement.”

“I am that raging water, Cael.”

“If you so much as desire to live out this last year of your life, you’re going to have to cross my white rapids here and now.”

“And I’m willing to bet that your heart is much bigger than your actual ability.”

“Though your desire for success has led to many great feats, here is where it ends. That big heart of yours.. the willpower that you hold in trying to become your best self will become your greatest downfall.”

“You may dive into the river with the intentions of conquering the tide, but eventually your arms and legs will grow weak. And as soon as your body starts to fail.. I will wash you away like that has-been you truly are.”

“Because you’ve found yourself in over your head. Your greed has led you down a path that ends in only one outcome.”

“A lonely grave. With nothing but your own greed to blame.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or be swept undertow like the greedy wolf you are.”