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Glory Days

Glory Days

“We all miss the glory days of our youth.”

“A young man excelled in just about everything he set out to accomplish. He was seen as the most likely to succeed in whatever field he would apply himself to.”

“So he naturally chose the athletics industry. Upon doing so, he rose through the ranks to become a top star and the number one performer in the world.”

“The years passed and the gentleman had a family and a son, who seemed to idolize his father and every step he took. While he wasn’t the hot topic he used to be, his son still strived to become like his old man when he grew up.”

“And that he did. Time marched on and his child quickly became the next top prospect in the athletic industry, following his dad’s legacy and eventually overshadowing his pops in the process.”

“The older fellow couldn’t stand seeing the second generation overpass him. Why should he become the hottest thing since sliced bread when he was still breaking his back for his son’s future.”

“The old man appeared on my show, begging me to put him back in the spotlight and to keep his son out of it.”

“The pappy kind of reminds me of you in some regards, Ashley. Ever since Jessie came on to the wrestling and demon hunting scene, your jealousy has been more than noticeable.”

“You used to excel in both of those fronts. You were a headlining champion as well as a boogeyman’s worst nightmare. Then the years went by and you suddenly started to fall by the wayside to bigger and brighter talents.”

“Not only that, the demons you fought began to get tougher and more clever, leaving you to become an easy target for them.”

“Jessie began to wrestle and kill demons better than you ever could, and all without losing a hand in the process. Quite impressive, ain’t it pal?

“Look, I know you love your son as much as any father loves their own children. However, it’s no secret that there’s some resentment between you two with how much your son is beginning to overshadow your legacy.”

“I know you want to be the head honcho of the Williams family again, buddy. Heck, anyone at your age would do just about anything to get their glory days handed back to them in some fashion.”

“And that’s exactly what I plan on doing here on the Show That Never Ends! Where the fun keeps going and the temptations are unknowing!”

“Behind door number one is the opportunity to once again become the top star you were before Jessie arrived on the scene! By entering it, you’ll guarantee that no child of yours will ever take your place as top wrestler and demon hunter.”

“However, if you truly love your son, then enter door number two. Doing so will allow you to pass the torch on gracefully and let Jessie have his time as a hot prospect.”

“What’ll it be pal? Let’s make a deal.”

Monty Straight