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Girl In Girl

The following message has been approved by both the Arcadian Censorship Authority and the Arcadia Abstinence Coalition.

Tucker Goode stands in front of a projector, a pointer stick in hand. “Premarital Sex.” He clears his throat, suppressing a gag. “Unhealthy, unclean, unarcadian! As the leader of the AAC, I’m here to inform you of the dangers not only of preforming coitus before you are wed, but of the dangers of something even more disgusting, more vile, more… Deviant.”

He clicks to a new slide on the projector, showing the image of Gemini, images of Gemini Light and Gemini Dark before their change. “You see, before us is an example of the most depraved relations one can participate in. Not simply premarital sex… But homosexual intercourse! These two witches, these… Related women, participated in the devil’s tango, they rang on his doorbell and he answered!”

“The Dark one preyed on her pure twin. You see, she was evil to her core, she took her and bent her over in front of the Arcadian crowd and filled her with her demonic needs. Fingers in her hair, and a… Crude representation of the wonderful phallus at her waist. We may not have seen her embrace her sister in this perversion of sexuality! But we see the result!”

He clicks to another slide, this one showing Nergal as she is now.

“This… thing! She was created by the corruption of the woman she once was. The pure, virgin, never deflowered Gemini Arcadia knew was ruined before our very eyes. Because she allowed her sister’s spirit to go… Inside of herself, filling her to the brim with a blackened seed! Gemini Dark, you see, wielded the pretender’s spiritual phallus and used it to transform this once happy and untouched maiden into a gross, bug infested hive of depravity.”

Tucker whips out a rag, wiping the sweat from his brow.

“And this is what premarital and wrong coitus does to one’s body! It transforms you, infects you, leaves you ridden with not only sexually transmitted diseases, but actual bugs that plague your poor body! Even if Gemini had been… deflowered by a man’s penis, she was not wed, she was dragged out of her flowery fields and made out as a miscreant, a dirty and unwanted disease infested shadow of her former self!”

Mr. Goode looks at the image of Nergal, miming wiping a tear from his eye.

“Now, Ms. Gemini is beyond saving, she gave up her innocence and purity to her sister’s incestuous whims! But that doesn’t mean you, people of Arcadia, are beyond saving! We here with the ACA and AAC want you to know that there’s still hope for you pure of body! Close your legs, deny the carnal desires for the disgusting vagina and it’s-” Tucker gags again, “devilish vulva. Refuse the call of false pleasure and wait until marriage.”

“Please, for the greater Goode.”

Tucker clicks off the projector.

“And now, stay tuned for a message from Sebastian Boswick.”

Tucker Goode