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Get In Line

Get In Line

There was once a boy trapped in the shadow of his famous father.

A celebrated hero who saved Arcadia time and time again from that which goes bump in the night suddenly vanishes into thin air.

Leaving behind a grieving son way over his head and a legacy that threatens to tear him apart.

For the blood pumping through his veins make him a target for anything that wants to be the one to wipe out his name.

And unlike his father, he was never ready to fight back against the legions of darkness.

The people he cared about dying like flies all around him and the one thing he was meant to do, save the real hero.

He failed at as the broken husk of a man he dragged from the depths of Tartarus had barely a glimpse of light left in him.

In the end, even after vanquishing his nightmares, the Prince walked away into the darkness, knowing that he was never good enough to overcome.

It was a tale dad would tell me time and time again, one of his famous fables to impart wisdom on his young impressionable son.

On how a legacy can be deadly, because a name doesn’t just inspire hope, it is a beacon of light that draws darkness like moths to a flame.

All hoping to be the one to overwhelm and smother it for good.

And from the moment I stepped into Olympus, this kid’s flame has had to survive them all.

From the sadistic workings of intelligence personified, to the rusty sharp scalpels of medical malpractice,

To the undying hunger of the devil himself to the silver tongued manipulations of the child of Hades,

They’ve all come for the blood that runs through my veins and seemingly through sheer luck and someone else’s help, I’m still standing.

And now another would be hunter is coming to make a name for himself at my expense, to end the lineage of the Jackson’s forever.

I’ve heard of your exploits Grim, a merciless killer who takes pride in the thrill of the hunt and the execution of body, mind and soul.

Those who have walked into your path meet a fate worse then death at the hands of the Beast.

But this isn’t the streets of Arcadia Luther, this is Olympus itself and you chose the wrong Titan to come for.

Because I may not be as strong or fast or powerful as some, but there’s none that endure like I do.

Who were trained their entire life to survive every single foe that could come for my throat.

You’re just another in a long line of fools who thought the sons flame would be easy to extinguish.

Only to realize how scorching the inferno of hope can truly be.

You want to come for my legacy Luther? You want to be the one who finally ends the Jackson name?

Get in line Hunter, because in the end, you’ll just be another faceless evil who failed to take down Destructo Boy

But you? You’ll never forget my name.

Destructo Boy