In Promo by Zeus

The castle was under siege.

There were swathes of enemies surrounding the fort, all readying for an attack, because they wanted the gold crown held inside the castle’s walls.

Eventually one of the aggressors moved forward with their army, having proven themselves stronger than the rest. With their advanced technology and a proven strategy in warfare, this army began its assault.

The walls held firm so it was through the gate the would-be conquerors tried to come. As the attackers gained momentum it looked certain the treasure would be claimed and all the inhabitants of the castle would be sent like lambs to the slaughterhouse.

But at the doors, the castle’s gatekeeper would not retreat. He knew these were some bad motherfuckers at the door, but if he let them through, the rest would follow and the castle would fall.

The gatekeeper was the bolt on the gate that would not break, holding off wave after wave of attack until the invader realised the castle could not be penetrated. Eventually the assault retreated, back to skirmish among the rest of the wannabe usurpers.

I am at war.

My OSW World Championship reign is under siege.

I have watched from the battlements as the forces of the would-be usurpers gather nearby. Each of them is looking to make an assault on my fortifications and claim the gold crown I possess.

Finally, one of them emerges, moving directly towards my castle. Zero marches as the strongest among them, having navigated through every single member of The Slaughterhouse to be the first. He is confident, proven in battle and with technological advantages that make him confident he will succeed.

My castle, though, is built from the best materials. My walls, made of the greater good. Impenetrable because ideas, like stone, are not easily broken.

So you will have to come through the front gate and there you will find me, Zero.

The gatekeeper.

I know there is a bad motherfucker at the door. I know if I let him through, the crown will be his and my fate will be among the lambs for the slaughter.

If my gate is breached, others will pour through. Then my castle walls will crumble.

But I’m the gatekeeper.

I am the first and last defendant of that hallowed doorway.

It is my duty to protect this gateway to my crown from the enemies that seek to take it.

If I start letting bad motherfuckers inside my keep, it’ll be more pandemonium than lambs in a slaughterhouse.

So I will do everything in my power, to my dying breath, to keep you out.

I will be the bolt on the door that holds off wave after wave of your attack, cyborg.

So bring the cavalry, the infantry, your entire artillery.

The walls will stand. The gate will remain unbreached.

You will remain locked out, forced to retreat and skirmish with the rest of the meat in the abattoir.

Just another pretender to the throne, waiting to be deleted.

For the greater good.