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Fun Police

Fun Police

There has been a massive party taking place throughout the day, and the sunset has not slowed the festivities down.

All sorts of food, drink, and celebration is going on, much to the people’s delight.

The party has been a rambunctious one, the volume of the music and excitement reaching an all-time high throughout.

But now, as they approach midnight, they walk on thin ice.

The mandated noise curfew is drawing ever closer, but the group pays no mind.

They’re far too busy having fun to keep an eye on the clock as it ticks on, moving ever forward.

It has now been fifteen minutes past the curfew, and the party is still rockin’ and rollin’.

The group is too entranced by the rhythm and the effects of their libations to notice the flashing red and blue lights outside.

And a hard knock at the door brings the scene to a screeching halt, as the police make their presence known.

They give the group a warning, as it’s their first offense, sternly reminding the partygoers of that almighty curfew.

The police, satisfied with the response, make their exit from the site…but the party is far from over.

The group take the experience as a challenge, and go right back at it…even louder this time.

Needless to say, this does not bode well for the party animals when the police return…shutting the whole thing down.

Arrests are made, people taken into custody, and worst of all?

The vibe is completely ruined.

That’s the danger of pushing your luck against authority, isn’t it Vigour?

You and your Rainbow Party crew enjoyed that lifestyle, indulging yourself in excess without a thought of the consequences.

Given the chance to settle down, you took it as a challenge.

And look where it’s gotten you.

Starboy is dead, TGK is unstable…and you’ve gone so quiet, a whisper could break you.

And as the party finally comes to a screeching halt, I’m right there with the handcuffs.

The fun police.

The killjoy.

And you are under arrest for taking things too far, and letting your need to indulge blind you from the truth.

A truth you now face in a prison of my design.

Where all your colors fade to gray.

And as you sit in your cell, twiddling your thumbs in the hopes that someone can post your bail, you will understand my suffering.

Forced to stare at cold, blank walls as the hours turn into days.

The only sense of excitement you’ll feel is when the sun touches your skin for a couple hours at a time in the recreation yard.

And that, Vigour, will bring a smile to my face.

Because seeing the joy sucked out of your soul will feed into mine.

And I can enjoy the sweet, simple comforts that you won’t be afforded when I’m through with you.

Because every action has its consequences, and yours have been piling up for ages.

And the whole vibe is about to be ruined.