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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

The screen becomes yellow, interlaced with pictures of cybernetic implants.

“Here at Nakamura Industries, we’re thinking about the future.”

As the images flick by, a soft and caring female voice continues narrating.

“Our technological experts are working day and night to improve the lives of our customers.”

“We’ve spent over a three hundred million dollars in research to find the best way to support those who need our technology to live normal lives.”

“We know how important our work is to you.”

“The future of cybernetics is now.”

“And Nakamura Industries are the future.”

“And now a message from our Chairman and Owner, Goro Nakamura.”

The white shirted man from Triosmania suddenly appears on screen, his neck cybernetic implant on display; wearing a large coat over his white shirt.

[ Goro Nakamura ] “We know what you’ve heard; that Nakamura Industries is funded by the Yakuza. This could not be further from the truth. Our funding is organically sourced through stakeholders that share in our vision.”

He smiles – but it’s sinister.

[ Goro Nakamura ] “Believe in Nakamura Industries.”

He pauses.

[ Goro Nakamura ] “We’re making the future possible, together.”



Earlier Today.

Sat in a darkened room, we find Sir Vant at a table, cloaked in shadow. His aged bible is open, but instead of the holy book, his eyes are on papers that have been placed before him.

The same papers that SeeSaw found in his childhood home and Bellator recovered last week.

Sirs Bellator, Renault, and Gable stand on the other side of the table, silent yet at attention.

After a moment, Vant sighs and looks up at Vayikra.

[ Sir Vant ] “Cursed be the man who makes a carved or cast metal image, an abomination to the Lord, a thing made by the hands of a craftsman, and sets it up in secret.”

He slides the papers across the desk where Bellator picks them up.

[ Sir Bellator ] “The man who made him is dead.”

Candlelight dances upon the hidden features of Sir Vant as he leans forward.

[ Sir Vant ] “Locate SeeSaw. Deuteronomy 7.”

Sir Bellator nods, placing the papers into his armor. Sir Vant looks at the other two.

[ Sir Vant ] “Word has reached my ears that Vigour is alive.”

Sir Renault recoils in shock for a moment before regaining his composure.

[ Sir Renault ] “How can this be? I saw the breath leave his body.”

[ Sir Vant ] “Perhaps you were mistaken. Perhaps you were not. We have been set against abominations, it seems, on all fronts.”

Standing to his feet, Sir Vant eyes Gable and Renault.

[ Sir Vant ] “Tonight, Sir Gable will fight. Afterwards, Sir Renault and myself will join him in watching for movement from our foes. Starboy will be in the Slaughterhouse. We will not engage, but instead follow the creature to the others.”

Stepping around the table, Sir Vant looks upon his knights with new energy.

[ Sir Vant ] “Abominations have been atop the wheel for far too long.”




Two men who find themselves in the midst of past secrets tonight find themselves across from each other inside a steel cage. Who will escape?

The cage door clicks shut and the ref rings the bell. Right off the bat Tenchu comes at SeeSaw with a flurry of judo chops and low kicks, effectively wearing down Mr. Make Believe who is cackling maniacally… HE ENJOYS THE ABUSE! But, Tenchu drops an AXE KICK to the back of SeeSaw’s head to quiet him down.

Tenchu takes the opportunity to climb the cage. He’s up to the top rope, and his hand reaches the top of the cage… but SeeSaw grabs his foot! SeeSaw climbs up next to Tenchu and they trade blows, then SeeSaw traps Tenchu in a headlock and leaps into the ring— CATASTROPHIC COLLIDER CACOPHANY!

That bulldog rocked Tenchu, but the Cackling Madcap wants to make him his next action figure! With a “Wheeee!, SeeSaw tosses Tenchu headfirst into the cage, then follows up by grinding his head on the cage like a cheese grater! SPARKS ARE FLYING OFF TENCHU’S FACE!!

Tenchu’s down, and now it’s SeeSaw’s turn to climb. He’s reached the top! He just needs to descend… but he’s flapping his arms like wings! He cackles, and leaps back into the ring— FLIGHT OF THE ORNITHOPTER!!! HE CRASHES ONTO TENCHU!!! COVER— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

The Toybox King made Kodokushi his new action figure tonight and played with him to his heart’s delight inside this steel toy box!



Last week.

The sounds of motorcycles pulling to an abrupt stop in the middle of the night is the first thing that fill our senses.

Soon enough, the sound of footsteps thundering towards the door before it’s damned near kicked off its hinges, bursts us into life.

Zero was asleep, tucked up in bed alone.

But that slumber was quickly interrupted as four armed men in motorcycle cut-off jackets pull him from his bed and violently pin him to the floor.

As two hold him down, one comes into view, standing over him.

[ Unknown ] “Do you know who I am?”

Zero shakes his head.

[ Zero ] “Do I fuck. I do know that you better fuckin’ let go of me, or I’m puttin’ this fuckers head up your fuckin’ ass.”

The man laughs to himself.

[ Rezin Deckard ] “That’s cute. My name is Rezin Deckard and I work for Goro Nakamura.”

He points towards his friends.

[ Rezin Deckard ] “This is my club; The Iron Henchmen. Goro asked us to stop by and pay you a little visit.”

Zero gulps.

[ Zero ] “The fuck does he want? It’s been years.”

[ Rezin Deckard ] “Be that as it may, it’s taken him that long to find you. Apparently, you’re capable of making yourself disappear on just about any system in the world.”

The Hacker smirks.

[ Rezin Deckard ] “Ah, see, I’m glad you’re in good spirits – I only hope that lasts. Mr. Nakamura saw you had a piece of technology on your person that he finds interesting. I’m here to collect that.”

Zero immediately understands what they mean and starts struggling. The two Iron Henchmen cronies hold him tighter, each with a cybernetic arm that makes his own strength virtually useless.

Deckard pulls a screwdriver from his pocket and begins going to work on the face of The Hacker.

His screams echo throughout the apartment.

They’re visceral.



But Rezin doesn’t stop. He continues unscrewing until he’s able to take the Visor from Zero’s face.

The Hacker immediately rolls over, shielding his eyes.

There’s blood and viscera hanging from where the visor screwed into Zero’s head, but that doesn’t bother Rezin Deckhard, who chuckles.

[ Rezin Deckard ] “Well, fuck – that was fun.”

With blood dripping down the side of his face, Zero squints, looking up at his attacker.

[ Zero “I… I need that.”

He pleads.

[ Zero “Without it, I can barely see.”

[ Rezin Deckard ] “I wouldn’t worry about it, Xavier. It’s time for you to go to sleep anyway.”


A fierce cybernetic left hand puts Zero out for the count, knocking him unconscious. The men let go of him, walking away as Deckard takes a moment to look over the visor.



The Hospital.

Machines beep idly in the background as the insides of this dreary building are introduced to us. The lights flicker above as a pair of feet click on the linoleum floor.


His eyes flit between the many doors, sweat beading from behind his mask as the chain around his neck glows. He’s finally found what he’s looking for.

The Coma Ward.

With as much strength as he can muster Mordecai flings open the doors to a floor filled with panicking patients! All of them jerk and jolt in their beds, eyes closed tight as they scream in fear! They cannot wake up, trapped in the dream realm beyond Mordecai’s reach!

[ Mordecai ] “Wake up! Please!”

Mordecai fruitlessly shakes the bodies of any patient he can get his hands on. Heart monitors go haywire as he tries his damndest to get any of them to wake! However, before his very eyes, the patients begin to show signs of Sandman’s torment.

One by one wounds open, machines flat lining. As he watches hearts fail he sucks in breath, letting out a powerful yell!

[ Mordecai ] ENOUGH!

A wave of force pushes through the room that shakes the lights! They flicker and when they come back on The Sandman stands in the center of the room. He smiles wide at Mordecai, looking at dead patients on either side.

[ The Sandman ] “Brother. It’s so nice of you to join me. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to feast so happily on the dreams of the weak.”

[ Mordecai ] “You trapped me in the real world, Sandman. You separated the yin from your yang and the dream world will suffer because of it.”

Sandman merely chuckles as he backs away from his brother, letting himself fall away to grains of sand as he slowly leaves the waking world.

[ The Sandman ] “Then suffer it shall.”

Mordecai rushes towards Sandman! But the Dream Demon disappears into the dream world, leaving Mordecai to land in a heap on the floor, the chains around his neck making him grow weaker with every waking moment.





Evil incarnate and a religious zealot – but who has victory hidden behind the mask tonight?

Sir Gable shuffles in, offering an arm for an exchange of wrestling ability. The Impaler isn’t interested. Legion is a brawler and that’s exactly how he wants, throwing his head into Gable. Irish whip off the ropes and ADAM SMASHER!!! The running lariat mows down the zealot. Gable gets to his feet and staggers onto the ropes. Running big boot from The Impaler…

Gable ducks and Legion straddles the top rope. Gable with the waistlock and a big German suplex from the ropes. Swivelling the hips, Gable lifts The Impaler again…another German suplex! Eight more follow to complete the TEN KARAT!!! Gable with a cover…ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP!!!!

Gable peels The Impaler off the mat, The Olympian looking for a vertical suplex but Legion drops to his feet behind Sir Gable and locks in EVE’S SNAKE!!!! That Romero Special to Dragon Sleeper has the gold medallist in a world of trouble. Sir Vant climbs on to the apron and distracts the referee. Sir Gable is TAPPING OUT!!!

Legion releases the hold and grabs the referee. Sir Vant drops down, pleading innocence. The Impaler turns around….GOLD RUSH!!!! Sir Gable almost broke the Dread Pirate of Wrestling in half with that lifting spear. Legs are hooked…ONE! TWO! THREEEE!!!

Sir Gable is rewarded for taking his vitamins and saying his prayers with a win!



The Snakepit Compound.

Viper Roberts sits behind a large oak desk with his feet on it, relaxing. It’s like he doens’t have a care in the world, despite having one hell of a match against Sigil later tonight. Just then, the door opens and in walks a guest – an invited one, at that.

[ Viper Roberts ] “I’m glad you decided to accept my invitation. Welcome to the Snakespit, Deathnote.”

The Author walks further into the office and carefully takes a seat.

[ Deathnote ] “It isn’t what I expected.”

Viper smiles.

[ Viper Roberts ] “No?”

[ Deathnote ] “The snakes here seem… happy.

That perplexes Roberts.

[ Viper Roberts ] “Why wouldn’t they be? I don’t force people to join me, Deathnote. They have a choice.”

[ Deathnote ] “You wanted to show me that you’re not such a bad guy, huh? But I think we both know what you’re capable of. Alton Whitlock found that out when he rejected your offer, didn’t he?”

That mention of his name somewhat sours the atmosphere in the room. Roberts takes his feet down off the desk and leans forward.

[ Viper Roberts ] “Why would you insult me?”

He says angrily.

[ Viper Roberts ] “I invited you here as a guest because I believe our stars are in alignment; I think we could help each other. I’m not offering you to become a snake.”

[ Deathnote ]Luckily for me.”

That again, angers Roberts.

[ Viper Roberts ] “Perhaps I was mistaken. Maybe you should leave?”

Deathnote stands up, and smirks, before heading towards the door.

[ Deathnote ] “I’m not foolish enough to think you want an alliance with me for my benefit, Viper. I still want to know who your snake was at Revolt.

[ Viper Roberts ] “Is that why you’re reluctant to join forces with me? Is that why you come to my compound and dare insult me?”

The Author chuckles.

[ Deathnote ] “I guess that decision bit you in the ass, huh?”

He takes his leave, leaving Viper Roberts behind to stew on their conversation.



A backwater street in the centre of Hell’s Kitchen. Office blocks, if you can call them that, leading to mysterious doors without so much of a name on them. The kind of place where you only find yourself if you know who you’re looking for… Or don’t want to be found at all. 

It is here that we find Pyre, ushering Zero through one such doorway. Zero moves slowly, wobbling as he walks as if unsure of his own footing. 

[ Pyre ] “We really need to find something to help you. I’ve come to see an old friend that may be able to help get you back up and running.” 

Zero steps into the room first, unable to really see what’s in front of him. He staggers forward into the dim light of the office. Pyre follows him inside and stops abruptly. 

[ Pyre ] “Something’s not right. It’s too quiet.” 

She’s barely got the words out of her mouth when Zero is blindsided, clocked about the side of the head with a skateboard that he never saw coming. He drops like a sack of bricks. 

[ Tag ] “You know what, Bitch… You’re right.” 

[ Ether ] “Surprised to see us?” 

Jet Set Radio step into view, stepping over Zero’s unconscious body and closing the distance between them and Pyre. 

[ Pyre ] “What the fuck have you done? You little pricks just don’t know when to stop do you?” 

Both Tag and Ether laugh at this. Tag grabs Pyre by the scruff of the neck and drags her to her knees. Ether slaps the Fire Bitch across the face. 

[ Ether ] “Right again, Bitch… We’re going to keep coming. You think that you have the rule of the world right now, but with your little freakshow here seeing nothing but stars, you’re tuning in nothing but static.”

[ Tag ] “It won’t be long before you’ve dropped those titles too. There’s nowhere you can run, nowhere you can hide that we can’t find you.”  

With that, she pushes Pyre back into the hallway of the office block, slamming her head into the drywall and watching Pyre crumple into a heap. She motions to Tag to follow as she makes an exit. And he does so, but not before dragging another lifeless figure from the scene. A stocky looking man, his face bloodied beyond recognition. 

Whoever it was, there’s no way he’s going to be helping BMF any time soon. 




This may be a handicap match but Mordecai is weak on his feet! The chain around his neck makes this practically a one on one!

The Silver Knight hits the ropes and flies across the ring with a crossbody towards Lucy! But Ms. Malice ducks the assault! Avalon smacks the mat with a loud thwack before rolling to his feet! She leaps at him! FRAKENSTEINER! AVALON LANDS NECK FIRST AND BOUNCES OFF OF THE GROUND!

The Angel stalks the ring as Avalon slowly rises to his feet just to get caught with a wild roundhouse kick that knocks him sideways! He stumbles into the ropes AND BACK TO LUCY FOR THE VAMPIRE’S BLOOD! SWINGING NECKBREAKER PLANTS AVALON AND THE SILVER KNIGHT IS LOOKING WORSE FOR WEAR!

Avalon rolls around on the ground in agony at his injured neck! Lucy looks to capitalize as she hits the ropes and comes back! SHINING WIZARD TO THE RISING AVALON! HE’S GETTING KNOCKED SENSELESS HERE! Lucy drags Avalon to the corner and tags in Mordecai! The Guardian is in the ring!

Mordecai may be physically weak but he effortlessly hauls Avalon up! NEUROSIS! NO HANDED SPINNING BACK BREAKER! AVALON GOES ROUND AND ROUND UNTIL HE GETS TOSSED INTO THE AIR AND LANDS ON THE MAT WITH A SICKENING THUD! Mordecai wearily lays down for the pin! One! Two! Three!

This was barely a match! Lucy Seraphina demolished Avalon and Mordecai only pinned him to end the suffering!



We’re back at the remains of the Tiger’s Nest. Banzan is free from the tree and looking at what was left of his home. In the distance we hear footsteps approaching and Banzan turns around. He sees the Metal Shadow.

[ Banzan ] “I see you have returned. You cost me TriosMania.”

Tenchu stops and nods.

[ Tenchu ] “I did.”

Banzan shakes his head, still confused. He’s angry, but he’s learned over time that anger doesn’t help.

[ Banzan ] “Why? For what purpose?”

[ Tenchu ] “You pulled out a scroll, the document that describes Odawara law. For the last few months you have tried to teach me from that scroll, remind me of who I am.”

Banzan walks closer to Tenchu, trying to understand everything.

[ Tenchu ] “When Kaine handed me this file. When he told me about the deaths, the destruction left in your wake he left it to me to find the truth of it all. He just gave me the smoking guns.”

Tenchu pulls the file out, and looks down at it.

[ Tenchu ] “This makes a lot of sense. You took a scroll and used it to control me, manipulate me. It’s time for you to feel the same way. It’s time you felt the pain you’ve caused, the hurt you’ve caused. You were no mentor.”

[ Banzan ] “What are you talking about? You are still making no sense.”

Tenchu turns away from Banzan.

[ Banzan ] “You must have forgotten your lessons. You don’t turn your back on anyone you respect or fear.”

[ Tenchu ] “I feel neither towards you, Banzan. You weren’t a mentor. A mentor seeks to improve their students. I wasn’t a student to you, I was a correction. I was nothing more than a tool for you to feel better about yourself.”

Banzan grabs Tenchu and spins him around, getting into his face.

[ Banzan ] “Your mind has been twisted by that vampire, Tenchu! I was trying to help you!”

Tenchu pushes Banzan back, and a small fight breaks out between the two. The training Banzan provided showing as they both strike and miss every strike.

[ Tenchu ] “No. I was a student just so you could try to rebuild the Tiger’s Nest, that you allowed to fall. I was only a means so you could undo the mistakes you made with Sweet Alice. You didn’t want to help me, you just wanted to help yourself.”

Banzan ducks one final punch, wrapping his arms around Tenchu’s waist and lifting him up.


[ Banzan ] “Fine. If you won’t listen to reason, I’ll let you find your truth. When you find that I was not lying, you will understand that I was wanting nothing more than your improvement.”

Tenchu lays on the ground, glaring at Banzan as he walks away.



We’re backstage in the Slaughterhouse, earlier this week, and the scene before us is something incredible. One of the loading areas has been transformed. All of the equipment and vehicles have been moved into the centre and around the outside of the loading bay a large track has been taped out, with the occasional ramp or grind rail.

It looks like some effort has gone into making this race a spectacle. And near the start line – Wiz and The Generation Kid.

[ Wiz ] “Now listen, playa, here’s the rules. We start here, at the start line, we do two full laps of the track, each obstacle or trick spot has to be used once per lap, and we make it back here as the finish line, ya dig?

[ The Generation Kid ] “Easy, so long as you stick to the rules.”

[ Wiz ] “Boy, I’m offended you think I’d break any rules. Let’s go. On the count.”

The two line up against the start line.

[ Wiz ] “Three. Two. One… GO!

Both set off well, Wiz riding his scooter and TGK hovering just above the ground on his hoverboard. It’s neck and neck around the first bend, and they approach the ramp. Wiz comes off the ramp first, a 360 spin landing perfectly. TGK follows just behind, grabbing his board and doing a quick 360 of his own – not to be outdone.

Around the second bend now, and as the pair approach the grind rail TGK pulls away slightly, “grinding” (as best as he can on a board that hovers) down the rail, soon followed by Wiz. By the time they reach the end of the first lap, Wiz is in the lead again, and building some good space between them. They both pass over the ramp once more, and round the second bend. As Wiz grinds the rail, he can see TGK playing catch up with some righteous speed, so whilst he zips along on his scooter he pulls out a button from his pocket and sighs.

[ Wiz ] “Say goodbye to your rematch, boy.”

Wiz turns away from The Generation Kid and presses the button.




Tonight, we have a match between the current world champion, Corvus, and one-third of Rainbow Party in Starboy! Who will come out on top? We find out next!

DING! DING! The assassin goes right after Starboy with some massive right punches! Strike after strike but Starboy ducks one and goes behind! Quick thrust to throw off Corvus and he nails a German Suplex! He holds on and rolls with Corvus! He stands them back up and he holds his hand in the air! OIL CHECK! They get deep in there!

Corvus is having none of that! Some hard back elbow strikes to get Starboy off him! Starboy pulls out and Corvus runs the ropes! Clothesline-no! Starboy cuts him off with the DIRTY SANCHEZ! That dirty chop to the face drops Corvus to a knee! Starboy is taunting him acting like a woman getting proposed to!

Quick throat chop by the champ! Starboy is holding his throat! Corvus stands back up! Throat thrust uppercut! Palm Strike! Jumping elbow strike! MURDER OF BLOWS! Corvus got all of those and Starboy is rocked! Corvus goes behind him! He’s trying to lock in the rear naked choke!

GARROTE-NO! Starboy grinds against Corvus to block the hold! Corvus lets go and shrugs! CORVUS KICK-NO! Starboy dodges the flask kick and ends up behind Corvus! DONKEY PUNCH! They nail the roaring back elbow to the back of the head! Starboy pulls Corvus up and onto his shoulders! He’s going for the Fireman’s carry neckbreaker! Starboy flips Corvus! TASTE THE RAINBOW-NO! Corvus counters it with a cutter out of nowhere! BLACK HAND’S BLADE! Corvus covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

What a maneuver as Corvus proves why he’s the world champ over a very game Starboy!



It’s a dark and dingy alley in Hell’s Kitchen. The type of alley that only the worst the city has to offer are willing to walk down. We see Lucy Seraphina there and she’s talking to someone when we see Kaine peer from around the corner, watching. After what he learned last week, he’s making sure to take note of who she’s talking to. She eventually leaves after handing a small wad of cash to the man and breaks off. After a few moments Kaine makes his way down the alleyway.

[ Kaine Knightlord ] “What did you two talk about?”

The guy pays little attention to Kaine at first, counting his money.

[Dude] “What’chu talkin’ bout? I don’ know nuffin!”

Kaine grabs the guy by the shoulder spinning him around. The guy nearly falls ass over tea kettle when he sees the Dark Detective.

[ Kaine Knightlord ] “You clearly know something otherwise she wouldn’t have spoken to you. Now talk!”

The guy tries to scurry away, tripping and falling over the garbage in the alley. Kaine groans and follows the man as he runs.

[ Kaine Knightlord ] “I don’t have time for this.

Kaine supernaturally catches up to the guy, grabbing him and glaring right into his eyes. Something shifts in the look of the man, an almost empty glare.

[Dude] “She want to know about some guy named Nines. Paid alotta money to find him.”

A serious look, more serious than before, crosses Kaine’s face at the mention of the name Nines.

[ Kaine Knightlord ] “You said Nines? You mean Nines Rodriguez?”

The man nods his head, the blank stare still there.

[ Kaine Knightlord ] “Shit.”

Kaine bites the guys neck, draining him of blood to ensure his silence on the matters. Kaine quickly grabs his phone dialing a number and putting it to his ear.

[ Kaine Knightlord ] “Answer, you asshole! PICK UP!”

A click is heard and a muffled voice.

[ Kaine Knightlord ] “Shut the fuck up and listen, I’m doing the job you asked. Nines is in town. Yes, Nines Rodriguez and Lucy has been looking for him. You might have been on to something. Last I heard she had a brother that was running around with them, but he hadn’t left Los Angeles. She had an informant look into him. He didn’t know much more than his name. Yes, I dealt with him. I’ll keep digging.”

Kaine slams the phone shut as he walks off into the dark, in the same direction Lucy went moments before.


We find ourselves backstage, just moments away from the Double Feature Championship being on the line…and the challenger, Chronoa, can be seen walking with an air of confidence about her as she looks to secure her fate against the might of The Sandman.

It’s a confidence that stays unwavering, even as she notices sparks of electricity from the distance…and the man from whom the power is emanating.

The Impaler.

He stares the Keeper of History down for a moment, making note of her attitude.

[ The Impaler ] “I see someone’s in a good mood. I suppose you think you’ve got the champ all figured out?”

This simply draws a smirk from Chronoa.

[ Chronoa ] “I do, as a matter of fact. That monster is but a minor threat compared to what’s coming…and that championship is but the first step.”

Chronoa takes another step, but is blocked by the now-frustrated Legion.

[ The Impaler ] “You do realize I’m going to put a stop to all this, right? I have the means, I have the power.”

Chronoa takes a good, long look at her adversary up and down…and laughs.

[ Chronoa ] “Perhaps, but do you know how to use it? How to control it, without my help? Our paths have intersected now, Legion, and the current running through is far too strong for you to resist.”

With that, she steps around Legion and makes her exit toward the ringside area, leaving The Impaler to ponder this with a snarl on his face as the power finally dissipates…for now.




What will be the fate of The Sandman’s Double Feature Championship reign?

The bell rings and Sandman stares Chronoa down, imposing upon her as he slowly closes in on her. The Dream Demon is face to face with Chronoa now, and he unveils a sinister smile— GOOZLE! Chronoa is down to her knees, grasping at Sandman’s arm as he laughs above her…

But Chronoa steps one foot up— she’s fighting it! She steps her other foot up— she’s standing up now and Sandman can only shake his head in disbelief! Chronoa, with all of her might, chops Sandman’s hand off her neck… and twists as she grabs around his neck— WHISKEY INFECTION!

The stunner knocks Sandman back a few steps, and when he refocuses he’s met with a stiff superkick to the face— INTO THE SHADOWS, BACK WHERE YOU BELONG!! Sandman is catching some Z’s as he stands!! Meanwhile Chronoa is wrapping something around her fists… IT’S THE CHAINS OF FATE!!

Chronoa gouges her chain-wrapped thumbs deep into Sandman’s eyes— 40 WINKZZZ!!! He reaches out in panic as Chronoa gives him a taste of his own medicine, bringing him to his knees now— YOUR DEMISE… Chronoa releases and twists around her blinded, kneeling opponent— HAS ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN!!! THE ELBOW SENT SANDMAN BACK TO THE DREAM REALM!!! COVER— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

The Harbinger of Fate’s courage waned the beast’s power, bringing his Double Feature Championship reign to its demise!




The Dream Guardian adjusts the chains so uncomfortably wrapped around his neck as he walks through the halls of a library… the very same library that Sandman trapped him in last week.

[ Mordecai ] “It has to be here somewhere…”

He steps through the many rows of books, delving deeper into the long abandoned building as he slips past cobwebs and broken shelves. His eyes dart back and forth for a moment in paranoia before he relaxes himself. It’s clear he’s expecting Sandman, but with the demon in a match he should be safe… for now.

[ Mordecai ] “He must have left something here I can use.”

With those words, The Dream Guardian finds himself pushing past a door in the far back of the library. There’s no dust on the handle, it’s the only door that seems to have been used in years. As he lets himself inside he comes across a terrifying sight!

A man, his eyes gouged out. There are runes on his body, the very same that adorn his chain collar. It’s clear this man was once a member of the dream warriors who made the chains, perhaps even one of the only ones left. Mordecai shakes his head, examining the body before looking up.

[ Mordecai ] “No…”

In front of him is an empty case where his chain once belonged, a message in blood scrawled on the wall above it.

‘The Key Is Gone, Brother.’

Mordecai feverishly leaps at the case, tearing it apart as he looks for something, anything that could be a key!

But there’s nothing.

With a deep breath he collapses into a nearby chair, the chain glowing ever brighter as it saps the strength from its captive.



Fresh off his match with Tenchu earlier tonight, SeeSaw sits, hunched over, on the floor of a dark room in the bowels of the Slaughterhouse. He is muttering to himself.

[ SeeSaw ] “…not alone… special… how could I lose it… have nothing…”

Mr. Make Believe starts to an upright position as he sees a figure above him.

Sir Bellator.

[ Sir Bellator ] “Do not covet the silver and gold on them, and do not take it for yourselves, or you will be ensnared by it, for it is detestable to the Lord your God.”

SeeSaw sneers as he looks up at the knight.

[ SeeSaw ] “Is that it? You don’t want me to take your precious gold? That’s why you took those papers from me?”

He rises to his feet, leering at an unfazed Sir Bellator.

[ Sir Bellator ] “I took nothing. You left them there. As if you wanted someone else to know the truth. As if you needed someone to give you guidance, so you would not have to choose alone.”

SeeSaw says nothing as Bellator continues. As he does so, he draws the papers out of his armor.

[ Sir Bellator ] “Before I read those papers, I may have been willing to see if you could repent of your sin and follow our ways. And you would never be alone again.”

Bellator does nothing as SeeSaw snatches the papers away.

[ Sir Bellator ] “But you are an abomination. Andrew Fish. SeeSaw. All graven images crafted by evil men. And the Lord is very clear on what to do with graven images.”

With a flash, Sir Bellator leans back, lighting a match and throwing it ON SEESAW’S CLOTHES!


[ Sir Bellator ] “Deuteronomy says ‘The images of their gods you are to burn in fire‘ and so you will burn!”

The knight walks away, leaving SeeSaw to stop, drop, and roll on the concrete until the fire is put out. He rises up, his clothes tattered and brunt. His facepaint has mostly melted into something damn near unrecognizable.

[ SeeSaw ] “I’m going to fucking end you.”




Two of OSW’s biggest cunts clash in a streetfight inside The Slaughterhouse. Who will slip away with the win tonight?

Viper slithers around the ring, The Collector closes the distance. There is something about Viper’s movement that isn’t quite right. COSMIC LEAP!!!! PLANESWALKER!!!!! Holy shit Sigil connects and this one could be over already. Cover for ONE! TWO! NO!!! A THIRD PARTY INTERVENES!!! IT’S VIPER ROBERTS!!! WTF IS GOING ON?

Sigil looks perplexed. He looks at the fallen “Viper” – IT’S A SNAKE WEARING A MASK!!! The distraction is all the real Viper needs. BRASS KNUX TO THE RIBS!!! The Head Snake takes off his belt – TANNIN’ THE HIDE!!! He’s lashing the shit out of Sigil! The Realmwalker escapes with a COSMIC LEAP!!!

Sigil re-emerges…FINITE!!! To the back of the head of Roberts. Sigil pulls a baton out of his satchel and begins to assault Viper with it. The Collector tosses it away, pulling out a rope which he chokes Roberts with. MULE KICK!!!! The Viper is free…ODE. TO. THE. SNAKE. The DDT spikes Sigil for ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!!!!

The Collector is back on his feet at the ropes, springboard…moonsault drop kick to Viper. The Head Snake is quickly back to his feet….clothesline over the top rope. Sigil teleports but straight into SNAKE OIL!!! Sigil’s mask offers some protection but he still cannot see. Viper takes advantage and hits SNAKE BITE!!! The Collector is out on the concrete and covered…ONE! TWO! THREEEE!!!!

It’s Viper who prevails in this clash of former OSW Champions!




The Taskmaster sits at a table with a smirk on his face as he plays a game of chess. His opponent? Himself, of course. Every time he makes a move he twirls the board back towards himself to make another move, doing so repeatedly. However, he is soon interrupted by the door of his room opening.

[ Hollywood Luke Storm ] “Come on, Simon. Ain’t you got any friends?”

The A-lister strolls in with a surprising amount of swagger compared to how Simon left him last week.

[ Simon ] “Oh, I have as many friends as I need, Luke. But none of them measure up against me in a game of wits.”

Much like Luke, Simon shows a surprising amount of confidence despite the animosity between the two of them, not even looking up from his game.

[ Simon ] “Now, do tell, why are you here? Come to get revenge for last week?”

[ Hollywood Luke Storm ] “I came for something like that…”


But the Taskmaster simply laughs?

[ Simon ] “You won’t kill me, Storm. No, I believe my dear sweet Pyre wants that chance doesn’t she?”

A frown forms on Luke’s face, hoping for more of a reaction than that. However, he simply lets the frown crack into a cocky grin.

[ Hollywood Luke Storm ] “You got me, she’d be pissed if I blew your brains out without letting her in on it. But, that’s the thing, I ain’t here to do that.”

[ Simon ] “Then why are you here?”



[ Hollywood Luke Storm ] “I came to do that! Have fun with the tinnitus, cock sucker.”

Simon clutches his ears in agony as Luke playfully uses the gun to knock over Simon’s chess game, turning to take his leave as the scene fades out.



Somewhere else.

A warehouse.

Packed with boxes and other assorted warehouse things, there has been a space created by moving around boxes. Inside that space, we find a hospital bed has been set up. Vigour lays on it, while a doctor busies about him. A large screen has been set up beside the bed. The Generation Kid and Starboy are milling about while the doctor does whatever he’s doing.

[ The Generation Kid “Well, Doc Brown? What’s the story?”

The doctor stops what he’s doing and shakes his head.

[ Doctor ] “How many times do I have to tell you, my name’s… nevermind.”

He flips a switch and the screen pops on. It shows an image of Vigour’s body, except the internals aren’t what you’d expect.

[ Doctor ] “When you called me, I though you were crazy. But Mister Vigour here is not of this world. I’ve done the best I can based off of basic anatomy knowledge, but there’s a lot I don’t understand about what’s inside him.”

[ Starboy“I get that a lot.”

Another sideways glance from the doctor.

[ Doctor ] “Either way, I can confirm that his body is working exactly as its supposed to. I’ve monitored him for a week now, and everything is consist with itself. He’s not human, but he’s healthy. Whatever happened to you didn’t leave any lasting damage.”

Vigour sits up.

[ Vigour ] “Not physical anyway. Thank you, doctor. I appreciate your help, and I appreciate your discretion even more. There are more than a few wackos that wouldn’t be able to handle the idea of me being here.”

He turns to the Rainbow Party.

[ Starboy ] “Time to wreck some religious nutjobs?”

Vigour nods, turning to the Kid.

[ The Generation Kid ] “We’re with you to the end of the line.”

With a smile, Vigour claps TGK on the shoulder, and the three men leave the area. As the doctor begins to pack up his equipment, a shadow looms over him.

Sir Vant.

[ Sir Vant ] “I suggest you leave, doctor. Our business is not with you, but you will not interfere.”

Seeing Sir Gable and Sir Renault step out of the darkness behind Vant is enough to convince the doctor to leave.

[ Sir Vant ] “Find how he survived.”

Renault starts pouring over the papers the doctor had put together on Vigour while Gable walks over to the large screen, still displaying Vigour’s alien physiology.

[ Sir Gable ] “Here.”

He points to some of the more alien characteristics.

[ Sir Gable ] “This is not a human’s body.”

Renault comes forward, handing Vant a specific paper.

[ Sir Renault ] “Look at his conclusion. An alien?”

Sir Vant reads the paper very carefully, then whispers one simple word.

[ Sir Vant ] “Impossible.”





BMF proved their teamwork is second to none at Triosmania but now they must go to war for the chance at the world heavyweight championship. Storm wants his third, Pyre wants to double her chances and Zero…Zero simply wants to survive.

The bell sounds as Zero immediately collapses to one knee, Pyre and Storm both rushing up to him to check on his wounded state.

Pyre tries to help him up but he waves her off, using the ropes to pull himself to his feet as Luke looks on concerned.

“You sure you want to do this after what those fucks did to you Z?”

Zero doesn’t reply, instead he just sneers and flips Hollywood the bird. Storm just nods his head, smiling slightly


Zero collapses like a rock but Storm can’t capitalise as he’s spun around by Pyre and drilled with a beautiful Spinning Heel Kick. Hollywood staggers back into the ropes as Pyre whips him across the ring.

Storm ducks under a clothesline before leaping off the second rope with a hard neckbreaker which takes down the Fire Bitch. Hollywood sizes up Pyre for a moment as she rises to his feet before rushing forward

LIGHTNING STRIKE…IS CAUGHT! Pyre just smirks at her friend as she tries to push the foot away but Storm suddenly leaps up, spinning in the air before clipping Pyre in the side of the head with a back heel kick.

Stunned, Pyre isn’t able to stop Storm lifting her up onto his shoulders, spinning her around in an airplanes spin before throwing her off into the air before spiking her back down into the mat with an implant ddt.


Pyre is down and hurting as Luke quickly heads up to the top rope, he hears the crackles in the night as he looks to bring down that flash but he can’t leap off as he feels hands around his waist


Both his team-mates are down as Zero catches his breath on the second rope before leaping up to the top rope


That took a ton out of Zero too as he collapses on Hollywood for the pinfall








Pyre pulls Zero up to his feet, rocking him with a series of hard knees to the chest before a hard backfist to the jaw stuns him on his feet. Pyre climbs to the apron before using the ropes to springboard forward

FIRE IN THE BELLY! You know Zero hates X-Factor but that won’t be enough to put him down as Pyre waits for him to slowly get to his knees before running forward again



Zero didn’t get all of that but he’s not stopping as Pyre gets up to one knee

BIONBUSTER! The blockbuster sending the Fire Bitch down hard to the mat as Zero pounces on her, wrapping both arms around her head and locking in the deadly Bionic Vice!

The Fire Witch cries out in pain, Zero clearly trying to end this early as he cranks back with all his strength, Pyre raising her hand up high as she looks so close to tapping


Luke Storm breaks up the submission with a thunderous moonsault as Zero collapses to the mat, his usual endless stamina completely drained by now as this may well be a one on one affair now.

Pyre slowly gets to her feet as Storm rushes forward, clipping her on the back of the head with a running enziguri before trying to deliver a German Suplex. Pyre manages to land on her feet as she rushes to the ropes, ducking under a roundhouse kick but as she springs off the other side, she’s drilled in the face with a brutal knee to the jaw.

Rocked and falling to one knee, Hollywood smirks before rushing forward

FLASH INFERNO! DOUBLE STOMP TO THE CHEST! That caught Hollywood out of nowhere as Pyre doubles legs him, trying for the victory








Pyre drops a rising Hollywood with a stiff kick to the side of the head before heading up to the top as she looks for the killing blow





Zero just chokeslammed the baddest bitch right to hell as he immediately goes after the rising Storm, pummeling his team-mate with lefts and rights before lifting him up onto his shoulders and trying for the Burning Hammer.

Storm manages to slip out, trying for a Lightning Strike but Zero ducks under, running to the ropes before bouncing off

TERA-STRIKE! Huge superman punch nearly breaking Storm’s jaw as Zero, breathing hard, knows he needs to finish this now. Slowly pulling up Hollywood to his feet, he delivers a hard kick to the gut




But Zero can’t capitalize as he collapses to the mat also, his strength fading from that adrenaline rush, as he’s very slow to cover Hollywood, the referee not even dropping down


Zero slowly gets to his feet, holding his back from that cannonball splash before he’s knocked the fuck out by the Baptism with Fire Superkick!

Pyre tunes up the band once more as she notices Storm getting to his feet but you can’t Superkick Luke Storm as he easily ducks underneath

LIGHTNING STRIKE! Pyre feels the force of the original as Storm tries to follow up but gets stopped by Zero, barely able to get up off his knees as he swings a weak strike

DOWNPOUR! Storm puts down Zero with the Codebreaker but he wants to finish this off with style, complete the trifecta as he looks to bring the Thunder once more


The Baddest Bitch is on her feet, stopping Storm from bringing the Thunder as she climbs up the ropes with him, powering up her bigger opponent over her head with a primal roar



That has to be it as Pyre drops down to one knee for the cover


Zero delivers the Shining Wizard out of nowhere as he collapses onto Pyre for the cover as the referee counts










Mister Mother Fuckerdoes it, outlasting two of the baddest mother fuckers in the world as he now goes onto fight for the world championship at Pandemonium



Sometime after the show. 

In the middle of an abandoned warehouse, somewhere in the warehouse district of New York City, Corvus stands waiting in the shadows for a very special guest to arrive.

A special guest that’ll surprise you.

Just then, a portal opens in the middle of the building and through it steps The Collector, Sigil.

The OSW World Champion steps out of the shadows to greet him.

[ Sigil ] “If you think I’ll be able to tell you how to beat Zero, you’ve come to the wrong man.”

Corvus scoffs. 

[ Corvus ] “Zero is another problem for another day. I didn’t ask you here to talk about the number one contender; I asked you here because just recently, my outlook began changing.”

That intrigues Sigil, who tilts his head.

[ Sigil ] “How so?”

The Champion folds his arms, almost reluctant to tell him. He knows exactly what Sigil is capable of.

[ Corvus ] “He threatened me. Of all people, he threatened me.”

You can’t see Sigil’s face, but if you could, you’d know he was shocked by that revelation.

[ Corvus ] “I’ve been working tirelessly for Death for more years that I can even dare to remember. I’ve always done as I was told like a good little soldier. The Black Hand reached into the hearts of thousands of men, women and children and delivered them to Death.”

He pauses.

[ Corvus ] “You’re not the only one who’s done things, Sigil.”

[ Sigil ] “Why?”

Sigil asks sternly.

[ Sigil ] “What has he promised you and not delivered?”

[ Corvus ] “Therein lies everything, doesn’t it? Why have you killed relentlessly in search of the crystals? Why are you trying to kill Death to retrieve the last one?”

They both stop talking, at an impasse.

[ Sigil ] “Why did you call me here, Corvus?”

He lowers his head, almost shamefully.

[ Corvus ] “Because I’m finished. I’m done. He won’t stop until you’re dead and you won’t stop until he’s dead. I’m not a puppet in this game of chess you’re playing; I’m the OSW World Heavyweight Champion. I’m a fucking killer, Sigil; not a puppet, not a fucking pawn.”

The Collector nods.

[ Corvus ] “I work for Death because I must. I work for Death because he has the power to give me what I need.”

He steps forward, getting dangerously close to Sigil, who doesn’t quite know how to react at first.

[ Corvus ] “But he hasn’t and I don’t think he will.”

[ Sigil ]But I can?

The World Champion nods, turning his back on The Collector and walking away.

[ Corvus ] “If you win. If you kill death, you can give me what I’m owed. I’ll give you the where and the when, you just make sure you’re there.”

Corvus walks off into the shadows, disappearing. Sigil looks around to find him but can’t.

[ Sigil ] “Corvus?”

He yells.

But all he hears in response is an echo.