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From a Different Cloth

“There’s a popular saying in the art business.”

“If two things are similar in manner and their ways, it is said that they are cut from the same cloth.”

“For example, you can take two similar pieces of art and compare them side by side.”

“The similarities will become noticeable very quick. Maybe the style of the pieces theirselves are quite similar.”

“Where many will turn a blind eye to their differences, they will quickly assume that these two pieces of work.. that these two artists are cut from the same cloth.”

“Take a closer look though.”

“If you really look at the two works of art, the differences become apparent. Perhaps one artist used a greater amount of detail, using a keen eye to put emphasis on certain focal points they want to attract your eye to.”

“It may seem on the surface that these two artists are cut from similar cloth, quite the opposite is true. One painted to get a point across while the other took more attention to the final details, to bring out the true beauty of his work.”

“The same could be said for you and I, Narcissa.”

“On the surface, you and I may appear to be cut from the same cloth.”

“As a fashion designer, you share quite the same traits as an artist such as myself. We both work to encapsulate the beauty of our work, be that with the color palette we may choose to use, or the objects we used to draw your focus to our beauty.”

“But while we may seem quite similar on the surface, you and I are cut from far different clothes.”

“As a designer, you use bright colors and glam to be able to showcase your works.”

“You use things that are appealing to the eye in order to create this false perception of what is accepted as beautiful.”

“But you fail to see true beauty. You fail to see the medium of doom and gloom that can really highlight your work and take it from your average mediocre work of art, to a beautiful, flawless masterpiece.”

“The two of us are quite different. You are no stranger to failure, first by being ousted by Zeus himself.”

“And now you find yourself here trying to work your way back to a former fame that you could once claim. You may have been able to lay claim to the Double Feature Championship, but ever since then you have tasted bitter sweet defeat.”

“I look at you and I see a beautiful edition to the masterpiece I am here to create.”

“I look at you and I see the splash of pink from the tips of your hair that will make the rivers of crimson blood pop just that much more.”

“OSW is my masterpiece, and Olympus will become the canvas that I paint a true picture of everything that Arcadia stands for.”

“You will be the next addition to my gallery. There’s a special place for your pretty little head right in the center of my showroom.”

“With your blood I will begin to paint that masterpiece in all of it’s glory.”

Jasper Redgrave