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Such a simple thing, isn’t it? The power to act as one thinks, says or speaks without hindrance. No repercussion.

On one hand, it’s exhilarating. You get to experience life, no bars holding you back. Everything is bare, exposed to the world without any sort of safety. You feel the sun baking on your skin, the warmth of the wilds, all of it is there for you.

The other hand is the dangers that come with freedom. Just because it works doesn’t mean you’ll be safe. Danger lurks there, the ability for words to cut into you, acts of degeneracy to gross you out, for it to become rough, dirty and rugged.

So some choose to give it up. They ache for the shelter of rules, restrictions, and regulation to go through this world. There’s people that think that every one of us should follow these lines, and be wrapped up into tiny neat little bows.

People like you Sebastian. 

I’ve seen up close and personal how you react to those that go against your rules. The world may see the anger and hatred, but you’ve made it very clear up close and personal. You hide it well, but I’ve seen the whites of your eyes to know the truth.

You’re afraid.

Fear drove you from a rough childhood into the boxes and restrictions. You sought shelter in the rules, and anything that revolts against that drives you up a wall. That if things don’t fit into the nice, neat little lines you’ve designated then they need to be broken.

And that’s the thing with freedom. It doesn’t fit into a box. Freedom isn’t something you can contain, label and store. It’s the embracing of having no limits, to go past lines in the sand and to enjoy life as it is. To feel that fear is to feel freedom coursing through your veins.

Do you feel it Mr. Boswick?

Fear has overwhelmed everything it seems from you. So forceful with me that you forgot to check for the cavalry. Surprised, you took your eyes off of the snake that you had struggled to restrain. Fear of the possibility of you failing drove you to pull away, and led directly to the one thing you didn’t want.

My freedom.

For fear is freedom in itself. It’s that rush that one gets when faced with danger, the exhilaration of facing death in the eye itself. No It’s the most natural reaction to have! Because freedom is pain as well, terrible, excruciating pain.

In your attempt to break me, you’ve shown me what those boxes are. They are tight, constrictive. The tortures were degenerate, rough. Your blows were dirty, your blows more and more rugged. You tried to bend me, but I refused to break

And now, I’m free. That rush of exhilaration, the ability to do exactly what I want is once again in my coils. No ropes to hold me back, no beating that can take the warmth of the sun from my skin.

Let me return the favor in kind.

Let me show you what freedom really means.

The Yellow Python