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Reel2Real Episode 02 w/ Jesse a.k.a Dr. Death

Reel2Real Episode 02 w/ Jesse a.k.a Dr. Death

WhenSaturday March 25th @ 4PM CST/5PM EST


It's that time again! It's an honor for me to announce that Saturday March 25th I will be sitting down with Mr. Monday Night himself, Jesse! This is one that I'm sure a few of us are looking forward to as Jesse has never sat down with anyone else for any sort of interview! We'll be asking that hard questions like what day the live show falls on!

If you would like to submit any questions to be asked live on stream, please do so below.

Since you joined, you settled into a rhythm and really learnt the style. Now, in the next Volume with a new character... Which of your characters have you enjoyed writing the most? Which do you feel you gel best with?


Who wins, Vayikra vs O'Death?


Where do you find your inspiration- first for your character ideas, then for your promos?


When are you getting down to paradise for a shindig?

What made you take to match writing so well?

Do you have any other big hobbies?

What's something you would change about OSW if you could?

Do you still write wrestling shows for the server you used to write in? Tell us about that.

Do you wish you found and experienced e-fedding sooner?

Many times you've said the wife has watched our twitch shows with you. What does she think about the hobby?

Best wrestler in AEW?

Best wrestler in WWE?

Who wins in the above best wrestler match?

Which Volume II character (besides Renault) do you miss the most and why?

How high do you think you can go with Dr Death?

What inspired the early Luchadoc gimmick switch?

Favourite holiday destination?

Next holiday destination and when?

Do you have a middle name, and if so, is it James?

Was a religious zealot your first choice in character or did you have another idea in mind when you signed up for OSW?

How much of the luchadoc gimmick is inspired by your real life career as a medical professional? 😛

If you were around for volume one, who would be the one character you would've loved to feud against and why?

Who would you say helped you out the most in adapting to the OSW style when you debuted?