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Current: Volume III: Arcadia

Welcome to Arcadia.

Arcadia is a strange place. It’s a system of interconnected terrariums made of one-way glass. It was once a utopia, but over the years has descended into a variety of upper class living, anarchy and survival. Those who live inside Arcadia, have never known any different. Most were born inside, some were made, and others – well, no-one quite knows about those.

On the upper-levels are the rich and fanciful. These people live in as much luxury as Arcadia can afford. Foremost, at the very top, is The Baron. How the Baron came to power is a story in of itself, but he currently rules Arcadia. He calls himself Zeus.

The other levels range from the unique to the terrifying. Some, people dare not venture to. Others, are used for worshiping, markets and various different themed places. They say if you’re looking for something, Arcadia probably has it.

However, it’s the poor and oppressed who make up the majority. These poor people live in anarchy, fighting tooth and nail for their very survival. These levels are baron lands, often devoid of humanity and soul. Those trying to survive inside Arcadia are often drawn to Olympus.

Olympus is a level created by Zeus; it’s his arena. Here, all types of fighters come from all types of levels inside Arcadia to fight. This is his temple and here, he is worshipped like a God.


  • Everyone on the Old School Wrestling roster was born in Arcadia. Much like humanity and Earth, no-one knows how they came to exist or how their world came to be. They just know it exists.
  • The Purge happened, in which ‘The Elders’ were hunted and exterminated. ‘The Elders’ ran and controlled Arcadia. It was said they were the Original Six. Very little information exists about the Elders, but the great Purge ended their legacy and reigns.
  • Arcadia isn’t like Earth. It’s a multi-level glass cage of sorts. Each level can have multiple sections, and there’s ladders moving up from section to section.
  • There is electricity, food, water – these are generated from within the wall.
  • There are no seas inside the wall.
  • People don’t have houses. There are no apartments, tower blocks or roads. The upper floors are reserved for the rich and powerful, who own the entire floor and live lavishly.
  • There aren’t any vehicles. No cars, planes, trains, motorcycles or bicycles. People walk – the wall, whilst hosting a civilisation, is not miles upon miles large. People inside the wall do not know of these inventions.
  • Currency inside the wall is known as ‘credits’. These were also created inside the wall.
  • The lowest level of the wall is a dark, dingy, horrifying place. There’s murder, rape, cannibalism and just about every despicable thing you can think of. People who live here, are often abandoned there and must fight for their survival. This is like a prison of sorts.
  • As the levels rise, the above becomes lesser and lesser. There are some very civilised places inside the wall, including the Market.
  • APD – Arcadia Police Department, are Zeus’ personal Security and Police force. APD are known to be crooked, on the take and generally despicable. People don’t fuck with the APD if they can help it, and obey all commands.
  • There is no democracy, voting or installation of new power. Zeus is the one and only. There are no mayors or politicians inside the wall. Zeus’ advisers make up The Pantheon – these are made up of mostly extremely powerful and wealthy men/women.
  • Olympus takes up an entire level of The Wall. There’s the lobby area, where people gather to buy tickets, gain entry and buy alcohol/food. There’s the ringside area, in which they watch the matches and there’s the backstage area, which is behind the entrance, and is where the wrestlers usually are prior to matches.
  • Music does exist inside the wall. Our music can be used. There’s no issue with you choosing a theme song from an Earth based music act for your entrance.
  • Religions can be made up by religious characters inside The Wall. There is no ‘one true god’ or religion, but various different beliefs.
  • The very top level of the wall belongs to Zeus.
  • The glass is one way – those inside the wall cannot see outside it.
  • The wrestlers are called Titans.

The Championships:

Upon the start of Volume III, the OSW World Championship will be divided into 12 pieces; Across the opening month, Titans will battle to become one of the Twelve Olympians holding a piece of the OSW Championship. Once the Twelve Olympians have been decided, they will earn the opportunity to compete at Clash of The Titans: Mount Olympus for the OSW Championship in an Ascension Style Match called Mount Olympus.