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Forever and Ever

Forever and Ever

Be careful what you wish for, lest you suffer the fate of the Fashionista.

Many moons ago, the Fashionista lived for nothing but the latest fashion trends. As her notoriety increased, a wise old witch took glance of her. She had but one thing to offer the Fashionista.

One wish.

Naturally, the Fashionista declared that she wanted to be the most stylish person in the land, forever and ever.

The witch cackled with glee as she granted the wish, but warned there would be a price to pay. The Fashionista shrugged off the warning and went about her business, basking in the admiration of all who saw her.

But as the years passed, the Fashionista’s beauty began to fade. She would spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to recapture her youth. She spent all her wealth on potions and spells, but nothing seemed to work.

Finally, the Fashionista realized the true cost of her vanity.

She had traded her soul to the witch in exchange for her beauty, and now she was doomed to spend forever and ever in a state of eternal decay.

The witch, who had long since forgotten about the Fashionista, cackled with glee as she watched her victim suffer.

Did you make a similar wish, Narcissa?

It sure seems that way.

Even before our paths crossed, I had my eyes on you. I watched as you rose high in the sight of Olympus, every new look gaining more eyes on your shining star.

Then Zeus himself took a look at you. From his lofty seat, he only had one thing to offer you.

Was it your wish to be at his right hand, forever and ever styling the court of this land?

Seems that way to me.

But Zeus’s gifts come with a price, don’t they?

How long did you eat at his table? How long did you bask in the admiration of all who laid eyes upon you?

Not long enough, apparently.

As he laid you upon that tree, you knew the truth of what you had asked for. You had seen through the lies he lays upon the people of Arcadia, and there is only one penalty for that.

But you couldn’t handle that. You cried out for help, for someone who could use potions or spells to regain what you had lost.

I heard you.

My help saved your life, but it only caused you to linger in this world. I would not give you what you lost, just the opportunity to continue to shine in Olympus.

But the hex I placed on you doesn’t begin to compare to the one bewitching you to Zeus himself.

You traded your soul to the Baron in exchange for your beauty, but now you are doomed to spend forever and ever in that state of eternal decay.

Never gaining foothold. Only losing ground to the Pantheon.

And where has that struggle brought you?

Right back to me, and the curse I placed upon you.

You wished for this, Narcissa.

A curse that will never be lifted.

But this witch hasn’t forgotten you, Fashionista.

I’ll never forget.

Forever and ever.