In Promo by Sigil

“There was a man who once walked side by side with Jesus Christ on a sandy beach.”

“This man, a disciple, a believer in Christ, saw him as his lord and savior. He walked with him because he believed Jesus was all-knowing, all powerful.”

“As they walked down the shoreline, the disciple found himself grateful to have been accompanied by his savior. They spoke to one another, the follower pledging his devotion to Jesus and proclaiming him as glorious for all that he did.”

“It wasn’t until they reached the edge of the shore that the man finally looked back, seeing that in the sand there was not but one set of footprints.”

“When he asked why that was, Jesus merely smiled. In his infinite wisdom, in his power, he carried the man the entire way.”

“You see, the journey was long, it was arduous, and in return for his loyalty Jesus carried his devotee the whole way in his arms.”

“And, as they stared out at the peaceful sea, Jesus told his follower that, should he stay as devoted now as he was before, he would carry him back.”

“Now, Sanctus, I see you’ve been out zealoting quite a bit since I brought you here, haven’t you?”

“Much like the man in that story, you’re a follower of Yaweh, a disciple of Christ himself. Everything you do, all the words you speak, they exist solely to let the world know of your fanatic love for your religion and all that it stood for. You are the Light Warrior, and Jesus? He’s your faith.”

“You truly believe that he is the man who carries you through life, that his arms are what cradled you.”

“But that couldn’t be further from the truth, Sanctus.”

“Let’s view OSW as the beach on which you walk. Who brought you here?”

“Whose hands held you so tightly as you waded through the coarse sand towards a brighter future, a peaceful shoreline out in the distance?’

“It wasn’t Yaweh.”

“It was me.”

“I am the all powerful, all seeing force that lifted you high into the air and brought you through time to the here and now. Without me, my stones, and my wisdom, you would be sitting in a decaying chapel in a world that God forgot.”

“Just as you now praise Yaweh did you praise me, did you devote your life to me and my cause.”

“But now? While we sit at the edge of the waters and enjoy the view, you have abandoned my arms, Sanctus.”

“The travel back will be long, it will be arduous, and it shall be one I make without you.”

“I’m dropping you at the halfway mark, Bellator. There was only one set of footprints coming, but there shall be two if you try to finish the journey.”

“And I know for a fact that without me, you will be doomed to never make it back.”

“I have walked this path before, Sanctus.”

“And now I shall walk it alone once more.”