Food Chain

In Blacktooth, Promo by Blacktooth

“In nature, all animals abide by the food chain.”

“Big and small, skinned or furred, they all have their place in the pecking order with each and every one fighting to be at the top of that blood covered chain.”

“At the bottom are the veal, the milk drinkers who exist purely to suckle on the teat of something stronger.”

“Above them are the smart ones, the animals that adapt and innovate to keep themselves alive.”

“Going up link by link, rung by rung, you’ll get to those who are bigger, stronger, more able to crush and break their competition.”

“But none of these are the top.”

“No, the only way to scale that mountain, to taste the greatness at the apex, is to be more violent.”

“The animal that rules is the one willing to do whatever it takes to climb the chain. They bite, tear, scratch, and maim everything in their path not because they want to be the apex predator.”

“But because they need to be.”

“Because they know it’s either sit atop the mountain.”

“Or lay dead at the bottom of it.”

“All animals follow this chain.”

“Where do you stand?”

“As the so called Titans of OSW clamor around Mount Olympus, we’re forced to create this chain in real time. One of us needs to become the apex predator at the top and the others are doomed to fight it out for their spot as first beneath him.”

“All of you think you’re belonging of the seat atop the mountain, but among you are a bunch of animals who will only ever be second best.”

“Be it Jackson Cade as he sucks on Zeus’ nipple like the pathetic pup he is, suckling the milk of greatness waiting, hoping he’ll grow big and strong.”

“Or Doom and his asinine gadgets that fail make up for his inability to fight on his own.”

“Each and every one of you has something they want to think sets them apart from the rest as you fight your way to the top of that nasty thing we call the food chain.”

“But the reality of it is, you’ll never see the top so long as I’m in the runnin’.”

“While all of you want the title, I’m the only one who knows he needs it.”

“That title ain’t just a pretty piece of gold, it ain’t somethin’ you tack onto your name to show you’re important.”

“It’s the blood soaked sign that you’re unbeatable.”

“No one can supersede you.”

“When it comes time to climb that mountain I’ll do whatever it takes to get my prize. I’ll rip, eat, and tear each and every one of you pathetic little fucks apart until my stomach is full and my gold is claimed!”

“And when I stand atop Olympus looking down on every little morsel I left in a heap a the bottom I’ll stand tall, lick my lips…”

“And I’ll ring that dinner bell.”