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Focal Point

“A focal point is something that draws the eye to it.”

“Artists use this in many pieces of art as a way to draw the eye of those who look at it to a certain detail of their work.”

“It is the main focus that the artist wants you to take in. It’s the first thing that the artist wants your eye to wander to when you take in their work of art.”

“Many would say that the focal point of a painting would be the most important part. Being the first thing that is noticed, it is what could make or break someone’s interest in the work they’ve put forth.”

“So it would go without reason that artist use this knowledge to make their focal points the loudest details in their work. They use the brightest colors to bring attention to what they want to show you and bring out their loud details.”

“And let’s not forget, that I am a man of art. I am here to create my masterpiece.”

“There’s a nucleus inside of Arcadia. A lot of the dirtiest of Arcadia’s deeds run through this nucleus.”

“They call that nucleaus the Pussycat Club. Nestled inside it’s confides is a man name Drexl.”

“The focal point.”

“Using the lure of tits, ass, and drugs Drexl has drawn the eye of any on lookers onto his club.”

“With his arrogance he’s managed to become the loudest detail that the masterpiece of Arcadia has to offer. Because no matter how you try to cut it, your eye is drawn right back into the loudest of details.”

“And now he’s painted the largest of targets on his back.”

“While you may think the man that stands by your side is the ultimate threat to the empire you’ve tried to encompass, it is I who you should be watching, Drexl.”

“While you have been peddling drugs and skanks throughout Arcadia, it is I who should have been YOUR focal point.”

“Because I’m one of the most violent men that walks these grounds. I’m the one who sees everything.”

“And I’ve noticed you.”

“I’ve noticed that you can’t walk through Arcadia without hearing the whispers of the Pussycat Club.”

“I’ve noticed that you enjoy having that spotlight. I’ve noticed that you carry yourself in such a manner to be the most colorful of details on the canvas of Arcadia.”

“While you might quite literally enjoy making an explosive entrance, what you’ve failed to realize is those antics bring unwanted attention.”

“Last week when you threw that molotov at the vet office, I saw then that you where the brightest colors that I’ve found yet.”

“I saw you there, burning bright. Begging to be included upon the canvas that will become my masterpiece.”

“This week at Clash, your wish shall be fulfilled, because I have found the focal point of my masterpiece.”

“And I will use you to bring the attention of the masses to what I want them to see.”

“It all begins with the colors you’ve created, Drexl.”

Jasper Redgrave