First Time

In Promo by Starboy

Do you remember your first time?

STARBOY remembers his first time.

In fact, it feels like just yesterday he was at band camp balls deep inside some tight virgin pussy with another sitting on his face.

Yeah, that’s right.

My first time was a threesome with two virgin horn blowers.

Pussy was and still is always good to me but felt like something was missing.

Back home, STARBOY checked out the lay of the land and felt what he needed was to experiment.

STARBOY thought about the theater kid, who always wore a mask thinking he was still starring in Phantom of the Opera.

But word around the drama class was that he had a centimeter Peter.

Then there was an acquaintance of mine who was known as the vintage kid, because he always dressed in his parents old clothes and referenced stuff from the 80s.

But he had just gone through a tragedy and while STARBOY could take advantage of the situation, he thought better to let him cope.

He fantasized about the Captain of the football team, star player, that only a few people knew played for *both* teams.

Legend has it he had big dick energy.

But he was way out of my league.

So, STARBOY confided in a friend, the coolest cat on the block.

He was so vibrant, full of life, without a care for the world.

STARBOY asked him what it was like, what it felt like.

And he said that if I wanted to, he’d let me touch it so that I knew what it felt like.

So I did.

And I liked it.

All it took was one touch.

It’s been half a year since STARBOY burst onto the scene of OSW and he feels like something is missing.

And all STARBOY needs to is get his hands on it, grasp it between his hands and make it mine.

STARBOY’s already fucked those two Christian virgins Vayikra. And while he doesn’t have the titles to show for it, he already fucked those two pussies.

Pyre’s got the biggest dick in all of the land. She exudes that big dick energy and it was on full display at Ring of Dreams.

But STARBOY isn’t ready for that kind of action just yet.

Impaler has the smallest dick of all the champions and STARBOY doesn’t have the time to waste on something not worth his while.

TGK’s going through some heartache right now, and I don’t feel like taking advantage of a friend during their lowest time.

But Vigour… baby…

You have something that’s just the right size for STARBOY.

The VHS championship.

STARBOY wants to know what it feels like.

He’s not ready to jump into the deep end, but could you be a friend and help him get his “feet wet”.

It could be our little secret.

STARBOY just wants to touch it once.

Even if just for a second.

I want to know what it feels like to be VHS champion.

You could pop my cherry and be my first.

STARBOY promises he will make it worth your while.

STARBOY’s coming for you…

…and he ALWAYS cums!!!