Find the Ocean

In Promo by Banzan

“The ocean is where I go to lose my mind and find my soul.”

A wise shīfu was once asked about those that seek enlightenment but get lost in the process. His reply was simple.

Consider a fish.

A small fish swims up to a bigger fish and says ‘I am looking for this thing called the ocean. Have you heard of it? Can you help me find it?’

‘The ocean?’ Replies the big fish. ‘That’s where you are. You’re in the ocean right now.’

‘No.’ Says the small fish. ‘This is water. I’m trying to find the ocean!’

Such it is with many that seek enlightenment.

We’re all fish swimming about the waters of the Slaughterhouse. Seeking to pave our own path and find our own way. Many seek answers, many stumble upon what they think is the path destined to them.

Like the little fish, they’re so desperate to find the ocean that they miss the point entirely.

You’re no stranger to water, Sir Gable.

It was water that once claimed you, the Nekken himself hunted you because of it. And like a good little fish, you swam away. You found waters better suited to your journey.

Waters with other fish who were lost and looking.

And together, you decided to find the ocean.

The other fish promised you all the wonders of the world when they sold you the idea of their ocean, didn’t they Cael?

The words of Sir Vant made this promised ocean out to be the destiny you so desperately sought to attain. And so you wore the mask, and you swam with Vayikra.

But for all the seeking of oceans, all you’ve found is more water.

It’s all you’ll ever find, little fish.

Because the words of sharks like Sir Vant can only ever tell you what you want to hear. You found the very things that you lost all those months ago. A brotherhood close enough to call your family. Those that could replace Israel Grimwolf in your heart.

‘Swim with us’, I hear him tell you. We’ll find this ocean together.

Consider this, Sir Gable. You’ll never find the ocean you seek.

Because all you see around you is water, believing that you’re seeking something else.

That’s the problem with your religion.

You desperately hold onto this concept of transformation, waiting for the return of a god that left this ocean a long time ago.

Treading water in wait for his return.

When all this time, you’ve been swimming in the ocean without realising it.

Do you not see? Enlightenment is not something you can attain by divine intervention, it is a state of being.

It is within you and all around you.

You’re already here.

You just have to see it.

The problem with you little fish is that you never believe the big fish when they speak.

And you keep on swimming, drowning in the water while looking for the ocean.

My ocean will swallow you up before you find what you seek.

Keep swimming, little fish.