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Fear and Desire

Every child in Arcadia is taught a simple rule when they are young, how to wish upon a star and the risks of who may hear your plea.

What God upon high would give them what they truly desired? Not Zeus or his legion of pathetic pantheon

But the one left behind, hidden in the shadows, masquerading his gifts as favors, as you all mistook them for simple charismatic parlor tricks.

You only recognize glory of instant gratification while treating happenstance as anything but perfectly calculated manipulations.

The boy who didn’t recognize his father was there all along, the journalist drawn like a moth to the flame of the one woman who can give him his biggest break

And then there was you Blacktooth, the cannibal who desired love and was gifted a shade darker then himself.

Have you forgotten so long ago our little wager boy? Now you may not have won but I am a benevolent God so I listed intently to what you truly needed. Not power, not control, not an endless supply of meat to feed you into eternity but someone to revel in this world with, someone to feast alongside you. You needed someone just like you and thus, she walked into your life.

Do you really think it coincidence the moment the twin turned black she wandered into your abode? She wasn’t drawn to the darkness, there are darker souls then yours after all, but she was corralled into your world by design.

As the first time you laid eyes upon her, your heart skipped a beat.

Even as you learnt the truth behind her duality, even as you believed she betrayed you, even as she eclipses you on the food chain, your heart cannot stop skipping that damnable beat.

While mine freezes in disgust.

Because most wishes are selfish in nature. Power, greed, lust, fear, control. They want something and I manipulate this world to grant it and sure, some are for the good of others and that is a counterbalance I am happy to permit.

But of all the emotions driven through you mewling mortals, Love is that which I despise the most. Especially when the one who desires it doesn’t deserve it in the slightest.

For I saw your eyes when she was finally whole Blacktooth, there was no reverence, no love, but absolute fear and regret of a man in way above his head.

You witness a perfect being and instead of worshipping her every movement, you fear the fact you’re no longer on top of the food chain as you quiver like a lamb cuddling against the wolf for warmth. Poor little Blacktooth, walking on a tightrope between fear and desire.

And unfortunately for you my boy, my “wishes” can be withdrawn. Because you don’t deserve love, all you deserve is to be her next victim. And all it will take is a simple kiss to wash away desire and leave only the fear.

Your soul is mine boy but everything else, tonight I bequeath it to her to devour.