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[Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.]

[Pitch Black.]

[There’s a shuffling sound in the distance, getting closer and closer with every moment that passes. The camera remains low at ground level, watching as The Scarecrow walks past, dragging Brent Kersh by his legs. It quickly becomes apparent that we’re witnessing lost footage from last week.]

[The gravel leaves its mark on The Enforcer, who’s closed eyes indicate his state of consciousness as he is dragged past the camera and dumped unceremoniously nearby. Brent isn’t in good condition, his body beaten, blackened by mud and cut from head to toe, the sharp gravel having done a number on him.]

[Suddenly, his eyes burst open.]

“I’m glad you could join me,” [The Scarecrow hisses.] “It’s reminiscent of old times, isn’t it? You and I, once again sharing the same space.”

[Kersh rolls slightly, laying on his side to appease his aching and bloodied back.]

“What do you want, Scarecrow?” [He barely mumbles, the pain contorting his face.] “What’s the meaning of all this?”

[The Scarecrow walks over to him kneels.]

“This world has an equilibrium, a balance that must be maintained. Those scales are weighted equally, but I’m going to change that. You’re a hero, Brent. It’s time to say goodbye to heroes.”

[He forcibly kicks Brent Kersh in the face, sending blood shooting from his mouth into the night’s air. The Enforcer rolls over in agony, being stomped down into a large wooden box. The Scarecrow hovers over him, the camera now switching to the eyes of Brent Kersh, looking up.]

“Scarecrow, please, what about my family?” [Kersh protests vehemently.]

[The Scarecrow interrupts.] “And if you want to see them again, you’ll do exactly as you’re told,” [he says throwing a cell phone into the wooden box with him.] “Once I seal you in, you won’t have much oxygen. Call that number, beg for help, I ask of you.”

[He bends over and pulls the wooden lid across, locking it in place. Brent Kersh screams from within, begging to be let out as The Scarecrow begins shovelling dirt onto what is now very clearly a coffin.]

“Let me out, please!” [Screams Kersh.] “Scarecrow!”

[Brent bangs furiously on the inside of the lid, his pleas ignored as we slowly fade to black.]

“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]



[Fast Lane is back in action as two of the most promising young stars collide as it’s Jacob Iver going up against Austin Fernando!]

[The bell sounds as they tie up, but Iver throws Austin back into the corner. Austin slowly comes back to his feet realizing his strength isn’t going to match up well against this psychopath. The bald monster yells at Austin as The Epitome of Greatness shrugs it off. They go to tie up again, but Austin ducks to a knee before sliding around the hips of Iver. He hooks the hands around his waist before lifting him up and dropping him on his face.]

[He leaps back to his feet with an angered expression before Austin lights up his chin with two stiff jabs! Austin pulls him tight for a side headlock but Iver goes straight up before coming down for a belly to back suplex! Both men are groggy but quickly make it to their feet. Iver swings for a discuss lariat, but Austin ducks underneath and hits the ropes for… THE REVELATION! The slingblade connects as he hooks a leg. One…Two…NO! Iver kicks out. Fernando isn’t done as he kicks Iver in the gut and pulls him for a spin-out powerbomb called KNOW YOUR PLACE! He goes for a pinfall but Iver has his arm grabbing the bottom rope!]

[Austin yanks him back to the center of the ring before slapping him across the face. “You crazy bastard!” Iver’s eyes light up as he comes to a standing position. His right eye twitching. “What’d you call me?!” A solid right hand catches Austin right on the chin before he lifts Fernando up and nails him with a double arm chokeslam followed by three serious kicks to the ribs! Iver is throwing his arms around frantically at nothing in particular. Austin gets to his feet but he’s groggy. Iver spots him and charges for a spear, but Austin kicks him in the shoulder popping him up! THE EMPEROR’S STRIKE! Iver is down but Austin isn’t finished! He walks over to the turnbuckle and leers at him from across the ring. He points at him before pulling the thumb thumb. “I called you crazy, you mother fucker!” He charges! WELCOME TO OBLIVION! The punt kick knocks the lights out as Austin places a boot across his chest. One…Two…THREE!]

[The bell sounds as Austin Fernando wins at Fast Lane! Jacob Iver is barely moving after that brutal punt kick from Austin. The Epitome of Greatness climbs the turnbuckle before outstretching his arms to allow the crowd to revel in the gift of Fernando!]

[Black and white.]

[A bluesy saxophone plays and a familiar weary voice narrates over it.]

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

[The Silver Shroud sits on the desk in his makeshift office, whisky bottle in hand – foregoing the tumbler he drank from last week. He pops his coat collar around his neck; a cold draft enters through the window broken by James Hunter last week.]

But they also say every dog has its day.

[He swigs from the bottle then slams it down on top of the papers scattered across the desk, Hunter’s mugshot visible on several of them.]

People are tellin’ me that Brent’s blood is on my hands… Maybe they’re right. I let a monster walk free.

[The wind howls outside.]

But not every bad guy gets his comeuppance. Why do you think I turned to extrajudicial means in the first place?

[Another swig of nectar.]

That’s how it always goes. People beg for real justice; I act as judge, jury and executioner; they villainize the vigilante. You just want someone else to do your dirty work for you.

[Red and blue lights suddenly bleed into the black and white scene like something out of Sin City. Shroud jumps down and walks over to the broken office window, where he sees a squad car in the alley below. He pulls his hat low and heads down to investigate.]

[Outside in the cold and rain, Shroud approaches the vehicle. A flash of lightning and a crack of thunder stop him dead. He looks up at the open heavens, then down at his feet…]

[A chalk outline encircles him! He jumps and goes to back out of it but bumps right into—]

“You.” [Says Shroud, blue light washing over him.]

“I.” [Replies James Hunter, axe in hand, bathed in blood-red light.]

“Last time I saw you, that axe was flying towards my head.” [Shroud nods at the deadly weapon.]

“That just means I like you.” [Hunter quips coolly.]

“What is all this!?” [Hisses Shroud, looking at the chalk outline and police cruiser.]

“You know what this is, Shroud.” [Hunter fixes him with a piercing gaze.]

“So, is this where you try to break me? Scarecrow did to Kersh in one week what you couldn’t do in months.” [Shroud gets in The Axeman’s face.]

“Break you? No, no, no… I’m going to expose you.” [James says ominously.]

“…” [Shroud slowly backs down.]

“We all have skeletons in our closets. You ought to remember that while you’re playing Judge Dredd.” [Hunter shoves past Shroud in the direction of the police car, lights swirling around the alley.]

“Is that it? You think you can just run me out of town?” [Shroud yells after him.]

“I won’t have to do anything. Leave it to the masses.” [James opens the rear passenger door of the car.]

“The masses won’t care… They vilify me but they need me.” [Shroud convinces himself as much as Hunter.]

“Perhaps – but we aren’t the masses.” [Q slides into the car, chuckling.]

[Shroud squints through the rain and flashing lights. The two officers seated in the front of the car turn their heads to reveal Guy Fawkes masks.]

“We do not forgive. We do not forget.” [Hunter closes the door and the car peels away, leaving Shroud stood in the middle of the chalk outline, his face obscured by shadows.]

[In a dark corner of the arena, the warrior of that darkness kneels to pray to the Lord that brought him back to this world. Lazarus is silent in prayer, but he doesn’t seem to realize that his prayers are not going up to the Lord. At least not without being heard by someone else first.]

[Two someone else’s actually.]

[Utilizing the old piping and infrastructure of the Schoolyard, Doubt and Smiley are sitting beside of a pipe that is giving them crystal clear audio of Laz’s prayer.]

“You think it’s true?” [Doubt asks his partner.] “They went off to that place and had their Holy War, but you really think he died and was brought back?”

“Does it matter.” [Smiley says, barely opening his mouth. The efforts of the Nightmare on VHS have left him with fresh scar tissue on his mouth. It’s a wonder he’s here at all.]

“No.” [Doubt responds.] “Of course it doesn’t matter. Dead or alive, he’s just a man. He probably belongs with us more than with Lux Bellator.”

[Speaking of Lux Bellator, the voices come through clearly now, and Lux has joined Lazarus.]

“Do not allow the Asylum to try to twist your mind.” [Lux says, clearly cautioning his partner.] “Some foul creature has been attacking them. Wounded animals fight that much harder for survival. They may decide that you are corruptible.”

[Silence reigns for a moment before Lazarus answers. His words are cold as steel.]

“Let them try. I journeyed through hell itself to return to this world, and mere words will not break my spirit.”

[Another moment passes before Lux answers.]

“Good.” [Pregnant pause.] “And if they do try to come for your mind, know that I will stand beside you to the end. Together, the Lord will empower us to defeat any foe.”

[The sounds of footsteps echo through the pipe as Doubt and Smiley look to another.]

“Do Asylum’s have Priests?” [Smiley asks through closed lips.]

“They’re about to.” [Doubt answers.]

[The two men abandon their post to get Hysteria. They’ve got a chance to get their hands on Bellatorum and the Silver Shroud later tonight in a Six Man Scramble.]

[Nigel stands in his corner looking towards the briefcase of money and smirking before turning around HE DUCKS A BIG BOOT FROM HUNTER! The Question leaves no time to taunt as the match starts!]

[Nigel wastes no time, chopping Hunter across the chest for his attempted cheap shot before whipping him off the ropes catching him on the rebound with devastating dropkick! Question rolls to his feet and eats another drop kick, Royal bounces off of the ropes but Question turns over and forces Nigel to keep running, coming back into a flapjack! Question leaps up and elbow drops the back of Royal, turning him over for the quick pin that only snags a one count. Hunter picks up Royal and hits an inverted backbreaker! The Bloodline rolls on the ground in pain, Hunter building a head of steam as he begins to stomp away at Nigel!]

[The Question peels Nigel off the ground again, whipping him into the ropes Big boot- NIGEL CATCHES IT! He spins Hunter around and belly-to-back suplex! Another, and another, and another ROYAL FLUSH! Royal gets back in control with that powerful suplex combo, but he doesn’t seem done yet, forcing Hunter to his feet, picking him up and BRAIN BUSTER! Royal covers! One! Two! Thr- SO CLOSE! Royal rolls to his knees, pounding the ground as he turns to Hunter who groggily gets to his feet, using the ropes for support. Nigel rush forward THE CONTRADICTION! QUESTION HITS IT AND BOTH MEN ARE LAID OUT!]

[Question is the first man to his feet, clinging to the ropes as he looks over to Royal, Hunter gets up and he calls for the Relax clothesline, Nigel doesn’t suspect a thing as Hunter waits. Nigel’s at his feet… HE DUCKS THE CLOTHESLINE! Hunter nails the ropes chest first and falls backwards, Royal capitalizes with an inverted DDT on the bigger man and plants him into the ground! Royal stumbles to the ropes, climbing to the top SPIT FIRE TO THE DOWNED HUNTER! ROYAL GOES FOR THE PIN! ONE! TWO! THREE!]

[Royal rolls to the outside of the ring and grabs the briefcase, leaving no time to pander to the crowd as he heads backstage.]


[There’s a sound of a click, followed by the rambunctious noise of a projector beginning to roll footage.]

[A countdown appears. Five, four, three, two, one.]

[The film begins to play.]

“There has always been good and evil in the world. The temple could never stop that. Professional wrestling was only ever in protection of the God’s, for as long as The Watchmen made their sacrifices.”

[A drawing depicts the four Watchmen, each sacrificing the mask of their enemies.]

“In Lucha Libre, máscara contra máscara would become fabled for its meaning. Only, it has always meant something more. When a Luchador loses his mask, it is a sacrifice to the God’s that must be taken to the temple and offered. These matches are an intricate and important piece of wrestling, but an even more important piece of sacrifice.”

[The footage rattles as pretend explosions are drawn onto the sand like wall.]

“Only, not every luchador understood the importance of sacrifice. Nefarious rudo’s would do anything to gain access to the temple and harness the power of the God’s for their own selfish reasons.”

[The Watchmen fight – fending off those who wanted to find out the location of the temple and gain entry.]

“The Watchmen would take to their calling and defeat them. The Mask & Bones society are rumoured to still exist to this day, searching for the temple.”

[The camera pans back from the footage.]

“The Watchmen are believed to be on standby.”

[The footage abruptly stops, accompanied by the projector coming to a halt, no longer running film. Our camera pans out into the darkness, seeing nothing before fading to black.]


[The door to the Schoolyard flies open as two determined men walk in. These men are Rich and Randy Edwards, otherwise known as Belgium Roots. The VHS tag team aren’t dressed for action tonight, wearing street clothes, but they seem to have something in mind.]

“If I were a nuthouse escapee, where would I hide?” [Rich asks Randy.]

“They’re going to wish for political asylum after we get revenge for last week.” [Randy responds.]

[The duo round a corner, ready for action, but stop short as they see Marvolo and Nigel Royal having a discussion in the hallway – the latter having not long made it back from ringside where he fought James Hunter. Of note is that Marvolo does not have his Tag Team Championship belt.]

“… so Marvolo sent Raquel to get some polish.” [Marvolo says, mid sentence to an eye rolling Nigel.]

“So call her back then, ole chap.” [Nigel says, showing uncharacteristic concern.] “Who knows where Knock Knock is.”

“If you find them,” [Rich cuts in, getting strange glances from the Tag Champs.] “then let them know that Belgium Roots is looking for them. We’ve got unfinished business.”

“Bloody hell, Marvolo.” [Nigel says, clapping his partner on the back.] “It’s the Belgian tag team from VHS. Welcome to Showcase, ole chaps.”

Sorry guys, but we’re not here for pleasantries.” [Randy says, looking them up and down.] “Although once we take care of Knock Knock, those belts would look real good around our waists.”

[Nigel looks over at Marvolo’s bare shoulder and shakes his head before looking back at them. Before he can speak, Marvolo cuts in though.]

“Marvolo will handle this.” [Number One says, stepping towards the brothers.] “After all, Marvolo is an honorary Belgian citizen.”

[Nigel bows his head, a groan beginning to form, as Belgium Roots look at one another.]

“You are?” [Randy asks, confused.]

“Of course. Marvolo invented the Belgian Waffle, didn’t you know?”

[There’s the groan from Nigel, eliciting a turn around from Marvolo.]

“Surely you remember when Marvolo had to fight that marvelous chef who tried to take Marvolo’s waffle credit?”

[The reference is to Marvolo facing Marvelous Master Chef at the OSW One Year Anniversary show, but as usual Marvolo completely missed the point.]

“Sure.” [Rich Edwards chimes in, breaking up the incredulous stare from Nigel.] “We saw that one, but if you haven’t seen Knock Knock anywhere, we will be going.”

[Marvolo nods, feeling way more self-important than usual after missing the sarcasm from Rich.]

“Take it easy guys, keep those belts safe.” [Randy offers as he walks past the Tag Champs.]

[As the team walks away to find Knock Knock, Marvolo turns to Nigel and looks at his tag team belt.]

“Marvolo will have Raquel shine yours up too. Then she will make Ocean’s One some waffles.”

[He turns away to walk off, leaving Nigel Royal looking perplexed in the hallway.]

[We have hard hitting trios action tonight as the Asylum faces off against the trio of justice. Will evil prevail tonight or can the long arm of the law be boosted enough by faith to overcome?]

[The bell sounds as Smiley and Lux start off the match, Smiley rushes forward, trying for an early Chelsea Grin but Lux ducks under, delivering a spinning heel kick to the jaw that sends Smiley staggering back. Lux rushes forward, leaping up with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors but Smiley manages to hold him in mid-air as Doubt rushes in, drilling Lux with an elevated DDT. Smiley rolls out as Doubt drops down, hooking in a modified Bow and Arrow, trying to make Bellator tap out. The Shroud rolls in, kicking Doubt hard in the ribs to break the hold before pulling the Emotion up to his feet, and slamming him down to the canvas with a Sit-Out Powerbomb]

[The Shroud gets up, calling for the end as he turns around FALL OF MAN! Hysteria plants Shroud with the blockbuster as all six men rush into the ring, everything suddenly breaking down. Hysteria gets clotheslined out of the ring as The Shroud dives out after him, taking him down with a Suicide Dive. The Shroud gets to his feet right as Knock Knock drill him with a dual Suicide Dive but just as they get to their feet chuckling, Lazarus and Lux leap over the top rope, DUAL SOMERSAULT PLANCHAS! The crowd goes wild as Lazarus rolls Smiley back into the ring]

[Lazarus pulls Smiley up to his feet, rushing forward as he crushes him down with Death in the corner. Lazarus climbs up to the top rope, trying for Rebirth but he’s pushed off by Hysteria who climbs up to the top himself, CATACLYSM! It hits flush as Hysteria rolls out, motioning for Knock Knock to finish Lazarus off. Smiley rolls in, hoisting Lazarus up into an electric chair as Doubt climbs up to the top rope, leaping off with the Pessimists End, FEVER DREAM! Lazarus is done as Doubt and Hysteria take out Lux and the Shroud, Smiley dropping down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!]

[‘Deranged’ plays throughout the arena as the Asylum get into the ring, celebrating their victory over the destroyed Lazarus. They lift up his unconcious body, throwing him down to Lux and The Shroud below before they celebrate more in ring to the hatred from the crowd]

[After that thrilling Trio’s Match, The Asylum members get back to their feet in the middle of the ring, Smiley taking to one corner whilst his partner Doubt takes to the other. Hysteria grabs a microphone and positions himself between them.]

“Peek-a-boo!” [he hisses sadistically into the microphone.] “Are you looking for me, little wabbit? My friends say you are.”

[The fans boo.]

“What’s the matter, huh? I’m not exactly hard to find, Mr. Nightmare.”


[The screen is soon overtaken by static and interference as we transition to the tron for footage.]

[A beautiful house on a quiet and serene street, a single street light outside illuminating the perfect white picket fence. There’s a swing in the garden, gently blowing back and forth in the breeze. Children’s toys litter the front garden, dumped where they were last used.]

[The street light flickers on and off.]

[In the window, a light flicker – flames. They start licking up at the windows, the wood becoming infested in fire until an explosion rocks the house, shooting glass out into the air with such ferocity that people in the audience are inclined to duck, the realism coming right at them.]

“Enough!” [Screams Hysteria back in the ring. He’s no longer standing, he’s on his knees. Doubt and Smiley have no idea what’s going on and surround him.] “Stop it! Just stop it!”

[The pre-recorded camera footage notes the date; November 2010.]


[Hysteria remains kneeling, rocking back and forth in the middle of the ring. What the hell did he just witness? He’s wailing, rocking, holding his head in his hands.]

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word, daddies gonna buy you a sparrow bird,” [says a creepy voice coming from the backstage somewhere.] “And if that sparrow bird doesn’t sing, daddies gonna kill you in that ring.”

[Oh my God.]

[It’s him. HE’S The Nightmare.]

[Stood on the entrance ramp, a microphone in one hand and a baseball bat full of rusted nails in the other is Ozric. Fucking Ozric. He throws the microphone down and walks towards the ring as the fans go absolutely ballistic. The atmosphere inside the arena has just ramped up tenfold. There’s cheers, boos and hisses coming from every direction. The camera shakes with the momentum and reaction of the audience.]

[Doubt rushes the entrance ramp to meet him, taking a massive bat shot to the head. It sticks straight in his mask, those rusty nails penetrating it viciously. Smiley comes next, Ozric leaving the bat behind, sticking out of Doubt’s mask as he lays unconscious on the concrete floor – god knows what damage has been done to him.]

[Smiley walks straight into a big Boot that almost decapitates him. The Sparrow pulls him back to his feet and throws him into the steel ring steps with such force that the steps themselves fly off into the barricade.]

[Hysteria hasn’t moved an inch. He hasn’t moved a muscle. The Lost One sits on the canvas, rocking back and forth as Ozric walks back over to Doubt, puts his boot on the back of his head and pulls the bat from his mask.]

[Run, Hysteria. Run]

[The Nightmare walks towards the ring and pulls himself over the top rope, looming over Hysteria who hasn’t even recognized his presence. He lifts the bat slowly above his head, ready to deliver the killing blow, only to stop.]

[He stops dead.]

[Has he had second thoughts? Has he changed his mind? Ozric lowers the bat and simply stands there, a wry smile creeping across his face. He turns, walks towards the ropes and steps over them, heading to the outside. The Asylum are down and Ozric, he just had his chance to end Hysteria. He just had his chance, whilst the Monster himself was traumatized, to put an end to his reign of terror.]

[But instead, he walks to the backstage, leaving Hysteria mumbling to himself in the middle of the ring, a wretched mess.]

[Brent Kersh sits there, a thousand-yard stare on his face, looking off into the distance as the medical examiner investigates his wounds. He’s in pretty rough shape after what The Scarecrow did to him last week.]

[Something we saw first-hand in ‘Lost Footage’ tonight.]

“Honestly Mr. Kersh, I think you should withdraw from competition, at least until these wounds heal,” [the examiner makes a note of his findings.] “You may need to see some kind of therapist as well.”

[Brent just stares ahead, saying nothing.]

“I know you’ve been through a terrible ordeal, but you can overcome it with the right help.”

[As Kersh looks up at her, her face contorts into something else. He immediately pulls his head back, terrified.]

“What’s the matter?” [she says, shining a light in his eyes.] “Did he break your spirit?”

“What?” [Kersh asks.]

“I said, did you just see something?”

[The Enforcer shakes away the cobwebs and looks at the ground.] “N-No, nothing.”

[The medic realizes immediately that something is wrong here and backs up, when suddenly the door knocks. She goes to answer, but Kersh leaps from the table, slamming it shut on whoever’s on the other side.]

“No! Don’t answer that,” [Kersh pleads, holding the door closed.] “Whoever it is, it can’t be good news.”

“It’s Mike Lane,” [she confesses.] “He asked to stop by and see you. After last week, he wanted to know your condition.”

[He frowns.] “He’s part of the reason I’m in this mess. I don’t want to see him, not yet.”

“What about your match?” [she asks carefully.]

“The Scarecrow wants people to say goodbye to their heroes,” [he muses.] “But I can’t let that happen. Not on my watch.”

[He locks the door and walks back to the table, taking a seat. The examiner doesn’t quite know what to do and takes a seat alongside him, as the scene comes to a close.]

[We have a huge match tonight as the Enforcer Brent Kersh takes on the Boogeyman himself Jack Jeckel but after last week, is the Enforcer at 100% or has the Scarecrow broken another hero?]

[The bell sounds as both men circle around one another, trying to find an opening as Kersh rushes forward with a huge right hand to the left of Jack. Brent turns confused right into a massive Big Boot that sends him spiraling to the mat. Kersh gets up groggy as Jack meets him with a hard knee to the stomach before throwing him across the ring. The Enforcer ducks under another Big Boot but as he tries to follow up with a Lariat, he dives to the canvas, holding his throat, eyes wide in fear. Kersh gets to one knee, slapping himself in the face as we hear his gravelly voice tell himself to ‘get it together’ but as Kersh gets to his feet, he walks right into the waiting arms of Jack who spikes him into the mat with a Snap DDT]

[Kersh slowly gets up to his feet, ducking under a blow from the left right into a Haymaker from Jack who misses a kick to the gut as Kersh rolls away, leaping into the corner as he pounds away with right hands to…nothing. The crowd is uneasy as Kersh breaks away to a kick to the gut from Jack, BOOGEY BOMB! Kersh crashes to the canvas, clutching his back in pain as Jack calls for the end, right as the Enforcer leaps to his feet and nearly decapitates Jack with a double clothesline?]

[Kersh waits for Jack to get up to his feet as he hooks his right arm around Jack, hooking his left around nothing before delivering a double suplex. A furious scowl comes over the Enforcer as he begins to stomp down on the canvas before dropping down and locking in the Lone Star on the mat, screaming ‘Tap out you patchwork son of a bitch’. Kersh wrenches back as hard as he can, CAR CRASH! That double stomp took everything out of Kersh as Jack looks down at him, shaking his head in absolute confusion before backing up as the Enforcer slowly gets up to one knee, JACK IN THE BOX! Kersh slumps down to the canvas as Jack hooks the leg for the sure victory, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!]

[‘Boogie Woogie Wu’ hits as Jack raises his hand in victory, the fans slightly booing the Boogieman but most in shock at what they’ve seen. Jack rolls out of the ring, heading to the back as Kersh gets to his feet, almost glassy eyed as he swats away the referee almost in fear before he heads to the back to the fans shocked silence in seeing the Enforcer like this]

[In the office of Errol Flint, the tensions are ramped right up as Lance Norman sits in a chair opposite him. Both men have a glass, two fingers of whisky each, their eyes focused on each other.]

[Errol breaks the silence.]

“It doesn’t have to be like this, you know that, don’t you?” [he says, reaching out for his whisky.] “What’s it going to take for you to take Jack Jeckel and walk away, huh?”

[Lance grins.] “There’s nothing you can offer me, Flint. Besides, I’d hazard a guess that you don’t know these brothers at all, do you? They may hate each other, they may rip each other to pieces but when all is finally said and done, they’ll come back together. They’re ying and yang, but they’re brothers.”

“So that’s it? You get into bed with the man who cost Jake his World Championship and I’m supposed to just let it run its course?” [Flint argues with a look of disdain on his face.] “We’re similar men, you and I. You must know that I’m not going to stand for this.”

[Lance grabs his whisky and takes a sip.]

“I expected nothing less than war,” [he admits.] “The problem is that I out-gun you in every part of the battlefield. I have more money than you. Jack is proving to be better than Jake and even the Network themselves warned you that I’d take whatever I wanted from Old School Wrestling.”

[Flint grimaces.] “What do you want from Old School Wrestling?”

[Lance stands up, downs his whisky and puts the glass back on the desk. He smiles, heads towards the door and straightens out his suit.] “I’ll be in touch.”

[Errol downs his drink, realizing that he may just be caught all ends up here as the scene comes to a close.]

[Still to come in triple threat action, The Scarecrow opens his hero-slaying policy to include the villainous former World Champion, Jake Jeckel! Oh, and Marvolo will be there too…]

[Jeckel and Scarecrow go nose-to-nose, the two baddest individuals on the roster seeing who’s is bigger! The crowd laugh as Marvolo butts in, trying to look as intimidating as his opponents. Jake and Scarecrow look at each other, then throw Marvolo over the ropes! They immediately tear up their truce and duke it out. Scarecrow overpowers the Juggalo and sends him into the ropes but eats a hard 3-point charge! Jake pulps him with mounted elbows then pulls him up for a German suplex. He goes for another—Marvolo with a schoolboy! One… Two… T—Jake narrowly escapes the surprise pin. #1 pushes him back with machine-gun chops then whips him into the opposite corner… big splash by Marvolo! Wait—Marvolo ducks—even bigger splash by Scarecrow!]

[The pancaked clown goes down. Marvolo steps back and gulps – tilt-o’-whirl slam by ‘Crow! One… Two… Long two-count. ‘Crow whips Marvolo and almost boots his mask off! What’s this? Marvolo wraps into a ball! Scarecrow opens The Mystery Box and gets pulled into a crossface – no he doesn’t! The Harvester sandbags it and pulls Marvolo up by his arm, “ooohhhh!” What strength! ‘Crow gets him up in a crucifix, ready for The Perch – Jake pulls Marvolo to safety! Nobody knows what happens in that move; Jake doesn’t want to risk losing! ‘Crow rips out a fistful of straw from his own chest cavity… Jake ducks The Last Straw—it blinds Marvolo—Jake puts the Pony Down! Chokeslam backbreaker to Scarecrow! One… Two… Thshoulder up!]

[Jeckel shakes up a phantom soda can and cracks it open – time for the Faygo Splash… Scarecrow sits up and Jake hits the mat! Both monsters get to their feet. Shockwaves are felt as they trade blows. “OOF! OOF! OOF!’ The crowd chant along. Both men teeter, exhausted. Marvolo swoops in with a goozle on Jake and a goozle on Scarecrow! Marvolo nods at the crowd, hyping them up for a DOUBLE CHOKESLAM – A HAYMAKER DROPS HIM! The fans boo Scarecrow for ruining a good thing. Jake advances but another boot sends him reeling into the ropes. He bounces back but ‘Crow says BYE BYE BIRDIE with the pop-up chokeslam! One… Two… Three!]

[The Scarecrow slowly rises, having slain two more in his quest to reclaim his perch overlooking OSW. Jake recuperates as Raquel fans a KO’d Marvolo.]

[As The Scarecrow rises back to his feet, the arena darkens. Everyone assumes that he’s making his exit, only he stands in the middle of the ring looking perturbed. A spotlight suddenly appears on the entrance ramp, a shadow lingering within it before it vanishes and circles the audience.]

“You lurk in the darkness, menacing humanity at every single turn. That is your domain, but this is mine.”

[The voice of Mike Lane echo’s throughout the arena as Scarecrow stands, almost grinning.]

“The shadows are where I belong. They are where I hunt. I’m wherever the light dwells that vanquishes your darkness.”

[The spotlight comes to rest alongside The Scarecrow, his shadow appearing it, only to be grabbed by another. In one quick motion, the second shadow slits the throat of the Scarecrow’s shadow, this theatre bringing even a rise out of the Hayman. He steps back into the darkness, losing the shadow.]

“Don’t you see, Scarecrow? I’m the one hero your darkness can’t drive out. I’m the light that illuminates the pitch black and scares away the monsters. Everyone else may be afraid of you, everyone else may see only the darkness, but I don’t. I see the light and as the World Champion, I am the ultimate hero.”

[The lights suddenly burst back on and Mike Lane is stood behind The Scarecrow.]

“Welcome to the shadows.”

[Scarecrow turns around only to be met with a thunderous SHADOW KICK! The fans explode as The Scarecrow hits the canvas in a heap, Mike Lane stood over him, looking like an absolute badass.]

“Where this hero, endures.”

[The fans roar as we fade to black, Mike Lane swinging away from The Scarecrow and heading to the middle rope to celebrate.]

[The atmosphere is electric as the crowd is ready for this main event match.]

[The lights go out!]

[The sound of a flute fill the darkness as the crowd goes silent. The stage slowly rises to a red lighting. The flute is joined by the banging of drums as the pace slowly increases. Fog begins to slowly filter onto the stage before the music comes to a stop.]

[A guttural scream!]

[The entire stage is flooded by white lights as a single tomahawk rises from the fog connected to the hand of the man for whom the fanfare is for! The drums return with a whole new beat with a faster tempo. Tommy Hawk chops the air and the light changes to red. His broad shoulders heave as he takes off for the ring! He slides into the ring as the red lighting consumes him completely.]

“SAV-AGE! SAV-AGE! SAV-AGE!” [The crowd chants the words in full support as a twisted smile spreads across the face of The Savage.]

[The lighting returns to normal to show the painted upper torso, neck, and face of Tommy Hawk in complete white as the camera zooms in on his face to reveal his red eye. Around his waist, the United States Championship gleams out. Tommy Hawk raises the tomahawk high as the crowd is cheering passionately for the newest side of Tommy Hawk.]

[Up next is the United States Champion, The Savage Tommy Hawk, going one-on-one with the OSW World Champion, The Shadow King Mike Lane!]

[Mike Lane stares across the ring at The Savage. He wanted this challenge, he wanted this fight, but he didn’t expect this.]

[The bell sounds and the World Champion launches himself across the ring, running straight into a Clothesline by Hawk. He bounces off the canvas and gets back up, The Savage grabbing him by the throat with both hands and delivering a devastating Headbutt. This version of Hawk is absolutely disturbing. Lane stumbles backwards into the ropes and as Savage storms in, he tips him straight over and to the outside. Giving himself what he thought would be a moment of rest bite before Tommy pulls his feet out from underneath him and dragged him out as well.]

[Lane quickly fights back with right and left hands, but every single one appears to bounce off the United States Champion. He grabs him, launching him full power at the barricade. The entire thing jolts back with the impact, The Savage casually walking over to pick up the World Champion. He tosses him back into the ring and follows, waiting for Mike to get back up before jamming both thumbs into his eyes, pushing as hard as he can as Lane screams in agony. The referee tries to get between them but one death stare from The Savage and he wisely backs away. He releases The Shadowking, watching as he stumbles around trying to regain his sight before walking into a giant Big Boot to the face.]

[This hasn’t been a wrestling match as much as it has been a brawl. Whatever this version of Tommy Hawk is, it isn’t good. He reaches down to grab Lane who slams him as hard as he can with a right hand. There’s a thirty-pound weight difference between these two men but the World Champion has never troubled holding his own. He hits him with another, another, another, finally pushing The Savage back enough that he can get back to his feet. He steps backwards and lunges – SHADOW KICK! SHADOW KICK TO HAWK! The Savage hits the canvas with a giant thud, a worn out Mike Lane accompanying him. That was out of desperation, alright!]

[The World Champion is first back to his feet, only THE SAVAGE SITS UP! WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT!? TOMMY HAWK, NO, THE SAVAGE… HE JUST SAT UP! Mike doesn’t even hesitate, bouncing off the ropes and nailing him with a Boot directly to the jaw that sends him back prone to the canvas. He’s gotta find a way to keep this warrior down. Lane mounts him, punching him like he’s never punched before. Right and left hands furiously beat down on top of The Savage, white face paint rubbing off on his fists with every brutal blow. This is what Mike may have to do to defeat The Scarecrow, only The Savage throws him off with authority. Both men get back to their feet, Lane ducking under a Clothesline and nailing with a flurry of Elbows to the face. Hawk stumbles, he’s getting more than he bargained for as The World Champion flips him over with a Snap Suplex!]

[That took a lot of strength and The Champion has to try and recover. He slowly gets back to his feet, looks down at The Savage who again sits up. Lane hits the ropes… ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! KNEE TO THE FACE! ANOTHER KNEE TO THE FACE!! The United States Champion has to be there for the taking. Mike covers… One…. Two…. KICK OUT! KICK OUT BY TOMMY HAWK! JESUS CHRIST! The Shadowking looks at the referee in shock who shrugs his shoulders, neither really sure what to make of this. Lane gets up and goes to the corner, tapping his leg. He’s going to finish this right now. The Savage slowly gets back to his feet, turns around and SHADOWKICK! NO!! HE CAUGHT THE LEG! HE CAUGHT THE LEG! HE VICIOUSLY SLAMS HIS FOREARM DOWN ACROSS MIKE LANE’S KNEE! THERE WAS A CRUNCH!! DID YOU HEAR THAT FUCKING CRUNCH!? THE WORLD CHAMPION SCREAMS IN AGONY AS HAWK LETS GO! He tries to put his leg down but can’t, it’s too painful! DRAGON WHIP BY THE SAVAGE! RIGHT TO THE INJURED LEG!]

[It’s like he smells blood. Mike rolls to the ropes, telling the referee that his leg is hurt. The referee asks him if he wants to quit but obviously, the World Champion shakes his head. The Savage pulls the imaginary Tomahawk from his back and points it at Lane. Slowly he gets back to his feet… THE SCALP! NO! THE WORLD CHAMPION DUCKS UNDER THE DISCUSS PALM STRIKE TO THE HEAD!! Hawk turns around.. LANE CAN’T KICK! TOMAHAWK!! TOMAHAWK! TOMAHAWK! HE HITS THE SCALP!! THE SHADOWKING HITS THE CANVAS….. THE SAVAGE PINS…. ONE…… TWO…… THREE! IT’S OVER! THE SAVAGE BEATS MIKE LANE!]

[The fans boo as Tommy Hawk gets back to his feet, a victory here tonight over Mike Lane. The United States Champion has done it, but no-one is happy about the manner in which it was achieved. As for Mike Lane, that leg injury may cost him come Ring King if he isn’t careful. What a match between two of OSW’s premier athletes.]

[The final bell has long since sounded as Tommy Hawk is laying out in the ring, absolutely spent from the main event.]

“Who are you to change this world?
Silly boy!
No one needs to hear your words.
Let it go.”

[“Carnivore” by Starset blares over the speaker system as Austin Fernando makes his way out to the ring after having a successful match earlier in the show. He struts down to the ring but doesn’t enter as he walks the outside of the ring making his way to the timekeeper’s table. He smiles as he asks for the title being held there. After the timekeeper refuses to give it to him, Fernando snatches the title with a raised fist to the timekeeper as the crowd boos him ruthlessly.]

[He slides into the ring as The Savage slowly gets to his feet. Tommy Hawk tilts his head to the side as he extends his hand for the title in which Fernando holds. Austin goes to hand the title over but there seems to be some hesitation. Hawk gets a hand on the title and pulls it away as Austin bites his lower lip in frustration.]

[The lights begin to flicker as Austin groans.]

“Not again.”

[The lights go out but a howl pierces through the night.]

[They return to show two spotlights. One is upon The Savage as he stares ahead at the other spotlight. In that spotlight is…]

[The Wendigo.]

[A tense moment passes as the two stare off before AUSTIN FERNANDO LEAPS ON THE MONSTER!]

[Another howl, albeit this one in pain as the lights shut off. They return to show Austin Fernando turning left and right to find the missing Wendigo before turning to face off with the smeared painted Savage standing before him. A smile spreads across the face of The Savage.]

“I may have misjudged you, Fernando. Perhaps the spirits have been mistaken.”

[Tommy Hawk extends his hand to which Fernando looks down at before slowly shaking it. Tommy Hawk exits the ring holding his tomahawk and title in the air as the crowd gives him adulation. Austin watches him as he goes as the shadows obscure his features to hide the sin upon his face.]


[The show is only moments from going off the air when we head to the parking lot, outside. Jake Jeckel has his bags packed and walks towards his car, getting inside. He throws his gym bag on the chair next to him and puts the keys in the ignition – just as a wire wraps around his throat from behind.]

[His eyes dart to the rear view, where Jack Jeckel sits, the garrotting wire wrapped around his gloved hands.]

“Hey Jackie-boy,” [Jake says with a smile.] “I was wondering when you’d pay me a visit.”

[Jack smiles back.] “Well you know me, big brother, I like to make an entrance.”

[There’s an awkward silence, if only for a moment, the wire still tight around Jake’s throat.]

“If ya not going to use that thing, you should put it down. If you want a fight, let’s get out and have one. I ain’t got a problem kickin’ your ass around this parkin’ lot.”

[Jack pulls the wire a bit tighter, drawing a little blood.] “Who says I’m not gonna use it?” [he says sadistically. Jake tries to draw breath.] “You know something Jake, this has been a long time coming. I took the World Championship from you, I got inside your head so much that you threw Ring King away and look, you couldn’t even beat Marvolo and The Scarecrow here tonight. How many losses on the bounce is that for you now, huh? Four? Five?”

“You ganna bore me to death or what?” [he struggles to say.] “Cause I ain’t interested in your fuckin’ shit talk, Jackie.”

[Jack shakes his head.] “Do you feel this, Jake? Do you feel it? That loss of power, that feeling of being controlled. Get used to it big brother, because when I’m done, this will be your very existence. One shared with me for many, many years.”

[Jack moves the wire into one hand, reaching around with his free one and plugging in the seat belt. He pats his brother on the shoulder and smiles.]

“Drive safe.”

[He releases the wire and hops out of the car, running off into the night as Jake undoes the seatbelt and leaps out after him. It’s too late, he’s gone.]

[Monday Night Showcase slowly fades to black, Jake Jeckel checking his bloodied neck as Jack evades into the darkened streets of Las Vegas.]