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False Prophet

There are many who claim to be the saviours of Arcadia. Some of them want to save the whole god damn place. Some of them want to save their own level.

Some just want to save their family.

Each of these who lay claim to any one of a number of titles – saviour, hero, rescuer. Each of these who fail to live up to those same titles.

I’ve seen a hundred saviours. I’ve seen a hundred heroes. I’ve seen a hundred rescuers. Nothing ever changes.

There is always somethin’ wrong with them.

Somethin’ that breaks them.

Turns them.

There is no such thing as a saviour. A hero is just another lie. And you can only count on yourself to be rescued.

Another hero turned just this week, attackin’ the father figure who so carefully looks out for him. But that part of the brain that trips in them all, it tripped for him this week.

And that’s because there is no such thing as selflessness. Every good act is done for selfish reasons. 

Think about it.

Why do people do good things? Maybe they’ll get paid.

What if they don’t get paid? Maybe they get exposure out of it.

What if they don’t get that? Maybe they just feel good about doin’ good.

Have you ever known a saviour or a hero to do a good thing and not feel good about it? That is their whole deal. So if they get to feel good about what they’re doin’, it’s not a selfless act.

And it’s because none of these acts can ever be truly selfless that these self-proclaimed heroes will always fall.

They soon figure out that doin’ good for feelin’ good alone is no longer enough. They want more exposure. Then they soon realise that isn’t enough either and they want payin’ for their work. Only the problem is that most of the people who are willing to pay a ‘hero’ are the ones who want to harness the hero for bad.

Is that what happened to you Kpavio? Did you turn on Gemini because someone else is pullin’ the strings? In particular the purse strings?

Or are you just that match of a god damn bitch?

Although it’s interestin’ to know what turns people, it doesn’t really matter to me, all things considered. I saw you for who you were the second you stepped foot in this place. Through all your bluster I knew you were just one decision away from turnin’. From wantin’ to save Arcadia to only carin’ about yourself.

You’re no saviour – you can’t even save yourself. You’re no hero – who would look up to what you’ve become? You’re no rescuer – all you have done is put people in more danger.

You’ve proclaimed to be these things. To be a modern prophet for the OSW.

All you are is yet another false prophet to add to the line.

Another false prophet who needs erasin’. And maybe that’s the most selfless thing I could ever do.